12 sept. 2018

Argentina: Strange Light Visible in Skies Over La Pampa

Source: En Boca de Todos HD (Argentina) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 09.08.2018

Argentina: Strange Light Visible in Skies Over La Pampa

From Quemú Quemú, Agustoni, Trenel it was possible to see a strange light that colored the sky a hue that oscilated between sky blue and green. It was possible to see the phenomenon for some five seconds. It could be a meteorite or even space junk, which cause this kind of luminosity when entering the atmosphere.

A family from General Pico driving in their car along provincial route 1 between [the towns] of Miguel Cané and Quemú Quemú said that around 20:209 hours, they saw a "blue light" that lit up the entire road and surrounding fields.

Elisabet Gallo, 34, her husband Cristian Albornoz,34, and their children, ages 14 and 3 respectively, were driving from Cané to Pico in a Ford Fiesta. "We were heading back to Pico when on the approach to Quemú, in a wide curve, everything lit up all of a sudden," said Elisabet.

The light lasted some five seconds, by her calculations. "It didn't give us time to take photos or record it with our cellphones," she said. "It was impressive, we were stunned."

She is certain that it wasn't a lightning bolt. There were neither clouds nor storms in the area at the time. "I don't know what it was, but we are sure that it wasn't a lightning bolt. It lit us up and everything went blue. I don't know if it was a UFO or a meteorite, but I'm sure it wasn't lightning," said the woman.

They weren't alone: their parents claimed seeing a similar light between Trilí and Quemú.

The same phenomenon was also witnessed by former councilman Guillermo García, who was between Quemú and Agustoni. "It was like a lightning bolt. The heavens went sky blue," he said. Yolanda Mora of Quemú offered a similar report, as did Griselda Cuadrado, who saw the same from the town of Agustoni.

Residents of Trenque Lauquen, Province of Buenos Aires, also saw an intense sky-blue light.

[A follow-up to the compelling newspaper article appeared days later with the following heading:
PARANORMAL PHENOMENON: The story of a family from Pico with the strange blue light. "I couldn't steer my car. It malfunctioned 70 kilometers after the light appeared. The article included an interview with the protagonists of this experience which later appeared on YouTube. INEXPLICATA offers an English transcription of their experience below:

Interviewer: So you were driving toward [the town of] Ingeniero Luigi when you saw the light the crossed the pampa?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, on Saturday around seven thirty or quarter to eight, before reaching School #85. I was at the wheel, and a blue light came out on the passenger side of the car.
Interviewer: On the passenger side. So what did you think?
Liliana Lemos: So far, we had been driving all right, then we said 'wow, the light!' it lit everything up. When the light fell, it hit the back of my car.
Interviewer: Everything lit up; it lit up your car? It became like daylight?
Liliana Lemos: Everything lit up, the road, the countryside, everything turned sky blue.
Interviewer: It all went sky blue...and the light got behind you?
Liliana Lemos: When the light descended, it struck the back of my car. I then saw a shape emerge from the countryside. It came out of nowhere and climbed to the middle of the road.
Interviewer: Middle of the road? So what happened to you and your car at that moment?
Liliana Lemos: It started to fail. I couldn't go forward.
Interviewer: So how long were you unable to move forward?
Liliana Lemos: Until I reached the Luigi intersection.
Interviewer: How many kilometers more or less?
Liliana Lemos: Seventy, eighty kilometers...
Interviewr: Seventy or eighty kilometers without being able to...
Liliana Lemos: Tugging and pulling, hesitating
Interviewer: Was it the battery?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, the battery, spark plugs...but it was failing.
Interviewer: You had lights in the car?

Liliana Lemos: Yes, yes.
Interviewer: So what were you feeling? Fear, I imagine.
Liliana Lemos: Yes, shock...when I saw the bundle I slowed down or I would've hit it. When I looked again, there was nothing in the road.
Interviewer: There was nothing on the road?
Liliana Lemos: There was nothing, nothing.
Interviewer: What a moment - the car lit up, everything went blue
Liliana Lemos: Everything, the car, the pavement, the countryside - everything went blue.
Interviewer: So you were able to see a number of kilometers ahead?
Liliana Lemos: Yes
Interviewer: How scary.
Liliana Lemos: At and the same time, drenched in light.
Interviewer: And you were with your husband? (camera turns to other person) You were with her?
Miguel Lezcano: Yes.
Interviewer: What did you see from the passenger seat/
Miguel Lezcano: I saw something coming out of the middle of the field and it got on the road. It lasted a second or two before it vanished.
Interviwer: Two seconds and it vanished...
Miguel Lezcano: Yes.
Interviewer: And how long did the blue light take to...?
Liliana Lemos: Four or five seconds, a second, but it lit everything up
Interviwer: Everything lit up. Like a flash, say...
Liliana Lemos: yes. And the light behind me hit the car. When that thing fell, it hit my car.
Interviewer: And you drove seventy miles with a car that was tugging along...
Liliana Lemos: Almost stalling out. It didn't work on fourth or fifth gear.
Interviewer: And I can imagine you were quite afraid.
Liliana Lemos: At that very moment it stayed, but on Sunday moment I logged on to Facebook and saw I wasn't the only witness.
Interviewer: Yes, half the province saw it.
Liliana Lemos: Yes.
Interviewer: But it gave you a headache, you say.
Liliana Lemos: Yes, a headache, a discomfort, it stayed with me.
Interviewer: And you have it until now?
Liliana Lemos: Until this very moment
Interviewer (to husband): And you as well?
Miguel Lezcano (shrugs): No, I don't, I don't have that so much. She was more frightened
Liliana Lemos: I lost control of the car, it was drifting to the middle of the road...
Interviewer: You couldn't control the car?
Liliana Lemos: I couldn't control it, no.
Interviewer: And the car's running well? This one right here?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, yes, yes.
Interviewer: So, do you think it was a paranormal phenomenon?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, I think it was (laughs)
Interviewer: Do you think it was a flying saucer, something weird...
Liliana Lemos: No, it was a light that bathed me with light and struck the back of the car. It was a yellow-type light that hit the back of my car. When everything went dark, a bundle appeared out of the countryside.
Interview: So you're not driving at night anymore?
Liliana Lemos: No.
Interviewer: You're not going out to...?
Liliana Lemos: Not at night, only by day.
Interviewer: This happened by School #85? Heading for Trenel?
Liliana Lemos: Yes, right before reaching School #85
Interviewer: That's where it got you.
Liliana Lemos: That's where it got me.
Interviewer: What was the time?
Liliana Lemos: Seven thirty, quarter to eight.
Interviewer: And the phenomenon that appeared, did it have a shape?
Liliana Lemos: I saw a little bundle, nothing else.
Interviewer: It was small then?
Liliana Lemos: Yes. With a light in front, there was nothing behind.
Miguel Lezcano: It was more or less this size (gestures with hands)
Interviewer: And it appeared in front of the car with a little light. What color was it?
Miguel Lezcano: Yellow.
Interviewer: Yellow?
Liliana Lemos: In front. There was nothing in back.

[Translation and transcription (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía and En Boca de Todos HD]

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