22 jul. 2019

India logra por fin enviar su misión a la Luna

Tras múltiples dificultades, la misión de la agencia espacial india Chandrayaan-2 ha sido lanzada con éxito esta mañana. Su objetivo es llegar al polo sur de la Luna para buscar agua y minerales en la superficie y medir terremotos.
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Cómo mejorar la extracción de polifenoles de la cáscara de los cítricos

Los polifenoles son sustancias químicas de origen natural cada vez más populares en nuestras despensas y productos cosméticos. Un equipo de investigadoras de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid ha desarrollado un procedimiento para extraerlos de forma más eficiente de las pieles de los cítricos, reduciendo así el impacto medioambiental que tiene el vertido de estos desechos.
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Un método de alta precisión para detectar tóxicos en alimentos

Investigadores españoles han aplicado un nuevo procedimiento de análisis para la determinación de hidrocarburos aromáticos policíclicos, un grupo de compuestos altamente cancerígenos según la Autoridad Europea de Seguridad Alimentaria. El hallazgo ha dado lugar a una nueva metodología sensible, exacta, precisa y sostenible.
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18 jul. 2019

Las rocas lunares traídas hace 50 años aún guardan secretos de nuestro pasado geológico

A su regreso, los astronautas del Apolo 11 trajeron consigo muestras lunares que ayudaron a entender mejor cómo se formó nuestro planeta. La revista Science reivindica la importancia de esas rocas en un especial sobre el cincuenta aniversario del alunizaje en el que también se destaca el papel de China en el futuro de la exploración espacial.
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17 jul. 2019

Mexico: Alleged UFOs in the Skies of Pachuca

Source: Planeta UFO and https://ift.tt/2xo8szp
Date: 07.17.2019

Mexico: Alleged UFOs in the Skies of Pachuca

Cybernauts have shown interest in the alleged manifestation of UFOs over the city of Pachuca (state of Hidalgo)

The material was published yesterday in the YouTube account of user Jorge Padrón, according to the description given, and took place on July 12 of this year at 0200 hours, recorded with Bushnell Equinox Z night vision gear.

The video, with a duration of approximately two minutes, shows several lights in the sky that blink on and off in a rather unusual fashion.

According to the images, this alleged manifestation occurred close to Cerro de Cubitos, which belongs to our capital city.

Cerro de Cubitos contains the highest number of TV and radio antennae, giving rise to speculation of this sort.

VIDEO at: https://ift.tt/2Oa1L06

[Translation (c) 2019, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and El Sol de Hidalgo]
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When Planets Attack

When Planets Attack

By Scott Corrales
© 2019

Five years ago, astronomers in Hawaii made an impressive discovery - their scans of the firmament had located the existence of a planet wandering through space without the benefit of a star to orbit. A rogue planet, in other words.

Only eighty light years from Earth - a stone's throw by astronomical distances - the wanderer received the unromantic designation PSO J318.5-22 and was determined to have been formed a little over eleven million years ago, making it a young orphan.

Dr. Michael Liu, in charge of the Pan-STARRS-1 wide-field telescope, remarked that such free-floating objects in space, the stuff of science fiction, had never been seen before. "It has all the characteristics of young planets found around stars, but it is drifting out there all alone. I had often wondered if such solitary objects exist, and now we know they do."

Scientists, however, had not been wasting precious telescope time looking for such worlds. They had been looking for brown dwarfs, dense stars with cool temperatures. The rogue planet’s existence was confirmed by two other astronomical instruments – the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility and the Gemini North Telescope, also in Hawaii.

My personal interest in these subjects comes from a deep-rooted interest in science fiction since very early childhood. Classic space opera gives us the notion of dark planets employed as lairs by galactic villains, or entire worlds hurled against the enemy as weapons of war. Even Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Empire offers us an orphan planet used as a forward base by his heroic general, Bel Riose. How this dark world kept sufficient atmosphere for characters to engage in lengthy dialogue is the subject of a completely different article.

But pride of place in the displacement of celestial orbs goes to the Gerry Anderson TV series “Space:1999”, set on our very own and familiar Moon, only this time ripped away from Earth by explosions in nuclear waste dumps on the satellite’s dark side. This wandering moon encounters other itinerant worlds (the giant planet “Erra” among them) as part of its highly fanciful but no less entertaining interstellar adventures.

Arthur C. Clarke’s wonderful books gave us the mysterious asteroid Rama, entering our solar system only as a refueling point before continuing its journey to parts unknown; others authors have speculated about “neutron stars” entering our solar system and causing planetary mayhem. H.G. wells had a comet strike our world and snatch entire segments of our population into space, giving them a tour of the outer planets.

Rogue planets – the easiest “handle” to give these worlds – were best articulated to science fiction opus “When Worlds Collide” (1951), presenting an Earth destroyed by not one, but two wandering planets – Bronson Alpha and Bronson Beta -- luckily for our species, a group of humans manage to escape the second of these aboard a classic, needle-nosed rocket ship. The actual blasting off to the new world occupies only a few minutes of screen time – the rest of the film concentrates on the more pressing question of who would be allowed to be among the lucky few to leave our dying world. Fritz Leiber delighted science fiction readers with “The Wanderer” (1964) a complex, multiple point-of-view space opera about a rogue planet that materializes in our solar system and pulverizes our moon for fuel, just as a larger world appears out of nowhere: a “law enforcement” planet chasing the miscreant denizens of the “Wanderer” across the galaxy.In more recent years, big-screen thrill-fests like “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact” delighted and terrified thousands of viewers all over the world.

Thrilling stuff for sure, to be enjoyed in book form or on the silver screen, but is it really possible that planet-sized intruders could disrupt our solar system? What are we to make of the psychics and paranormalists who have forecast spatial events that are every bit as chilling as those featured in works of fiction?

Wanderers in Cosmic Darkness

An interesting factbook compiled by David Wallace and David Wallechinsky (“The People’s Almanac”, 1975) included a prophecy by the notorious T.V. psychic Criswell that proved less-than-accurate: in the year 1982, according to the seer, a dying rogue planet known as Bullanon would enter our solar system and come so close to our planet that it would “affect Earth’s gravity, shifting the poles.” This would in turn result in the rising of a lost continent that would serve as a bridge between the hump of Africa and southeastern South America. The price to be paid for this sudden acquisition of real estate would be earthquakes that would level cities on hemisphere, volcanic eruptions galore and tidal waves. “It will also cause a 40-day snowstorm with ice, resulting in a ‘white death’,” said Criswell. Humanity, brought to its knees by the unexpected cosmic phenomenon, would find no respite from cosmic peril, for on October 18, 1988, a meteor would slam into London, nearly leveling the city.

The temptation to sneer Criswell’s predictions is overpowering (after all, this is the same man who played the Voice of Doom in “Plan 9 From Outer Space”) but his prediction of planetary chaos is hardly the only one. The predictions of others have also featured rogue planets – especially those issued by the discarnate entity known only as “Ramatis”.

South American psychic Hermilio Maes channeled Ramatis extensively during the 1950s. Maes and his discarnate source managed to pen a number of books – chronicling the channeled sessions on a variety of subjects, mostly religion, morality and metaphysics – that garnered a considerable following in Latin America and Brazilian contactee and spiritualist circles (one of these works, O Sublime Peregrinho, concerning the life of Jesus, is still in print). After Maes died, “Ramatis” continued to appear in other trance-medium sessions.

Ramatis has a more colorful backstory than the traditional “space commanders” that populate contactee lore, and occultists hasten to explain that Ramatis is no run-of-the-mill spirit: he was born in Indochina in the 10th century B.C. and, through a series of reincarnations, played a critical role at key moments for humanity, serving as an instructor in many centers of esoteric learning in India, despite having died (or “become disembodied”, in esoteric parlance) at an early age. Centuries earlier, this teacher and healer had played a role in the events portrayed in the Ramayana, the great Indian epic, and serving the tradition put forth by the hero Rama.

Later--claim his chroniclers--he joined a team of spiritual workers in outer space whose duty is to remain in the Western World as disembodied instructors to transmit the “knowledge of the East” to those willing to hear. His full name in the “spiritual hierarchy” is Swami Sri Rama-Tis, but we can call him Ramatis for short.

Spirits and Wandering Planets

Armed with this pedigree and centuries of teachings behind him, the spirit dictated the message about the rogue planet through Hermilio Maes in the 1950’s, stating the following:

“More or less between 1960 and 1962, Earth scientists shall detect certain alterations of the sidereal routes (sic) which shall represent the first external signs of the approach of the “intruder star” as well as the end times. The star in question shall not be visible; it shall be only the perception of signs of a conjectural nature, since this manifestation shall become more notable toward the end of the century.

“The function of this “intruder star” shall be to choose in space, under the discipline of “judging the quick and dead”. In other words, those who are in the Beyond and here on Earth, identified by the effervescence of their negative magnetism [and therefore] attuned to the intruder star. This star, as we have already told you, is the barometer […]. Its purpose is to attract all discarnate spirits from the lower astral planes using its low vibration, as occurs with iron filings when attracted by a magnet.

“Be mindful that all prophecies present two revelations – one which can be described literally and understood at the time that predictions are made, and other – cabalistic – which demands the familiar knowledge of the Initiates to be properly understood, because it only adjusts to unknown forms yet to come […].

The spirit was not averse to providing a fuller description of the “intruder star”, either:

Verily, the intruder star is greater than Earth in its rigid nucleus or cooled mass, but there is no arithmetical correspondence between the nuclei and auras of both. The etheric volume of the first is more extensive or expansive because it is more radioactive […].

As to why the “intruder star” could not be seen by earthly telescopes, Ramatis explained:

“Countless times has your astronomical science been mistaken with its appreciations of what goes on in the heavens. How many times, after having identified very near stars, such as the case of Alpha, found in the vicinity of the Southern Cross, did you discover even closer bodies, such as the ones found in the constellation of the Centaur and the Virgin? Is it not strange that in the same space you should discover nearer stars, after having discovered the farther ones first?

Ramatis shows off his knowledge of Biblical prophecy as well as the writings of Michel de Notre Dame (Nostradamus), suggesting that Isaiah 34:20 indicates that the earth’s axis shall be sharpened by the passage of this rogue star – a change that cannot be corrected. Nostradamus, claims the disembodied instructor, allegedly wrote a letter to Henry II of France, stating that “a great transformation” would occur at the “appointed time” and that many would believe “that the earth was out of its orbit.” The 16th century visionary’s forty-first quatrain, says Ramatis, manifests the appearance of the intruder star when it says that “a great star” shall appear for a week, scorching the Earth, and that “two suns shall be visible in the sky, a great comet to the North.”

Hercolubus – The Hammer of the Gods?

The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the fountains of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the water, because it was made bitter. “
-- John of Pathmos, The Book of Revelation

In later years, mystical authors like Rodolfo Benavides made mention of Ramatis and his “intruder star” in their works. Benavides’ landmark “Dramáticas Profecías de la Gran Pirámide” (Shocking Prophecies of the Great Pyramid) sought to establish a link between his theory of pyramidal measurements and their correspondence to key dates in human history, suggesting that a period of 6,666 years appearing in the Piramid of Gizeh’s so-called “Queen’s Chamber” corresponded to the 6,666-year orbit of the “intruder star”, now mentioned under the ominous name of Hercolubus, as it orbited a distant star named Tyla or Tylar – an orbit that brought it in periodic contact with Earth, resulting in cataclysms. Benavides stressed the fact that Hercolubus was a “cold star” or otherwise frozen heavenly body and that its last transit through our solar system, cutting through the plane of the ecliptic, had caused the disasters leading to the sinking of legendary Atlantis.

It is difficult to ascertain where the names Hercolubus and Tylar came from, but it is almost a sure thing that they were channeled during a séance whether with Ramatis or another entity. Like a snowball gathering mass as it rolls downhill, the “Hercolubus Mythos”, for lack of a better term, grew and added new information from occult sources: the Tylar star system, for example, acquired a number of planets with faux Latin names; other sources indicated that it would take 25,000 years for the souls taken away by the super giant rogue planet to “evolve”; an attempt was made to link the intruder star with celestial bodies known to modern astronomy, stating that Tylar was in fact Barnard’s Star (5.92 light years from Earth) and that its large companion, a gas giant, was Hercolubus. However, when this gas giant has shown no inclination to break away from its primary and hurtle toward Earth, believers in the channeled wisdom of the discarnate entities argued that Barnard’s Star was in fact heading straight toward our solar system.

While it is tempting to simply dismiss this as uninformed mystical twaddle, an interesting point of fact emerges here: Astronomers in the 1970’s considered the possibility that there could be “stray” planets not orbiting stars. These worldlets would have condensed from the very same cloud of interstellar dust that allowed the formation of the inner solar system. The smallness of their mass would have kept some of them from blazing into stars, so they remained orphan planets, not dependent on a larger star. The same astronomers speculated that the orphans would be comparable to the planetary gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus) in size and the nearest of them would be some three parsecs away, orbiting Sol at that tremendous distance. Could any of these worlds be the Tylar or the Hercolubus of Benavides and the elusive Ramatis?

Further adding to the mystery of celestial bodies moving through interstellar space, the astronomer A.T. Lawton, F.R.A.S., suggested that “the possible widely varying masses of stray planets, coupled with their long lifetimes, could be conducted to the appearance and development of living matter.” Not even the distinguished scientist speculated on what kind of life would emerge on these lightless worlds.

But in 1990, Scientific American magazine (October 1990) published the work of the astronomer Richard Muller and his team regarding the possibility that our sun had a “dark companion” named Nemesis, orbiting Sol every thirty-two million years, Hercolubus believers suddenly felt vindicated. Nemesis, according to the astronomers who postulated its existence, would move through the interstellar void periodically disturbing the comets in the Oort Cloud, the outer cometary nebula surrounding our solar system. One such comet could have been the celestial dart that caused the annihilation of the dinosaurs.

Like a movie set being hastily redressed for another scene, the champions of the “intruder star” hastily transferred Tylar from Barnard’s Star and turned it into Nemesis; Hercolubus, they argued, was not the comet the astronomical community had theorized, but the predicted massive, single planet that would fulfill the predictions of Ramatis.

Giant Planet-Comets?

Chilean UFO researcher Liliana Núñez mentions the curious fact that an astronomer with an international reputation actually threw his hat into the Hercolubus ring in a statement appearing in the August 22 1993 issue of Santiago de Chile’s “La Tercera” newspaper.

From his observatory in Villa Alemana, Chile, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada unequivocally told journalists that “a gigantic planet-comet approaching Earth is the source of climatic alterations, abnormal geological activity and volcanic explosions” which were taking place at the time. No believer in the mystical, Muñoz’s calculations indicated that the rogue “planet-comet” was approaching our solar system from “above” the plane of the ecliptic, heading toward the North Pole from the vicinity of the Ursa Minor constellation. The intruder’s size was predicted at 35 times greater than Earth and it “was charged with cosmic energy and a vast electromagnetic field. Its presence causes geophysical anomalies in all other heavenly bodies.” Some of the anomalies, according to Muñoz, were the strange flashes of light seen on the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn and – allegedly – the greater luminosity of Halley’s Comet when it transited through our solar system in 1986.

Most astronomers would have challenged Muñoz on an elementary point – was his predicted intruder a planet or a comet? To this, the scientist said that he chose to define the object as a planet-comet because “it has the mass of the former and the orbital path of the latter,” adding that the intruder took 13,333.3 years to orbit our sun, implying that its last visit to the inner solar system had occurred in the days of Atlantis.

But Muñoz’s calculations were completely off when it came to predicting the rogue planet’s arrival: August 11, 1999 had been predicted as the date on which a spectacular conjunction between the Sun, the new Moon, Earth and the planet-comet would occur, with cataclysmic effects on our world. When nothing occurred on the date predicted, the astronomer made himself scarce.

Would current instruments easily detect a rogue planet so massive? What about Nemesis? It would appear that Richard Muller and his colleagues continued their search for Sol’s “dark companion”, developing the software required to scan over three thousand star fields which they believe would contain “possible red dwarf candidates” in the northern hemisphere. ("New Developments Regarding the KT Event and Other Catastrophes in Earth History", Houston Univ., p19-20). Their success will surely add not only a milestone to astronomy, but also a further chapter in the story of Hercolubus, which – if the mystics are correct – is inexorably approaching our planet for a rendezvous from which there is no escape.

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16 jul. 2019

Cómo ver el eclipse lunar parcial

Este martes podremos observar desde España un eclipse lunar parcial. Aunque se podrá ver de forma directa, sin ningún equipo especial, si vienes al Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, en Alcobendas (Madrid), podrás apreciar todas sus fases a través de telescopios motorizados.
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15 jul. 2019

Argentina: "Cerrillos Is an Alien Base" - A Widespread Belief in the 80s

Source: PLANETA UFO and El Tribuno
Date: 07.13.2019
Article by Daniel Díaz

Argentina: "Cerrillos Is an Alien Base" - A Belief Held in the 80s

In those days, a group of youngsters claimed seeing small, green and bald entities descending form a UFO before vanishing amid the tobacco plants.

Stories about aliens that prevailed in the Western World in the late '70s and early '80s also included a location in Salta. In the spring of 1979, Cerrillos experienced a wave of paranoia arising from a series of reports that alleged the presence of extraterrestrial beings in some tobacco plantations.

Those with good memories will recall the talk - at the domestic and international level - regarding the arrival of small green entities who had claimed Valle de Lerma as their base of operations. This news was circulated by some children who claimed seeing an alien spaceship landing in a field, from their vantage point on the train tracks behind Barrio Antártida Argentina and only a few blocks from the main square.

Terrified, it wasn't long before the kids told their story and the news made its way to the local press through the work of a journalist on the other side of the Andes. After it appeared in EL TRIBUNO, the story quickly appeared in the country's main magazines and dailies.

The strange event was also fostered by the opening of Ridley Scott's "Alien" and a series of movies with an extraterrestrial subject, which was popular at the time, such as Steven Spielberg's "ET".

The media 'bounce' was such that days later, hundreds of reports were coming in from residents of rural areas in Corrientes, Buenos Aires and Mendoza, reporting the presence of diminutive beings, similar to those in Cerrillos. It was an anxious time for many locals. Parents told their children to be home before nightfall, out of safety concerns, and what had hitherto been a lonesome tobacco plantation on the way to Barrufet became the focus of study of curiosity-seekers and scientists who combed the place in search of clues or remnants from outer space.

Rumors concerning the presence of little green men in the town multiplied, as well as the stories told by adults and children alike. There were those who - clad in alien costumes - hid among the bushes to frighten people and promote the myth. There was even a report filed with the local police constabulary (UOP 13) by a resident of Necochea Street, claiming that his cocker spaniel had been abducted by aliens. He even claimed witnessing the event. Over time, paranoia dissipated until it vanished altogether. However, the mark left by Cerrillos in the history of CE-3s will endure forever.

Aliens and Rock and Roll

As it appears in the biography of the rock band Los Enanitos Verdes (The Little Green Men), their name was due to the alleged presence of aliens in Mendoza. In late 1979, a family of tourists developed a photograph taken at Puente del Inca which allegedly showed an alien.

Descriptions of strange entities in various parts of the country matched the Cerrillos reports exactly, which had been made known beforehand. Local newspapers promoted the story, and it was even said that the photograph was sent to NASA to ascertain its authenticity. The stories had such an impact on Mendozan society that at a photojournalist friend of Marciano Cantero, leader of the legendary rock group, bestowed the name Los Enanitos Verdes del Puente del Inca on the group, subsequently shortened to Los Enanitos Verdes.

"We Put a Research Team Together"

Journalist and author Fabio Pérez Paz, a resident of Cerrillos at the time, remembers: "News about the arrival of aliens near the train tracks caused uproar in Cerrillos. I was still a kid. I remember we put a research team together to find the aliens, it would have made NASA jealous."

The author of the "El Duende Amigo" series explained: "The group was formed by boys from the Rangeón, Caro, Figueroa, Díaz, Pérez Paz, Vaduna, Berruezo, Ahanduni, Rico, Arias, Aramayo and Saravia families, among others. We covered the town's train tracks from end to end. Every oil spot or piece of metal was - to us - undeniable evidence of a UFO landing. At one time we saw another group of kids running in fear from the Pueblo Nuevo area, shouting: "ahí vienen los marcianos...los enanitos verdes" (here come the martians, the little green men)." Fear got the better of us in the end and we ran like hell back to our neighborhood. Research ended there. We didn't see aliens, but there was irrefutable evidence that is still marked on the Cerrillos train tracks."

Illustration Credit: El Tribuno

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Daniel Diaz (El Tribuno) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)

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Mexico: Another Alleged UFO Entering the Popocatepetl Crater

Source: PLANETA UFO and El Heraldo de Mexico
Date: 07.13.2019

Mexico: Another Alleged UFO Entering the Popocatepetl Crater

***A video was disseminated through social media showing a luminescent object entering the volcano crater***

Images shared on social media captured a putative "UFO" near the Popocatepetl Volcano.

Recorded on July 10, the video shows a glowing object approaching the volcano as it releases incandescent matter.

Seconds later, the object is seen entering Popocatepetl's crater. The video has a duration of little over 1 minute and was shared on Twitter.

Photo Credit: El Heraldo de México

VIDEO AT: https://twitter.com/i/status/1148983277551792128
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Cómo ver el eclipse lunar parcial del 16 de julio

Este martes podremos observar desde España un eclipse lunar parcial. Aunque se podrá ver de forma directa, sin ningún equipo especial, si vienes al Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, en Alcobendas (Madrid), podrás apreciar todas sus fases a través de telescopios motorizados.
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13 jul. 2019

Argentina: Another Newspaper Reports the July 1947 Sighting in La Plata

Source: Agencia DIB - EL Plata (Argentina) Page 3
Date: Saturday, July 12, 1947


La Plata Holds South America’s First Place in Having Seen the Phenomenon Clearly

** It Landed Prior to Disappearing Over an Orange Tree on 56 and 25**

The quiet neighborhood of 56th and 25th streets in this city has been startled by the manifestation of a supposed ‘flying saucer’ over an orange tree. The phenomenon discovered last night by a group of neighbors was subject to a variety of conjectures, and with our characteristic suspicion, it was also the butt of numerous jokes that served to guide the subject toward more stable ground. Last night’s cold, the lack of coal, the lack of potatoes and other current concerns postponed discussion of the phenomenon, which nonetheless has its own scientific merits.
However, the violet light put forth by the infamous saucer and its surreptitious disappearance fifteen minutes after appearing, set the stage for a winter’s night magic show that served the purpose, at least, of harboring a conjecture, as harboring other possibilities at zero degrees was no easy task. We are living amid the infernal music of a century that will end up telling us we are the product of a common chemical formula!

Saucers and Cylinders in European Regions

Milan also had its “saucerful” yesterday. That is to say, its flying saucers streaking across the heavens, seen in considerable number over Lake Como. To local residents, the phenomenon can only be attributed to mass suggestion.

In Norway, however, the saucers turned into cylinders. In the village of Skotfoss, some locals witnessed ‘strange cylindrical objects’ flying placidly in the blue sky. They added, however, that the
[illegible] of these objects not being mentioned, they were as luminous as stars.

Saucers and More Saucers in Chile

The Chilean Press has echoed the flying disc sightings over the capital the night before last. Witnesses to the event have stated that the aforementioned disks flew at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters at a speed calculated to be in excess of 1,500 kilometers per hour. The director of an observatory stated that the existence of these discs is by no means extraordinary or mysterious within current scientific capabilities. He added that launching these discs was possible by means of V-2 rockets.

[Photo Caption]: The tree where the alleged flying saucer was seen. The strange phenomenon, which has captured the public’s attention worldwide, alongside major international events, could simply be the result of mass hysteria.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marcelo G. Metayer and Agencia DIB]

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12 jul. 2019

1947: Argentina's First UFO Sighting

Source: El Día (Argentina) and Marcelo G. Metayer
Date: July 13, 1947

1947: Argentina's First UFO Sighting

Residents of 56 and 25 are convinced that they were not fooled by an optical illusion. They claim to have actually seen the red sphere moving in quickly from the east, only to vanish quickly. "It went that way," they state with absolute conviction, indicating a point in space, when interviewed by reporters. Now they hope at a chance to see another object in the heavens to confirm their statement. In the meantime, aside from a foreseeable case of neck ache, it is likelier to catch a cold during these popular investigations, and its duration would not be nearly as swift as the passage of the fantastic missile. In any event, the legend of the flying saucers, which has spread to every latitude on Earth, appears to keep finding fertile ground in the popular imagination, the only workshop that forges, it would seem, the bizarre devices sweeping across the sky at prodigious speeds, with no fixed trajectory or destination.

Another resident of La Plata claims having seen, with his own eyes, the swift transit of a flying saucer, similar to the ones discovered in other areas by men from this planet. He is a landowner with a farm outside this city. A serious person and - according to his son - not much given to rumors...Therefore, this gentleman told the following story over the dinner table: at the break of day on Monday, he saw a silvery object shaped like a disk pass by at an incredible speed at an estimated altitude of 1000 meters. It was disc-shaped, flying in an impeccable zig-zag pattern. Suddenly, it plunged vertically, falling into a field five hundred meters distant from the observer's perspective. Our man headed to the site, but found no traces of the alleged saucer. Not even smoke. We are back where we started. However, as legal jargon puts it, the discoverer's statement is indivisible. He has seen the real part of the legend, and we, however, can state that there is nothing at all between both platters...

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marcelo G. Metayer]

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Desarrollan cristales líquidos con usos potenciales en sanidad o seguridad

Los cristales líquidos revolucionaron la tecnología en su día al utilizarse para la comercialización de pantallas LCD. Lejos de ser ese su último uso, un equipo internacional de investigadores con participación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid ha desarrollado una nueva aplicación aprovechando su comportamiento luminiscente que puede ser usado en sanidad, alimentación, industria o ciberseguridad.
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11 jul. 2019

Chile: Strange Moving Lights Over Concepción

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 07.11.2019

Chile: Strange Moving Lights Over Concepción

There are doubts regarding the true nature of these lights, picked up by a security camera. Is a UFO involved, or is it some other sort of aerial phenomenon. No logical explanation has been found for the phenomenon up to now.

VIDEO at: https://ift.tt/2NYxnFU
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9 jul. 2019

El Proyecto Apolo en 35 imágenes poco conocidas

Detectados seis grupos de antibióticos en ríos españoles y franceses

Un estudio europeo, coordinado por la Universidad de Zaragoza, ha constatado la presencia de antibióticos en prácticamente la totalidad de la veintena de ríos y afluentes analizados de la cuenca del Ebro y del sur de Francia, aunque en cantidades tan bajas que no implican, por ahora, ningún problema para la salud. Tan solo uno de los ríos estudiados en este muestreo en Navarra, Aragón, Cataluña y Sur de Francia ha dado resultados totalmente negativos. 
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8 jul. 2019

Nuevo catalizador zeolítico con aplicaciones industriales en la producción de propileno

Investigadores del Instituto de Tecnología Química han creado cristales metálicos con cinco y seis átomos que son estables en condiciones de alta temperatura. El nuevo material tiene aplicaciones industriales como catalizador para la producción de propileno, uno de los compuestos químicos más utilizados del mundo.
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“Más de la mitad de los españoles cree que he estado en la Luna”

En el verano de 1969, Pedro Duque tenía seis años. Aunque sus recuerdos son un poco vagos, el primer y único astronauta español sabía en ese momento que la llegada del ser humano a la Luna marcaría la historia. Cincuenta años después, Duque, que en total ha pasado 19 días en el espacio en dos viajes, admite que ningún otro acontecimiento espacial ha superado la expectación vivida aquel 20 de julio de 1969.
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“Más de la mitad de los españoles cree que he estado en la Luna”

En el verano de 1969, Pedro Duque tenía seis años. Aunque sus recuerdos son un poco vagos, el primer y único astronauta español sabía en ese momento que la llegada del ser humano a la Luna marcaría la historia. Cincuenta años después, Duque, que en total ha pasado 19 días en el espacio en dos viajes, admite que ningún otro acontecimiento espacial ha superado la expectación vivida aquel 20 de julio de 1969.
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7 jul. 2019

Inexplicata SCRIBD Account Closed

All Inexplicata-related manuscripts posted on SCRIBD since 2013 have now been deleted and the account closed. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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5 jul. 2019

El presidente Coolidge y el susto que le dio su gato…

John Calvin Coolidge, el que fuera trigésimo presidente de los Estados Unidos entre 1923 y 1929, era un tipo de lo más serio que, en ocasiones, mostró un comportamiento realmente excéntrico y divertido. Cierto es que ha pasado a la historia, al margen de asuntos políticos, por su austeridad, determinación y frugalidad, todo un modelo de recto comportamiento, pero cuando le daba por las bromas era de lo más sorprendente e inesperado. Además, en la historia de las mascotas de los presidentes de los Estados Unidos fue uno de los que más variada fauna reunió en la Casa Blanca.

El caso que me ocupa hoy tiene como protagonista al presidente Coolidge, a uno de sus gatos y a un por entonces novísimo medio de comunicación: la radio. Nos encontramos en 1924, cuando las estaciones de radio están en plena expansión en todo el mundo, pero todavía son algo novedoso. Era el mes de marzo y todo Washington está buscando a un gato perdido que atendía al nombre de Tiger. Pero vamos por el principio, he aquí dos gatitos recién llegados a la Casa Blanca, en sesión fotográfica de octubre de 1923. Se trata de los gatos del matrimonio Coolidge, que atendían a los nombre de Blackie y Tiger.

Tiger fue devuelto a la Casa Blanca el 26 de marzo de 1924, después de haber desaparecido durante varios días tras una tormenta de nieve que tuvo lugar el 21 de marzo. En medio de la tormenta, el gato había salido del edificio presidencial y se había refugiado en el cercano edificio de la Marina, donde encontró nuevos amigos humanos que lo alimentaron y cuidaron, sin saber que se trataba del gato del presidente. El pesar en el matrimonio Coolidge era tal, que hicieron un llamamiento desesperado en las emisoras de radio de Washington y Nueva York para recuperar a Tiger. Posiblemente se trató de uno de los primeros avisos acerca de mascotas perdidas que se haya emitido por radio en la historia. Y el aviso funcionó, porque pronto alguien cayó en la cuenta en las oficinas de la US Navy de que ese nuevo gato que caminaba por allí era el gato presidencial. Tal como se narraba en la madrileña revista Alrededor del mundo en su edición del 31 de mayo de 1924…

La emoción en Nueva York y Washington fue grande. El presidente (…) Coolidge había perdido su gato. (…) El domingo por la noche se lanzó a los cuatro vientos el siguiente encantador radiograma: “El presidente de los Estados Unidos ha perdido su gato. Tiene siete años de edad, se llama Tiger y su pérdida se remonta al viernes por la noche. El presidente se mostrará vivamente agradecido a la persona que reintegre a Tiger a la Casa Blanca. Gracias.” Finalmente Tiger fue conducido el lunes al señor Coolidge. Hubo, por un momento, dos seres felices en la tierra al cabo de una amarga separación de cuatro días. No cabe ya dudar de la utilidad de la radiofonía ni de la oportunidad de los americanos en servirse de ella.

La siguiente imagen muestra a un guardia de las oficinas de la Marina de los Estados Unidos en el momento en que se procedió a devolver a Tiger a su hogar temporal en la Casa Blanca, para alegría del matrimonio Coolidge.

Más información y fuente de las imágenes:
Library of Congress – Coolidge’s Cat: Out of the Bag!

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3 jul. 2019

Así se vio el eclipse solar total del 2 de julio

Miles de personas en Argentina y Chile han podido disfrutar este 2 de julio de un eclipse solar total. Durante alrededor de dos minutos, la Luna ocultó el Sol e hizo oscurecer por completo el cielo. También se pudo ver de forma parcial en otros países del sur de América.
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Demostrado el acoplamiento de péndulos en la nanoescala

Un equipo de científicos catalanes ha logrado sincronizar a nanoescala dos osciladores optomecánicos de cristales acoplados mecánicamente. Los resultados podrían tener aplicaciones en la computación fotónica para tareas de reconocimiento de patrones o para un procesamiento cognitivo más complejo.
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1 jul. 2019

El planeta enano Ceres se contrajo originando grandes fallas

Ceres, el planeta enano situado entre las órbitas de Marte y Júpiter, es más complejo de lo que se pensaba. Una investigación liderada por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid ha demostrado la presencia de fallas inversas, un fenómeno producido por la contracción de las capas superiores, lo que implica cambios de volumen en este cuerpo astronómico en algunas fases de su historia.
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29 jun. 2019

Mexico: Alleged UFO in Oaxaca Causes Internet Stir

Source: UNOTV.com and Planeta UFO
Date: 06.28.2019

Mexico: Alleged UFO in Oaxaca Causes Internet Stir

Cybernauts clashed over social media following the sighting of an alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) in the skies of the municipality of San Agustín, Oaxaca.

In the ten-second long recording, an [alleged] UFO can be seen flying over the small Oaxaca community.

Given its clarity, some cybernauts rejected the video as a hoax. Others believe it is a genuine recording.

VIDEO at: https://ift.tt/2RNcMSX
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Argentina: Missing Time and Teleportation in Tucumán

Source: OVNI TUCUMAN and Planeta UFO
Date: 06.28.2019

Argentina: Missing Time and Teleportation in Tucumán
By Carlos Burgi

A friend of our Ovni Tucumán group has approached us regarding a situation he experienced in the locality of Juan Bautista Alberdi, Tucumán, on Thursday the 20th of June at 23:45 hours.

Galo’s report:

“Let me tell you. I was in Alberdi on Thursday night…and the wildest thing that has ever happened in my life so far occurred…I was leaving the Sol sanitarium, went down the avenue that leads to Capo on the road, I turned and found myself on a semi-darkened unimproved street, rather than the street that leads to Avenida 1. What’s this? I went around the block and came by the fenced complex near the house of José, a friend who died three years ago…but not at all! I was actually behind the Marapá sugar mill, south of the city!

“I retraced my steps and the unimproved street was no longer there. Now I was driving along a paved road. I returned to the place where it all happened and there was no repetition. It was then that I realized that at the time I made the turn, I yawned for no reason at all and my eyes became very watery. Upon opening them, able to see clearly, was when I found the landscape had changed.

“I feel strange and baffled. I was neither sleepy nor tired. I did not drink and was not medicated. This occurred between 23:45 and 23:47. I immediately checked the time and corroborated it with a passer-by. This segment requires more time and there is no direct route. I never thought such a thing would happen to me.”

For over ten years, Galo has been traveling regularly to Juan Bautista Alberdi for work reasons.

Yesterday, Tuesday 06.25, we went to Juan Bautista Alberdi again and reconstructed the case according to the witness plus the Google Maps references, since our friend had activated his smartphone app on the day of the events. We followed it, analyzing his uncanny journey.

Our thanks to Carlos Rosznercki and his family for their kindness, as well as Ruben R., who witnessed a strange space-time case that we will share at some future date.

We are sharing part of the video reconstructing the journey, plus a Google Maps screen shot at the time that the event took place. Our research is underway and we will keep issuing updates.

VIDEO (in Spanish): https://ift.tt/2XgRyTr

Google Earth screenshot: https://ift.tt/2JhTMZb

[Translation © 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Carlos Burgi of Ovni Tucumán and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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28 jun. 2019

Científicos españoles descubren una nueva propiedad de la luz

Una investigación liderada por físicos de la Universidad de Salamanca ha demostrado por primera vez que la luz puede forzar una torsión sobre sí misma en ausencia de fuerzas externas. Esta propiedad, descrita por primera vez, podría ser usada en el futuro para manipular nanoestructuras y átomos en escalas de tiempo ultrarrápidas.
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Argentina: An Unusual Object Recorded in San Luis

Source: Planeta UFO and TV10 Cordoba (Argentina)
Date: 06.27.2019

Argentina: An Unusual Object Recorded in San Luis

VIDEO at: https://youtu.be/1WYuly4ff-M

The uncanny phenomenon took place last Tuesday afternoon. It was seen in locality of Juana Koslay.

Minutes past 18:00 hours, José Biava photographed and recorded a strange object in the skies over the department of Juan Martín de Pueyrredón.

José was out with his girlfriend making deliveries, as he is the proprietor of a sweet treats distributorship, and it was her who drew his attention to what was going on in the sky.

"I thought it was an airplane, but I found it odd, because I couldn't take off vertically," José told Diario de la República.

Biava has not said the object was a UFO. He submitted the images and the video taken to the San Luis Planetarium for analysis.

The episode lasted five minutes at most. "From being in a vertical position, it started to tilt and rise diagonally. Something like two boosters were visible, as fire as evident. It looked like combustion. It ascended until it vanished and didn't leave a wake, but fire," he said.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO & Cba24n.com.ar]
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26 jun. 2019

Colombia: Air Traffic Controller Discloses Warplane UFO Chase Over Bogotá

Source: Luis Emilio Annino - ORBITA CERO
Date: 06.25.2019
Article by Cristián Avila Jiménez

Colombia: Air Traffic Controller Discloses Warplane UFO Chase Over Bogotá

A FAC (Colombian Air Force) T-33 tried to reach the object, but was faster. Occurred in 1964.

"El Dorado Tower, I have it in sight. I'm flying in pursuit. Requesting flyover authorization."

The Air Force T-33, registration 2072, had commenced a visual flight from the Palanquero military facility in Puerto Salgar, Cundinamarca, heading toward Bogotá's El Dorado airport, where certain anomalies had been recorded by pilots heading there and air traffic controllers as well.

It was 9 o'clock in the morning in mid-1964. On that day, according to experienced air traffic controller Eduardo Russi, the Colombian Air Force had sent two Lockheed T-33 Silver Star aircraft - U.S. built warplanes that had taken part in the Korean War - with the purpose of lending support to the airport. These were the most sophisticated aircraft in the country at the time.

Weeks earlier, said Russi, there had been an alert at the El Dorado airport. First, an Avianca DC-4 pilot had radioed a frantic call to the approach control as he neared the Bogotá savannah, near Facatativá, around 8 o' clock in the evening. He reported that another airplane had just crossed his path at the same altitude.

However, the control tower advised him that his perception was incorrect, as his was the only aircraft aloft. "What plane? Yours is the only one in the area. There is no traffic," the pilot was told, according to Russi.

A week after this minor incident, an even more surprising incident caused a stir among El Dorado's air traffic personnel, Russi among them. The pilot of an Avianca Constellation, originating in Cartagena, radioed his alarm about some lights that supposedly flew over and under his airliner. The event was substantiated by the airport personnel, as they were also able to see the lights "toying" with the plane.

These events were unusual, to the extent that the Colombian Air Force (FAC) decided to send the T-33's to provide support and find out whether the lights represented some sort of hazard, and to ascertain their nature.

That morning, Eduardo Russi acted as the senior officer of the El Dorado Tower. One of the instructions given by his superior, Pedro Sánchez, was to be mindful of the arrival of the FAC warplanes. The weather could not have been better - he noted - as the skies were blue and clear, to the extent that the Ruiz and Tolima volcanos were visible.

"You guys, who fussed so much about those sightings, now have the Air Force catering to you. They've been transferred over here in case something happens," Sanchez told Russi.

The first T-33 to depart Palanquero was FAC2072.

"El Dorado this is Palanquero: Please note that Air Force 2072 has taken off from Palanquero heading to El Dorado. This a transfer flight, visual, I will route it by El Rosal."

El Rosal is a mountain on the Bogotá savannah, near the municipality of Subachoque. Only minutes later, Russi answered a new call from the Palanquero base.

"El Dorado, this is Palanquero: Please note that Air Force 2070 has taken off toward El Dorado. Transfer flight, routing it through El Rosal."

According to Russi, 10 minutes later, FAC 2072 advised him that it was approaching from El Rosal, and was waiting for landing instructions. The control tower issued an order to notify it when the incoming plane passed by the beacon, a signaling device a few miles from Runway 1-2 at El Dorado, near Funza, to authorize the landing.

Following this communication, Russi noted that the baggage handlers, the ground refueling crews and those on deck were pointing at him in the control tower. At first he thought they were pointing at him because there was an earthquake, and the building was only supported by two columns, causing it to sway during tremors. However, he looked to each side and saw nothing was moving. The controller received a new call, but this time from the deck.

"Listen, there's something strange hovering over the tower. What is it?"

Russi got close to glass window, looked up and said he could see nothing at all, despite the insistence of those on the phone. He hung up and attended to FAC 2072, which had now crossed the outer beacon and was authorized to land.

The phone rang again. It was a call from Avianca.

"There's something over the tower. What is it?"

Russi look through the glass again and there was, in fact, an object over the tower. The controller described it as a round object, like a wheel, of a deep, intense yellow hue and with black sections. A bright white light was visible at the sphere's core, like a welding arc. “It was brighter than the sun, and the day was completely cloudless."

At that moment, FAC 2072 was about to land, but moments earlier, Russi queried the pilot if the unidentified traffic was in sight.

"FAC 2072, El Dorado Tower. Do you have the unidentified object in sight?"

"El Dorado Tower, FAC 2072. Affirmative tower, I have it sight. I am in pursuit; requesting flyover authorization."

"FAC 2072, El Dorado Tower, authorized."

FAC 2072, a T-33 fighter, used its power to maximize its peak performance and reach the object. Russi recalled that the aircraft ascended, and was within 2000 feet (some 600 meters) of the unidentified flying object.

From the control tower, the man observed how the unknown device rose vertically and without a sound as FAC 2072 tried to approach it. Within three minutes of initiating the pursuit, the fighter pilot contacted Russi again.

"El Dorado Tower, FAC 2072. Tower, be advised that I am at 31,000 feet and the plane is maxed out. I do not have enough fuel. Requesting descent authorization."

The luminous object flew westward at a 45 degree angle and vanished. "What was it? I can't tell you. I don't know. I don't know what I saw, only that I did see it," Russi remarked.

FAC 2072 and 2070 landed. Russi was stunned by the event but now, 55 years later, bemoans his lack of experience at the time, as he only recalls the fighters' registration numbers but forgot to ask the pilots for their names.

Chief Pedro Sánchez ordered the air traffic controllers to remain silent about the event, an order also given to the FAC pilots, who returned to Palanquero a few days later.

"It was the first and only time I saw a something like it in a 50 year career. All of these cases share a common denominator: the event occurs, and we are asked not to discuss it," Russi noted.

Events similar to Russi's are under investigation in the United States, where the New York Times recently published a report stating that between 2014 and 2015, Navy pilots saw strange object that reached 30,000 feet with supersonic speeds, and were unable to identify them.

To Russi, authorities and governments appear not to be interested in these situations becoming known. Therefore, the incident or event may have taken place, but it does not reach the public.

Regarding UFO sightings in the country's capital, Germán Puerta, director of the Bogotá Planetarium, notes that it is common for people to say they see such things, bearing in mind that many aerial phenomena exist, such as airplanes, drones and satellites, as well as the International Space Station, which is very bright. All of these elements can be mistaken for unidentified flying objects.

"The Planetarium receives photos and videos of aerial phenomena, but not much more can be said about them. A luminous object, or one in motion, is hardly evidence. There is nothing that can be said about it," he notes.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Emilio Annino, Orbita Cero (Argentina) and Cristián Avila Jiménez, El Tiempo (Colombia)]

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25 jun. 2019

El volcán de Santorini, nuevo análogo terrestre de Marte

Uno de los grandes atractivos de la isla de Santorini, en Grecia, es su espectacular paisaje volcánico, un entorno que también esconde parajes similares a los de Marte. Un equipo de científicos europeos y de Estados Unidos lo ha descubierto tras analizar rocas basálticas recogidas en una de sus calas.
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24 jun. 2019

Peru: Peruvian Air Force Confirms UFO Sighting Over Lima

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and www.eltiempo.com (Peru)
Date: June 19, 2019

Peru: Peruvian Air Force Confirms UFO Sighting Over Lima

Two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) flew over the skies of Lima at 1:30 a.m. on 27 February of this year.

They were described as highly luminous vehicles at a distance of 5 nautical miles and an altitude of 2400 meters, near the Jorge Chavez International Airport, according to confirmation given by the Peruvian Air Force to CNN. However, following publication, the very same official who spoke to the news outlet has denied the truthfulness of that statement.

According to CNN, the presence of these objects was elaborated and reported by commercial flights. The crews of LAN Peru 2437 and Latam Ecuador 1442 identified the UFOs during communications with the control tower. Both aircraft were on the airport runways, ready to take off for their respective destinations.

The incident alert lasted 40 minutes. The Corpac radar recorded the event and documented it, as explained by a Peruvian Air Force official report to which CNN en Español had access.

According to CNN, confirmation of the UFOs was attested by DINIA (Dirección de Información e Intereses Aeroespaciales del Perú - Office of Peruvian Airspace Information and Interests). Major General Robert Baxerias Vucanovich ratified the information, affirming its validity.

"The event to which you are referring indeed took place [the presence of UFOs near the Lima airport] and it is necessary to point out that at no time where either civilian or military air operations in jeopardy as a result of their localization and location," said Baxeiras.

However, Baxeiras told the Peru21 newspaper that he never discussed the UFO sightings.

"We have an anomalous phenomena office. A gentleman from CNN wrote me saying that some reports had been leaked, stating that an air traffic controller had seen a light in the sky, and had reported it on his hand-over sheet. I then replied by mail that yes indeed, when something is seen flying, the FAP is under obligation to investigate it, but at no time did I say UFO," he said.

Marco A. Barraza, the senior researcher from DIFAA (Departamento de Investigación de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos del Perú - Peruvian Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research Department) advised CNN that contrary to the information disseminated on social media regarding the UFO sightings at the airport, the unidentified flying objects were only in the air terminal's vicinity.

"The [Jorge Chavez] airport's airspace is fully monitored, supervised and controlled as far as air operations are concerned. This took place at sea, in the proximity of San Lorenzo Island," Barraza told CNN en Español.

Barraza explained that the Peruvian Air Force refrained from issuing a communiqué at the time, deeming it unnecessary, as there was no visible threat.

"A series of incidents, objects and events play out in the skies, and these are investigated, but as long as they do not present a threat or hazard to civilian or military operations, they move into 'another category'," he said about the case, which is still under investigation.

Baxeiras Vucanovich also told Peru21 that he requested consultation from Marco Barraza in order to better respond to this speculation. “He sent me a reply and I boiled it down to five paragraphs pointing out that yes, something was seen in the sky, but it will be investigated. At no time was it said that it was a UFO. They've started this uproar."

General Baxerias asked that rumors not be allowed to continue, as it was not a UFO but rather "space junk."

"What was seen could be a kite, one of the many Google balloons (Project Loon), or as we say, trash in the air," he told Peru21.

Documents with seemingly official terminology and specifics appeared on social media in connection with the two UFOs over Lima. Barraza notes that having not been furnished by authoritative sources, these documents should be considered as spurious information.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and the El Tiempo newsroom]

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20 jun. 2019

Primer índice para clasificar ciudades por el uso sostenible de la energía

Investigadores de la Universidad de Málaga han desarrollado un modelo que permite evaluar las urbes en función de su eficiencia energética. Con sólo 12 indicadores obtienen un porcentaje final que se actualiza cada año y organiza a las ciudades en un ranking de sostenibilidad.
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Cómo controlar especies vegetales amenazadas en entornos extremos

La Montaña Palentina alberga una planta originaria de los Alpes que, en la península ibérica, solo crece en riscos innacesibles donde es muy difícil de estudiar. Ante este problema, investigadores de la Universidad de León han utilizado simulaciones matemáticas para desarrollar un método que permite censar especies de plantas en este tipo de ambientes extremos, reduciendo los recursos necesarios y consiguiendo una gran precisión.
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19 jun. 2019

Biomembranas con cáscaras de gamba para mejorar el análisis de orina

Investigadores de la Universidad de Sevilla han desarrollado membranas de quitosano, un compuesto de las cáscaras de los crustáceos, para aplicarlas en una técnica de extracción de compuestos denominada electromembrana. De esta forma se pueden detectar medicamentos comunes, como la amoxicilina o el ibuprofeno, a niveles muy bajos en muestras de orina humana y agua.
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18 jun. 2019

Cuba: A UFO over Havana in 2012?

Cuban UFO researcher Orestes Girbau says: "A luminous object photographed over the City of Havana in 2012. Unfortunately, we lack the name of the person who took the photo and other matters of a technical nature."

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Argentina: The Night a UFO Shook Mendoza Awake

Source: Planeta UFO and UNO (diariouno.com.ar)
Date: 06.18.2019
An article by Jose Luis Verderico

Argentina: The Night a UFO Shook Mendoza Awake

Over 50 years ago, the courts of the city of Mendoza (Argentina) engaged in the investigation of a strange claim that became local and national news: the Villegas and Peccinetti Case - two employees of the Mendoza Casino who claimed having been intercepted by a UFO and five aliens in the city, near the Liceo Militar.

Judge Jorge Marzari Céspedes was famous for the fact that all unusual events wound up before his bench. "All that you need is to send a flying saucer to jail!" some colleagues had told him, half-jokingly. However, one day, that remark practically came true, and it became a police docket and later a judicial file.

Fernando Villegas was 26 and Juan Carlos Peccinetti was about to turn 30. They worked as cashiers at the state gambling house, which at the time was on 25 de Mayo de Ciudad Street between Espejo and Sarmiento, where private gaming establishments now operate after privatization.

As entered in the court case investigated by Marzari Céspedes, on Saturday, August 31, 1968 at 3:42 hours, Villegas's 1934 model Chevrolet suddenly stopped as it headed northward to take Peccinetti home. The "encounter" took place 300 meters from the playing fields of the General Espejo Military Academy.

It was a dark night and the sky was remarkably clear. Once more, (weatherman) Bernardo Razquin had been correct with his forecast.

"We were about to check whether the car battery was operating correctly when five completely bald individuals, with heads larger than usual approached us. They wore a kind of coverall, stood 1.40 meters tall, and had very pale skin." -- Statements by Villegas and Peccinetti in the court document.

Upon seeing themselves surrounded by these humanoid figures, the Casino cashiers thought to escape through an empty field, but a surprise awaited them.

"There was a lenticular object, 5 meters in diameter, hanging in the air. A powerful beam of light was projected from a lower opening, aimed at the ground. It was some 30 meters from us and floated a little over 1 meter from the ground." -- From Villegas and Peccinetti's account.

When Juan Carlos Peccinetti was asked for more details of the event, he remembered the three of the characters 'began to transmit messages'. The others? They were guarding the craft, he said. They didn't speak like human beings, yet we did manage to pick up a clear and intelligent message: "No fear, no fear" were the repeated words. Their tone, said the witness, aimed at persuading us.

"So what did they tell you?" asked Judge Marzari Céspedes, who had taken on the case at the request of the Supreme Court in the light of high public impact.

That they had orbited the Sun three times and were studying the customs and languages of the inhabitants of the solar system. That the Sun fed the system in a kindly manner. Otherwise, it would not exist.

"Did something else happen?"

The magistrate's question was aimed at hearing the account of the second part of the event, which was perhaps even more surprising than the chance encounter with the flying object and its occupants. Villegas and Peccinetti continued their story, saying the following:

"On the running board of the car and the left door, one of the beings was drawing signs with a device of some sort. It was some sort of electric welding, judging by the blinding sensation to the eyes." -- From the statement made by the casino employees.

The next morning there were nine marks on the Chevrolet's door and the running board. These were vertical signs, neatly arranged to be understood by those able to do so. They were examined by criminalists, the staff of the Atomic Energy Commission, and even the Navy, not only to find out what they meant, but what they were made of.

The flying object vanished into the wonderfully clear sky after a brief flash, according to the men. Before this, one of the occupants took Peccinetti and Villegas by their hands and pricked the index finger and thumb of their left hand. "It was like having your blood drawn," said Peccinetti, according to specialized publications. Previous to this, they had been shown a kind of TV screen showing a nuclear explosion.

That morning, Fernando Villegas, shaken and exhausted, ran to the Military Academy's guardhouse and spoke of his experience for the first time. His companion was following him, more or less frightened, pensive.

Marzari Céspedes was learned of the case on Sunday, September 1st, through the media. He wasn't even ready to open an investigation, yet he did. He delved into the matter little by little, as though drawn in by a force that many have defined with a single word: curiosity. He then opened a case file against NN (parties unknown) for the crime of slight injuries (the pricking of the fingers) to the casino workers.

In order to invest the matter with legal sobriety, the magistrate ordered that the casino workers be subjected to medical and psychiatric scrutiny. He wanted to know if they were telling the truth, but particularly to see if one of them had a mental disorder or had a fantasy-prone personality. The Medical Board worked with them for four and a half hours.

Alcohol testing was among the first tests, but the conclusion that they hadn't had a drop to drink only make the mystery greater.

They even had to make drawings and sketches of that night. The renderings and shapes were nearly childlike: of themselves, the characters, the nearby trees and the empty field, and of what they essential considered to be a flying object.

Mathematics is the universal language, Peccinetti told the Judge.

"How's that?" asked Marzari Céspedes.

It was the last thing the visitors said before they vanished.

The local Court ordered the magistrate to keep a tight rein on the investigation, to avoid losing sight of the terms of the complaint.

The plaintiffs were represented by Ignacio Correa Llano, who accused the judge of having pressured his clients "by the terms and manner" in which he had questioned them. Correo Llano was an attorney, but also a ufologist. He directed the CIEM (Centro de Investigaciones Espaciales de Mendoza) which had a strong opinion in the matter.

To another ufologist, Victorio Corradi, CIEM's vice-president, the inscriptions found on Villegas's car were a sort of "cosmic graffiti", as he told the journalist Alejandro Agostinelli's website Invasores: Historias Reales de Extraterrestres en la Argentina".

The National Atomic Energy Commission's report showed that levels of radiation in the empty field were normal. Measurements had also been taken at the El Sauce Hospital, where the plaintiffs had been taken. Nothing of concern was found there either.

As part of the investigation, Sheriff Miguel Montoza kept Peccinetti's wristwatch: a Precision with 17 antimagnetic rubies which had stopped cold at 3:42 on 31 August, the exact time of the reported "alien contact".

The 4th Aerial Brigade appointed Lt. Luis Cunietti to attend to the ramifications of the civilian investigation. He submitted all conclusions to the Junta de Investigaciones Espaciales (Space Research Board), not only those regarding technical mater, but also his opinion on the casino workers' emotional health, as he witnessed at least one of the sessions with therapists.

The police chief told the La Nación newspaper that experts had found "considerable amounts of magnesium and magnesium salts" inside the Chevrolet, particularly on the floor.

Social anxiety and concern was mounting to the extent that the Mendoza Police issued a communiqué aimed at staving off a potential panic. Chief Roberto Hartkopf explained: "We wanted Mendoza to avoid what happened in the U.S.A. when Orson Welles simulated the war of the worlds. Panic is uncontrollable."

He availed himself of an incident that took place in Ecuador to explain the goal of his institutional warning:

"The arrival of extraterrestrial beings was simulated through a radio broadcast, and the consequences were dire: flight, fire at the station and even officials lost to the panic".

"I think the case was a yarn," Marzari Céspedes began by saying, among other conclusions. "I don't believe in UFOs, so that's why I visited the site, not expecting to find radiation, but to find the truth. The Judge claimed having found 'many contradictions by Peccinetti" after reconstructing the case at the same time and location where according to the plaintiffs, they had traveled from the Casino heading toward Barrio Cano, and the subsequent encounter with interplanetary beings.

"It was a great yarn. A gag pulled by Peccinetti on this fellow Villegas which got out of hand and escaped his control," said Judge Marzari Céspedes.

Disturbing the peace. That was the only possible criminal charge against Peccinetti. However, the magistrate himself said that the charge would serve no purpose, and acted in consequence.

Peccinetti and Villegas quit the Casino shortly after the strange incident. Exactly a year later, in August 1969, the former was detained in La Rioja for swindling olive growers. Villegas was by now a restaurant worker.

In 1970, Peccinetti was front line news again. No longer in Mendoza or La Rioja. Now he was in Chile, and it wasn't a prank this time, or check fraud. Now he was accused of murdering an accountant for money, with two accomplices.

Peccinetti and Villegas are both dead today, and so is Judge Marzari Céspedes. Yet they are survived by this bizarre story, a curious one, filled with esoteric, religious, political and social seasonings.

It was an episode that shook Mendoza out of its habitual slumber; nearly a miracle in this part of the world.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Jose Luis Verderico]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

Dos planetas potencialmente habitables alrededor de una estrella cercana

Con la ayuda del instrumento CARMENES, en Almería, un equipo internacional ha descubierto dos pequeños planetas terrestres orbitando en torno a Teegarden, una enana roja de la vecindad solar. Los planetas tienen masas similares a la Tierra y sus temperaturas podrían ser lo suficientemente suaves como para albergar agua líquida en sus superficies.
via Matemáticas, Física y Química http://bit.ly/18ZbcUb

11 jun. 2019

Cuba: Nocturnal Sighting in Matanzas (CE-1, 2005)

Date: 06.11.2019

Cuba: Nocturnal Sighting in Matanzas (CE-1, 2005)
By Orestes Girbau

Date: 25 January 2005
Time: 10:00 pm
Witnesses: Two passers-by
Duration: Around 15 minutes
Weather conditions: Clear Skies
Progress of the UFO Experience:
The witness, 51, a decorator by profession with a 9th grade education level, saw a UFO twice around the same time for two consecutive weeks, both on a Wednesday.
According to the witness, the object was 5 meters long by 3 meters wide with three sources of light, rotating slowly and noiselessly. It had a rectangular base with a dome resembling glass and of a semi-circular shape. It flew over the house in a straight line from north to south. As it moved away, it accelerated at breakneck speed and vanished without a sound.
The second time she witnessed the object, it was hanging in the air for some 10 minutes at an elevation of 12 meters. It later passed over the house(s), pausing for two or three minutes over each on two separate occasions. Next, it turned toward the main highway, aligned itself with it, and followed the route until it disappeared from view.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Orestes Girbau and Guillermo Giménez]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

Argentina: UFO Photographed from Cable Car in Salta

Source: Planeta UFO and Antonio Zuleta
Date: 06.11.2019

Argentina: A UFO photograph from Salta

Antonio Zuleta writes: This startling daytime UFO photo was taken by Ms. Josefina Ferrari while ascending Cerro San Bernado in a cable car. Josefina was in the company of her mother when she saw something strange near the cable car; she took out her cellphone and took some pictures. When she saw what she'd captured, she was stunned. A UFO, she wondered?
She decided to send me this photograph, and I thanked her for entrusting me with her story and this solid UFO evidence. It would seem that only meters away from the witnesses, at the exact moment that Josefina got ready to take the picture, the UFO did exactly the same, as a flash is clearly evident (they also take photographs of us). An astonishing fact.
If you see this note, dear Josefina, I would like you to write down your own version of the events. I have only written down what you told me. If something does not match the actual events, please correct it. Many thanks for this surprising story."

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Antonio Zuleta and Josefina Ferrari]
via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

10 jun. 2019

El magnetismo da un impulso inesperado a la economía del hidrógeno

Mediante un imán, investigadores del Instituto Catalán de Investigación Química han logrado por primera vez aumentar la producción de hidrógeno en la reacción de división del agua. La simplicidad del descubrimiento abre nuevas oportunidades para implementar el uso de campos magnéticos durante este proceso.
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7 jun. 2019

Descubren la estrella pulsante más rápida que se conoce hasta la fecha

Un equipo internacional de científicos, con investigadores de la Universidad de Granada y del Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, ha hallado cinco estrellas rápidamente oscilantes, de las que dos son especialmente interesantes: una porque es más fría de lo habitual, y la otra por su velocidad: completa una oscilación cada 4,7 minutos.
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4 jun. 2019

La inteligencia artificial sabe si los actores y actrices ya han tocado techo

Un nuevo algoritmo predice con un 85% de certeza si el año más productivo de un actor ya ha pasado o está por venir. El trabajo confirma lo efímeras que suelen ser las carreras en el cine, además del sesgo de género de la industria del cine. Los resultados han servido de base para la trama de un nuevo guion.
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3 jun. 2019

Costa Rica: Anomalous Object on Video

Another intriguing video of an anomalous object over Costa Rica, courtesy of Cial Observación OVNI CR. The accompanying text reads: "Luminous object at 5:43 pm Costa RIca time, 30 May 2019, looking toward the hills in the Valle Central's southern sector from northern Heredia."

VIDEO AT: http://bit.ly/2HUsZTi
via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

Argentina: The Santa Catalina UFO Case

Source: El Litoral and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: June 2, 2019
Article by Francisco Villagrán for El Litoral

Argentina: The Santa Catalina UFO Case

During the 1970s, 80s and some of the '90s, Corrientes served as the location for numerous UFO cases ranging from sightings to landings and contact incidents. One of the first cases was the Santa Catalina incident, where a strange luminous object was witnessed by an entire family during a night in 1978.

The cold evening of 22 August 1978 would not be just another night in the lives of the Miño family, protagonists of the incredible UFO sighting in the vicinity of Santa Catalina, which at that time was at the end of Bus Line 6, far from what was the city at the time. There was a military base there, headquarters to the Command and Service Brigade, Sanitary Company 7 and Arsenal Company 8, where the bus would turn and head back to the city. There were few hoses in that area and the streets were made of sand, making it hard to traverse them, especially on a bicycle. One had to make an effort to pedal. The city was just expanding and this area was far from contemporary Santa Catalina.

The cold south wind blowing over the region that evening, while not very strong, was enough to entice people to remain indoors, well-dressed and drinking something warm. Ignacio Esteban Miño, the main witness of the surprising event, was 29 years old at the time and was on his way back from his job in the city, where he worked as a martial arts instructor. The time was around 22:00 hours. As he got ready to enter his home, he was surprised to see a strange luminous object of an intense white color moving slowly in the sky, some 200 meter distant, and over the river, as it was near the dwelling. The vehicle was some 6 or 7 meters in diameter, according to his calculations, and made no noise at all. It moved silent through space, allowing the sighting to last some 15 minutes. Startled by what he was seeing, he entered the house and told his family: "Come out quickly, come see this, it's incredible!" His father and sister, who were still awake, went outside, followed by the mother and an aunt, as a result of the ensuing hubbub. All remained silent, contemplating the strange object. It glowed with a powerful white color, waxing and waning in intensity. Throughout the duration of the event, no noise was heard and nearby animals (dogs) remained quiet.

When Ignacio Miño was consulted about the strange experience, he said: "Nothing like it had ever happened to me. I'd never seen anything like it, but this time I could see the object clearly. It was rather close, I figure some 100 meters away, and at no time was I frightened. The object was oval-shaped and as I said, very luminous. It didn't travel very fast and gave the impression that it was inspecting something, looking at something. You ask whether I'd read up on the UFO subject? No, very little. I was only aware of its existence through friends. I do believe there's life elsewhere. As a result of my experience I intend to find out more, as I'd like to know more in this regard. I was lucky not to be alone when I saw it; otherwise no one would believe me. My father, my sister, my mother and an aunt came out for a look. There were five of us. We all saw it perfectly and were astonished by what we saw. From what I heard, no neighbors saw what we had seen. There was no one outside, as it was rather cold with a stiff wind. Not the kind of night you want to be outdoors. In any event, I won't forget this experience. It was incredible."

It should be noted that a week after the Miño family's sighting, a group of fishermen had camped 500 beyond on the banks of the Paraná River, and described a luminous object with similar characteristics flying over the river at low altitude.

This was one of the '70s cases that followed the Cambá Punta case in 1960, the Torrent Case in 1965, as the most important. Many others would come later in the '80s and '90s. Perhaps the most important was the Catamarán Case of 1978, when a group of artists, musicians and chamameceros (popular musicians from Corrientes) gathered at the catamaran at the end of the year, witnessed a UFO fleet over the Paraná River. The Santa Catalina case is significant because it occurred on a cold night, with a clear, cloudless sky, so it was visible without impediment. Furthermore, there was a group of witnesses - five, not many - yet sufficiently lucid to see the same thing and describe it in detail.

As is customary in these cases, eyewitness accounts were taken separately. Each member of the family was interviewed and their stories all matched. They had witnessed an anomalous event that was being considered worldwide as the sighting of an extraterrestrial device, very luminous, with obviously intelligent movements, flying slowly before shifting speed before vanishing at high speed in the dark of the night. Currently, such cases are commonplace, with the advantages given by present technology in photographing and recording sightings as indisputable proof of their existence.

This also marked the beginning of a series of sightings, descents and contacts that began in the Northeast, particularly in Corrientes Province, which had many cases in the two following decades.

[Translation (c)2019 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Francisco Villagrán of El Litoral and Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

Resuelto el misterio de la galaxia sin materia oscura

Investigadores del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias han aclarado uno de los misterios del año 2018 en el mundo de la astrofísica extragaláctica: la supuesta existencia de una galaxia sin materia oscura. La explicación es que se encuentra mucho más cerca de lo que se pensaba, con lo que todas las propiedades derivadas de su distancia han vuelto a ser normales, incluida la presencia de materia oscura.
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30 may. 2019

Átomos contra moléculas para avanzar en el control químico a escala cuántica

En la escala de los átomos y las moléculas rigen las reglas de la mecánica cuántica, un entorno en el que surgen reacciones inesperadas y muy difícil de controlar. Sin embargo, investigadores de la Universidad de Oxford han realizado un experimento, con átomos de argón chocando contra moléculas de óxido nítrico, que puede suponer un gran paso para lograrlo. Científicos españoles han presentado los cálculos computacionales que explican el proceso.
via Matemáticas, Física y Química http://bit.ly/18ZbcUb

Miden por primera vez la desintegración de uno de los principales productos de la fisión nuclear

Investigadores del Instituto de Física Corpuscular han publicado el primer estudio de la desintegración beta de isótopos del niobio. Este tipo de desintegración es un proceso fundamental para entender lo que pasa dentro de un reactor nuclear y el niobio es uno de los elementos más desconocidos y difíciles de medir durante su funcionamiento.
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El Padre Himalaya, pionero de la energía solar

29 may. 2019

Einstein tuvo razón (hace 100 años)

Se cumple el centenario del eclipse que permitió confirmar la teoría de la relatividad general. "Cada día, cuando buscamos en el mapa del teléfono móvil una trayectoria desde nuestra posición, estamos beneficiándonos de que Einstein tuviera razón al hacer una teoría tan poderosa y precisa sobre cómo es el espacio y el tiempo", explica el astofísico y divulgador Javier Armentia.
via Matemáticas, Física y Química http://bit.ly/18ZbcUb

28 may. 2019

Costa Rica: Anomaly Over the Irazu Volcano?

Source: CIAL Observación Ovni CR (Costa Rica) and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: 05.23.2019

"Good evening. We have noticed a source of illumination over the upper part of the summit, where the Irazú telecommunication towers are located. We ask any of our contacts to please assist us in ascertaining what it is."

[Oddly enough, Costa Rica's "La Nación" newspaper mentioned the possible relocation of these eighty-four telecommunication towers to other parts of the country due to the constant avalanches near the summit of the mountain. The news item goes on to say: "This is the order handed down by the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE - National Emergency Committee) following a diagnosis of cracks in the vicinity of the giant peak, arising from a visit by several experts this month (January 23, 2017). A photo of the towers in question appears below -- SC]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J