30 nov. 2013

Tesla en el horizonte

Una de las razones por las que en las últimas semanas apenas tengo tiempo para escribir tiene que ver con un proyecto que verá la luz en enero de 2014. Se trata de una app biográfica sobre Nikola Tesla para iPad, en inglés y español. Hasta ahí puedo escribir… de momento.

Nikola Tesla iPad app (January 2014)

Tesla en el horizonte apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 30 noviembre 2013.

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Japan to place giant solar belt around moon

A Japanese firm is aiming to build a huge 250-mile-wide belt of solar panels around the moon's equator. In a bid to help solve Japan's energy problems...

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Oldest known Buddhist shrine discovered

Traces of an ancient wooden structure have been found within the sacred Mayadevi temple in Lumbini. The structure dates back to around the sixth centu...

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Mexico: Alleged “Luminous Entities” Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)

Mexico: Alleged “Luminous Entities” Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)

By Arq. Salvador Mora – Director of La Esfera Azul with D.G. Hernán Bado


On March 20, 2013, a highly interesting and controversial event occurred: photographs of 3 luminous entities at the place known as Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

These images were taken by Ernesto Z. Ortiz, a known professional with a master’s degree in Regional Development and Sustainable Tourism, a Nicaraguan national who has lived in our country for a long time, residing at Playa del Carmen. He is also the leader and founder of an NGO that supports the ecology. His probity and honesty are therefore assured.

Upon hearing of his photographs we took it upon ourselves to contact Ernesto, who very kindly spoke to us, agreeing to an interview to explain the images. It should be mentioned at this point that the main goal in taking these photographs to obtain night photographs of the impressive archway that represents two intertwined mermaids that are found in Plaza Fundadores itself. However, much more than that was obtained: it should be noted that those strange luminous beings were not visible at the time the photos were taken. They only became apparent after the images were inspected.

Thus, we also performed an in-depth analysis of the photographs we are including in this special report.

The Interview with Ernesto Z. Ortiz

Salvador Mora: It is a pleasure to speak with Ernesto Z. Ortiz in this special interview about some extraordinary photographs taken recently, showing strange beings that put forth light from their bodies, and who better than Ernesto who discusses them with us. First of all, many thanks for your willingness to participate in this interview, Ernesto. How are you?

Ernesto Z. Ortiz: Fine, thank you. Startled by what we were able to see in these photos.

Salvador Mora: Absolutely. Where were these photos taken and where?

Ernesto Z. Ortiz: These photos were all taken on March 20 of this year, 2013.

SM: Where were they taken and at what time?

EZO: At Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, around 9 at night near the beach.

SM: We are interested in the sculpture there. What does it symbolize?

EZO: Two intertwined mermaids.

SM: Very good. On a personal level, did any unusual events occur before or after these photos were taken at the site, or something similar to be remarked upon?

EZO: The monument was dedicated on December 21 [2012]. Well, some strange things happened to us around that time.

SM: OK, very interesting. What happened?

EZO; Well, in subsequent days, one of our co-workers claimed to be possessed by a supernatural being that wasn’t him. In fact, when he was possessed, he would act entirely different. He would speak as though he was just learning to speak and walked in the same way. Days later, a young lady drowned in the beach, and in the photograph we saw something like blankets hanging in the air, in the shape of the Grim Reaper. The girl was found at the only spot where the sun shines on the beach.

SM: Extremely interesting. Had similar events occurred at this site, or had any video or photograph been taken of anything like the image?

EZO: The girl was found at the only spot where the sun shines on the beach. Not to my knowledge. A holistic event took place near that beach – meditations, cleansings of various kinds, vibrational music using hompax and crystals.

SM: Very interesting. How distant from the edge of the beach is the place where the light beings were photographed?

EZO: Barely 3 meters (40 feet)

Photo Analysis

In the following analyses we could ascertain the complete authenticity of the photos. No hoaxing or anything similar was noticed, and it should even be mentioned that we shared these images with Hernán Bado for analysis and opinion. He is one of the best and internationally renowned analysts of images with out-of-the-ordinary beings. He reached the conclusion that the luminosity put forth by the entities is such that no further information could be obtained about their details or features, as has occurred in earlier occasion. But let Hernán Bado himself discuss this matter in detail so we may show the images in depth.

Testimony of Hernán Bado Regarding His Photo Analysis

Hernán Bado: Hello Salvador, always a pleasure. I’m writing to tell you that I have worked on the “entities” in the photo and have unfortunately been unable to obtain results. The whiteness or luminosity is too intense and there is no way of penetrating it to decode the reality of who or what is there. At a given moment I thought that there might be something there…but in fact, I wasn’t able to confirm anything. I regret the delay and the outcome. Regards.

Salvador Mora: OK, Hernán, don’t worry about it, many thanks. Let me ask you – was this possibly due to the fact that the luminosity was so intense that it was hard to see what was behind it in any detail?

Hernán Bado: Yes, that’s exactly what’s going on. All of the figures have a very intense luminosity. This light also has a characteristic that is worth discussing, which is a slightly more yellow border, appearing to function as an aura of the figure it surrounds. The upper part, or whatever corresponds to what would be the head, is subtly darker than the lower part corresponding to the clothing, which is decidedly whiter. The three figures are standing on one of the small pedestals surrounding the fountain and this strikes me, because there appears to be an effort to imitate something like statues. In short, that’s all I can say about it. Regards.

SM: OK, thanks Hernán. We can then say these could be beings of light of a highly intense luminosity, so intense that seeing their features becomes very hard. Conversely, we are faced by a very interesting case. Thanks again, Hernán. We’ll keep in touch.


A very good observation, which at first may be a mere curiosity, but there could also be some symbolism in this case: the fact that one night after Ernesto Z. Ortiz visited Plaza Fundadores with the purpose of taking comparative shots, since he was still amazed by the originals, he noticed that the Mayan number six (6) was forming between the Moon and the clouds. A coincidence? Symbolism? We do not know. We can only provide a photo of this, taken by Ernesto himself, right next to a comparable image.


A highly interesting case which we are sure will draw the attention of many, prompting consideration. Based on the investigation performed, we can say that it could well be one of the most cogent pieces of evidence attesting to the existence of these strange luminous entities.

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[NOTE: Due to the number of photos involved, INEXPLICATA urges readers to visit www.acusticavisual.net to see them in their entirety]

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) with thanks to Arq. Salvador Mora and La Esfera Azul

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29 nov. 2013

Un comisario de la policía alemana, detenido por asesinato y bajo sospecha de canibalismo

"Un experto en caligrafía de la policía alemana con rango de comisario está detenido por asesinato, mientras se investiga si pudo comer parte del cadáver de un hombre al que conoció a través de un foro de Internet centrado en prácticas como el canibalismo y el sadomasoquismo. "Este caso muestra cómo es de fácil para gente con las fantasías más crueles encontrarse a través de Internet", dijo el jefe de la policía de Dresde (este de Alemania), Dieter Kroll, al comienzo de la conferencia de prensa en la que este viernes informó sobre el caso. La investigación que llevó a la policía de Dresde a detener a uno de sus miembros se inició el 11 de noviembre, cuando un empleado de la víctima −gerente de una consultora en Hannover− denunció su desaparición. Se inició entonces la búsqueda del hombre, de 59 años, siguiendo los procedimientos de costumbre en esos casos y rastreando el uso que había hecho de su teléfono móvil y de sus tarjetas bancarias.

La última llamada telefónica había sido realizada por la víctima el 4 de noviembre, desde Berlín, y ese mismo día había retirado dinero de un cajero electrónico en Dresde. Una revisión de su ordenador dio la pista clave, al descubrir la policía que el hombre había frecuentado un foro de Internet llamado "Zambian meat", que se presenta como "la página número uno en carne exótica". A través de esa página, el hombre había conocido al perito en caligrafía de la policía, al que había acordado visitar en Dresde. Al parecer, los dos hombres pactaron en la distancia no sólo su encuentro, sino también la muerte del consultor de Hannover, quien, según algunos testigos interrogados por la policía, desde su juventud tenía "fantasías" de que un tercero lo matara y se lo comiera (...)"

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Weekender - The Science of Thanksgiving

TheThanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect upon all of the good things in our lives, and to give thanks for them. Some would argue, however, that our world would be a much better place if 'thanksgiving' became a daily practice rather than a once yearly pursuit, and it appears that science has now found proof to substantiate this viewpoint.

Recent studies indicate that experiencing genuine gratitude can have an extremely positive effect on every aspect of our lives, from our health and well being to our relationships and careers. Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., at the University of California at Davis has been researching the effects of gratitude for some time and has conducted numerous studies on the subject.

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Científicos españoles tratan de construir un pequeño Sol en la Tierra

Investigadores de la Universidad de Sevilla están investigando en reactores experimentales de fusión nuclear para obtener el mismo tipo de energía que utilizan las estrellas. La investigación se enfoca a la producción de energías más limpias y sostenibles.

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Primeras evidencias de un nuevo modo de desintegración del bosón de Higgs

Investigadores del experimento ATLAS del Laboratorio Europeo de Física de Partículas (CERN) han observado las primeras evidencias del bosón de Higgs desintegrándose en fermiones, los ‘ladrillos’ que forman la materia, en lugar de en bosones como se conocía hasta ahora. En el estudio han participado investigadores españoles.

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Has Comet Ison been destroyed ?

The 'comet of the century' didn't survive its close encounter with the sun and appears to have broken up. While it was always a possibility that the s...

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Prehistoric 'communal toilet' unearthed

A vast latrine dating back more than 240 million years has been discovered in Argentina. Thought to be the "world's oldest public toilet", the site ha...

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Ronnie Vannucci Jr. recalls UFO encounter

The Killers' drummer has recounted his own experience with a UFO during a recent magazine interview. Now a staple part of one of the world's biggest p...

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28 nov. 2013

Scientists Discover Viable Alternative Fuel

As the US undergoes its busiest travel week of the year, it is timely to reflect on the future of our fuel supplies. The modern world relies so heavily on the need for mobility, but, with our current reliance on fossil fuels, travel has a precarious future.

Oil reserves are not limitless, and the by-products of the internal combustion engine are impacting on global warming. It's time to find a viable alternative, and Israeli university researchers believe that they have done just that.

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Ghost hunters set fire to historic mansion

Seven men were arrested after they managed to burn down the LeBeau Plantation house near New Orleans. Built in the 1850s, the mansion is well known fo...

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'Devil cat' terrorizes villagers

An otherwise unremarkable domestic cat is responsible for a spate of attacks in a quiet Cornish village. The cat known as 'Shiny' has struck so much f...

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NASA plans to grow plants on the moon

One of NASA's new upcoming projects will attempt to grow plants on the moon for the first time. The Lunar Plant Growth Habitat team consists of scient...

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Polémica sobre el uso de lingotes romanos para investigar materia oscura y neutrinos

Los lingotes de plomo recuperados de antiguos naufragios presentan unas características ideales para los experimentos de física de partículas. Científicos del detector de materia oscura CDMS en Minnesota (EE UU) y del observatorio de neutrinos CUORE en el Laboratorio Gran Sasso (Italia) los han comenzado a utilizar, pero los arqueólogos advierten sobre la destrucción y el comercio del patrimonio histórico que hay detrás. La revista Science se ha hecho eco de este dilema formulado por dos investigadores españoles.

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27 nov. 2013

Will Comet ISON Survive its Sweep Past the Sun?

The universe is putting on its own Thanksgiving Day light show in the form of Comet ISON, which is set to graze the sun tomorrow.

Assuming that the comet does not disintegrate under the pressure of strong gravitational forces or solar energy, it is set to be one of the most brilliant comets of this century.

The shining heavenly body will pass within 730,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) of the sun, which is a very close shave by cosmic standards. This fact does concern astronomers, many of whom predict that the comet may not survive its brush with the fiery star.

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Nuevo método para diagnosticar enfermedades con nanopartículas de oro

Químicos de la Universidad de Sevilla han desarrollado una herramienta de diagnosis que ayudará a detectar patologías como la lisozimuria o la proteinuria usando las propiedades colorimétricas del oro en disolución. El sistema ya ha sido patentado.

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Un polaco vuelve a casa y se encuentra a sus padres llevándole flores a su propia tumba

"Vaya cuerpo que se le tuvo que quedar al bueno de Jaroslaw, un polaco de 38 años, cuando llegó a reencontrarse con sus padres en su Siedliska natal y se los encontró en el cementerio llevándole flores a su propia tumba.

Bueno... y decimos de Jaroslaw, pero la carita que se le tuvo que quedar a los padres cuando le vieron tuvo que ser también de aúpa.

Eso es básicamente lo que ha ocurrido en esta ciudad polaca, según podemos leer en algunos medios británicos como Metro.

Jaroslaw Carolinski decidió irse de su casa en octubre de 2011 sin previo aviso porque quería encontrarse a sí mismo y sus padres pensaron que nunca regresaría, más aún cuando meses después fue declarado muerto tras encontrar la Policía un cuerpo en un bosque cerca de la frontera con Ucrania y que fue identificado como el de Jaroslaw.

Pero no era él.

Ajeno a todo, Jaroslaw decidió volver a casa la semana pasada y se encontró a sus padres poniéndole flores en su propia tumba.

"Claro que ellos se quedaron impactados cuando me vieron", dijo como si nada el bueno de Jaroslaw tras regresar del más allá.

Ahora la Policía investiga la identidad del cadáver que descansa en la sepultura."

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Encuentran una cabeza de serpiente en un paquete de judías verdes congeladas

"Una mujer de Oregon, en Estados Unidos, se encontró una cabeza de serpiente en la bolsa de judías verdes congeladas que había comprado. Al principio creía que eran un grupo de judías apelmazadas pero pronto se dio cuenta de que "tenía boca, orificios nasales y pequeños ojos". La tienda donde compró las judías, Fred Meyer, va a investigar lo sucedido después de que la afectada, Misty Moser, devolviera el macabro hallazgo."

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Consterna a pobladores desaparición de laguna en Bosnia

"Justo a las afueras de una rústica villa, los niños pescaban en un tranquilo estanque repleto de peces y algas verdes rodeado de sauces mientras el ganado pastaba cerca de ahí, hace alrededor de dos semanas.

Ahora, Rezak Motanic observa incrédulo lo que parece un cráter lunar gigante donde solía estar la laguna. Parece algo salido de una película de ciencia ficción: un socavón se tragó el agua, los peces y árboles cercanos.

"Me senté aquí apenas un día antes de que sucediera, bebiendo brandy", dijo Cemal Hasan. "Y entonces hubo pánico. Los peces saltaban y un enorme ciruelo fue arrastrado como si alguien lo hubiera enganchado".

Los pobladores de esta remota villa al noroeste de Bosnia han estado en shock desde que el estanque desapareció hace dos semanas.

La laguna tenía unos 20 metros de diámetro y unos ocho metros de profundidad. Ahora, el "abismo", como los pobladores le dicen al cráter, tiene unos 50 metros de ancho y 30 de hondo, y sigue creciendo.

Los científicos dicen que no es inusual que estanques y pequeños lagos desaparezcan de pronto. Opinan que pudo desaparecer porque se secaron las corrientes subterráneas o por un cambio en el subsuelo debido a la irrigación agrícola.

Sin embargo, los pobladores de Sanica no asumen ninguna de las explicaciones científicas (...)"

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Comet Ison set to provide spectacular show

It will soon be crunch time for the 'comet of the century' as it passes through the corona of the sun. Originally a resident of the Oort cloud, a larg...

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'Monster' skate caught off Miami beach

A fisherman from Florida has made headlines after catching a massive 800-pound skate fish. Captain Mark Quartiano, who also goes by the nickname "Mark...

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Woman records news on 140,000 VHS tapes

Marion Stokes took it upon herself to single-handedly record over 35 years worth of news from the TV. Between 1977 and 2012 Marion spent a great deal ...

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Una de las tres «esclavas de Londres» es hija de un descifrador de códigos de la II Guerra Mundial

"Una de las tres mujeres que permanecieron supuestamente más de 30 años en régimen de "esclavitud doméstica" en una casa en Londres es hija un descifrador de la II Guerra Mundial, revela hoy en su página digital el diario "The Times".

El rotativo identifica a la mujer, de 57 años, como Josephine Herivel, hija de John Herivel, descifrador en la famosa instalación Bletchley Park, donde los británicos trataron de romper los códigos contenidos en la máquina Enigma, el aparato utilizado por la Alemania nazi para poner en jaque a los aliados.

Según los medios británicos, Herivel, de origen irlandés, fue la mujer que hizo la llamada telefónica a una organización no gubernamental para denunciar la situación en la que vivían las tres.

Criada en Belfast con sus dos hermanas Mary y Susan, Josephine Herivel se unió a una organización maoísta en los pasados años setenta tras mudarse a Londres y desvincularse de su familia, de acuerdo con la información publicada por "The Times".

Cuando su padre falleció en 2011, sus obituarios sólo hacían mención a Mary y Susan, que ahora viven en Londres.

A pesar de que la familia intentó ponerse en contacto con Josephine, los esfuerzos fueron infructuosos, según ha revelado un amiga de los padres, Frances Presley (...)"

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La policía de Los Ángeles detiene a "zombies" ladrones

"Quizás no es la mejor ficción sobre zombies que vayamos a ver en nuestras vidas pero la policía de Los Ángeles (Estados Unidos) ha lanzado este vídeo viral donde se les puede ver en plena captura y detención de muertos vivientes. Sin embargo, los seres sin vida no buscan carne humana sino los gadgets que nos podamos dejar olvidados en nuestros vehículos.

La amenaza en este caso es un grupo de zombies que rompen los cristales de los coches en busca, básicamente de Ipads. Los zombies vienen y quieren tu iPad, es el original título del corto de 7 minutos de duración y que ya cuena con más de 20.000 reproducciones en la web del cuerpo uniformado californiano.

Todo el montaje es una parodia a programas de televisión, como The Walking Dead, que forma parte de la campaña "Lock it, Hide it, Keep it" ("Ciérralo, escóndelo, guárdalo"), que intenta evitar los hurtos en los vehículos, muchos de los cuales se producen por la falta de picardía del propio conductor que se deja aparatos electrónicos a la vista cuando abandonan el coche (...)"

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Unos "cazafantasmas" aficionados queman accidentalmente una de las casas encantadas más antiguas de EE UU

"Alaridos de esclavos gritando de dolor, pasos que hacen crujir la madera del suelo y risas de niños jugando en la oscuridad. Durante los más de 50 años que la plantación Lebeau lleva abandonada, cientos de curiosos se han colado en busca de fantasmas en esta vieja mansión semiderruida situada a las afueras de la pequeña localidad de Arabi, situada a las afueras de la mágica Nueva Orleans (Luisiana).

Muchos aseguran haber visto la lánguida figura de una mujer vestida de blanco asomada a una de las ventanas del segundo piso, mientras que otros afirman que les sorprendió una luz en la cúpula que corona un edificio que lleva sin electricidad desde los años 80.

Estas y otras aterradores leyendas en torno a una de las plantaciones esclavistas más grandes y violentas que jamás existieron en el sur de estados unidos, era lo que esperaban encontrarse siete jóvenes que se colaron en la mansión el pasado viernes.

Los aspirantes a ‘cazafantasmas’, de entre 17 y 31 años, habían crecido con las historias de cómo la familia Lebeau torturaba hasta la muerte a sus sirvientes y los enterraba en el patio trasero de la mansión. También sabían que todos los miembros de la saga esclavista se habían suicidado, en alguna de las 16 habitaciones de la casa y esperaban contactar con el espíritu de alguno de ellos.

Entraron en la propiedad por uno de los agujeros que múltiples visitantes nocturnos habían cortado en la valla perimetral. Se acomodaron en el salón y, con la inestimable ayuda de varios gramos de marihuana, hicieron una ouija. Nada sucedió. Ni apariciones, ni ruidos, ni el más mínimo suceso sobrenatural.

El fracaso cabreó al mayor de los ‘cazafantasmas, dusten davenport, de 31 años, que decidió que hacer un pequeño fuego en el interior de la casa para calentarse era una buena idea. Las llamas no tardaron en descontrolarse y, a las 2.11 de la madrugada, la oficina del sheriff recibía una llamada anónima avisando del incendio (...)"

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Un nuevo catalizador facilita la destrucción de gases de efecto invernadero

Investigadores de la Universidad Jaume I de Castellón han desarrollado un novedoso catalizador para la activación de enlaces carbono-flúor, un proceso con multitud de aplicaciones industriales. Entre ellas se encuentra la posibilidad de reducir las existencias de CFC, un conocido gas de efecto invernadero.

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Wed 27 Nov 2013 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Maoist slave is Bletchley Park codebreaker's daughter, housing estate is giant penis, Mexico is under attack from Satan, plus zombie cops and quantum Cheshire cat

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26 nov. 2013

PROGRAMA 177 - Los misterios de Cannock Chase

Nos vamos a Cannock Chase, en el condado de Staffordshire, Inglaterra. Un paraje natural lleno de misterios, como no podría ser de otra manera. Entre sus bosques nos encontramos con ovnis, apariciones fantasmales, black eyed kids, hellhounds (perros del infierno), alien big cats, big foots, hombres lobo y...un hombre cerdo. Sí, todo eso y mucho más en el presente programa.


La Bundesliga es la más competitiva de las ligas de fútbol europeas, según un estudio matemático

Un nuevo método desarrollado por investigadores de tres universidades españolas mide la competitividad de las ligas de Inglaterra, España, Italia y Alemania. El análisis es útil tanto para la prensa especializada, público y los técnicos de los equipos, como para los organismos que se encargan de hacer clasificaciones internacionales.

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Scientists build a flying jellyfish!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s a . . . jellyfish?

Researchers have built a small vehicle that is able to fly through the air using graceful, undulating movements similar to those of a jellyfish swimming through water.

The work, which will be presented at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting on November 24 in Pittsburgh, demonstrates a new method of flight that could transport miniaturized future robots for surveillance, search-and-rescue, and monitoring of the atmosphere and traffic.

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon site discovered?

An Oxford University academic believes she has found the precise location of the ancient wonder. The legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of ...

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Man has ability to 'taste' words and sounds

James Wannerton possesses the unusual ability to derive an actual physical taste from places and names. The 54-year-old suffers from a rare neurologic...

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Moose-eating shark saved from choking

Two men in Newfoundland have been credited with saving a shark from choking to death on a moose. Sharks have something of a reputation for taking a bi...

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Una nanopartícula que levita facilita la detección de fuerza ultrasensible

Científicos del Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (ICFO) han conseguido levitar ópticamente nanopartículas en condiciones de vacío. De esta forma se ha obtenido el mayor valor de un factor de calidad, denominado Q, en nano y microresonadores mecánicos.

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25 nov. 2013

Mexico: Alleged UFO over Guanajuato

Source: Planeta UFO and Starmedia.com

Date: 14 November 2013

Mexico: Alleged UFO over Guanajuato

By Carlos Fredo

Mexicans witnessed an alleged triangular UFO flying over the skies of León, Guanajuato.

The alleged UFO was recorded on video on 14 November in León in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. The recording is from the [YouTube] channel belonging to “jmhz71” and it displays a triangular object flying across Mexican skies at high speed.

León is Mexico’s seventh metropolitan area with slightly more than 1,650,000 residents and it has been a site for unidentified flying object sightings in recent years.

Despite the fact that many suggest that it could be an unidentified flying object, skeptics point out that it could also be an unmanned aircraft (drone) employed in the struggle against drug-trafficking in the region.

VIDEO AT: http://videos.starmedia.com/noticias/video-ovni-en-leon-mexico-noviembre-2013.html

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Carlos Fredo, StarMedia newsroom]

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Mexico: New UFO Reports from Homún and Tecoh (Yucatan)

Source: HOY and Planeta UFO

Date: 21 November 2013

Mexico: New UFO Reports from Homún and Tecoh (Yucatan)

By Jorge Moreno – SIPSE

MERIDA, Yucatan – In recent days I received reports about alleged UFO sightings in the bordering municipalities of Homún and Tecoh, and according to the time and description given, it could be the very same object.

Mario Poot, from Homún, and Ermilo Maas, from Tecoh (not known to one another) reported that on Saturday 16 November they saw an object similar to the traditional flying saucers, emitting a blue light, making no noise, and flying at low altitude at slow speed. Poot was standing at the door to his house when he saw this, and it was even seen by two of his neighbors. The object vanished in a southerly direction; the time at which the sighting occurred was approximately 23:00 hours.

Ermilo and his family, on the other hand, were returning home from a party (they say it was shortly before 12 midnight) when suddenly, upon looking upward, they saw an object with a description that is similar to the one seen in Homún. The object was flying from north to south, that is to say, if the positions are analyzed, they possibly saw what was flying in from Homún, and reinforcing the possibility that it might be the same object.

“It was flying at low speed. In fact, we tried recording it with a cellphone, but it couldn’t be seen due to the poor quality of my cellphone. We saw the blue light it emitted vanish after a while, as though dimming, which made it even harder to record,” he said.

An Older Case

It should be noted that in the 1970s the so-called “Homún UFO Flap” took place at that location, a case that reached even Mexico City. The impact caused by the daily sightings (they occurred for over a month) was such that even news programs from the center of the country came to this municipality in Yucatan to report from the site and learn about the events firsthand.

The epicenter of this case was the Yalahau Lagoon, located less than 14 kilometers from downtown Homún (and relatively near Tecoh), and it all started when some farmers claimed having seen “strange lights” rising and falling at the site. Other locals also saw this phenomenon in the sky and did not hesitate to associate it with UFOs, a subject that was basically unpublished in Yucatan, as there was no serious background information on the subject.

Sightings were occurring nearly daily and rumors spread like wildfire. People were startled to see that what looked like a spacecraft with white lights was indeed approaching slowly and remained stationary some 300 meters in the air over Yalahau Lagoon. It was also reported that a smaller craft also descended into the lagoon’s waters, plunging into it. It was also seen leaving the lagoon.

Apparently, the vehicle that “parked” over the lagoon every day was a “mothership”, since witnesses claimed seeing at least five spheres emerging from it to go on journeys, subsequently returning to the craft’s interior.

Following a month of daily sightings, they became less frequent until they stopped altogether. All of this is important because both Mario and Ermilio were witnesses to these cases, and they believe that what they saw only a few days ago could result in another similar flap like the one in the Seventies. Two days later, some neighbors told them that they saw the same craft at the same time.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Jorge Moreno, SIPSE]

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Argentina: Humanoids at Pampa de Agnia, Chubut (1978)

Source: Planeta UFO

Date: 11.25.2013

Dr. Roberto Banchs: Humanoids at Pampa de Agnia, Chubut (1978)

Driving two F-100 pickup trucks, Alfredo Giannoni and Jorge Castillo were faced with the prospect of a 634 kilometer drive along National Route 25, linking the communities of Trelew and Esquel, communities located in the Province of Chubut.

They had departed at 19:00 hours on 12 October 1978, driving at an average speed of 80 Kmh. Upon reaching the Las Chapas Wilderness, Castillo overtook his companion and remained at a close distance. Around 22:00, and some 10-15 Km after Las Plumas, in the Los Altares Valley, Castillo was startled to see a small light in the sky through the windshield: it increased in magnitude, toward the right and running distantly to the left.

As the source of silvery light grew in intensity, Castillo’s disquiet toward the phenomenon also rose. He decided to stop and consult with Giannoni about the observation, who unhesitatingly tells him it is a “flying saucer”

The shocking presence of the UFO: After filling up, the headed to the restaurant of the Automovil Club hostelry, where they state having eaten fish and consumed some cold sodas. Feeling considerably more tranquil, they discussed their experience with the person running the location – which we have been able to confirm – and renewed their journey at 02:15 in the morning. They would stop every so often along the road, chatting a while to keep from falling asleep and staying close to each other at a 30 meter distance. Giannoni was up ahead until he stopped at a given point, complaining of a headache, and saying he could go no further. Castillo replied that he would go ahead, as they were very near their destination. At that time, he was about to get down from the pickup truck when both men witnessed an object measuring 3 meters in diameter with an intense white, phosphorescent light that appeared to emit a sound similar to that of a teletype machine (“beep-beep-beep”). The object was suspended one meter above the ground and some 10 meters from the startled witnesses. Upon seeing this portent, Jorge Castillo entered the pickup truck while Alfredo Gianonni – still drowsy and feeling the headache – managed to quickly pull away from the site.

It was then that UFO rose into the air, making itself plainly visible in a matter of seconds. Castillo, stepping on the gas, managed to catch up with his traveling companion.

The strange occupants: In these conditions, a startled Jorge Castillo looked through his rear view mirror and saw “a thing with many lights and two square things in the rear of the pickup truck” where he carried four drums of ink for the Esquel newspaper in the city of the same name.

After having driven some 10 kilometers and around 3 in the morning, near Pampa de Agnia – a locality that only appears on the map – Castillo looked through the mirror again and saw four “square” figures in the payload that appeared to be “looking” at the drums. He continued driving nervously, glancing at the figures without stopping. According to one version of the story (2), upon delivering the ink, operators found it to be much more fluid than previous deliveries from the same factory and lot number.

They had covered another 15 kilometers prior to going up a long, steep rise when Giannoni, who was following closely but without seeing anything odd, said he was going to stay behind, as he was fatigued. Curiously enough, Castillo said that he could still see the humanoid figures through the mirror as well as an oval grey cloud that appeared to follow him on the side. Nonetheless, the witness gave the impression of contradicting himself when he points out Giannoni’s location with regard to his own. It is necessary to add here that at no point did Giannoni see or become aware of the presence of the alleged occupants, despite the fact that they shouted to each other from within the cabs of their pickup trucks, driving close together along the road.

When he saw those figures, Castillo was driving at some 70 Kmh (bear in mind that the vehicles were in a break-in period) and when he turned on the cabin lights to see if the beings were still behind him, since the sight couldn’t be clear, he noticed to his surprise that there was nothing there, just the four ink drums. However, when he turned off the light, he could see them once more.

View of the mountains: Alfredo Giannoni could go no further and decided to stop a while to sleep. Castillo, on the other hand, chose to continue the trip with great fear. Upon reaching a steep rise, he noticed that “the mountains on the side of the road joined as if they were made of rubber – they joined together and shut the road before me. Perhaps I was ill and grabbing my head, I stopped and thought: do I go through or not go through, will they take me away or not take me away…” However, moments after turning off his lights, the mountains returned to their rightful places. Suddenly, he sees two humanoids approaching him swiftly, walking along the desolate Patagonian road. They were a meter and a half tall, looking like astronauts in white outfits. Upon seeing them, he turned on the lights again and the disquieting vision vanished. He figures that it lasted barely a second.

Facing this circumstance, he tried in vain to go and find Giannoni, as he was exhausted and with a pounding headache, and pain in his arm. His pickup truck was diagonally across the road, with all of its lights on. He tumbled onto the seat, covering himself with some rugs he carried as samples, allowing an indefinite period of time to go by. Giannoni appeared out of nowhere, urging him to continue the trip. Traveling at 80 kmh, Castillo was some 10 to 20 meters behind, all the time seeing the mysterious cloudy object through his rear view mirror.

An unusual turn of events? : With less than 60 km to reach Esquel, in the vicinity of the Tecka River, Giannoni’s pickup truck “slid on the shoulder and went up in the air, landing in a very deep ditch,” according to the description given by Castillo, who did not hesitate in ascribing it to the strange phenomenon he was seeing, adding that the vehicle “was lifted from the front, without overturning any cement barriers, passing over them as though lifted. Furthermore, there’s nothing broken on it. Just a dented roof, as if they’d lifted it and turned it around.” Giannoni rested against the steering wheel, and while somewhat bruised and with a clamped leg, he exclaimed that he was okay. Castillo then got down rendering assistance and getting the motor going again with the lights on. He brought his companion back to his own pickup and they arrived in that vehicle, reaching Esquel after 6 in the morning.

An Analysis of the Case

Upon performing our investigation, approximately one year after the event had taken place, we covered the 634 kilometers that Alfredo Giannoni and Jorge Castillo covered between 12-13 October 1978, passing through the localities of Trelew, Las Plumas, Paso de Indios, Pampa de Agnia, Rio Tecka and Esquel. With the exception of areas near the communities that were the origin and destination of the journey, the vast Patagonian region crossed by the witnesses has desert-like, desolate characteristics – an obligatory crossing between both southern communities and a nexus between the Atlantic coast and the Andean Range.

A cursory review of the report shows that the alleged anomalous events described by the witnesses are the following:

a. Sighting of an unusual aerial phenomenon.

b. Sighting of humanoids that vanish swiftly before Castillo’s eyes.

c. A vision of mountains that close the road before him.

d. Unsual overturning of Gianonni’s pickup truck.

e. Story involving a suggestive change in the density of the ink being transported.

In order to properly answer these riddles, we collected valuable eyewitness reports and background information that enabled us to make an accurate reconstruction of what happened that morning and put forth a few thoughts.

The aerial phenomenon: The UFO apparently presents three discernible phases that correspond to various situations of the journey. It begins as a dot of increasing luminous magnitude, followed by an aeroform with an arc of circumference, and ends as a small oval cloud that gives the impression of following the experiencers. It has not been formally established whether it was the same phenomenon, with the identification of the final phase as an “unusual phenomenon” being highly questionable due to its resemblance with a cloudy formation of natural origin and by the emotional circumstances under which said aerial element was observed. On the other hand, the second image of the object, being closer and better defined, suggests another effort at an explanation. In this regard, the Moon was in its 11th waxing phase, with 89.32% of its face illuminated at 3 in the morning toward the south (where the alleged UFO was seen, as we assume), azimuth 190 86’, declination of -5 1 min 4 sec., that is to say, barely rising over the horizon (source: C. Demaría), which would coincide with the location of the “intensely white luminous object” (it should also be noted that the Moon, close to the horizon, appears large due to the fact that the atmosphere acts as a giant lens).

We cannot provide, at the moment an adequate interpretation for the distant initial light source. All told, this is the phase that causes true motivation among the witnesses, arising as the doubt as to what they were seeing (“Giannoni, what do you see up there? “It’s a flying saucer, he told me” – J. Castillo). The second and eloquent phase causes them profound shock, which manifests as a feeling of terror, causing inhibition is the one, and a flight response in the other (“I asked Giannoni, what we should do? Without saying a word, he took off first at high speed.” – J. Castillo). The third image seen, only by Castillo, is very ambiguous (“Looking off to the side, I was always escorted by a little oval shape, a cloud…” – J. Castillo). It is essential to add that this phase of the sighting – and others mentioned later on – take place after a truly traumatic situation and as the byproduct of seeing a phenomenon that they found disturbing.

Beings in the dark: It is possible to agree that the above induced phantasmagoria, that is to say, the representation of figures through an optical illusion or the deformation of reality, believing that he could see – in the darkness, and always through the rear-view mirror – four humanoid entities on his pickup truck’s payload, where there are precisely four drums of ink, denoting a similar ambiguity.

When the 31-year-old witness turned on the light “to see if those things were there, and could see nothing,” it is unquestionable that the fear of the dark also played an overwhelming road, erupting into his unconscious fantasies. It isn’t sheer chance that despite the lack of ambient light, the sense of being chased or spied upon is what he noticed in the alleged entities’ eyes, “as though they were looking at me.” Castillo appears sincere in his statements, but is prone to contradictions when he recalls the location of his companion, who never gets to see the alleged humanoids, not even when they were allegedly still on the payload, and Giannoni stopped beside the vehicle driven by Castillo. Further reinforcing our thesis, it should be noted that he did not witness any of the extraordinary phenomena Castillo claims occurred after the abrupt and shocking approach of the UFO. This, then, is significant. Equally suspicious is the sighting of the figures “walking along the road”, taking what has been stated into consideration and its brief duration, barely a second.

The major obstacles: Another event that can cause astonishment takes place after Castillo drove through the hazardous part of the road (straight road, zig-zag and steep slope). He notices with terror that “both parts of the mountain join together as though made of rubber…they join and block the way ahead...” The sensation of being pinned by the mountains reminds of the fear of major obstacles that keep him from moving forward and cause him to join up with his companion once more. This visionary experience is interesting, and it seems obvious to add that the mountains did not move from their places. However, one can be lead to think, with a certain flight of the imagination that this visual illusion could have been brought upon Castillo by the UFO occupants. In such a case, one would have to suppose that the four figures were also illusions caused by…four drums of ink.

The overturned vehicle: We received ample cooperation from Salim Bestene, manager of the Ford dealership in Esquel, who advised us that both pickup trucks were being brought to his dealership from Buenos Aires, with Giannoni and Castillo being responsible for driving them from Trelew to their destination. This information, arising from questioning, are uniquely important, since some strange aspects of the case were still pending explanation, such as the unusual overturning described by Castillo and the alleged invulnerability of the pickup truck after the accident. Dispelling any doubts in this regard, he contradicts all of Castillo’s statements, indicating that the vehicle had significant damage: the cab roof, the entire left side and the front wheels. Since the pickup was swiftly repaired, he provided us with the only photographs resulting from the accident, in which the vehicle shows significant dents on the indicated places. We must note that the investigation performed by the insurance company points out that it was a “common overturn”. While Bestene believes in the existence of UFOs and the likelihood that Giannoni and Castillo truly witnessed one such phenomenon, he believes this to have been “an ordinary accident caused by a sideways movement of the pickup truck on the shoulder when its driver fell asleep at the wheel.” This unequivocal explanation reminds us of the driver’s constant fatigue and sleepiness throughout the long journey.

Bestene also confirms the rumors that Giannoni had not driven for a long time, and how this could have been a factor in causing the accident. However, in one of the interviews we held with Giannoni, he states – to the contrary – that he was driving during the three years he remained in Esquel, having moved shortly after to Buenos Aires to work as a provisioning manager for an airline company. Alfredo Giannoni tried to postpone the interview on several occasions, being somewhat reticent about discussing the matter in depth. He acknowledged that the pickup truck was seriously damaged, remarking on the vivid impression caused by the tumble and referring constantly to Castillo’s description in explaining the characteristics of the overturn (“According to Castillo, my vehicle literally flew through the air at 2 meters over the pavement.”) However, what he found most inexplicable about the event is how he emerged uninjured from the accident, which occurred suddenly and without realizing what had taken place.

Finally, regarding the story that the ink conveyed in twenty-liter tanks was found to be more liquid than usual in subsequent days – which would add a new strangeness factor to the episode – we consulted Oreste Massacese, secretary of the Esquel newspaper’s newsroom, and several operators, who stated that “no change was noted” in the ink with regard to other batches received.

Final Considerations

Ultimately, the fatigue caused by the trip, the pronounced sleepiness and headache, the strong and constant nervous tension to which the men were subjected – Castillo in particular – and the perception of a variety of external stimuli, caused a set of extraordinary visions in a personality seemingly vulnerable to events of this sort, which on this occasion have not been the direct manifestation of an anomalous phenomenon, and perhaps more aptly what someone called “the great fear of the unknown.” Jorge Castillo knows this. At least the peaceful transit of time has allowed him to question the events and reflect: “Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me…”


Zerpa Fabio, Los hombres de negro y los ovnis, Plaza & Janes, E. de Llobregat, Barcelona, España, 1979, pages 113/123.

[1] This article originally appeared in Los Identificados. Casuística ovni con ocupantes en Argentina, N° III, Buenos Aires, July 1993, pages 17-22.

[2] Cuarta Dimensión, Buenos Aires, No. 66 (August 1979), Pgs. 36/42.

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO; The NetCentinell and VISIÓN OVNI http://www.visionovni.com.ar/modules/news/article.php?storyid=883]

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Another fatal storm hits the US

It seems as though wild weather events have rarely been out of the headlines recently. It has been a bleak weekend in some parts of America after yet another fatal storm blasted its way through five US states.

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Man films mysterious light over Canterbury

Sasha Shaker used his iPad to record footage of a strange glowing sphere as it danced across the sky. Sasha and his wife Carly had been returning home...

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Awe inspires belief in the supernatural

Awe-inspiring scenes such as the Grand Canyon have been found to invoke supernatural beliefs. The claim is based on research conducted by a team from ...

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Oldest Mars meteorite found in the Sahara

A rock discovered in the Sahara desert has turned out to be the oldest Martian meteorite ever found. In the not-too-distant future scientists hope to ...

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Mon 25 Nov 2013 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Stoned ghost hunters destroy historic mansion, Hanging Gardens of Babylon found, shark chokes on moose plus cheese made from armpits

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24 nov. 2013

Efforts renewed to clone extinct goat

Spanish scientists are redoubling their efforts to clone the bucardo which died out 13 years ago. The bucardo, an extinct mountain goat that is a sub-...

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Stonehenge source discovered in Wales

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Black widows found in supermarket grapes

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23 nov. 2013

Astronomers observe huge cosmic explosion

A powerful supernova in a distant galaxy has produced the largest gamma ray burst ever detected. Referred to by scientists as "the monster", the enorm...

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Ancient wine cellar discovered in Israel

A large wine collection has been found in the ruins of a cellar dating back more than 3700 years. The ancient collection was unearthed beneath a ruine...

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Dark Memories, Dark Suspicions: Whitley Strieber Remembers the JFK Assassination

Whitley Strieber tells the story of his personal connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and offers some uniquely powerful insights into the meaning of this tragic event, which has had a truly enormous impact on our history. This candid talk is full of surprising information as well as the kind of insight that characterizes Whitley's work.

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El hombre eléctrico de Perew

Con el cambio de centuria, entre el siglo XIX y el XX, apareció una moda que duró poco más de una década que recogía la tradición europea de los autómatas del siglo XVIII. Puede que no fueran tan refinados como los artilugios de salón dieciochesco, pero los “robots” antropomorfos eran lo último en diseño mecánico. Hubo bastantes de estos hombres de metal recorriendo las calles de los Estados Unidos, sobre todo, aunque en Europa también se fabricó alguno.


El autómata de Perew. Caras y Caretas, 8 de diciembre de 1900.

De entre todos los hombres de metal, destaca el gigante construido por Louis Philip Perew, un tipo de lo más ingenioso que dio vida a varios “hombres automáticos” o, también, “hombres eléctricos”, como solía llamarlos. Como digo, el más sobresaliente era un hombretón metálico revestido con una especie de piel de cuero, para que no pareciera artificial, que se vestía al modo de la época y hasta tenía bigote. Con más de dos metros de altura, el cochero eléctrico era capaz, al menos según Perew, de tirar de un carruaje en el que se instalaban cómodamente dos pasajeros. Según se comentaba…

…la primera exhibición del autómata se efectuó en un amplio salón en Tonawanda, en presencia de gran número de personas. El hombre eléctrico anduvo, arrastrando un pequeño coche en el que iba el inventor, con paso firme, ligero y elástico y casi sin hacer ruido. Dos veces dio vuelta al salón, y cuando uno de los presentes preguntó si podría andar mucho tiempo sin descomponerse, él mismo le contestó: “Voy a ir desde Nueva York hasta San Francisco”. La voz salía como de un megáfono dentro de la máquina.1

Vale, era palabra de máquina, solo que había un matiz importante. El artilugio movía las piernas, pero no tiraba del vehículo, como es lógico. Todo era un complejo mecanismo de relojería pensado para que pareciera que el hombre de metal era quien tenía el protagonismo. En realidad, el coche tenía tracción trasera eléctrica, así de sencillo. En la mayor parte de las demostraciones se utilizaba un motor animado por baterías, pero cuando se deseaba recorrer un trecho considerable, se empleaba un pequeño motor de gasolina. Hombres automáticos como el de Perew fueron usados en ferias, campañas comerciales y políticas, llamando mucho la atención de la gente allá por donde pasaban. No se puede decir que caminaran realmente, pero lo importante era que parecía que lo hacían.


Ilustración de una de las patentes de Perew.

Más información:


1 Fuente: Caras y Caretas, 8 de diciembre de 1900.

El hombre eléctrico de Perew apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 23 noviembre 2013.

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22 nov. 2013

Weekender: JFK: 50 Years On Will The Truth Be Revealed?

An eternal flame on the grave of JFK keeps his memory alive

It seems almost irreverent to sully the memory of this fine man by debating yet another conspiracy-style theory, yet 50 years after his death controversy still surrounds the president's murder.

It has been difficult to lay the case to rest when so many questions remain unanswered, and there have been calls to exhume President Kennedy's body in order to finally uncover the truth.

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Psychic Sylvia Browne has died aged 77

World famous psychic and best-selling author Sylvia Browne has passed away. One of the world's best known psychics, Browne made appearances on hundred...

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Who terrorizes the tyrannosaurs ?

A newly discovered dinosaur is believed to have been more than a match for the relatives of T. rex. Known as Siats meekerorum, the 40ft long me...

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Woman shocked as cows fall through ceiling

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¿Se suicidará ISON cuando pase cerca del Sol?

El próximo jueves 28 de noviembre el cometa ISON alcanzará su perihelio, es decir, su máximo acercamiento al Sol. Hasta entonces, astrónomos de todo el mundo están pendientes del objeto para conocer su evolución y si sobrevivirá al calor solar. El Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) ha preparado un operativo que registrará la suerte que pueda correr ISON.

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Strange fireball puzzles Oregon observers.

This object seemed to have come down much more slowly than a meteor, and not to have followed a ballistic trajectory. Whatever it was, it was clearly on fire and in some sort of trouble. There is no record of any aircraft going down in the region.

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21 nov. 2013

Encuentran vivo a recién nacido momentos antes de ser incinerado

"Un bebé que fue declarado muerto por un médico, fue encontrado vivo por un trabajador momentos antes de que su cuerpo fuera cremado en una funeraria en Hefei, la capital de la provincia de Anhui.

El pequeño,nacido apenas siete días antes,presentaba defectos de nacimiento, por lo que fue enviado al Hospital Provincial de Niños de Anhui para ser tratado de emergencia.Se desconoce su condición actual.

La directora del hospital, Jin Yulian dijo que el doctor que confirmó el deceso, ha sido suspendido y una enfermera que envió al bebé a la casa funeraria fue despedida.

Jin dijo que antes de que el bebé fuera declarado muerto, sus padres habían tomado la decisión de que se detuvieran las medidas para salvarle la vida, debido a su condición.

La doctora no especificó cuáles eran los defectos de nacimiento o si sufría de alguna otra enfermedad.

De acuerdo a una fuente anónima, ninguno de los parientes del niño se encontraba presente cuando fue devuelto al hospital el día de ayer por la mañana, justo tres horas después de haber sido envíado a la funeraria.

Según los medios, la casa funeraria había recibido al pequeño, porque el hospital había expedido el certificado de defunción. Pero los trabajadores se encontraron con que el niño se estaba moviendo y haciendo ruidos cuando realizaban una inspección de rutina."

Visto aquí.

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JFK: the Mystery Revisited

Thursday November 21, 2013

Today is the eve of the 50th anniverary of the assassination of JFK.

While we may never know who killed JFK one thing is certain, after all the media coverage of the past few weeks, a lot more people are now motivated to find out who did it than ever before.

“Who killed JFK?” is near the top, if not the top itself, of all the secrets of the US government.

Running neck and neck with the who killed JFK question question of what NASA knows about what’s really on Mars and what happened to our neighboring planet?

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Descubre YouTube con 93 años y se encuentra en un vídeo de guerra de 1942

El excombatiente italiano de 93 años Francesco Brambilla nunca olvidará la primera vez que descubrió YouTube, donde, en su primer tanteo con la web, se encontró en un vídeo anónimo filmado el día previo a la partida de su regimiento al frente ruso en 1942, durante la II Guerra Mundial.

El hijo de Francesco, Fausto Brambilla, fue quien acercó a su padre al buscador cuando quiso que su padre viese cómo, en esa pantalla, "basta escribir un nombre de aquello que quieras buscar y ella te lo encuentra", relata Fausto en una historia que publica el diario italiano Il Corriere della Sera. "Desde que a mi padre le han abandonado las fuerzas y vive confinado en el espacio de su casa, viaja a lo más hondo de sus recuerdos, especialmente a 'aquellos años'. Los años de la guerra, del frente, de la larga reclusión en Rusia", relató. Por ello, ante la sobria pantalla de Google y con la prometida oportunidad de dar con aquello que uno desea, Fausto cuenta cómo su padre se mostró directo con él: "Prueba con Sforzesca, mi regimiento durante la guerra". El resultado más notorio fue un vídeo, de 1942, bajo el título Caserma Passalacqua, unas imágenes rodadas de forma anónima en las que se puede ver, en blanco y negro, a cientos de soldados ataviados para la batalla y saludando a sus familiares. "Papá ese eres tú, exactamente igual a esa foto que me has hecho ver tantísimas veces", relata que comentó Fausto al ver pasar las imágenes (minuto 1.42).

Ver más aquí.

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Pterodáctilos en Brasil. O no.

"¿Hay dinosaurios vivos en los bosques de Brasil? Nadie le culpará si usted dice “no”, pero una nueva imagen ha aparecido en línea, que podría hacerlo cambiar de opinión.

La foto, enviada por una fuente anónima a nuestros amigos en Mulder’s World, parece mostrar una de las criaturas extintas en vuelo sobre un pantano. La fuente afirma haber tomado la imagen con una cámara desechable en 2005, y aunque nunca dice que la criatura de la foto es un dinosaurio, parece bastante claro que esto no es una cigüeña.

¿Es genuina esta imagen? ¿Alterada digitalmente? ¿Sólo una ilusión óptica? Es difícil de saber, sin más detalles, pero esta no sería la primera vez que se han visto pterodáctilos mucho después de su extinción , por lo que esta imagen es aún más intrigante.

Aquí está el correo electrónico completo que se envió a la Mulder’s World Facebook page:

“Mis padres tomaron estas fotos en 2005, durante sus vacaciones en Brasil. La tomaron con una cámara desechable. Vimos este pájaro gigante volar algunos minutos, al principio pensando que era cigüeña. Mi papá me dijo que tendría unos 20 pies de largo de las alas. Tengo algunas ideas de lo que posiblemente es. ¿Me pregunto si usted ha visto o escuchado de cosas algo similar? (...)"

Seguir leyendo en Marcianitos Verdes.

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Una bebé resucita 12 horas después de ser dada por muerta

"De milagro califican los médicos que atendieron el caso lo sucedido en el Hospital San Francisco de Asís de Quibdó, en Colombia. La bebé en cuestión nació prematura, con tan solo 27 semana sde gestación y, tal y como era de prever, presentó problemas respiratorios por la inmadurez pulmonar.

Tras una crisis dejó de respirar fue declarada clínicamente muerta. Sin embargo, 12 horas después los llantos que llegaban desde la morgue llamaron la atención del personal sanitario: la bebé respiraba, se movía y lloraba.

El certificado de defunción se firmó de madrugada, pero cuando los familaires llegaron a retirar el cuerpo, cuenta RCN Radio que se encontraron con la feliz sorpresa de su bebé."

Visto aquí.

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La excepcional laguna luminiscente de Puerto Rico se apaga de repente

"La Laguna Grande, una de las escasas y más brillantes lagunas bioluminiscentes del mundo, lleva una semana "apagada", algo que los lugareños nunca habían visto antes y que pone en peligro este gran atractivo turístico de Puerto Rico.

"Llevamos dieciséis años organizando visitas a la laguna y jamás vimos que se apagara de un día para otro", ha señalado Néstor Martínez, presidente de Island Kayaking Adventures, una de las nueve empresas de kayak y dos de botes que tienen licencia para ofrecer rutas guiadas en el área.

Se trata de uno de los pocos lugares del mundo donde se puede disfrutar del espectáculo de observar cómo en noches oscuras cualquier movimiento en el agua hace que unos microorganismos llamados dinoflagelados emitan luz e iluminen todo lo que tocan, incluso la mano si uno la sumerge en el agua (...)"

Ver en ABC.

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Investigan misterio del dinero flotando en el río Tamesis

"La policía británica está investigando el misterio de las alrededor de US$100.000 en billetes de libras esterlinas que aparecieron flotando en un río en el centro del país.

Los billetes fueron descubiertos por un hombre que paseaba con su perro en los alrededores de la ciudad de Spalding, 170 kilómetros al norte de Londres.

Aunque algunos de los billetes están dañados, muchos están en buenas condiciones.

El dinero está en manos de la policía, que afirma que quien lo reclame tendrá que, además de probar que es el dueño, explicar por qué maneja tanto efectivo."

Visto en BBC.

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Brazil: 2 crop circles appear in same town on same day. Researchers offer a big reward to prove them fake.

Not only did two crop formations appear in the same Brazilian town on the same day, researchers have offered a large cash reward to anybody who can prove them to be fakes. So, all you skeptics, get on the next plane and go for that twenty grand!

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The Growing Presence from Another Dimension

November 22, 2013

Last year, David Weatherly caused a sensation on Dreamland with his tales of the Black-Eyed Childiren. The program remains one of the most popular we have ever produced, and now David's back with groundbreaking research into some of the most perplexing cases of interdimensional beings on record, including the return of the Mothman and much more.

David Weatherly has been investigating paranormal subjects for over 35 years, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, UFOs and hauntings.

David's website is TwoCrowsParanormal. He also writes for Intrepid Magazine.

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Banshees, Grinning Men and Hell

Ancient authors describe what could well be entrances into parallel universes. Not only that, there is much information about how to open and close these portals, which has been lost in time. Whitley Strieber and David Weatherly discuss such portals, and portal areas such as the Superstition Mountains, and how to both call and dismiss beings from other realities. Whitley tells a story of what happened to him when he asked the grays to show him a vision of hell. (Don't expect to forget this. Ever.) They close with a discussion of grinning men and the Provincetown Banshee. Thrilling stuff!

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El detector antártico IceCube confirma la llegada de neutrinos cósmicos

El equipo de IceCube, un detector de partículas enterrado en el hielo de la Antártida, anuncia esta semana en Science el registro de 28 partículas de muy alta energía. La observación constituye la primera evidencia de neutrinos procedentes de lejanos aceleradores cósmicos, más allá de los confines de nuestro sistema solar. La era de la astronomía de los neutrinos acaba de comenzar.

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"Monstruo desconocido" sorprende a pobladores de Camboya (Video)

"Un video llamado "Monstruo desconocido en Camboya" se ha viralizado en Internet y desatado la emoción de los amantes de la criptozoología: estudio de los animales ocultos.

Como se sabe, la criptozoología es un fenómeno cultural que se ocupa de la búsqueda de animales denominados comúnmente criptidos, cuya existencia es improbable.

Son varias las ediciones del video colgado en el canal de YouTube, sin una ubicación clara. También se multiplican relatos y teorías que añaden los usuarios que han reproducido el video.

Varios de ellos hablan de una supuesta criatura encontrada bajo la tierra, de cuerpo alargado y tubular, y que causó asombro y temor en los habitantes de un poblado de Camboya. Otras versiones aluden a un pez gigante atrapado en una aldea.

La versión más creíble es la de una ballena atrapada en la red de pescadores locales y que llevaron hasta su pueblo."

Visto aquí.

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Hallan sorprendente monstruo marino de gran nariz

"Viven en zonas abismales, demasiado profundas para dejarse ver, a más de 3.000 pies, entre 1.000 y 2.000 metros de profundidad.

Es la segunda vez que se pesca esta rara especie en aguas canadienses. Hasta ahora, sólo había sido documentado el encuentro de un animal similar. Sin embargo, los expertos creen que existen muchos ejemplares de este sorprendente animal de extraña y larga nariz.

Se conoce como "quimera de nariz larga", por su forma y protuberante nariz. Los científicos creen que es un pariente lejano de los tiburones y las rayas, cuyo "linaje" se separó hace 400 millones de años. Al igual que los escualos, tiene un esqueleto compuesto de cartílago, según informa el Daily Mail.

Además de un gran hocico, este pez también tiene una espina venenosa en la parte superior de su cuerpo y una larga cola, puede alcanzar hasta los tres metros.

Este ejemplar fue capturado en las frías aguas del estrecho de Hudson, en Canadá. Una rara especie de la que apenas se tienen datos. Ha sido poco estudiada."

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Primer caso de suicidio robótico en Austria

"Según la prensa austríaca, en el país ocurrió el primer caso de suicidio de un robot.

Los periodistas bromean acerca de la imposibilidad de la máquina limpiadora de soportar una rutina monótona. El dueño del iRobot Roomba 760 cuenta que por última vez utilizó el limpiador para quitar migajas de la mesa.

Los dueños cuentan que apagaron el robot y se ocuparon de sus cosas. Mientras tanto, el aparato se encendió solo y llegó hasta las placas de inducción, donde movió una olla del fuego para ocupar su lugar.

La intención de los propietarios es demandar a la compañía que les proporcionó un aparato con tendencias suicidas."

Visto aquí.

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Avistado un saola, el "unicornio" asiático, por primera vez en años

"Una cámara automática oculta en la selva central de Vietnam ha logrado tomar una foto de uno de los mamíferos más raros de la Tierra, el saola (también llamado popularmente unicornio asiático, pese a tener en realidad dos cuernos).

Se trata del primer avistamiento en 15 años de este animal, parecido a un antílope de largos cuernos rectos. La imagen en blanco y negro muestra la parte posterior del animal pero deja ver los cuernos característicos de esta singular especie, endémica de una zona de vegetación muy densa.

La organización conservacionista internacional WWF ha difundido la imagen indicando que fue captada el pasado mes de septiembre. "Es un descubrimiento que quita el aliento y refuerza la confianza en que se pueda recuperar esta especie", ha explicado el director de WWF en Vietnam, Van Ngoc Thinh (...)"

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Ni la muerte pudo separar a una mujer que durmió con cadáver de su marido por 1 año

"Una esposa enamorada, fue más allá de su promesa: "hasta que la muerte nos separe", y durmió junto al cadáver de su marido durante un año entero de "pasión mortal".

Las autoridades belgas encontraron el cuerpo del amado esposo de 79 años de edad, luego que el dueño de la casa donde vivía la pareja se quejó por la falta de pago de la renta, con la que no habían cumplido desde 2012.

El hombre fue identificado como "Marcel H", de la mujer no se ha querido dar mayores datos.

Por su parte, los expertos indican que el cuerpo del hombre pasó por varias etapas de descomposición, mientras que la esposa de 69 años de edad, lo guardaba celosamente en su lecho de amor.

Los órganos internos se pudrieron y licuaron en el mismo proceso. El cadáver ya tenía insectos viviendo ahí y el olor era francamente "insufrible". Finalmente el cuerpo se momificó.

Philippe Boxho, patólogo en el Centro Forense de Lieja, explicó: "Un cuerpo puede momificarse en un ambiente seco y cálido. Se necesita por lo menos de una semana para que el cuerpo humano llegue a este estado".

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Salvan pollo víctima de extraño ritual

"En la ciudad de Homestead encuentran a un pollo herido y descubren que el animalito tenía dentro de su herida una gran sorpresa: una foto dentro, en lo que se cree es un ritual de santería.

[Fotos del "contenido" del pollo via dailymail.co.uk ]

Una buena samaritana encontró al pollo herido, y descubrió, tras llevarlo al veterinario, que dentro de la herida en el buche, el animal tenía la foto de un muchacho junto a dos jovencitas aparentemente menores de edad.

Además de la foto tenía un papel con algunas frases ininteligibles escritas y algodón.

Ahora las autoridades están investigando quién es el autor de este acto de crueldad animal, que como buen sobreviviente ha sido bautizado como Trooper."

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Aclarado el misterio de la estatua egipcia que giraba sola en el museo de Manchester

"Una estatua egipcia con unos 3.800 años de antigüedad tenía «perplejos» a los expertos del museo de Manchester, al norte de Inglaterra. No se explicaban cómo la figura, de unos 25 centímetros, giraba 180 grados en el interior de su vitrina cerrada durante el día.

Propiedad del Museo de Manchester durante los últimos 80 años, la estatuilla egipcia de un hombre llamado NebSenu había permanecido expuesta entre otras muchas momias y sarcófagos que deleitan a diario a cientos de visitantes y apasionados de la historia de Egipto sin despertar especial atención.

Hallada en la tumba de una momia del año 1800 antes de Cristo, la reliquia esculpida en serpentina -una piedra de color verdoso casi tan dura como el mármol- representa una ofrenda al dios egipcio Osiris. Era como médium espiritual del alma de un funcionario del antiguo Egipto llamado NebSenu.

Hace un año fue reubicada en un armario de la planta baja y pronto empezó a rotar sigilosamente. «De repente me di cuenta de que la estatua estaba dada la vuelta. Me pareció muy raro porque se encuentra en una vitrina y yo soy el único que tiene una llave. La puse en su posición original, pero al día siguiente se había movido de nuevo», comenta el egiptólogo y conservador del museo, Campbell Price (...)"

Ver en ABC.

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'Poltergeist' disturbs Luton restaurant table

CCTV footage from Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar in Luton shows chairs and cutlery moving on their own. The peculiar footage, which seems to show objects...

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Space station celebrates its 15th birthday

The International Space Station is now 15 years old and is expected to continue until at least 2028. When the first module of the station went in to s...

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Glowing lake mysteriously goes dark

A lake in Puerto Rico that usually glows green has suddenly gone dark and nobody seems to know why. The enigmatic lake is a popular tourist attraction...

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UFO appeared during Indiana tornado.

This video was taken on November 17 during one of the tornadoes that struck Indiana. The object is not a balloon and makes some movements that may not be aerodynamic, slipping along parallel to the ground at :42 seconds, then accelerating at :52 seconds in a way that suggests an internal power source.

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20 nov. 2013

Ancient History Reveals More Secrets

It seems that the past is still an evolving mystery with many secrets yet to reveal. Just when archaeologists think that they have our ancient history nailed, new discoveries occur which undermine all previously-held theories and leave researchers scratching their heads once more.

A new paper, published in the latest PLoS ONE, reveals amazing details about a collection of stone-tipped spears which were unearthed recently at a Stone Age site in Gademotta, Ethiopia, that could mean re-writing ancient history and the human time-line forever. It is thought that the spears date to 280,000 years ago, predating the earliest known human fossils by an staggering 85,000 years.

read more

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Massive 'alien' squid captured on video

A huge 26ft long magnapinna squid has been filmed by Shell from one of its submersible vehicles. Like a creature from an alien planet or the war machi...

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'Gate to Hell' guardian statues recovered

Two marble statues associated with the recently discovered 'Gate to Hell' cave have been unearthed. The so-called "Gate to Hell", otherwise known as P...

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19 nov. 2013

Argentina: The First UFO Encounter (El Maitén, Chubut – 20 Feb 1949)

Argentina: The First UFO Encounter (El Maitén, Chubut – 20 Feb 1949)

By Dr. Roberto Banchs

The oldest incident available – from the Arnold Era – regarding the landing of a UFO and the presence of its occupants on Argentinean soil, is the one that occurred on 20 February 1949 at El Maitén, a small town near the border with Rio Negro in the northwestern corner of Chubut Province. A location with an arid, mountainous landscape, owing its name to the hispanized indigenous term meaning a tree with its branches hanging down in bunches.

The information was restored to memory by the Clarin newspaper in 1970 (1), using information provided in a letter by Eulogio Pereyra, addressed to a radio station in Buenos Aires (Radio Belgrano), describing the descent and landing of a UFO, which burned the alleged landing site. It also described the emergence of three men of peculiar aspect from the craft.

Radio announcer Carlos Iglesias was responsible for informing the country of the historic event, resulting in challenges from younger journalists and the need to visit the site to confirm the episode. It took a night and a day by train, over twelve hours by jeep, to get there. Journalistic investigation ratified, in part, the information supplied by Pereyra through another witness – Antonio de la Iglesia – who said that a group of local residents were able to see from the rail station (which linked the towns of Ingeniero Jaccobacci and Esquel for freight purposes in more prosperous times) how the UFO descended to some 500 meters, flashing its lights within the town itself, which at the time barely had a police brigade, a guard station, a railroad shed beside the narrow platform and a half-finished house. Some small farms were in the distance.

Against the article appearing in the newspaper, our researcher Ricardo M. Dobelli requested further details (2), managing to nail down the exact date of the event, correcting the old information which set it in 1948. It was also noted that subsequent investigation has managed to establish that Eulogio Pereyra did not live at that location. However, two or three witnesses appear to have confirmed the existence of the alleged landing from stories collected from people living some 20 kilometers distant. Securing further information was impossible, says the article.

Drawn by the interest created by these articles, we visited the area in 1978 – nearly thirty years later – with the goal of learning details on the encounter. Reaching the town was not free from difficulties, as the place had not yet been turned into a tourist attraction by the railway’s presence. Without much hope of finding the witnesses, and even less material evidence of the events discussed, we found out that both E. Pereyra and A. de la Iglesia had died several years earlier. In spite of this, the latter’s relatives were able to confirm the UFO landing.

Continuing with the research into the old case, we found Edmundo C. Sánchez, who was also a UFO witness and a fuel station manager, but who at the time was a member of the Gendermerie. He was able to confirm the sighting of the strange phenomenon that crossed the sky from west to east, touching the ground in the direction of the police post’s location and before the eyes of three or four witnesses. One of them recalls following the UFO in his car.

Sánchez told us that while he was on duty, an overexcited and stunned traveling salesman, saying that at 0445 hours he had been near the outskirts in town, driving in his car, when an unusual object suddenly appeared from which three figures of human appearance emerged, dressed in striking outfits and with flashes of light emerging from the helmets on their heads. The characters were linked to the object by means of wires or cords, and urged the traveler to slow down and stop.

The witness’s identity fell into oblivion, but some fragments of his eyewitness account survived as a defaced reality wearing a halo of legend.


(1) Clarín, Buenos Aires, 13 marzo 1970, p. 52.

(2) Ibíd., 29 March 1970.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and Silvia & Andrea Pérez Simondini (Visión OVNI)]

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