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Nazi gold train could contain 'Amber Room'

The mysterious Nazi gold train in Poland may contain an ornate room stolen from St Petersburg in 1941. By now any doubts about the existence of the tr...
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Scientists invent ice cream that doesn't melt

A team of scientists in Scotland has come up with a new type of ice cream that stays frozen for longer. Anyone who has enjoyed an ice cream cone at th...
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MH-370 Found? Not So Fast--That Flaperon is STILL Unidentified

Despite being available to authorities for over a month, the recovered Boeing 777 flaperon that is assumed to have come from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370's Boeing 777, missing since March 08, 2014, has yet to be definitively linked to the ill-fated flight.

After having been discovered on a beach on Reunion Island, the flaperon -- a control surface on the trailing edge of an airplane's wing -- was transferred to a forensics lab in Toulouse, France, to obtain a positive ID. While it has been positively identified as a Boeing 777 component, and the only known 777 that remains unaccounted for is from flight MH370, authorities have as of yet to definitively link the part to the flight, as the identification plate, of which would bear the part's serial number, is missing.

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Científicos británicos miden la compresión de la luz en una partícula

Un equipo de físicos de la Universidad de Cambridge ha conseguido medir la compresión de la luz en un único fotón gracias al empleo de átomos artificiales. Aunque las bases de este método habían sido propuestas hace más de treinta años, hasta ahora se pensaba que era imposible realizar este experimento. 
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New target selected for distant Pluto probe

NASA's New Horizons probe might have finished with Pluto but its mission is not over by a long shot. New Horizons entered the record books earlier thi...
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Rare nautilus spotted off Papua New Guinea

An extremely rare species of cephalopod has been spotted again for the first time in over three decades. Allonautilus scrobiculatus, an extremely rare...
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'Ghost' appears in window at old office block

An eerie face has been photographed peering out the window of a Birmingham scrap metal business. The image (below), which was taken outside the office...
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One-year Mars isolation simulation has begun

Six people will spend the next year living in a dome in Hawaii to simulate a manned mission to Mars. The first astronauts to go to Mars will be spendi...
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Antikythera divers seek mechanism remains

A new expedition in Greece is hoping to discover more fragments of the mysterious Antikythera mechanism. Generally considered to be one of the most im...
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Buzz Aldrin spearheads plan to colonize Mars

The legendary Apollo 11 astronaut is aiming to see an active human colony on Mars by the year 2039. Having teamed up with the Florida Institute of Tec...
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Bizarre Jonathan Lash Case This Week's Dreamland

Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a 60-year old Los Angeles man, who's home had apparently been stocked with over 1,200 firearms, 14 modified vehicles, seven tons of ammunition, and $230,000 in cash.

While these details might seem a bit odd, there is also the issue that his body was left in his car for two weeks before his fiancée reported his death to authorities. She initially delayed reporting this, since she assumed that his body would be retrieved by the secret government agency that he worked for, as he had told her that he was a human-alien hybrid that was here to help save humanity.

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Mexico: UFOs Reported to the North of Mérida

Source: SIPSE and Planeta UFO
Date: 08.27.2015

Mexico: UFOs Reported to the North of Merida
*Residents of Francisco de Montejo and Cordemex claim having seen UFOs*

By Jorge Moreno/ Milenio Novedades MERIDA – As a result of having published a report last week involving three sightings in the state’s coastal region, I received two phone calls from people in the city of Merida who saw what they believed to be UFOs in the Cordemex and Francisco de Montejo districts, both located to the north. These are the reports from Mr. Mario Cetina Alcántara and Rebeca Martínez Pérez, who do not know each other, but who did see very similar unidentified flying objects with a day’s difference between them.

Mr. Mario lives in the fourth stage of Francisco de Montejo. His home almost borders the northern Periférico (beltway), and he says the following: “Last Friday I went to pick up my son from football practice. It was nearly eight o’clock at night and when we stopped by the main avenue to do some shopping, I don’t know why I suddenly turned to look at the sky. At first I saw what I thought was an airplane, but upon looking closely, I notice that it zig-zagged and that its speed varied, thus dismissing any logical explanation. My son (age 23) also saw it and was startled. In fact, it was he who urged me to contact your column and make it known,” he said.

While he did not furnish any additional details, it is striking that his report is very similar to the one given to us by Mrs. Martinez in a case that occurred on Saturday – that is to say, a day later – and practically at the same time:

“I was hanging out the washing in my back yard. I have the habit of looking at the moon. I’ve always enjoyed seeing it and this time, when I looked at it, I saw a strange object, like a craft making “u” or “z” shaped turns. It speeded up, and then slowed down.” She adds: “I was startled, nearly agape, and since I was home alone I didn’t even had the chance to call my husband or my daughters to see it. I know that perhaps many will consider me deranged, but I’m sure about what I saw. It struck me, as I’ve always heard stories about UFOS and had never seen one. I always said I would believe it when I saw it, and now I finally have,” she concluded.

Moreover, Alejandro Vega and Manuel González, organizers of the “Alerta Ovni” (UFO skywatch) contacted us to say that the fourth installment of this event has already been organized and is scheduled for the month of September, tentatively Saturday the 17th, from 21:00 hours onward. As with previous skywatches, they shall be held simultaneously in several municipalities, mainly in Yucatán, but the presence of [the states] of Campeche and Quintana Roo is also expected. We shall have more information about this event for you next week. It has been held with great success in its three previous installments, with over 200 people participating for each skywatch.

[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO

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Spain: The Mysterious UFOs that Intrigued Robledo de Chavela in the '80s

Source: ABC (Newspaper) Madrid, Spain
Date: 08.26.2015

Spain: The Mysterious UFOs that Intrigued Robledo de Chavela in the '80s

This isn't the first time that Madrid has been described as a setting for UFO sightings. Its mountain range even forms part of the Ruta Extraterrestre Area Norte (Northern Area ET Highway), a sort of map of the municipalities of which seem to be prone to "close encounters of the third kind." In a previous installment we recalled the El Atazar Reservoir as one such site, now we shall do the same with Robledo de Chavela, which collected a number of eyewitness reports in the '80s.

The decade had barely started and three successive cases reached the press. The first case involved "four sparkling lights fluttering over the belfry" of a church before vanishing into the horizon toward the MDSCC (Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex), the satellite tracking station that has made its home in the municipality since 1964. In the second case, a halo of light crossed the community, following the same layout. What made this new report curious is that it was also seen over the Chamartín train station, causing a reaction similar to the one seen over the Gran Vía years earlier.

Shortly after, a sort of egg landed in a wide prairie between Robledo and Valdequemada. An enormous, strange-looking creature emerged from its interior, according to a witness. It proceeded to survey the terrain, unaware that it had been spotted. The veracity of these events is nil, aside from certain eyewitness reports and newspaper clippings. Such cases vanished from the domestic pages of the paper as years went by. The relationship between Robledo de Chavela and NASA, as well as subsequent statements made by the CIA, have given rise to this and other interplanetary episodes.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and the ABC newsroom]

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What color were dinosaur feathers ?

Palaeontologists believe that they have found a way to determine the color of a dinosaur's feathers. The fact that many dinosaur species, especially s...
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The Stephenville Encounters- Video, Documentary

Witnesses recount observing UFOs over Stephenville, Texas, on January 8, 2008.

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Could life spread across space like a virus ?

Astrophysicists are hoping to one day track the spread of life from one star system to another. Scientists have long speculated over what processes mi...
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Boeing unveils new anti-drone laser cannon

The aerospace giant has developed a new weapon system designed specifically to shoot down drones. People flying their drones over places where they sh...
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Linda Moulton Howe Breaks the Jonathan Lash Case!

August 28, 2015
Linda Moulton Howe reports on the bizarre life and death of "Jonathan Lash" who claimed to be an alien-human hybrid and who died in the parking lot of the grocery store Whitley Strieber uses every few days. Lash died in the parking lot of a grocery store in Santa Monica, whereupon his girlfriend took him to a distant location where his body was found by police 12 days later. He was discovered to have $230,00 in cash, thousands of weapons, tons of ammunition and a number of cars, including one that had been modified to travel under water.

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Incredible Official Footage of UFO over Puerto Rico

See video
This extraordinary video was made on April 23, 2013 at 9:20 PM at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. An airborne US Customs and Border Protection Aircraft captured the object on an infrared video camera. It was moving at in excess of 100 MPH in the dark and low to the ground without slowing down or needing to avoid any objects. It is not a bird or any known aircraft. Obviously, not a balloon. The video was taken from a DHC-3 Turboprop reconnaissance aircraft belonging to Homeland Security. The object crossed the Rafael Hernandez airport twice, then submerged in the Atlantic Ocean and re-emerged from it a number of times before disappearing. The airport was closed to normal traffic during the incident.

Your Out There editor's only comment: WOW!

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Child Stalked by UFO

See video
This is an odd and disturbing story. The object does look as if it is something in the sky. The little boy who took the video on his parents' phone claimed that he had been seeing it in the sky for some days. He felt as if it was following him. Whether this means that he would have been abducted or not is unknown, but it is almost unique for a person to find themselves being followed over a period of days like this.

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Possible Major Cancer Breakthrough: Stopping and Reversing Tumor Growth

Medical researchers have discovered what may be the key to controlling the growth of cancer cells, in a process that looks promising in terms of not only halting the growth of tumors, but also in reversing that growth.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Florida have found that cell growth is regulated by genetic structures called microRNA--basically, molecular processors that tell a cell when and when not to reproduce. This miRNA triggers the production of a protein called PLEKHA7, of which tells the cell to cease dividing when division is no longer necessary.

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UFOs to USOs, Documentary

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Francesc Bonet y Emilio de la Cuadra, pioneros del automóvil

Versión reducida del artículo que publiqué en la revista Historia de Iberia Vieja, edición de agosto de 2015.

motor_daimler_1889Los pedidos [de motores Daimler] fueron muy numerosos. Haremos mención de uno en especial por haber sido hecho por un español: Francisco Bonet Dalmau. Este ingenioso y testarudo catalán consiguió que Daimler le vendiera el motor que había llevado de muestra. De regreso a Barcelona construyó un triciclo equipado con unas ruedas de carro a las que recubrió con caucho; la disposición de éstas era la contraria a la forma tradicional, es decir, una rueda trasera que funcionaba como propulsora y dos delanteras, que unidas a un volante rectangular, actuaban a modo de dirección.

Fragmento de un artículo de Francisco Costas,
publicado en el Diario Avisos el 1 de junio de 1980.

Hace tiempo nos visitó cierto artilugio de extraño aspecto que podía considerarse como una locomotora sin raíles. Aquella especie de rugiente máquina de vapor ideada para recorrer caminos, técnicamente un ejemplar de locomóvil, es considerado como el primer vehículo automotor español para carreteras y caminos. Ahora bien, no era un “coche” como ahora lo entendemos. Ciertamente, el locomóvil Castilla, que el intrépido Pedro de Ribera se encargó de armar y manejar, asombró a sus contemporáneos de 1860, pero no dejaba de ser una máquina de vapor muy alejada en cuanto concepto a lo que son los automóviles actuales.

Habría que esperar todavía casi tres décadas para que se viera un auténtico “coche” fabricado en nuestras tierras circulando por calles y carreteras. A partir de ahí, ya sabemos lo que sucedió: el automóvil fue escalando en su ascensión como rey de los medios de transporte modernos. Lo más curioso de aquellos inicios de la era del automóvil en España se encuentra en que el sueño de los pioneros nació en París.

La fascinante “Expo” de 1889

Bien, reconozcamos que las Exposiciones Universales, de décadas recientes no han sido muy lustrosas en cuanto a asombros y deslumbramientos de progreso. Eso quedó muy atrás, hoy si acaso, son más un espectáculo que otra cosas. Realmente, siempre lo fueron, y la fachada es lo que más se recuerda, pero hubo un tiempo en que esas exposiciones eran un verdadero escaparate del futuro, algo que dejaba con la boca abierta a quienes las visitabas. Es más, no se trataba sólo de llamar la atención o de exponer los más importantes logros de la ciencia, la industria y la cultura de cada país, nada de eso, aquello iba mucho más allá. Hay varias exposiciones de ese tipo que han quedado marcadas a fuego en la historia porque, en ellas y sin precedentes, se reunieron genios de talla mundial con industriales y magnates que han dejado huella.

De aquellos encuentros surgió gran parte de la tecnología moderna, algo que apenas es recordado. Ahí está el caso de la Exposición Universal de Chicago de 1893, en la que Nikola Tesla y su socio George Westinghouse mostraron al mundo el futuro de la electrificación con corriente alterna, un futuro del que disfrutamos plenamente en nuestros días. Pero, si miramos un poco más atrás en el tiempo, descubriremos los brillos de una exposición todavía más sorprendente por lo novedoso de lo que allí pudo verse. Se trata de la Exposición Universal de París celebrada en 1889.

Gentes de todo el mundo, deseosas por atisbar algún reflejo del futuro, se reunieron allí. No fueron simples espectadores, muchos de los que allí viajaron se convirtieron más tarde en auténticos ejecutores de maravillas de la técnica que cambiaron el planeta. Entre aquellos que se dejaron deslumbrar por los ecos del nuevo siglo todavía no nacido, se encontraban dos personajes singulares, Francesc Bonet Dalmau y Emilio de la Cuadra Albiol. Allí, en el París que vio nacer entonces a la torre Eiffel, que servía de puerta para acceder a la “Expo”, nació la idea de traer el también naciente automóvil a España.

El acertado instinto de Francesc Bonet Dalmau

Nacido en Valls, Tarragona, en 1840, el ingeniero e industrial Francesc Bonet Dalmau se mostraba como alguien perpetuamente inquieto. La apasionaba la ópera y siempre estaba viajando, aprendiendo algo nuevo e imaginando el futuro. Entre su labor de promotor para nuevas voces de la ópera y la gestión de su fábrica textil barcelonesa, la vida de Francesc iba surcando los años postreros del siglo XIX entre asombros y esperanzas hasta que cierto artilugio se cruzó en su camino.

No fue un viaje más, aquello se trató de algo iluminador. El ingeniero catalán viajó a París, a la Exposición Universal de 1889, la culminación de la técnica de su tiempo, y se quedó prendado de aquellos primeros coches sin caballos alimentados por primitivos motores de explosión. El asombro se convirtió en pasión y, con el tiempo, prácticamente en obsesión. ¡Quería construir uno de aquellos coches! Era algo que nadie había hecho todavía en nuestras tierras, así que pasó a la acción al poco tiempo.

Cuando apenas habían pasado tres meses de su viaje a París, solicitó el registro en la Oficina Española de Patentes, de un artilugio singular. Fue en diciembre de 1889 y ahí nos queda su idea original, en forma de patente concedida en enero del año siguiente, para construir “vehículos de varias ruedas movidas por motores de explosión”. Aquello era un coche, un automóvil, como los de ahora, salvando las distancias, naturalmente. Ahora, debía pasar del papel de aquella patente número 10.313 al mundo real.

Cabe decir que el mundo de la invención no era algo nuevo para el genial Bonet. Ya en 1883 y en 1886 había logrado la concesión de dos patentes. Por un lado aparece la número 3.114 dedicada a mejoras introducidas en telares mecánicos y, por otro, un nuevo tipo de fibra. Sin embargo, sus invenciones surgidas de la “iluminación” que tuvo en París se dedicaron sólo a vehículos a motor de explosión. Junto a la ya mencionada 10.313 para vehículos sobre ruedas, cabe recordar otras tres patentes solicitadas igualmente a finales de 1889. La número 10.314 se dedicaba a la aplicación de motores de explosión en lanchas. Por su parte, la 10.366 estaba destinada a describir un ingenio a motor aplicable a todo tipo de bombas, ya fueran de agua o de otro tipo y, finalmente, la 10.377 iba dirigida a un nuevo tipo de motor de explosión perfeccionado. Aquella pasión le ocupó durante años, como nos muestra su última patente, de 1894, la 15.647 destinada a automóviles perfeccionados con motor de explosión.

Regresemos a 1889, tenemos a Francesc Bonet todavía con la boca abierta soñando con coches a motor pero ya imaginando cómo materializar su sueño. Con la patente y varios motores Daimler recién adquiridos, pasa a iniciar la construcción de su propio vehículo automóvil. En la patente original planteaba un coche con cuatro ruedas, pero debió simplificar un poco por problemas a la hora de aplicar la tecnología del diferencial y alumbró un curioso coche triciclo dotado de dos ruedas delanteras de gran tamaño y una solitaria motriz en la parte posterior. El pequeño motor monocilíndrido Daimler no era muy potente, por lo que aquel vehículo servía para dar paseos ligeros y se asustaba ante cualquier repecho. Sin embargo, era algo tan novedoso, una cosa nunca vista, ¡algo asombroso! Bonet recorría las calles de la Barcelona de 1890 con su coche sin caballos levantando todo tipo de sorprendentes reacciones.

Fue el primer automóvil de España, y muy posiblemente su inventor pensó en establecer toda una industria que siguiera aquella primera experiencia pero, por desgracia, no hubo más “coches Bonet”. Aquel primigenio choche con motor de explosión que circuló por Barcelona fue tomado por máquina diabólica por algunos, que incluso intentaron apedrear a sus ocupantes ante el terror que despertaba en ellos. Poco imaginaban que, en pocos años, aquellas mismas calles iban a dejar de ver los carruajes a caballo desplazados por las nuevas y rugientes invenciones sobre ruedas alimentadas por motores de explosión, un cambio que llega hasta nuestro tiempo.

Automóviles “La Cuadra”, la primera marca de coches española

Puede que Bonet desistiera de seguir con su aventura automovilística, aunque su postrera patente indica que no dejó de pensar en sus sueños mecánicos sobre ruedas, sin embargo, alguien siguió su estela al poco tiempo. Lo más llamativo es que ese alguien viajó también a misma exposición parisina que había despertado en Bonet el deseo por los automóviles movidos con motor de explosión. Fue allí, en París, donde Emilio de la Cuadra Albiol, valenciano nacido en 1859 en Sueca, sintió también que aquellos vehículos eran el futuro. Emilio había sido militar y a finales del siglo XIX había logrado una posición económica elevada gracias a su pericia como ingeniero eléctrico. Suyos eran los proyectos de varias centrales de producción de energía eléctrica. En París, sin embargo, lo que más le llamó la atención no fueron los artilugios afines a su actividad industrial, sino los coches sin caballos.

No pasó mucho tiempo hasta que Emilio de la Cuadra, que había devorado con pasión todo lo que podía acerca de motores, automóviles y carreras realizadas con aquellos artilugios, tomó una decisión de pionero: Creó la primera marca de coches española. Vendió la planta eléctrica que poseía en Lleida y se estableció en Barcelona. Así nació, en 1898, la Compañía General Española de Coches Automóviles E. de la Cuadra, larga denominación que se quedaba comercialmente en “Automóviles La Cuadra”.

Ah pero, había un problema. Emilio era un genio de la electricidad y, claro está, tenía más querencia por las baterías y los motores eléctricos que por los motores de explosión. Además, el concepto de automóvil movido por motor de explosión había sido patentado ya por Bonet, cosa que le podía traer algún lío de no llegar a algún acuerdo con el industrial textil amante de la ópera. Los primeros coches de marca La Cuadra fueron un pequeño automóvil, un camión y un ómnibus. Todos eran eléctricos, pero no iban muy lejos por problemas de autonomía de sus baterías. El problema tuvo como solución uno de los primeros coches “híbridos” de la historia, pues a los vehículos eléctricos se les unía un motor de explosión que servía para alimentar un grupo electrógeno que, a su vez, iba almacenando energía en las baterías.

La tarea de los ingenieros y técnicos de La Cuadra no era sencilla, pero hacia 1899 había que pasar ya de los vehículos de prueba a algo comercial, de lo contrario aquella aventura no iba a terminar nada bien. Al año siguiente se presentó su flamante ómnibus eléctrico, que fue anunciado como algo sorprendente… y no defraudó. Ante la prensa, el vehículo apenas recorrió unos metros hasta clavarse en la calle. Ninguno de los esfuerzos de los técnicos pudo hacer que el gigante eléctrico se moviera, convirtiendo la presentación en un fiasco completo. El fracaso hizo que dejaran de lado los vehículos eléctricos y pasaran, ya sin miedo, a utilizar motores de explosión. De todos modos era una tecnología muy novedoso, llena de retos y complejidad, además de muy cara. Fueron escollos diversos, que muy bien pudieron haber hecho que anteriormente Bonet desistiera de su idea de crear una marca de automóviles. La Cuadra terminó fabricando algunos ejemplos muy escasos de automóviles antes de caer presa de sus acreedores pero, a pesar de su efímera existencia, sirvió de semilla que alimentó nuevas empresas automovilísticas españolas, como la célebre Hispano-Suiza. Mientras tanto, Emilio de la Cuadra regresó al ejército, olvidando nuevas aventuras empresariales, llevando una exitosa y larga carrera.


En cabecera: triciclo Bonet y motor Daimler de 1889.

Francesc Bonet y Emilio de la Cuadra, pioneros del automóvil apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 28 agosto 2015.

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NASA debunks September asteroid predictions

The space agency remains adament that there are no apocalyptic asteroids due to hit us next month. The Internet has been awash over the last week or s...
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3D-printed bionic hand wins Dyson prize

A new, inexpensive 3D-printed bionic hand could be the key to making prosthetic limbs affordable to all. The UK-based Open Bionics initiative has made...
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Discovery made in hunt for Nazi gold train

Officials have hinted at a 'significant find' in the hunt for the lost Nazi gold train in Poland The excitement surrounding the alleged discovery of t...
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Gigantinc Ancient Monolith Discovered off Sicily--10,000 Years Old AT LEAST

A 130-foot stone monolith has been discovered in the sea off of the Italian coast, that researchers say is at least 9,500 years old. The find was made during a high-resolution mapping survey of the seafloor off the coast of Sicily. The stone is in 40m (131 feet) of water, at a spot 60km (37 miles) south of the Italian island.

The regularly-shaped stone is 12m (39 feet) long and is estimated to weigh 15 tons. It has three 24-inch holes, two in it's sides, and a third one at one end that passes completely through from one side to the other. While the monolith's original function remains a mystery, one guess made by the researchers is that it may have been used as a lighthouse, with the hole in the end holding a torch as a beacon.

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"You Have Everything Because You're Alive"

Thursday August 27, 2015
"Claire" has never shared her high strangeness experiences with anyone until now. She does not wish to belong to the experiencer club, so to speak. But does she have a choice? This is one of those riveting, and at times gut-socking, discussions that begins with a dead girl telling her what we all need to hear. Sometimes the secret to existence is elegant even if the delivery system is complicated!

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NASA claims sea level rise is 'inevitable'

Scientists have warned that sea levels are going to rise by at least 3ft by the end of the century. Despite concerted international efforts to curb th...
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26 ago 2015

Greek tomb remains a mystery one year on

Efforts to uncover the secrets of the tomb linked to Alexander the Great in Greece have come to a halt. Only last year the ancient tomb unearthed near...
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Dawn snaps closeup of 'pyramid' on Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft has managed to take a closer look at the anomaly that it spotted earlier this year. Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt...
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New European Probe to Hunt for Life on Jupiter's Moons

In recent years, space probes have found hints that various celestial bodies in our solar system have conditions where life could develop, but as of yet, no direct evidence has been uncovered by these missions. The European Space Agency has announced plans to send a new space probe to Jupiter, in an effort to determine whether there is indeed life there or not.

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Zoo seeks challenges for intelligent octopus

An octopus named Ursula has been impressing zoo keepers with her uncanny puzzle-solving abilities. The eight-legged cephalopod, which has long exhibit...
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25 ago 2015

Hawking: there is a way out of a black hole

Professor Stephen Hawking has proposed that there is actually a way for something to escape a black hole. It has long been accepted that anything that...
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UMMO: The Boys are Back in Town

"Guess who just got back today..."

Veteran researcher Ignacio Darnaude Rojas - a key figure in Spanish UFO research and particularly in the "UMMO Mythos" that became a ufological centerpoint on both sides of the Atlantic - has shared with us a postcard sent to him by a visitor from the planet UMMO operating on Earth. It is no less than DEI-99, son of DEI-98, one of the more prominent authors of the celebrated UMMO letters sent out in the 1960s and 1970s to a select group of scientists and researchers all over the globe.

The inexorable passage of time - and the confessions of Jose Luis Jordán Peña - eventually revealed that there was less to the admirable society orbiting the star Wolf-424 than was supposed. But many still believe that kindly, blonde-haired Ummites are looking over us, using the world's postal systems to reveal transcendent information to Earthlings. This postcard, with the trademark thumbprint and trident, proves that UMMO is still going strong as we enter the 21st century.

The postcard read as follows:

No. of COPIES 7

Greetings, carbon-based biped!
My father DEI-98, deceased, recommended that I should visit the prestigious universities of this country. I am taking this opportunity to tell you
something transcendent.
Following some changes on UMMO and its politics, now that isodynamic conditions have allowed us to return to your solidified celestial body, we have
authorization to act in a different manner.
Remain alert.


[For more information on UMMO, please visit "UMMO: Harmless Prank or Hoax of the Century?" at http://ift.tt/1fEb3KE]
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Hiker snaps 'ghost' in Australian outback

A hiker has captured the image of a strange figure while out walking near a Toowoomba water hole. Brokc David had been out walking in the Australian ...
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As the Arctic Warms, Polar Bears become 'Pizzly' Bears

While the effects of climate change have been felt in different ways around the globe, the polar regions have been subject to outright changes to their respective topographies, as ice acts as a major feature of their landscapes. Scientists are concerned about the impact of these changes on Arctic wildlife, particularly ones that have adapted to depend on ice formations for survival, such as the polar bear.

One effect of the southward push of the habitat of the polar bear is that they are cross-breeding with grizzly bears, producing a hybrid called "pizzly bears". While encounters with the hybrid pizzly have been documented in the past, there are increasing reports of sightings of these odd ursids.

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Mexico: Brilliant Spheres Over Yucatan

Source: SIPSE and Planeta UFO
Date: August 21, 2015

Mexico: Brilliant Spheres Over Yucatan

By Jorge Moreno/SIPSE - MERIDA, YUC - During the past week I received three reports of UFO sightings in the port towns of Telchac, Santa Clara and Chicxulub. Given the proximity between these three communities, all seems to indicate that the same unidentified flying object is involved.
Manuel Suaste says that he leased a vacation house in Telchach to spend the holidays with his family, when he suddenly heard the cries of astonishment of his nephews. "I thought they were only fooling around, but they were calling us to come and see a sort of spacecraft. The time was around seven in the evening, it was still light, and we could see it. In an instant, it took off vertically at a very powerful, supersonic speed," he explained.

This happened on Friday, August 14. He adds: "I was left holding my camera, since when I was about to take a photo, the UFO was already gone. In truth, it wasn't an airplane or a bird or anything that has a common explanation, much less given the fact that it shot away upward."

Moreover, Eloisa Valdez points out that she was on the road to Santa Clara in the company of her boyfriend and her sister-in-law when they suddenly saw what they believe was a spacecraft: "We left Dzidzantún heading for Santa Clara on Saturday, August 15, and suddenly, just as we were reaching the town, an object flew past at low altitude and crossed the road. Then it began to zig-zag. My sister-in-law said that it might be a drone, but I don't think so, because it began rising very high until it vanished into the heavens, and I know that these objects [drones] do not fly so high."

Finally, former municipal policeman Arturo Vaca informed me that he was on business at the port of Chicxulub on Wednesday, August 12 when he suddenly saw a sort of glowing sphere, but at low altitude. "Just as I became aware of it, it had already risen vertically in a 90 degree angle until it vanished in the sky. I do believe it was a spacecraft. I saw this right on the beach near the Casa de Cultura, that is to say, in the downtown area itself."

It should be noted that sightings also occurred in the area last year. Alexis Uicab, a correspondent for De Peso [newspaper] in Dzidzantún, reported a case involving a couple of youths who photographed and filmed an alleged spherical UFO in that municipality. This was in early January. They said that it flew at low altitude, coming from the northeast and heading southeast. They were in their father's ranch and while trying to saw off a tree branch, noticed a circular, glowing object plowing the skies. They decided to record and photograph it with their [Samsung] Galaxy cellphone.

While no conclusions can be reached from analyzing these photos, it is remarkable to learn of other similar reports in nearby municipalities like Temax and Cansahcab.

In Temax, the authorities interviewed prefer to remain anonymous. They state that several isolated UFO reports occurred over the past year, but not conclusive proof or photos, and no measures were taken, as this was only considered idle talk among the population.

The exception was the 29th and 30th of December, when the presence of circular spheres in the skies caused a certain amount of concern. It gave many people something to talk about, and they were seen by at least four, but no photos or videos were taken.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]

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Boy trips in museum, damages $1.5M painting

A 12-year-old from Taiwan ended up putting his hand through a priceless Paolo Porpora painting. The cringe-worthy incident, which wouldn't have looked...
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24 ago 2015

Rover discovers huge water deposit on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has discovered a large amount of water beneath Buckskin Rock in the Marias Pass. Despite appearances the barren, desolate sands...
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UFO spotter gets targeted by 'Men in Black'

Father-of-two Liam Freaney received unexpected visits after witnessing a number of UFOs near his home. Freaney, who was a builder by trade, had little...
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Aclarado el misterio de las ‘fuentes de fuego’ lunares

Hace años que se buscaba al gas responsable de las explosiones de lava que, en el pasado, se produjeron en la Luna, y que dejaron su huella en el vidrio volcánico que aparece en su superficie. Tras analizar las 'burbujas' del interior de las rocas lunares recogidas por las misiones Apolo, parece que el monóxido de carbono es el gas responsable del fenómeno, muy parecido a las ‘fuentes de fuego’ de los volcanes hawaianos.
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New species of monkey discovered in Peru

A new species of titi monkey has been found along the remote Urubamba river in Amazonian Peru. The largest group of monkeys in South America, titi mon...
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23 ago 2015

Huge red ball breaks loose on Ohio streets

A massive red ball that was part of an art installation was catapulted down a street due to strong winds. The bizarre spectacle was caught on film by ...
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New 'Bigfoot' video recorded at Bluff Creek

Footage has emerged showing a dark figure crouching down next to a stream in a secluded forest. Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River located ...
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19-year-old is a real-life sleeping beauty

Georgia Green from Adelaide suffers from a rare condition that sees her fall asleep for weeks at a time. The incurable and untreatable condition, whic...
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A Message from Anne Strieber: Joy to You!

My wife Anne left this level of being two weeks ago. In that short time, there have been so many manifestations of her continued presence and involvement with others in this world that I thought I would write a bit about what has happened.

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22 ago 2015

Magnetic wormhole created in a laboratory

Scientists have managed to create a device that can transmit a magnetic field from one place to another. A science fiction staple, wormholes are most ...
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UK to host international werewolf conference

Lycanthropy experts from around the world will descend on the University of Hertfordshire next month. The unique three-day event could have easily bee...
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Unknowncountry Climate Watch Update Predicts Major Changes

Unknowncountry's Climate Watch is predicting a wet winter in 2015-2016 for the Northern Hemisphere, with warmer temperatures and significant snowfall above the 39th Parallel. Below that parallel, flooding is probable in the US and Mexico as a strong el Nino moves eastward and northward. Assuming that trade winds decline normally, flooding will also extend across the drought-stricken US west coast. Drought conditions will intensify in South and Central America, however, and a hot Austral summer is likely. If the trade winds remain strong, the drought will continue in the western US, and el Nino will affect the central and eastern portions of the continental land mass more strongly.

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Do plants move in relation to the moon ?

One British researcher believes that the movement of plants may be partially influenced by the moon. The effect that the moon's gravity has on the Ear...
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21 ago 2015

Cherry Creek UFO still intrigues 50 years on

A spate of peculiar sightings occurred near Cherry Creek in Chautauqua County over 50 years ago. At around 8:20pm on the evening of August 19th 1965, ...
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Is the Universe a Fake?

In increasing numbers, more and more scientists are beginning to question whether or not we are living in a simulated reality, and in turn, are discovering new rationale that suggests that we indeed are.

In a recent episode of "Closer To Truth", show host Robert Lawrence Kuhn discussed the question with a number of scientists that are well versed on the subject, and each of them see indications that we may very well be living in a constructed reality, simulated in a computer.

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Yeti expedition canceled over Taliban fears

An expedition hoping to determine the truth about the Yeti has had to be canceled due to safety fears. The trip, which would have seen Italian mountai...
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Oldest known message in a bottle washes up

A message in a bottle dating back more than a century has been discovered on a beach in Germany. The bottle, which is believed to date back 108 years,...
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20 ago 2015

Amur leopards are now making a comeback

The world's most endangered species of cat has seen a significant population increase in recent years. While estimates had previously suggested that t...
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Siberian leopards are now making a comeback

The world's most endangered species of cat has seen a significant population increase in recent years. While estimates had previously suggested that t...
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Dos experimentos se adentran en el lado oscuro del universo

Esta semana dos grupos de investigación presentan nuevos avances para identificar los misteriosos componentes de la energía y materia oscuras que, en conjunto, constituyen el 95% de nuestro universo. Un equipo ha usado un interferómetro atómico para acotar la búsqueda de camaleones, partículas hipotéticas capaces de cambiar su masa según el entorno. El otro se ha centrado en la búsqueda de las WIMP, partículas masivas de interacción débil, con la ayuda de un gran tanque de xenón líquido.
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July Hottest Month Recorded Since 1880, Possibly Hottest Since Bronze Age

July was the 365th consecutive month of above average temperatures on planet Earth, and the hottest month since record keeping began in 1880. According to paleoclimatologists, it may have been the hottest month since the Bronze Age 4,000 years ago. The reason for the extraordinary and rapid heating that is taking place worldwide is that the oceans are no longer absorbing heat and are instead themselves warming to record levels. In addition, substantial increases in methane emissions across the arctic are contributing to record arctic heating and reducing atmospheric circulation, especially in the northern hemisphere.

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'Ghost' throws pint glasses off pub shelves

An unseen force has been caught hurling glassware off the shelves in newly released CCTV footage. It seems that these days just about every pub in Eng...
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Mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile solved

Researchers have identified a subtle optical illusion responsible for the painting's enigmatic smile. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is perhaps the mos...
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Poems from a Life

These are small poems about the intimate life that Anne and I shared together. Each one is about a specific, tiny moment in our love affair, but each one captures the essence of many, many others like it. We were a very happy couple.

Because this file is so short, there is no low-bandwidth version. The same file has also been placed in Whitley's Room. It can be streamed from here.

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Poems from a Life

These are poems from the life and love that Anne and I shared together. I very, very rarely read my poems and have never published them, but I want to read them now.

As the file is only 10 minutes long, there is no low-bandwidth version.

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Very Old Fossil of Appears Like Modern Human Finger Bone

Yet another fossil discovery may push the origins of humankind back further than what was previously accepted. Paleoanthropologists have unearthed what may be the oldest-known fossil of a human-like hand. The fossilized left-hand pinky bone, excavated at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, has been dated to be at least 1.84 million years old.

This fossil also has the distinction of appearing more like the bone of a modern human, as opposed to those of finger bones belonging to other contemporary hominids found in previous excavations, such as Homo habilis and Paranthropus boisei. Homo habilis was about three feet tall, so this finger bone, which is the size of a modern human's, suggests that it must have belonged to an individual closer to five feet or more.

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Prophecies for the Last Blood Moon

August 19, 2015
John Hogue has gone deeply into Hopi prophecy in his new book, and here he tells us some of the startling discoveries he has made, with special reference to the last blood moon of this era, which rises on September 28, a date when Christian fundamentalists, astrologers and many others are predicting great changes. But what does it all REALLY mean? Find out what John thinks in this terrific interview. And then go beyond and deeper with John, into rarely discussed Tibetan prophecies from 700 AD, and their chilling connection to the present era.

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Jack Brewer: From UFO Witness To Investigator

Wednesday August 19, 2015
When Jack Brewer was a child he had a UFO sighting that forever altered his perspective. Now, as an adult, he reports on the perspective-shapers within ufology. But here on The Experience, he also shares with us what, if not science, it may take to seriously engage UFOs and high strangeness phenomena.

To read Jack's excellent UFO Trail blog, click here.

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19 ago 2015

Lost Nazi gold train discovered in Poland ?

Two people in Poland claim to have found a long-lost train carrying a cargo of gold, gems and weapons. The train, which was said to be laden with hund...
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Adjuntas: A Mystery Lost in the Mountains

Adjuntas: A Mystery Lost in the Mountains
By Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Forty years ago, bringing up the subject of UFOs in Puerto Rico would elicit two responses as to where the phenomenon could best be seen. One was at the Caribbean National Rainforest – better known as the enigmatic, jungle-draped peak of El Yunque – and the other was a far-less known one outside the island itself: the municipality of Adjuntas, nestled in the island’s central mountain range.
The Caribbean island’s coffee-growing region, high in the Cordillera Central, is far cooler than the Atlantic or Caribbean shores: temperatures in the low sixties are common, with 40 degree minimums recorded in 1980 and 2012. Rich in vegetation, the municipality would acquire a reputation as a UFO hotspot – a characteristic that endures to this day.

The UFO presence in the center of the island, however, went much farther back that the 1970s. During the wave of sightings that precipitated itself over Puerto Rico in the 1950s, reports from the neighboring town of Jayuya described the presence of “a flying saucer of considerable size over” the community on October 9, 1952 at 7:30 pm. The light projected by the incredible object as it hovered over a sugar refinery was such that local schoolteacher Aida Reyes – hoping for a better look – had to close her eyes at one point, saying that the brightness was comparable to that of looking at the sun through closed eyelids. She would later go on to say that the object’s apparent size was larger than “a barrel lid” and oval shaped, moving silently across the skies.

Activity over Adjuntas proper began – according to journalistic sources – in October 1972 as part of the island’s nearly constant wave of paranormal activity, which was not to be replicated until the 1987-1995 flap. Local newspaper El Nuevo Día mentioned the presence of unidentified flying objects whose manifestations had caused a commotion in Adjuntas and caused concern among the population. Police sources told reporters that the object was orange-yellow, would appear in the night skies and then vanish, only to appear again. It also followed a regular schedule, manifesting between seven and ten o’clock in the evening. The more skeptical – and now defunct - San Juan Star sided with the opinions of the local weather service, which dismissed the sightings as a weather balloon launched from Isla Verde International Airport every night at 7 pm. The prevailing winds, according to the Weather Service, could have probably taken the balloon to the vicinity of Adjuntas, some fifty miles distant.

Luis Maldonado Trinidad, a police commander for the island’s southern area (and who would become a notorious police commissioner in the future), supposedly forwarded a report to his superiors, ascertaining that police personnel had in fact seen these unusual objects. His report describes them as “balloon-shaped yellow lights travelling at considerable speed while remaining noiseless, giving off a luminosity that lasts between fifty and sixty seconds. They travel from one side to another and vanish into the mountains.”

Sebastián Robiou’s Manifiesto OVNI gives us a more specific case from these saucer-ridden times. Around nine o’clock in the evening on October 10, 1972, Milton Kleber and his nephew were driving along one of the narrow roads to the north of Adjuntas on their way to Dos Bocas, a lake created in the 1940s as part of the island’s hydroelectric network. As they drove, uncle and nephew saw an object, “rounded and flattened like an oyster” following a trajectory parallel to their vehicle. “To the left of the highway we saw the dark silhouette of a mountain against a sky filled with low, black nimbus-stratus clouds. Between the mountain and the highway, at an elevation of nearly a thousand feet, at a 60-degree angle with my car, we then saw the outline of an object moving in the sky along the horizon, at a speed equal to that of the car and matching it. It was pale orange, not shiny, but rather a matte color.”

The experience does not end there. The passengers continued to observe the object and Kleber ultimately decided to pull over. “The time was now past nine o’clock in the evening. We were at kilometer marker 5.6 between two houses facing each other. The object also halted in the sky, keeping ahead of us but always to the left. Its orange light had turned bluish-green like that of a mercury lamppost. It then moved to our eleven o’clock position as the pale orange hue returned. It kept moving until it placed itself in front of us at a considerable distance.”

It was then that Kleber decided to flash its headlights at the unknown object, which proceeded to disappear and reappear four times in succession. “What impressed us the most was not that it had responded to our signals, but the way in which it did so. It seemed to slowly absorb all of its own light until it became invisible, and then issue it gradually until it regained its former luminosity. Something like pulses of light in slow motion.”

The travelers resumed their journey, reaching the town of Utuado, where they learned that police officers had been called out to investigate a series of phone calls from local residents, reporting the presence of a strange things flying around in the heavens.

The Importance of October

On October 12, 1972 another island newspaper, El Mundo, published photos allegedly taken in the Adjuntas, linking these images to the story of a teenage contactee in the city of Ponce who had entered into “telepathic communication” with otherworldly beings. On the next day, the newspaper ran a communiqué from the Arecibo Atmospheric Observatory, stating that the flying objects seen over Adjuntas and Ponce were little more than “gases emitted by the observatory into the atmosphere to clear the atmosphere when it is overloaded.” One would think that the observatory’s press officer delighted in posting such releases: in the 1990s, UFO sightings in the same area were explained away as “the observatory engaging in the de-orbiting of satellites.”

But no amount of explaining away could allay local fears and excitement. Rigoberto Ramos, the mayor of Adjuntas, told the press plainly: “Had I not seen these things with my own eyes, I would have never believed in flying saucers.” The politician had been driving to San Juan at night with his entourage when he was bemused by the sight of three discs resembling the full moon, varying in intensity as they crossed the heavens, vanishing behind the mountains. “There was no doubt in my mind,” Ramos continued, “that I was witnessing something I had never seen in my life.”

This affirmation of belief by the elected official caused all eyes to turn toward Adjuntas, and for thousands of curiosity seekers to jump into their cars and visit the mountain-girt community. Newspapers now devoted entire features to the sightings. A local factory worker declared that he too had seen the objects, describing them as oval-shaped, orange and silver colored, noiseless and flying from east to west, losing themselves amid the jagged mountains. An agricultural worker would describe the objects as looking like the sun, travelling at average speed before vanishing. A college student claimed having seen a “coffin-shaped” flying object from his grandmother’s country home, flying at considerably altitude.

Researchers Noel Rigau and Sebastián Robiou visited the community during this critical period of the three-week long flap and managed to speak to dozens of witnesses, even securing an interview with Mayor Ramos, who in turn provided them with a list of reputable persons who had seen objects in the sky, ranging from the town priest to the school principal, including an array of students, merchants and farmers. Among them was Nino González, who reported an interesting CE-2: his television set and all of the electric appliances in his home went dark as a “flying saucer” flew overhead. Another local resident, William Serrano, would also claim seeing a light as he walked toward his house one evening, noticing how the lights within the structure browned-out as the strange light grew closer. When the light appeared to “head straight toward him”, Serrano jumped into a nearby pile of brushwood to avoid it. Renowned ufologist Stanton Friedman apparently visited the area without obtaining any satisfactory evidence, following a presentation at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras.

The 1972 Adjuntas flap petered out toward the end of October, as the island was gripped by another kind of fever – political campaigning – and turned out in droves in November to elect Luis A. Ferré to the governor’s office.

A refractory period of UFO activity would ensue for nearly eleven months, followed by some of the most startling cases ever recorded in Puerto Rico during the worldwide “year of the humanoids”, of which we have written elsewhere.

In writing about the Adjuntas flap of 1972, the late Gordon Creighton of Flying Saucer Review (FSR CH 1973 No. 17) had the following to say:

"The number of people in the Adjuntas area who claim to have seen UFOs is remarkable. There, as all over the island, newspaper offices and TV stations and police stations were inundated with phone calls. [...] The crowds flocking to Adjuntas have caused the bars and amusement centers to flourish and everywhere great excitement has prevailed. Puerto Rico's last UFO wave (1968) was also over the central, southern and western areas. An interesting point that has emerged is that these rural areas of Puerto Rico, which appear to have been under inspection, are on, or close to, zones of high natural radioactivity in the soil, as has been confirmed by consultation of the U.S. Geological Survey's Map, National Gamma Aeroradioactivity of Puerto Rico. In all cases, the UFOs allegedly seen at close quarters are less than 16 ft. in diameter. An unusual, striking feature is that so many have been seen in close vicinity of reservoirs, dams, electric plants, high-voltage power lines and radio installations.”

Sightings in the 1990s

In the tenth month of the year 1990, UFO activity returned to the mountains of central Puerto Rico, following the renewal of activity in Cabo Rojo (on the island’s southwestern corner) in the late ‘80s. Residents of Adjuntas and Utuado began contacting newsrooms much in the same way they had done in 1972, reporting unusual craft settling on the surrounding mountains. One particular claim described a large, spherical object that disgorged smaller ones, all of which vanished in a westward direction.

Julio Víctor Ramírez, staff writer for the El Vocero newspaper, featured the story of watchman Heriberto Acosta in his column on UFOs. The watchman, a resident of Lajas, to south of Adjuntas and the mountain range, reported seeing a strange craft whose lower section was fully illuminated, and had the general configuration of “a turtle’s shell”. From his post at the Lajas municipal dump (we would do well to remember at this point the UFO phenomenon’s affinity for such places), the watchman gazed incredulously at the huge object from a wooden bench on the ground.
“I looked to the sky and saw this thing above me, some sixty feet above, and I got scared. There was nothing I could do; I couldn’t take off running,” he explained, adding that the unknown vehicle remained static for an unspecified period of time before suddenly ascending. “That thing looked like a giant turtle, and I saw that it looked whitish underneath, but it had no lights. Still, it cast light as though it were daytime.”

Those citizens of Adjuntas who remembered the madness of the early ‘70s were not exactly pleased to witness a resurgence of the phenomenon, especially when it seemed to bring with it other anomalies like the “snowfall” which turned out to be a spectacular hailstorm that dropped ½ inch stones on the population for half an hour. But not even the atmospheric phenomena could keep the curiosity-seekers away, who clustered by the dozens, becoming witnesses to the strange objects that made free with the area’s airspace. It was interesting that both spectators and unknown lights should be drawn to this spot: the location of the test pits for potential mining operations in central Puerto Rico, known to contain considerable quantities of copper and to a lesser extent, gold. It has been speculated that this mineral wealth has attracted non-human interest as well, or that it serves as a beacon for anomalous activity.
Elderly residents of Adjuntas’ Barrio Pellejas alleged that bizarre vehicles and even stranger-looking “people” could occasionally be seen in the region containing the copper mines. In an interview, Mrs. Rafaela Hernández indicated: “My father would tell us that there was something strange there, a great mystery. That those people supposedly from another world had a base there, and that late at night, saucers would land and a great glow could be seen down there.”

A Thrilling Skywatch

Recordings provided to INEXPLICATA by Willie Durand Urbina of the Puerto Rican Research Group (PRRG) attest to the excitement of the skywatches during the 1990-91 flaps. An unidentified UFO enthusiast can be heard saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, now we are seeing another object! Two minutes after an airliner fly-by, we are now watching a triangular object, heading out of Utuado, stopping over Pellejas, on its way to [the district of] Juan González. It is currently over Juan González. This is incredible. How is it that so many objects are being seen in the area? It isn’t an airplane. It flies very slowly, and it’s about to fly past the antennas [TV masts] that can be seen from here. This object is heading toward Jayuya. What we do not know is why they wait for airliners to go by before they come out.”

The unidentified male voice asks a female companion: “Machi, what is it you’re seeing?”

“Well, right now it looks round, through these binoculars,” she replies, “and curtailing its speed.”

In the following seconds of audiotape, a hurried description is offered as to how an airplane – not a commercial airliner – appears to be engaged in reconnoitering the unidentified object, which pulls away. “The UFO is above the plane, flashing its lights. The plane is trying to find it.” A confusion of voices ensues, with another man saying that the unknown quantity “is heading off toward Cerro Maravilla”, Puerto Rico’s fourth highest peak (3,500 ft.). A sighting captured forever in time.

A Letter to the President

In October 1991, residents of the Jardines de Adjuntas urbanization began reporting UFOs flying over their community toward Barrio Guilarte. Noel González, a respected local civic leader, reported seeing a strange object of impressive proportions. The object projected a white beam of light and moved slowly and noiselessly.

At the height of the flap, it was said that some of the enormous steel plates employed to cover some of the copper test pits dug by Kennecott during decades past had been torn asunder by an unknown force, possibly beams emanating from UFOs. Photo and video evidence alleging the destruction of the enormous steel plates covering the test pits was circulated around this time. The Adjuntas events reached such intensify that Rigoberto Ramos, the town’s mayor, felt the need to contact President George W. Bush to apprise him of the situation:

“Adjuntas is a little town in the Central Range of Puerto Rico, and at this moment, we are very intrigued by some unusual events that are affecting our daily lives. Some years ago, we noticed the presence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) in our skies. At first, we did not give great importance to this matter, but lately these things have appeared again and our citizens are distressed over this. Many, many persons have witnessed the presence of these objects in our surrounding space (evidence of these apparitions is included). Our purpose in writing you is to ask for your help to clarify what is really happening by ordering an investigation so that the people in our community can keep calm.”

Functionaries attached to the Adjuntas town hall did not say whether the White House had replied to the mayor’s missive.

[A political side note: The Hon. Rigoberto Ramos Aquino was reelected to the mayor’s office in 1976, having lost to his opponent in the 1972 elections. Undaunted, he ran again in 1976, winning another four-year term, losing the reelection during the 1980 campaign. He threw his hat into the race again in 1989, winning a third term until 1996. He died in May 2015, mourned by the leadership of the island’s New Progressive Party.]

In November 1992, journalist Julio Victor Ramirez reported on a fascinating – and frightening – incident in the mountain community: uncommonly large luminous objects were reportedly descending on a hill known as El Gigante in the precise sector of the municipality where the mining test pits were located. The witnesses to the event included members of the local police department, who would subsequently retell the experience to radio personality Edwin Plaza: “That thing had a set of lights beneath it, and a white ray of light issued from its bottom, lighting up the hill.” Despite its tremendous size, the vehicle made no sound whatsoever.

According to the law enforcement agents, the massive luminous object had appeared in the early hours of the evening, bathing the slopes of El Gigante in white light. The unknown object reportedly had lights underneath it and the source of illumination came from a single beam projected against the hillside. What made this sighting interesting – as if its magnitude were not sufficient to make it important – is that the object’s beam was apparently seeking a particular location: an agricultural school on the slopes of El Gigante that looked into “improved cattle ranching techniques”. With what we know about the presence of the UFO phenomenon in the world-wide epidemic of cattle mutilations, is it unreasonable to suspect a connection in this case?

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Comets could have sparked life on Earth

Scientists have demonstrated that a comet impact can kick-start the formation of complex molecules. The exact process through which the first life for...
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18 ago 2015

DNA data storage could last for millennia

A new way of storing information on DNA strands could help keep data secure for thousands of years. The technology, which was first announced a few ye...
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Astronomers seek help to name exoplanets

Members of the public have been asked to help determine what to call 32 distant extrasolar worlds. The International Astronomical Union's "NameExoWorl...
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Major Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Solar Energy

Solar energy is a great idea because it's nonpolluting and freely available. But solar panels are expensive and inefficient, so adoption of the technology around the world has been slow. The reason they are inefficient is that they don't capture energy from all the wavelengths of light the sun emits. Now a group of scientists has discovered a way to inexpensively retrofit solar panels so that conversion efficiency can be vastly increased.

“Most of the light from the sun is emitted over a very broad window of wavelengths,” says Challa V. Kumar, Ph.D. “If you want to use solar energy to produce electric current, you want to harvest as much of that spectrum as possible.”

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Atlas robot shows off its walking skills

The lifelike humanoid creation has been filmed being put through its paces across rough woodland terrain. Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamic...
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Mexico: UFOs Return to the Popocatepetl Volcano

Source: El Grafico and Planeta UFO
Date: August 15, 2015

Mexico: UFOs Return to the Popocatepetl Volcano
By Yohanan Diaz Vargas

Popocatepetl is one of 14 active volcanos in our country, and it has once again become the site for startling UFO sightings in its vicinity.

One of these objects occurred as recently as August 5th at 06:00 hours, when a television station camera captured the moment at which a large, white anomalous flying object passed over "El Popo's" crater.

These objects face a hellish amount of heat. According to experts, the mean temperature of the volcano's crater is between 500 and 600 degrees Centigrade. This is enough to severely affect any soft surface, which is liable to melt. For this reason, one would suppose that the aircraft would plummet in a matter of minutes.

When activity is on the increase and fumaroles issue from the crater, federal flight restrictions jump from 30 to 35 kilometers around the giant mountain.

On July 31st, the La Rueda Cosmica research group, led by Jose Luis Rueda, managed to capture on video the presence of an unidentified flying object that appears to exit Popocatepetl's crater. This was an incredible event, as the white object shot skyward, opposite to the location of the Izrtaccihuatl Volcano. The image, taken from the vicinity of San Baltasar Atlimeyaya in the state of Puebla, shows the presence of strange vessels in the interior and surroundings of the volcano.

In the broadcasted recording, one can hear great enthusiasm on the part of the persons gathered at the site, who could not believe what they were seeing. They realized it when the strange object let off a bright flash, which was recorded on video.

An extraordinary phenomenon occurred on the evening of March 8, 2015 involving the presence of an unidentified flying object that gave off three bright flashes as it practically flew over Popocatepetl's crater, which was emitting large fumaroles at the time, as well as expelling incandescent material. At 21:00 hours that day, UFO hunter Marco Antonio Rodriguez of the "Abducción México" research group was able to record an impressive flying object from Paso de Cortés in the state of Mexico. The object practically flew over the crater and emitted a bright flash. It would emit three flashes in less than one minute before vanishing entirely from the scene.

On January 1, 2015, a spherical UFO was also seen. It was not readily visible, and could only see using night vision on specialized devices like the Yukon Ranger, which has acquired significant importance among UFO researchers. It is also used in hunting.

José Luis Rueda presented images of an object with considerable luminous intensity which can be made out using high-tech gear. Rueda noticed this UFO passed over the volcano's crater when there were no fumaroles. It was an anomalous object that flew at constant speed in a well-defined directing, displaying certain intelligence. A close-up shows that it has a powerful light at its core and was surrounded by a sort of enveloping halo.

This year, researchers and scholars have met in the vicinity of the volcano, whether from the states of Mexico, Morelos or Puebla, and have captured strange flying objects with their devices.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Yohanan Diaz Vargas and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://ift.tt/GCRz8J

17 ago 2015

Senior citizen in Mexico 'injured by UFO'

A 68-year-old man suffered a head wound that he claimed he had sustained when a UFO attacked him. The peculiar incident, which took place last month i...
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Can we travel faster than the speed of light?

Professor Geraint Lewis believes that traveling at warp speed may actually be a viable possibility. Right now the idea of traveling to planets orbitin...
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Anne's Diary: Final Entry by Whitley Strieber

Anne Strieber was a wonderful essayist, and left behind a lovely collection in the form of Anne's Diary, which ran from 2000 to 2015. In this final entry, written by Whitley Strieber, many of her favorite entries are linked. Enjoy this wonderful outpouring of wisdom, love, humor and humility from the founder of Unknowncountry.com and Whitley Strieber's beloved wife Anne.

To read the final entry and explore a collection of Anne's favorites, click here.

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Anne's Diary: Final Entry by Whitley Strieber

This concludes Anne's Diary. Her first entry was posted on April 6, 2000, her last on July 27, 2015. She loved her diary, and thought that this collection of essays, more than anything else she did, gave expression to her mind and heart. Her first entry was entitled "Typical Radio Show Day," and her last, "Ghosts and Ghostbusters." She wanted her diary to reflect her life and her ordinary as well as extraordinary experiences, but did not wish to post a final entry during the time of her dying.

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NOAA Forecasts Record Breaking el Nino

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have revised their forecast for the El Niño event that is currently underway, saying that the likelihood of it persisting through the winter is not only high, but that this event may rival the record-breaking El Niño seen in 1997. They place a 90% chance of the event lasting into winter, and an 85% chance of it lasting through into next spring.

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Nuestro nuevo artículo en revista Más Allá este mes



PORTADA Untitled-3

Archivado en: Actualidad General
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New book sends kids to sleep within minutes

A remarkable new best-selling book is capable of sending a child off to sleep almost like clockwork. Written by Swedish behavioral psychologist and li...
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16 ago 2015

Inflatable 12-mile space elevator proposed

A new space elevator concept could see astronauts ascending in to the stratosphere before taking off. The idea of building an elevator in to space to ...
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'Drinkable book' developed by scientists

The pages of a special new book are capable of filtering contaminated water to make it drinkable. The 'Drinkable Book' contains pull-out pages that ar...
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Astronomers discover distant 'young Jupiter'.

Astronomers have identified the smallest ever exoplanet to be directly photographed through a telescope. Known as 51 Eridani b, the methane-shrouded g...
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Mexico: UFOs Near Uxmal

Source: SIPSE and Planeta UFO
Date: August 15, 2015

Mexico: UFOs Near Uxmal

Jorge Moreno/SIPSE Merida, Yucatan - To my surprise, I learned that part of the Mérida-Uxmal Federal Highway had become a site for "UFO watching", or at least this is what a group of citizens from Merida and Ticul have been doing since they met earlier this year during the "Alerta Ovni" (UFO skywatch).

Miguel Medina and Antonio Poot are natives of Merida and for a few months now have been meeting every 15 days with three others from the capital city and four youths from Ticul, heading to the Muna on-ramp (near the Yac Chal falls) to try and see UFOs.

"We have been told that UFOs can be seen in this area, and since it's a quiet area, we have already gone several times, inviting others who share our liking for extraterrestrial craft, people whom we met during the first and second skywatches held recently," Antonio said.

For the time being they have only been able to see satellites and shooting stars. They say they're patient and hope to see a UFO soon. The federal highway leading to Uxmal, from the segment that includes the local police station at Yaxcopoil to the municipality of Muna, has practically become a "UFO sightings corridor", since over 10 reports have come to me from this area, on different days and times.

The most recent of these incidents occurred in late July last year, when a family from Merida visited the Uxmal archaeological site one Sunday.

"We left Mérida very early, around 7 a.m., since we wanted to have breakfast at Muna before getting to Uxmal. Around 8 a.m. we were going past the town of Abalá, it was already daylight, when we suddenly saw three spheres travelling single-file," said Zenaido Rodriguez, the father of the family, who was at the wheel.

"My wife was in the passenger seat. She saw them first and told me about it. Next, my son, my niece and my brother, who were in back, also saw it. I even stopped and put on my blinkers to be able to look at it carefully. In fact, they were three white orbs moving slowly, looking like they do in the UFO documentaries on TV. They looked metallic on their undersides and somewhat darker. Yes, they were flying rather high, but were clearly visible if you stared at them. My son tried to take a photo with his cellphone, but there was nothing to be seen, as the objects were flying sunward and couldn't be made out," he explained.

"They kept moving until they vanished. I think we'll never forget this trip, and although we had fun that day and afternoon at Uxmal, I think we'll remember it more for the UFOs than anything else, since my family is interested in the subject and we had never seen one. We couldn't have imagined, though, that we'd have a sighting together," he concluded.

Only months earlier, a couple heading for Ticul was driving along that very same highway but only some kilometers before, near the Yaxcopoil Estate. Both saw a spacecraft which characteristics that differed from the previous report, since it was a single craft and physically elongated. It was also travelling at higher speed and they only saw it for an instant."

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Jorge Moreno (SIPSE) and Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO)]

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15 ago 2015

Architects propose real-life Minas Tirith

A new IndieGoGo campaign hopes to raise almost $3 billion to build the fictional Lord of the Rings city. The insane project is the brainchild of Jonat...
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Ed Mitchell claims ET prevented a nuclear war

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell believes that visitors from space may have prevented armageddon. The 84-year-old, who was the sixth man to walk on ...
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Apes may be close to being able to speak

Scientists believe that apes may be closer to human-like speech than we have given them credit for. It may sound like something from 'Planet of the Ap...
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14 ago 2015

Aerial drones can scare black bears to death

New research suggests that drones stress bears out so much that they can suffer a heart attack. Aerial drones have long proven invaluable for collecti...
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Serge Vóronoff y los injertos testiculares

He topado en una librería de Urueña, la vallisoletana Villa del Libro, con una obra curiosa, surgida de la pluma de un fantasioso oportunista con sueños de inmortalidad. Se trata de una edición en castellano del año 1945 de Las fuentes renovadas de la vida, de Serge Voronoff (o Vóronov según otras grafías, sobre todo en traducciones al castellano de la primera mitad del siglo XX).

Voronoff fue uno de los más reconocidos miembros de cierta clase de médicos que, simplemente utilizando especulaciones intuitivas más o menos fundadas, se lanzaron en el umbral del cambio de centuria, entre los siglos XIX y XX, a “revolucionar” la biología y la práctica médica. Sin conocer realmente los fundamentos de aquello que pretendían, soñaron con la inmortalidad o, si acaso, añadir vida a la vejez, por medio de procedimientos que hoy pasmarían a cualquiera.

Cierto es que se le puede considerar como pionero de los trasplantes, pero sólo de un modo muy superficial, pues actuaba por simple impulso intuitivo y no fue realmente precursor de las técnicas quirúrgicas empleadas posteriormente en ese campo. No, lo de Vóronov, además de ser historia bastante conocida, raya más en lo terrorífico que otra cosa. Antes de volver al libro que mencioné antes, cabe la oportunidad de repasar someramente la vida de este aventurero del bisturí.

Ese libro data, en su versión original, del año 1943, cuando la estrella de Voronoff estaba cayendo en picado. Sin embargo, durante décadas su trabajo fue considerado como revolucionario. Nuestro personaje era un médico de origen ruso, afincado en Francia desde su juventud, a finales del siglo XIX, que había encontrado fuente para su fascinación en lo que les sucedía, desde el punto de vista fisiológico, a los eunucos. Sucedió mientras estuvo trabajando en Egipto, preguntándose si el supuesto envejecimiento acelerado de los eunucos podría guardar algún secreto capaz de revitalizar a los ancianos.

Veamos, el razonamiento que gobernó a partir de entonces la vida y pensamiento de Voronoff es extremadamente simple, por no decir simplón: si la falta de testículos lleva a la senectud acelerada, la ingestión, inyección o injerto de materia testicular joven debe llevar al rejuvenecimiento. El voluntarioso cirujano probó la idea consigo mismo, pero parece que las inyecciones de extractos de tejido testicular animal no le causaban los efectos esperados. Por ello, pasó a experimentar con animales y, posteriormente, con humanos, realizando en su caso injertos de tiroides animales en humanos y, cómo no, de tejido testicular de monos en hombres ancianos. Su entusiasmo no tenía límites y, en poco tiempo, con maniobras publicitarias que rozan la genialidad, logró tener una lista de clientes con carteras repletas dispuestos a rejuvenecer gracias a un injerto de testículo de mono. La fiebre por el tratamiento Voronoff duró bastantes años, alcanzando su mayor exaltación en la década de los veinte. Posteriormente cayó en desgracia, más que nada porque, salvo por efecto placebo, aquellas prácticas no proporcionaban ningún beneficio real, ni rejuvenecimiento de ningún tipo. Llegados a los años cincuenta, sus ideas cayeron en desgracia y, la legión de colegas que antes le había apoyado, decidió guardar silencio.

Voronoff tal y como aparece en la revista Caras y caretas, edición del 19 de noviembre de 1938. (Biblioteca Nacional de España).

Hay que reconocer que, a falta de fundamentos científicos reales, las experiencias de Voronoff estaban aderezadas con una dosis brutal de voluntad, diría más bien que se trataba de una obsesión. Repasar las páginas de Las fuentes renovadas de la vida no deja indiferente a nadie. He aquí el objetivo final de este post, el “escuchar” de la mano de palabras escritas por el propio Voronoff la justificación y descripción de su trabajo.

En 1919 Vóronov pronunció su más famosa conferencia en el gran anfiteatro de la Facultad de Medicina de París, con motivo del XXVIII Congreso Francés de Cirugía. En ese lugar y momento, dijo lo siguiente: He descubierto un remedio contra la vejez. Llevo ya rejuvenecidos cierto número de animales.

Tres años más tarde, en el Laboratorio de Fisiología Experimental del Colegio de Francia, ante un público asombrado, presentó la historia de uno de sus primeros clientes “rejuvenecidos”, un tal sir Arthur Liardet. Lo que siguió fue el delirio: cientos de peticiones de todas partes del mundo y una atención desbordante por parte de los medios de comunicación.

En el libro que menciono, nuestro protagonista afirma que los injertos tiroideos y testiculares animales podrían servir para descubrir el secreto de la juventud. En ningún momento afirma que esté cerca de lograr la inmortalidad, cosa que le hubiera dado bastantes dolores de cabeza, sino que podía ofrecer energía y mejor calidad de vida a los ancianos (léase hombres, claro está).

De su estancia en Egipto, comenta: …realicé personalmente un gran número de observaciones en los hombres castrados. los eunucos no quedan privados, de modo terminante, de ninguna función como no sean las dependientes de las glándulas genitales. (…) Sin embargo, la actividad de todas las glándulas está debilitada, como lo está igualmente el funcionamiento de la totalidad de los órganos. Es una vida lánguida. Por no recibir el estímulo determinado por la secreción de las glándulas genitales, las células de todo el cuerpo han perdido su vigor, su energía. El pensamiento de los eunucos es perezoso y su memoria muy débil. (…) El decaimiento físico alcanza a todos los órganos; como consecuencia, son seres de vitalidad lenta, amortiguada y además envejecen prematuramente. De los cuarenta a cuarenta y cinco años, su piel pierde la tersura, se arruga y hácese escamosa. Después de los cincuenta, es en ellos frecuente la aparición del arco senil de la córnea, al paso que en los hombres normales es raro verlo antes de los setenta años. Poseen menos resistencia para las infecciones. Alcanzan rara vez edades avanzadas, y de modo prematuro se dibujan ya en ellos los rasgos de la vezjez. A ninguno le vi rebasar los sesenta años. Mucho antes de su fin, y por su lamentable aspecto, se caería fácilmente en el error de atribuirles una edad provecta. Dan efectivamente la impresión de viejos…

Esta serie de observaciones superficiales, y muchas más, fueron más que suficientes como para que en la mente del médico obsesionado con la vejez se sumaran uno y uno para hacer dos. Si la falta de testículos lleva a la vejez acelerada, un suplemento de tejido testicular debería conducir a un rejuvenecimiento. Acerca de la mujer, menciona también la posibilidad de injertos de ovario, pero la cosa queda simplemente indicada en escasos párrafos. Los testículos eran la cuestión principal que se convirtió en su mayor preocupación y en la de muchos de sus contemporáneos: …los hombres dotados de glándulas genitales muy bien constituidas, ricas en secreciones internas, prolongan su juventud más allá del término habitual y consiguen edades muy avanzadas. Mientras aquéllas sigan vertiendo en la sangre el preciado producto por ellas elaborado, el vigor corporal se mantendrá en toda su plenitud. (…) Tan sólo alcanzan estas edades los hombres dados al amor, y esto es fácil de comprender. ¿Si estos hombres, de tanta edad, conservan todavía tal poder, no sería ello la mejor prueba de su vigorosidad?

Clásico ejemplo de observaciones que llevan a una supuesta conclusión lógica pero que carecen de fundamento (correlación no implica causalidad). Sea como fuere, la idea caló hondo y dio forma a toda una industria millonaria de injertos de tejido testicular de mono. Voronoff ofrecía una clara esperanza basada en la observación positiva de cientos de casos de recuperación, o al menos eso era lo que vendía como tal: …Brown-Sequard, el sabio investigador que ocupó la cátedra de fisiología en el Colegio de Francia, fue el primero en Europa [se menciona en el libro el posible antecedente de la medicina tradicional china] que trató de conseguir un remedio contra la depresión ocasionada por la edad avanzada. Antes que nadie comprendió el transcendental papel que tienen las glándulas genitales y señaló la parte que les corresponde en la complejidad de trastornos que ofrecen los órganos en la vejez. (…) Fue el primero en practicar en los ancianos inyecciones de jugo obtenido de la trituración de glándulas genitales de animales. [A continuación menciona la dificultad de conservar esos “jugos” y las ventajas del injerto] (…) Fue en 1919, después de haber realizado ciento veinte experimentos de injerto en animales cuando dejé establecidas las bases de mi técnica. (…) Una vez hube terminado mi labor preparatoria [con animales] surgió un gran inconveniente al querer aplicar al hombre el procedimiento ensayado en los animales. En la nueva cirugía que emprendía, no se trataba de privar al individuo de un órgano enfermo, sino al contrario, de dotarlo de otro sano. Pero, he aquí el problema: ¿de dónde extraerlo? (…) Para injertar una glándula a un anciano sería preciso extraerla a un hombre joven. Desde el punto de vista humanitario, no es lícito privar a un joven de una fuente de energía en provecho de otro que ya agotó la suya después de largo usufructo. (…) Las escasas ofertas que se me han hecho en este sentido me han confirmado que los hombres atribuyen a sus glándulas genitales un precio realmente extraordinario y tan sólo asequible a los archimillonarios. En su actitud no carecen de razón, lo censurable de ella está en querer especular con su oferta. En contraste, debo citar la admirable conducta de un joven ingeniero que ofrecía una de sus glándulas para poderla injertar a su anciano padre, agotado por la edad…

Ante estos problemas, Voronoff decidió optar por el injerto de tejido testicular de mono en humanos. Sin embargo, durante años intentó una vía alternativa. Se ha mencionado en muchas ocasiones que realizó injertos de testículo de condenados ejecutados en Egipto, pero no he logrado encontrar datos que lo prueben sin sombra de duda. Lo que sí se sabe es que Voronoff luchó durante años para conseguir permiso para extraer los testículos de algún ejecutado en la guillotina. Todos sus esfuerzos terminaron en negativa: “…quizá no fuera del todo imposible obtener la autorización para poder extraer ciertos órganos de los individuos condenados a muerte inmediatamente después de su ejecución; sin embargo, tal proposición fue siempre rechazada por los presuntos beneficiarios en medio de profunda repugnancia originada por el hecho de que sería la anexión a su cuerpo del órgano de un criminal…”

Puede que Voronoff no se atreviera a afirmarlo, pero muy posiblemente sí se utilizaron testículos de ejecutados para este tipo de procedimientos de “rejuvenecimiento”, tal y como pudo suceder en el caso de Clarence “Buck” Kelly, ahorcado por asesinato en 1928.

Serge Vóronoff y los injertos testiculares apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 14 agosto 2015.

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New Companies can Remove Carbon from the Air, but Who Will Pay Them?

There are a number of startup companies that aim to build industrial-scale carbon dioxide scrubbers to remove millions of tons of the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere to help offset climate change. However, they're still looking for financial backing to get their dreams off the ground.

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'Spaghetti monster' filmed off Angolan coast

An extremely unusual looking creature has been picked up on video more than 4,000ft under the sea. The bizarre organism, which looks like it is made o...
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Argentina: Shadows and a Winged Man in Quilino

SOURCE: Cadena 3.com and Miraelnorte.com.ar
DATE: 08.13.2015

Argentina: Strange Shadow Terrorizes Residents of Quilino

08.11.15 | 16:26 | Residents of this community in the province of Cordoba have been reporting manifestations of a shadowy human figure for the past 15 days. It was seen by volunteer firefighters last night in the downtown area.
Residents of the community of Quilino, in northeastern Cordoba province, are terrified by the strange manifestation of a shadow. There is even a call for evidence before the courts.

The Head of the Ischilín Department, Chief Constable Jose Ceccarelli, told Cadena 3 that the first ones to report the situation were residents of Barrio Tigre, and that volunteer firefighters had become aware of a strange presence.

"It is publicly known that those claiming to have seen certain spots, shadows or human-like figures were never in close contact with such presence," Ceccarelli explained.

He further added that a call for evidence was opened as soon as the situation began, so that if a perd +son is eventually arrested, the prosecutor's notice may be alerted. "But no crime or violation [of the law] has been recorded as a result of this supposed presence," said the constable.

"According to them (the neighbors), shadows similar to those of a human being were reported, which then disappeared," he explained. Ceccarelli stated that complaints were received 15 days ago in the Tigre area, "where locals had phoned the police to say they had captured it, but upon the arrival of police personnel, it was nowhere to be found. Last night we had an alleged manifestation of these characteristics in the downtown area, near to the where the fire fighters are located," he stated.

"Winged Figure" Causes Commotion in Cordoba

According to local media, firefighters claim having seen a hunched figure descending from a tree across from their station. The stunned men followed it with their flashglights and the mysterious figure scurried to the location's back yard. The men reached the side in disbelief, and were soon startled by a new sight: when cornered, the human-like figure assumed a winged form and escaped.

This strange phenomenon has occurred repeatedly in the community of Quilino itself, and all agree that the figure resembles a "human form with wings."
The Quilino Police Department is also surprised by the rumor, which has spread panic throughout the community, and has been the source of many complaints.

The following is the transcript of the interview with Carlos Sanchez, one of the firefighters, as it appears on Miraelnorte.com.ar:


-Carlos, you claim to have seen a winged man last night while you were on duty?
-Tell us what happened
-It was approximately 0:30 hours at night on Moreno Street, on the curb, which you can see if you pull back slightly. There was someone standing there, a person, who slowly headed for a house behind the fire station.
-Carlos, you were here, in this sector, when the entity appeared.
- Yes, it came from over there, it passed through here, and went to the back, following a little trail that can be seen over there, and went to the back. When the fellow told me...I don't think it's their kids, because everything's closed. So I pointed my flashlight back there, near the station, and there was something moving. So my companion said: "Carlitos, let's go. I think I saw something. When the fellow went this way, I went around the other way, around the other block. He lit something up, and...
- Fine, but it came up to here looking like a human being.
- It walked like a man.
- And then it transformed into...
- Then it was something else. The figure was no longer human.
- Thanks, Carlos

To Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NG

[Translation and transcription (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Daniel Ubaldo Padilla]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://ift.tt/GCRz8J