20 sept. 2018

Argentina: An "Invisible UFO" Over Tucumán

Source: GIOT and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: 09.20.2018

Argentina: An "Invisible UFO" Over Tucumán

Photographs taken by Francisco Leal in Amaicha Del Valle, Tucumán (Argentina), Paraje El Remate. The photographer was supervising a project for the provincial authority involving creation of a potable water facility on 09.06.2018 at 17:41 hours. He decided to take some photos of the project. In the second of these, an unidentified flying object appeared (UFO). He was using Samsung Galaxy S8 cellphone, a fine camera with a good sensor that offers high definition photographs - Javier Lopez Posse, G.I.O.T. (Grupo de Investigación Ovni Tucumán).

Our thanks to Javier Lopez Posse of GIOT and Luis Burgos of FAO/ICOU for this information. The term "invisible UFO" refers to anomalous objects that were not apparent to the photographer at the time the photo was taken.

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology https://ift.tt/GCRz8J

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