31 oct. 2013

Perú: UFOs Appearing by the Dozens and the Government Re-Opens Investigations

Source: LaRed21 (Peru)


Date: 31 October 2013

Perú: UFOs Appearing by the Dozens and the Government Re-Opens Investigations

The Peruvian government decided to re-open the Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research Department, which was closed for the past five years, in the light of the massive increase of UFO sightings over all of the nation’s territory – something that is being reflected in the media and for which no answer is found in nearly all cases.

The Department was created in 2001 but ceased operations after a few years. Now, astronomers, meteorologists, civil and military aviation personnel, archaeologists and sociologists will converge at the agency to identify each case and find an explanation for them, if they can indeed do so.

Nearly regular UFO sightings are occurring in some localities in Perú. There are even some where the natives no longer pay any attention to the luminous phenomena that astound visitors, considering it to be part of the natural phenomenology of their habitats.

The most recent sightings of magnitude, in the central region of Huánuco, in Maramba, were seen by dozens of spectators: balls of light in the sky that went on for several days without any explanation being found up to now. Another event took place at the beach of Chilca near Lima, were unidentified flying objects were reported.

Agency Official Believes “We are Not Alone in the Universe”

The colonel in charge of the re-opened Research Department stated that “on a personal basis, it is evident to me that we are not alone in this world or in the universe.” Julio Vucetich noted that all persons reporting sightings will be taken seriously and analyses and investigations will be conducted in each case.

“Many people do not report UFO sightings and fear being branded as insane, but nowadays, with the new technology, videos recorded on mobile phones, as well as Facebook and Twitter, an experience of this sort can be much more open, not making them feel that they are the only ones who have seen them,” explained the Air Force colonel in statements to Britain’s The Guardian newspaper.

[Translation (c) 2013 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

You've been hearing bumps and unexplained footsteps in the middle of the night, or get the feeling that someone is watching you, but when you turn round there is nobody there. The door opens or closes on its own, the dog is behaving strangely, or you keep having the same dream over and over again. You can smell pipe smoke, but no one in the family smokes, or, inexplicably, you feel an icy chill and goose-bumps on a hot summer's day.

Do any of these scenario's sound familiar? If so, you could have an unexpected house guest!

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Chile: Vicuña Object "Just a Solar Panel"? Debate is Ongoing

Source: El Observatodo

Date: 10.30.2013

Chile: Debate Over Fallen Object is Ongoing

By The El Observatodo Team

Many in Vicuña claim to have seen it, but El Observatodo reached the site of the alleged crash shown in eyewitness photos. This is what we found.

In Vicuña, out of 10 persons interviewed, 8 had heard about the alleged UFO and 5 claimed to have seen it. The photos circulating in the social networks are proliferating all over the web, so the only way to find out for sure was to organize an outing to the crash site itself. So we headed to the hill located in the Los Pimientos farm, which is the site indicated by those who took the first photos and the one associated with the crash that allegedly occurred last Sunday.

Unveiling the Mystery

The site located in the La Compaña Sector is south of the main access road to Vicuña and there are two ways of reaching it. We accomplished this through the Los Pimentos farm, where workers stated not having seen the object, but did see many people trying to reach the site in subsequent days, only able, however, to take photos at a distance.

Inside the farm, there is a single hill showing the poles that appear in the photo, and has an object shining at the same distance as in the original photo. From afar, and unaided, it is hard to tell what it really is, so we decided to climb.

After 30 minutes of climbing along trails, the object referenced in the photo is neither a weather balloon, nor space junk or even a meteorite, as was speculated. It is a repeating antenna with a solar panel that supplies it with power. There is a small brick structure beside it.

From the top of the hill, at a height of approximately 700 meters approximately, no other hill can be seen that presents the characteristics in the photo, or that displays any anomalies.

Patricio Alvarez, the farm’s administrator, also corroborates the fact. “It’s a solar panel, nothing more. Many people have come asking and many have tried to climb, but there’s nothing else. If you look at the photo intently, that’s all there is. Nothing more. The rest of the hill is bald.”

Alvarez does not dismiss the likelihood of a flying object having been seen last week, but rejects that it fell at the site indicated in the first photos. “What happened on Sunday was probably a [weather] probe, but it never fell there, because it would still be there or it could have been heard. We have people working and they would have come to tell me immediately,” he notes.

Alvarez also dismisses suggestions about alleged black pickup trucks having turned up, or vehicles or any other sort, as there is no other way to reach that site other than on foot.

“I Saw It”

But the UFO subject has not caused indifference among anyone in Vicuña. What is more, a quick survey at the center of the city revealed multiple accounts of people claiming to have seen it. People of all ages and professions.

This is the case of Juan Alfaro. “In the afternoon, it fell at the Los Pimientos Farm. It was like a balloon. I saw it, but what it contained within is unknown. What fell was like a balloon, and it tore to shreds. There was fire everywhere,” he says, fully convinced.

Many others have asked about the subject in the local communications media. Carolina Collado of Radio Montecarlo in Vicuña knows it well. Many have contacted [the station] to remark upon the subject. “Many people say they saw it, they took photos of it, but nothing specific. Furthermore, they’re not saying it is a flying saucer but a UFO, an unidentified flying object.”

Collado adds that in any event, this is not the first time it has happened in the area. “This is the second time its happened in the valley (making reference to the “Paihuano Case”). This is the second time. This region is always said to be a passageway from one world to another, it is said. Once even NASA turned up. It was quite a show,” she says.


There are those, of course, who deny the existence of the phenomenon, saying that it is all suggestion or mass hysteria. What we can conclude is that at the site where the alleged UFO crashed, all that stands is a solar panel. But in spite of this, many in Vicuña claim having seen an object over the La Compaña sector, all of them agreeing on the account, although we were unable to find photos or visual testimony of the object in the sky. In any event, the debate remains open.

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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'War of the Worlds' broadcast turns 75

It has been three quarters of a century since Orson Welles' infamous broadcast about an alien invasion. For the radio adaptation of H.G Wells' classic...

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New dolphin species discovered in Australia

An international research team has identified a previously undiscovered species of humpback dolphin. The humpback dolphins, so-named due to their cons...

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Are video games good for your brain ?

A new study suggests that playing video games can have a beneficial impact on the brain. The debate over whether playing video games can be harmful or...

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Thur 31 Oct 2013 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Clown struck by lightning twice in one day vows to go to church more, plus impossible planet, mass bird deaths and demonic puppy tragedy

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30 oct. 2013

Halloween Special: Government Documented Monsters

October 31, 2013

Nick Redfern is one of the best researchers in the field of the unknown and--incredibly--he has found official documentation that many different cryptids that are generally dismissed in the press are taken seriously at an official level.

In this interview, he reveals that there is a surprising amount of official documentation about monsters ranging from bigfoot to weir-panthers to gigantic birds. So settle back for an eerie half hour of first-rate Halloween mystery and a few pretty serious chills on Dreamland's annual Halloween Special!

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Fear and the Visitors

All Hallows is a very special season. It is much more that simply dressing up in costumes and watching scary movies. This week, Whitley Strieber honors both the close encounter experience and the moment when the veil between the worlds grows thin by revealing some new material about his early close encounter experiences that have made him think deeply about the whole meaning of the experience and exactly what is happening. There is a dark side to it, no question, and he makes some chilling revelations about how it impacted his own life. But this is a very deep thing that is happening. To embrace it as 'good' or 'evil' is not the right path to take.

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Un exoplaneta presenta el tamaño, la masa y la densidad de la Tierra

El exoplaneta Kepler-78b tiene un tamaño similar a la Tierra, pero también una masa y densidad parecidos, según dos estudios que se publican esta semana en Nature. Los datos, obtenidos con instrumentos como el Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (TNG) de La Palma, también revelan que presenta un interior rocoso y un núcleo con hierro. Se trata del exoplaneta más pequeño del que se conoce su masa y radio con precisión.

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New Form of Terrorism in the US?

New Form of Terrorism in the US?

There is apparently no legally binding definition of the word terrorism in the eyes of the criminal justice system, though it is described by the Oxford dictionary as "the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims," and the US Defense Department describes it as “the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

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'Skunk ape' filmed in Mississippi woods

A new video has surfaced online of a strange hominid creature foraging in remote woodland. The footage was recorded in the woods 9 miles to the west o...

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Dream Chaser test succeeds despite glitch

The first test flight of a new prototype space plane went according to plan aside from a slight mishap. Developed by Sierra Nevada Corp in partnership...

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Clown struck by lightning twice in one day

Rodeo clown Casey Wagner got more than he bargained for when he attended a driving event in Texas. Wagner had been attending the "Rednecks With Payche...

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El eclipse total de Sol, en directo desde Kenia

El próximo domingo 3 de noviembre se producirá un eclipse total de Sol. El espectáculo astronómico se podrá seguir desde la web de SINC gracias a la Red Global de Telescopios Robóticos (GLORIA). La Facultad de Informática de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) coordina este proyecto europeo, que hará posible observar el fenómeno desde cualquier dispositivo con internet.

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Lo proporción de isótopos radiactivos informa del origen del residuo nuclear

Un equipo del Centro Nacional de Aceleradores en Sevilla ha comprobado que el cociente de dos isótopos de elementos como el plutonio o el cesio permite seguir la pista a los residuos que generan las centrales nucleares. En concreto han estudiado los elementos radiactivos procedentes de la central nuclear José Cabrera.

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29 oct. 2013

Chile: Ufologists Weigh In On The Vicuña Object

Source: El Observatodo (Chile)


Chile: Ufologists Weigh In On The Vicuña Object

By Claudio Rojas Araya

The case involving the strange object that fell on a hill in Vicuña is already being studied by ufologists. Cristián Riffo, one of the most respected in Chile, notes that the incident is reminiscent of the famous Paihuano UFO.

“For the time being, it’s a UFO,” Cristián Riffo says unequivocally, a journalist and one of the most experienced Chilean ufologists, regarding the strange sighting and crash of what remains, for the moment, an unidentified flying object, that is to say, a UFO. There are many people – not just one – in different parts of Vicuña who claim having seen an object zigzagging in the sky and losing altitude around 16:00 hours before crashing into a hilltop in Vicuña’s La Compañía sector. The researcher notes that the sighting is very interesting, because it meets characteristics such as the reports of several witnesses and some photos from people who tracked the trajectory of the fall and photographed the crash site, prompting the interest of the UFO research community at the national and even international level. “In terms of expectation, some researchers from Santiago have already begun to ask questions on the matter and look into the images. Unfortunately, the initial photographs are from very far away, but it is a case that deserves investigation. There is more than one witness and that is very interesting. There were people in Vicuña proper and others closer to the site,” Riffo points out.

The “Paihuano Case”

UFO sightings in Valle de Elqui are always associated with the “Paihuano Case”, in which an object fell on a mountaintop and remained visible from a great distance by the locals, who managed to take some photos of the shining object. Nothing further was ever known about the object, as it literally vanished from the place.

“I was immediately reminded of the Paihuano Case. One, because several witnesses claimed having seen something fall, and another, because the images are very similar to the first – or the only ones, I believe – that we have from the Paihuano Case,” adds Riffo.

The researcher further notes that Valle de Elqui is an area of constant UFO sightings. “It is taking place in a UFO hotspot, precisely where the Paihuano Case occurred.”

The Investigation

For the moment, investigations into the matter are aimed at discarding hypotheses, trying to tie the sighting to something that has an explanation, such as a meteorite impact or some weather balloon crash. Interviews with the eyewitnesses will be conducted first, and with those who allegedly climbed the hill yesterday. “The first thing is to survey the witnesses. The next thing is to confirm the exact time, since this we can confirm any weather balloon launches by a meteorological or astronomical agency, as these can often be mistaken for other phenomena.”

[Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Falsa polémica por la demostración informática de la existencia de Dios con un ‘teorema’ de Gödel

La verificación computarizada de un argumento lógico formulado por Kurt Gödel en los años 70 ha despertado el interés en las redes sociales. El motivo es que el objeto a demostrar es Dios, aunque los dos científicos que han desarrollado el trabajo solo querían probar que se pueden resolver complejos problemas de lógica con el ordenador.

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UN meeting tackles asteroid threats

Distinguished scientists and astronauts met to discuss asteroid mitigation strategies on Friday. Hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the eve...

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'Jesus and Mary' appear on Google Earth

One of Google's Street View cars has captured something unusual while on a highway in Switzerland. Eagle-eyed visitors to Google's online mapping serv...

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Nebula is 'coldest place in the universe'

The Boomerang nebula is 5,000 light years away and has a temperature of -458 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the nebula is in fact so low and i...

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'Lost world' discovered in Australian rain-forest

Scientists have discovered a mini eco-system full of strange creatures in a remote territory of Australia. The 'lost world', as scientists are calling it, is believed to have remained undisturbed for millions of years.

The discovery was made by Dr. Conrad Hoskin, of James Cook University, and Dr. Tim Laman, from Harvard University, who led a four-day expedition to the Cape Melville area of Australia, a region that he had been aware of for a decade but had previously only viewed from above. Their destination was a remote place situated on top of a high plateau measuring 1.8miles (2.9km) by 1.8 miles, and forms part of a larger range of mountains which extends for about nine miles (14.4km) and is around 3 miles (4.8km) across.

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28 oct. 2013

Chile: Reportan caída de extraño objeto volador en cerro de Vicuña

"Diversos vecinos de Vicuña y los alrededores han reportado la caída de un objeto no identificado hasta el momento en un cerro de Vicuña, al interior del Valle de Elqui.

Según los testigos, que además tomaron la foto que ilustra esta nota, el hecho se produjo cerca de las 16:00 horas de este domingo, cuando un objeto volador se encontraba a gran altura y que luego de zigzagear durante algunos minutos, cayó sobre un cerro, en el sector denominado La Compañía.

Un trabajador de un hostal de Vicuña (que pidió mantener su nombre en reserva) señaló que "se dio varias vueltas en el cielo hasta que comenzó a perder altura y caer sobre un cerro. La gente comenzó a subir para ir a verlo, pero queda bastante lejos donde cayó. Tiene el tamaño de un furgón".

En la fotografia se aprecia que el objeto brilla con la luz del sol, por lo que podría tratarse de un objeto metálico o bien de algún tipo de sonda meteorológica.

Cabe recordar que no es primera vez que el Valle de Elqui reporta avistamiento de Ovnis, siendo el caso más espectacular la supuesta caída de un ovni en Paihuano, que ha sido estudiado por diversos ufólogos, aunque no hay ningún registro del mencionado objeto."

Visto aquí.

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Prueban que los argumentos lógicos de Gödel sobre la existencia de Dios son correctos

"Los científicos Christoph Benzmüller, de la Universidad Libre de Berlín, y Bruno Woltzenlogel, de la Universidad Técnica de Viena, han probado informáticamente el teorema de Gödel, desarrollado a finales del siglo pasado por el matemático austríaco Kurt Gödel y que concluye que en base a los principios de la lógica debe existir un ser superior.

A finales de los años 70 Gödel argumentó que, por definición, "no puede existir nada más grande de un ser supremo", y propuso mediante argumentaciones lógico-matemático la existencia de Dios. Su intención era demostrar que el llamado 'argumento ontológico' —de un modo puramente lógico— de la existencia de dios es válido. Ahora, los científicos han demostrado, con un MacBook ordinario, que su argumentación era matemáticamente correcta. En este sentido, los investigadores han subrayado que este trabajo, publicado en Arxiv.org, "tiene más que ver con la demostración de que una tecnología superior puede ayudar a la ciencia, que con la teoría de que Dios exista o no".

Así, han apuntado que lo importante es que "lo que han logrado a través de los ordenadores supone un éxito del genial razonamiento" de Gödel. Benzmüller ha señalado que la prueba ontológica era, más que cualquier otra cosa, un buen ejemplo de algo inaccesible en las matemáticas o de la inteligencia artificial, que se ha resuelto con la tecnología actual. En su opinión, el hecho de que la formalización de estos teoremas complicados se puedan realizar con ordenadores no profesionales abre todo tipo de posibilidades. El científico ha señalado que "es totalmente increíble que el Teorema de Gödel se pueda probar de forma automática en pocos segundos o incluso menos en un portátil estándar".

Visto aquí.

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Chile: Strange Object Reportedly Crashes in Vicuña

Source:El Observatodo (Chile)

Date: 10.28.13

Chile: Strange Object Reportedly Crashes in Vicuña

By Claudio Rojas Ayara

Resident of Vicuña and Valle del Elqui say that the object fell in a hill after zig-zagging for a few minutes.

Several residents of Vicuña and vicinity have reported the collision of a hitherto unidentified flying object in a hill near Vicuña, in the interior of Valle del Elqui.

According to eyewitnesses, who took the photograph attached to this story, the event occurred around 16:00 hours on Sunday when an object - flying at considerable altitude - zig-zagged for a few minutes before plummeting into a hill in the sector known a La Compañía.

A worker at a Vicuña hostel (who requested confidentiality) stated that "[the object] made several turns in the sky until it began to lose altitude and fall on top of a hill. People began climbing the hill just to see it, but it's rather far away. It's about the size of a railcar."

The photograph shows an object that shines in the sunlight, suggesting that it could be a metallic object or some sort of weather balloon.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Valle de Elqui has reported UFO sightings. The most spectacular case was the alleged crash of a UFO in Paihuano, which has been studied by a number of ufologists, although there is no record of the object in question.

(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Rodrigo Fuenzalida)

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Natural breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment

Natural breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment

The latest research from the Buck Institute in Novato, California, has identified a possible trigger for Alzheimer's disease (AD), and has determined that resveratrol, an antioxidant present in red wine, could benefit sufferers. The research, which has been published this month in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revolves around ApoE4, a cholesterol-carrying protein associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer's Disease, and SirT1, a member of the sirtuin family of proteins.

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Argentina: Curious Light Photographed Over San Juan

Source: Tiempo de San Juan (Argentina)


Date: 10.24.2013

Argentina: Curious Light Photographed Over San Juan

A UFO flying over San Juan?

Luis Adolfo Tinto and Juan José Mulet, public utility inspectors, submitted the images of what they took to be a UFO to Tiempo de San Juan. They saw the object on Tuesday, October 22 while going about their duties.

According to the witnesses, “It happened on Tuesday the 22nd at 6:50 at Sarmiento Street before 25 de Mayo, facing the dovecote (El Palomar). We saw something like a fireball; we thought it was a meteorite, flying from west to east at impressive speed. It remained still for some 12 seconds in the air and that’s when we took a couple of photos when we got off our vehicle.”

“To us it wasn’t a meteorite. A meteorite falls. This one stopped or changed position until it vanished due to the curvature of the earth itself," they added.

Finally, they noted: “It all lasted some 25 seconds and we think the object was at an altitude of between 8000 and 10000 meters (26,000 to 32,000 feet) flying in excess of 10,000 kilometers per hour (6200 mph)

(Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

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Woman claims to have been healed by a ghost

Diane Berthelot's rapid recovery has been attributed to an encounter with the ghost of the White Lady. Diane had been suffering from an infection foll...

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Military using 'spy rocks' for surveillance

Lockheed Martin have showcased a new spying mechanism that is small enough to fit inside a rock. The new surveillance system known as SPAN (Self-Power...

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Remote 'lost world' discovered in Australia

Several new vertebrate species have been found in an isolated region of northern Australia. The discovery was made by Conrad Hoskin who was accompanie...

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Mon 28 Oct 2013 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Jesus and Mary appear on Google Earth, moose-hunter misses and shoots man on toilet, healed by a ghost

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Desvelan el origen de la bola de fuego que estalló sobre Madrid en 2012

"En la madrugada del 13 de julio de 2012, una roca de casi 2 toneladas de masa chocó contra la atmósfera terrestre, en vertical sobre la Comunidad de Madrid. A pesar de la hora, pasaban cinco minutos de las dos de la madrugada, numerosas personas fueron testigos de la desintegración del objeto. Era imposible que pasara desapercibido. El impacto generó una enorme bola de fuego, la más brillante registrada hasta ahora en España, que pudo ser vista a lo largo de toda la Península Ibérica.

Se produjo lo que se conoce como un superbólido, pues el brillo fue tan intenso que en la zona centro del país la noche se convirtió en día durante una fracción de segundo, llegando a iluminarse en Granada las montañas de Sierra Nevada, situadas a casi 350 kilómetros del epicentro del evento. Desde Huelva y Almería, por ejemplo, el objeto pudo verse del tamaño y la luminosidad de la Luna llena. Esta colisión fue registrada por muchos de los detectores que la Red Española de Investigación sobre Bólidos y Meteoritos opera a lo largo de todo el país, así como por una cámara situada en el Observatorio Astronómico de Calar Alto.

Ahora, una investigación liderada por el profesor José María Madiedo, de la Universidad de Huelva, ha analizado el fenómeno para saber qué ocurrió exactamente y de dónde llegó esa roca (...)"

Ver en ABC.

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Investigan a una agencia por "robar" la cima de la montaña más alta de Alemania

"La broma de una agencia de publicidad a la que una feria de modelismo de Viena había encargado un vídeo desembocó en una investigación policial: a la empresa la acusan de robar la cima de la montaña más alta de Alemania.

El escándalo se produjo después de que la empresa colgara en YouTube un vídeo de aparente elaboración casera en el que cuatro individuos que se identifican como austriacos suben al Zugspitze, en los Alpes alemanes, y con varias herramientas supuestamente arrancan una roca de su cima. Luego, los "ladrones" meten la piedra en una mochila, descienden de la montaña y se vuelven a su país. Al final el vídeo advierte de que Zugspitze, el pico más alto de Alemania, ya no mide los 2.962 metros registrados, sino uno menos.

La historia tomó un giro inesperado cuando la Policía de Garmisch-Partenkirchen, la ciudad más cercana a la montaña, abrió una investigación del caso, como reportan medios locales. Lo peculiar de la historia es que no queda claro qué es lo que quieren imputarle a la agencia. Los autores del vídeo insisten en que la cumbre no fue dañada, ya que la roca que aparece en las imágenes la habían subido los alpinistas para que protagonizara la grabación."

Ver aquí.

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Una mujer acumula 23 litros de fluidos y creen que está embarazada

"Jo, de 35 años, parecía una embarazada a punto de parir. Nada más lejos. La barriga que lucía no era otra cosa que 23 litros de fluidos de una infección hepática ocasionada por los tres litros de vino que consumía a diario.

La británica salió en una edición del programa inglés 'Old before my time' ('viejo antes de tiempo') a través del cual pretenden alertar a la sociedad sobre las consecuencias de determinadas adicciones, en este caso el alcohol.

Al parecer, la mujer comenzó a beber cuando empezó a trabajar en un bar. Bebía 15 veces más de lo que le recomienda la medicina a la mujer.

Esa forma de beber le generó una enfermedad llamada fibrosis y, por ese motivo, tuvo ascitis, que hizo que su aspecto fuese muy parecido al de una embarazada. Esto se debe a la acumulación de líquidos. Tiene 23 kilos de excedente que tendrán que ser drenados en el lapso de tres semanas."

Ver aquí.

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Un perro de raza gran danés detecta con antelación los ataques epilépticos de una niña

"Biranna Lynch tiene sólo tres años y su madre, Arabella, asegura que el perro de la familia detecta los ataques epilépticos de la niña 20 minutos antes de que se produzcan.

"Charlie [que así se llama el perro] es tan sensible a las necesidades de Brianna, si siente algo se coloca al lado de la niña para que no se caiga y empieza a llamar la atención para que sepamos que va a tener un ataque", dice Arabella.

La madre ya sabe lo que es pasar miedo con un ataque epiléptico, pues cuenta que en el primero que sufrió, la niña se quedó rígida y hasta dejó de resperirar pero finalmente fue resucitada en un hospital del condado irlandés de Clare, donde ellos viven.

El perro, que tiene dos años y es un gran danés, no se separa de ella y se ha convertido en su mejor medicina, según informa el diario Irish Examiner."

Visto aquí.

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Detenidos en una morgue por robar marcapasos a cadáveres

"La Guardia de Finanzas italiana ha detenido este miércoles a siete trabajadores del depósito de cadáveres de la ciudad de Pesaro acusados de estafa y profanación de cadáveres por seccionar cuerpos para robarles los marcapasos y por cobrar a sus familiares precios excesivamente altos por determinados servicios.

Las pesquisas de la Guardia de Finanzas, que han durado dos años, han concluido con la detención de siete empleados de la morgue y la investigación sobre otras 27, entre los que se encuentran médicos y dueños de varias funerarias, por supuestos delitos de fraude y malversación de fondos, según ha informado el diario italiano 'Il Corriere della Sera'.

Varios acusados habrían seccionado los cadáveres de varios difuntos para poderles robar el marcapasos, por lo que se sospecha de la existencia de un importante tráfico ilegal de este tipo de aparatos electrónicos. Además se habrían aprovechado del práctico monopolio de las empresas funerarias de la zona para engañar y estafar a los familiares.

Así, cinco de los detenidos han sido acusados vestir a los difuntos para poder quedarse con el dinero que debería pagarse al hospital. Además cobraban hasta 500 euros por zapatos, ropa o rosarios con los que enterrar a los fallecidos aprovechándose de los momentos de dolor de los familiares, que no discutían los altos precios.

Mediante esta estafa los acusados, que han sido puestos bajo arresto domiciliario, podrían haber ganado hasta unos 10.000 euros al mes. En las viviendas la guardia de Finanzas ha encontrado una gran colección de ropa, zapatos, corbatas y objetos religiosos con los que estafar a los familiares."

Visto aquí.

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Una mujer sonámbula se lanza a la vías del metro en Massachusetts

"Las imágenes que llegan del Metro de Somerville, Massachusetts (EE.UU.) son tremendas. Las cámaras de seguridad captan cómo una mujer sonámbula se lanza a la vía sin que nadie pueda hacer nada por evitarlo.

Por suerte, el convoy no acaba de llegar y los viajeros que se encuentran en la estación la sacan como pueden hasta que queda fuera de peligro.

Según informa la CBS, el suceso ocurrió a las 8:40 horas del pasado lunes, mientras la mujer, de quien solo se sabe que tiene 31 años, estaba sonámbula en la estación de Davis Square.

Visto aquí.

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Un hombre encuentra 50 moscas muertas en su cerveza

"Lo del "camarero, hay una mosca en mi sopa" es un clásico de las situaciones que se dan (o dicen que se dan) en un restaurante pero lo de 'hay 50 moscas en mi cerveza' pasa ya de castaño oscuro.

Y eso es lo que le pasó a Daniel Bailey, aunque la cerveza en cuestión (una Foster's Gold) fue adquirida en un sumermercado británico, según informa el Daily Mail en su edición en internet.

La cerveza tenía un color raro y un sabor aún peor y todo era porque en su fondo había nada más y nada menos que 50 moscas muertas.

Daniel llevó la botella al supermercado donde la compró pero no obtuvo explicación ninguna.

Por su parte, Heineken (la empresa dueña de Foster's) aseguró que todas sus cervezas están sometidas a un riguroso proceso de calidad y que abrirán una investigación por lo sucedido."

Ver aquí.

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Mujer se transformó en hombre, incluido mini-pene, por abuso de esteroides.

"Alguna vez fue rubia y delgada, pero ahora, a sus 28 años, Candice Armstrong porta músculos exagerados y vellos que se exhiben desde su pecho, espalda y hasta en su cara.

Sin intenciones de verse tan masculina, Candice comenzó a ingerir anabólicos, pero asegura que ya es muy tarde para detener el abuso de las sustancias, pues la antigua camarera de Londres afirma que la han convertido en un hombre.

“No, no era mi plan”, expresó a la fisiculturista Jodie Marsh, quien realiza un documental sobre el abuso de drogas para mejor rendimiento.

“Puedes poner en duda cuando digo que quería brazos grandes, hombros y espalda ancha y caderas pequeñas. Puedes decir que es una apariencia masculina pero yo no decidí conscientemente que quería cambiar completamente de mujer a hombre”, reafirmó en su entrevista.

Los efectos secundarios de los anabólicos han sido severos y han transformado la vida de la joven. No tan solo sufre de acné y vello corporal excesivo, también su clítoris se ha hinchado al grado de parecer un miembro masculino (...)"

Ver aquí.

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Misterio Médico: El hombre que derrama lágrimas de sangre

"Calvino Inman notó por primera vez la haemolacria– sangrado de los ojos – cuando era un adolescente en 2009.

Un joven de Tennessee está viviendo con una condición médica alarmante – y sin previo aviso, comienza a sangrar por los ojos. Y algunos de los mejores médicos del país están totalmente perplejos por su dolencia.

Lo más desconcertante es que la condición es muy rara, pero algunas de las únicas personas conocidas que sangran por los ojos – una condición llamada haemolacria – también son de Tennessee.

A los 22 años, Michael Spann iba caminando por las escaleras de su casa en Antioch, Tennessee, cuando fue presa de un dolor de cabeza muy intenso. “Sentí como si me hubieran golpeado en la cabeza con un martillo”, dijo el Tennesseano. Momentos más tarde, Spann se dio cuenta de que la sangre le corría por los ojos, la nariz y la boca. (The 13 Oddest Medical Case Reports)

El sangrado y los dolores de cabeza se convirtieron en un hecho cotidiano para Spann, ahora, unos siete años más tarde, se suceden una o dos veces a la semana. A pesar de que está obstaculizado por la falta de seguro de salud, los médicos en Tennessee y de la Clínica de Cleveland realizaron una serie exhaustiva de pruebas, pero no fueron capaces de identificar una causa o recomendar un tratamiento, según informes de prensa (...)"

Ver en Marcianitos Verdes.

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27 oct. 2013

Las enigmáticas "bolas de fuego" del río Mekong siguen atrayendo a miles de turistas

"Las "bolas de fuego" que brotan del río Mekong por estas fechas a la altura de Tailandia y Laos continúan siendo un desafío para los científicos, mientras que para muchos locales la respuesta es la serpiente mitológica naga.

El pasado fin de semana, decenas de miles de personas se congregaron en las orillas del Mekong en el lado tailandés y laosiano para observar con aire festivo este fenómeno que los locales relacionan con la celebración budista del final del Vassa en noche de luna llena. "Yo nací aquí en Nong Khai y lo he visto todos los años. Son unas bolas de fuego de color rojizo que suben muy alto. Al principio lo llamábamos fuego fantasma, pero sabemos que naga es el dios más sagrado el río y le pusimos su nombre", señalaba esta semana Kasem Srikulwong, de 78 años.

"Creo que es verdaderamente el naga. Si fuera natural o tuviera una explicación científica, ¿por qué ocurre exactamente en este día y no hay sonido ni calor ni luces artificiales?", explica este tailandés en su tienda en la localidad de Phong Phisai, frente al río Mekong. El fenómeno del "bang fai phaya nak" ("bolas de fuego del gigante naga", en tailandés) coincide con el fin del Vassa, también conocido como la cuaresma budista, en la que los monjes se retiran a sus templos durante la época del monzón. Algunas fuentes populares señalan que el naga lanza las bolas incandescentes para saludar a Buda en su visita a la Tierra al finalizar el Vassa, que dura unos tres meses entre julio y octubre, en función del calendario lunar (...)"

Ver en ABC.

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Why did dinosaurs grow to such a large size?

The key to explaining why some dinosaurs were so big may lie in the structure of their bones and joints. Scientists have long pondered over what made ...

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'Reverse microwave' invented

A new device has been developed that is able to chill wine and fizzy drinks in a matter of seconds. Microwaves revolutionized cooking when they first ...

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26 oct. 2013

Very scary--let's hope this one is fake.

This is the first time I have seen a video of anything that looked like this. If it's real, you'd think that most of its life would be, to say the least, inconvenient. But who am I to say, your mere Out There editor? Whatever this is, it qualifies as being 'out there,' no question about that. I've sent the link to our video experts and will add their responses.

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Argentina: The Possible Resemblance of Humanoids in the Torrent Case (1965) to Mythical Models in the Social Mindset of Corrientes

Argentina: The Possible Resemblance of Humanoids in the Torrent Case (1965) to Mythical Models in the Social Mindset of Corrientes

By Andrés Salvador

In January 1965, at Estación Torrent, located in the General Alvear Department of the Province of Corrientes (Argentina) a possible incident involving humanoid beings took place, which would have significant media impact and in the literature on the UFO phenomenon.

Subsequent investigation by Roberto Banchs permits establishing a major discrepancy between the experiences of the eyewitnesses and their information on the event. In order to contribute elements that contribute toward an explanation of this difference, what we propose to do here is examine the possible similarity between these humanoids and the mythic models that persist in the social mindset of Corrientes, and their influence in the construction of the encounter narrative.

The Incident at Torrent. There are several versions of the events at Torrent, two of which are found in Antonio Ribera’s book America y los Ovnis (1974) from which we take, for illustrative purposes, the one presented originally in the bulletin of the Comisión Observadora de Objetos Voladores No Identificados (CODOVNI) in Buenos Aires, whose correspondent in Corrientes – Rialto Flores – had spoken with Carlos Souriou, brother to one of the protagonists:

“This is Mr. Souriou’s account. That night, his older brother and some farm workers went out on a tatú (armadillo) hunt, and upon returning home they saw some shapes in the darkness. They were short, standing a meter and a half more or less, prompting one farm worker to tell the brother: “They’re midgets, boss – let’s hack them down with our machetes.” Drawing his machete, he tried to attack the “midgets” when something strange occurred at that very moment. The farm worker’s arm was rendered paralyzed and the “midgets” increased their size up to 2.50 meters, more or less. Then the brother fired his .22 caliber rifle at them, prompting another mystery to occur: no bullet left the barrel, despite the fact that the rifle had never failed him before. He says he tried to eject the bullet from the chamber and it wouldn’t come out.

Now defenseless, the men ran back to the farm house and locked themselves in. Another mystery still: A bright light came in from the outside through the wooden walls, lighting up the interior. The younger brother nearly went insane with fear, experiencing a nervous breakdown and causing the others to cover him with boxes so he wouldn’t see the light. After a while, thinking that the “critters” – as the farmhands called them -- had dispersed, the older brother went outside to start the pickup truck parked outside the house. He saw no one. Upon reaching the vehicle, he was surrounded by figures that appeared out of nowhere. The brother ran toward the house, pursued by the beings, and the farmhands, hearing the rush, and thinking it was the “critters”, shut the doors, leaving the older Souriou brother outside. He shouted and the workers opened the door, just as one of the beings reached him and ran a hand right through his abdomen and waist as he jumped inside and the door was again shut.

After a long time, they went out again. The farmhands lay down in the pickup truck and they drove to another farm that the family owned nearby. Since the farmhands no longer wanted to return to the property, it was necessary to transfer them to another farm, and to fire another because his fear was too great. While they were locked in, the farmhands promised myriads of candles to the saints for their deliverance. Souriou added that maybe the giants were lying down or seated at first, and then stood up. He says that their eyes, perhaps, could have been reflective. We must bear in mind that they mocked them mercilessly; he added that words cannot express the horrible moments they experienced. At no time did they see any vehicle. The hand that touched one of the men wasn’t like a human one. It seemed to be made of hair something similar. He can’t explain it.”
(Ribera, 1974: 85-87).

Roberto Banchs’s Inquest. In an article published with the title “Torrent, Cts: Estuvieron los Marcianos “ (Torrent, Corrientes: The Martians Were Here), Roberto Banchs (2012) presents the results of an investigation done in 1992, which took him to scene of the events, and to interview Luis Hector Soriou, witness in the case, and Carlos Soriou, alleged source of the information provided by Flores. There emerges a contrast between the information promoted about the matter and the eyewitness accounts: “The Torrent Incident also cautions us about the careless handling of information and the way in which rumors are spread. It is precisely from having seen some lights and shapes at a distance, and the remarks made about them in a distant rural community, gleaned by a local newspaper, without fact-checking or ascertaining the events. Having astonished their readership, the tendrils of this misinformation would spread throughout the world (…). The information recorded by the witnesses is so poor that we can barely support what was described: shapes and uncertain lights in the distance, in the dense thicket surround a lagoon. Inside the house, frightened people informed by the fact – at the time – that flying saucers turned up everywhere.” (Banchs, 2012).

A social construct of reality in the Torrent Case. The results of Banch’s investigation lead us to wonder if the discrepancy between the information conveyed and the eyewitness accounts obtained make it necessary – as a function of reality being a social construct – to heed the mythological theory of the cosmos (Berger and Luckmann, 2011: 216) that could serve as the matrix for the Torrent Case.

According to Julio Cesar Espinola and Luis G. Acosta Rivellini: “The society of Corrientes Province had (and still displays) all of the signs of a traditional society at the level of social stratification, the preservation of strong historical traditions and the traits of a culture with unmistakable, unique characteristics.” (Espinola-Acosta Rivellini, 1993: 190). It is possible that we may be facing a process that is characteristic of traditional societies, one through which – according to Mircea Eliade – the popular memory is hardly able to remember recent events and genuine figures, reduces events into categories and individuals into archetypes, so that “the historical figure is assimilated to his or her mythical model (the hero, etc.) while the event is included in the category of mythical events (struggle with the monster, enmity between brothers, etc.).” (Eliade, 1985:46).

Of course, the concept of assimilation in Eliade’s terms remains troublesome, since other factors were present in the Torrent Case, such as the incidence of the secularization process that characterizes the transition of a traditional society to a modern one (Germani, 1979:89-168) and the emergence of typical elements of modern life in a rural setting (Recasens Siches, 1958:442-450) and the ensuing resistance and conflict (Germani, 1979:144-149). A certain awareness of the UFO phenomenon is evident in the case (Ribera, 1974: 84).

Humanoids and Mythical Models. The mythological background of Corrientes, according to Alfredo Vara, follows a process of syncretism between the old animist traditions of the Guaraní peoples and Christian beliefs, one “with strong underlying animist components and a multitude of Medieval Christian beliefs, closely tied to daily life and nature,” which result in “an anonymous, collective spiritual structure that turned into the popular peasant religiosity of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries in a considerable portion of the River Plate Basin.” (Vara, 1985: 28).

We must be mindful of this background when analyzing the possible assimilation of the humanoids, identified as “Martians” (Ribera, 1974:84) in constructing the narrative of the case, in what can be understood as a masking of a mythical figure, mythical models that persist in the social mindset of Corrientes (Castoriadis, 2007) that informs that background.

For this reason, we will point out the following among the isomorphism that can be established between humanoids and mythical figures such as the Pombero, the Yasy Yateré, the Curupí, and the Pora. In doing this we will employ the trichotomies of classes of signs proposed by Charles S. Peirce, as used by Martha Blanche in her irreplaceable book Estructuras del Miedo – Narrativas Folkloricas Guanariticas (Structures of Fear – Guarani Folkloric Narratives, 1982:44):

1. Iconic Level – The manner in which the mythical figure is perceived: Torrent Case (CT): Humanoids initially perceived as “short bundles”, meter and a half tall “midgets” who subsequently expand to 2.50 meters more or less, their hands were not like “ours, seemed made of hair or something like it.” Folk Mythology (FM): The Pombero is generally small and hairy, but is sometimes described as tall, and at times perceived as a bundle (Blache, 1982:51). The Yasí Yateré is a small being (Blache, 1982:64); the Curupí is a tiny being (Blache, 1982:76); The Pora is described as a bundle (Blache, 1982;85)

2. Indicative Level – How it acts: Torrents Case (CT): In the presence of the humanoids, the arm of the farmhand who tries to accost them with a machete is paralyzed; the rifle fired against them jams; they are associated with a light that “lights everything through wooden walls”; they chase and try to catch one of the witnesses. Folk Mythology (FM): The Pombero may display an aggressive behavior (Blache, 1982: 53); The Yasy Yateré can implement destructive or annihilating force (Blache, 1982: 66), the aggressive conduct of the Pora is motivated because the recipient opens fire against it and among the responses to this, the Pora may pursue him and instill fear (Blache, 1982: 86).

3. Symbolic Level – How the interviewee assesses it: CT: The humanoids cause fear, are called “critters” by the farmhands, their hands “are not like ours”. FM: The Pombero presents human shapes and characteristics but is sometimes shown as an animal, described as a hairy being (Blache, 1982: 56); The Yasy Yateré can be very bad (Blache, 1982: 69).

Nighttime and the tatú hunt. In the CT, the events occurred at night. “They saw some shapes in the darkness”. This is precisely the actuating factor that contributes to perceiving the Pombero, also known as the Caraí Phujaré = Lord of Night (Blache, 1982: 51 and 52). In the dark: “shapes become confused and indefinite (…) has connotations of quiet and loneliness and provokes associations with hours and places that meet these characteristics, such as the wilderness, siesta, streams or tree hollows. The night is mystery, the right time for hearing strange noises (…) it is very odd to see the Pombero by day.” (Blache, 1982:52-53). The night is also the supporting moment for seeing the Pora (Blache, 1982: 85). Even when siesta time is an actuating factor in the case of the Yasy Yateré, it is a Guaraní term that means “fragment of the moon” (Blache, 1982: 63).

It is no less interesting that the protagonists were on their way back from a tatú hunt, and this is because it remands us to the tutelary role of the wild and its fauna with certain characteristics, such as the Caá Pora, which can appear as a woman or a man (Perkins Hidalgo, 1987: 18). Juan B. Ambrosetti writes: “In Goyaz (…) the Indians also have a legend about the Caá-Pora. When the find a swarm of wild pigs and exterminate them, the Caá Pora appears, riding on the very last pig, and upon seeing it, the slayers are rendered idiots for the rest of their lives, so they take great care against killing off the wild pigs, and always leave a few alive. This is a very wise legend, as it tries to put a halt to the complete destruction of an animal.” (Ambrosetti, 1947:46).

Conclusion. From the foregoing it emerges that in an initial approach to the subject, it becomes possible to establish in the Torrent Case (CT) a relative isomorphism at each of the analyzed levels between the humanoids identified as “Martians” and the mythical figures, probably shielded behind them, which subsist as models. Despite the problematic nature of the assimilation, the interest that this holds for the empirical investigation of a case, and the knowledge of the symbolic universe that lends it legitimacy, is significant. (Berger and Luckmann, 2011: 229).


Ambrosetti, Juan B. 1947: Supersticiones y Leyendas. Buenos Aires, ed. Pingüino-Lautaro, 1947.

Banchs, Roberto 2012: Cts.: Estuvieron los Marcianos.

Banchs, Roberto 1994: fenómenos aéreos inusuales – Un enfoque biopsicosocial.

Buenos Aires, ed. Leuka, 1994.

Berger, L. Peter y Luckmann, Thomas 2011: La construcción social de la realidad.

Buenos Aires, ed. Amorrortu, Spanish trans. by Silvia Zuleta, 2011.

Blache, Martha 1982: Estructuras del miedo.Buenos Aires, ed. Plus Ultra, 1982.

Castoriadis, Cornelius 2007: La institución imaginaria de la sociedad.

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Eliade, Mircea 1985: El mito del eterno retorno.

Barcelona, ed. Planeta-Agostini, Spanish trans. by Ricardo Anaya, 1985.

Espinola, J. Cesar y Acosta Rivellini, Luis G. 1993: Percepciones sobre la realidad política y social de Corrientes. In Revista de Estudios Regionales, Segunda época, Nº 2, October 1993, pp. 189-205.

Germani, Gino 1979: Política y sociedad en una época de transición. Buenos Aires, ed. Paidos, 1979.

Perkins Hidalgo, Guillermo 1987: Leyendas y supersticiones del Iberá. In Corrientes entre la leyenda y la tradición, Todo es Historia, Capitulo 7, Buenos Aires, October 1987, pp.14-34.

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Ribera, Antonio 1974: América y los OVNIS. México, ed. Posada, Serie La Otra Cara - Colección Duda Semanal 95, 1974.

Vara, Alfredo 1985: Corrientes en el mundo guaranítico. Todo es Historia, Capitulo 3, Buenos Aires, August 1985.

[Andrés Salvador is an Attorney and Professor of Law. He is interested in Symbolic Thought and in the context of its social loss and its consequences. He is likewise devoted to the study of the persistence of mythological thought and its relationship with the UFO phenomenon. He manages the OVNIS en Corrientes blog - http://ovnisencorrientes.blogspot.com.ar/ - which presents articles and information on the phenomenon and its manifestations in that Province. He also runs the Café Ufológico de Corrientes and is also a member of the Acadèmie d'Ufologie in France.

Currently, he is compiling a catalogue of cases recorded in the Province of Corrientes between 1947 and 2001]

(Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology)

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Cassini photographs Titan's land of lakes

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured an image showing lakes dotted over the surface of Titan. The thick atmosphere of the Saturnian moon covers up t...

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Giant mirrors light up Norwegian town

The town of Rjukan is completely surrounded by tall hills, cutting off direct sunlight during the winter. Residents of the town are so deprived of sun...

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Japan test fires asteroid 'space cannon'

The Japanese space agency is hoping to blast a hole in an asteroid to find out what it's made of. The groundbreaking space weapon will be launched as ...

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25 oct. 2013

Unknowncountry Weekender: Rivers of death and silent seas

Rivers of death and silent seas

Millions of fish are dying in rivers all over the planet and no valid explanation has been given. The reports have come in from every corner of the world, from Sweden to South Korea, and appear only to be connected by the bizarre nature of the phenomena.

The list below is compiled by Michael Snyder (former Washington D.C. attorney, publisher of 'The Truth' ezine and author of 'The Beginning Of The End'), and details die-off events occurring worldwide over the course of JUST ONE MONTH this summer:

July 18, 2013: 20 acres of fish ponds full of dead fish in Shandong, China

July 18, 2013: Hundreds of dead Stingrays wash ashore in Veracruz, Mexico

read more

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4000-year-old Egyptian tomb discovered

Archaeologists have located the tomb of a physician who would have once served the pharoahs. The tomb was found underneath a dense layer of rubble at ...

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Mysterious hum could be mating fish

Local authorities have been investigating a strange and pervasive humming noise in Southampton. The sound is so pervasive and so annoying that some re...

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Flying grim reaper chases people in park

Prankster Tom Mabe sent joggers running for their lives with his latest Halloween-themed contraption. You'd be forgiven for being more than a little c...

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Higgs, Englert y el CERN reciben el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de Investigación

El CERN recibirá hoy, junto a Peter Higgs y Françoise Englert, el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de Investigación Científica y Técnica "por la predicción teórica y la detección experimental del bosón de Higgs". El director general del CERN, Rolf Heuer, aceptará el prestigioso premio en representación del Laboratorio Europeo de Física de Partículas durante una ceremonia que se celebrará en el Teatro Campoamor de Oviedo.

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A Photo of Ultimate Evil

I came across this photo of Hermann Goering in the dock at the Nuremberg Trials, and I was very struck by it. This was one of the most terrible human beings who ever lived, and what he was is captured with great power in this photo. The eyes speak defiance, inner sadness and dark knowledge. The lips attempt the smile of the innocent, which only reveals the guilt he actually feels more clearly.

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24 oct. 2013

They Shoot Math Teachers, Don't They?

The past week has yielded two more school shootings, and both of the staff members who were killed in the attacks were teachers of mathematics. In Danvers, Massachusetts, a 14 year old boy, Philip Chism, has been arrested on a murder charge after the body of a young math teacher, Colleen Ritzer, was found in a wooded area behind the high school where she worked.

Two days earlier, math teacher Michael Landsberry was shot and killed by a student in Sparks, Nevada. Landberry was an ex-military veteran who had served two tours in Afghanistan with the Nevada National Guard - how ironic that he should survive his military service only to be 'killed in action' as an 8th grade school teacher.

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Amazon rainforest home to 441 new species

Expeditions over the last four years have uncovered a treasure trove of previously undiscovered species. A new species of monkey was among the discove...

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Astronomers find 'most distant' galaxy

An international team of astronomers has detected a galaxy that is 30 billion light years away. The galaxy was found using the Hubble Space Telescope ...

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Company offers balloon trips in to space

An Arizona firm called 'World View' is offering tourists the chance to ride in to space aboard a balloon. An offshoot of the Paragon Space Development...

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Find out about William Henry's Secrets of Stargate Egypt Course!

Wednesday October 23, 2013

William Henry is preparing for his online webinar, SECRETS OF STARGATE EGYPT: The Original Mystery School.

Join him for a revelation of startling truths encoded in Egyptian 'stargate art' that will illuminate your path and

expand your consciousness.

The online event takes place October 25-27, 2014. Register today and participate in the live event or download it and watch

it later at your convenience.

This special online course is composed of rare photos taken by William during his many tours of Egypt

(much of it unpublished anywhere) and ancient Egyptian artwork. He presents the next level of our

understanding of ancient Egyptian beliefs.

read more

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23 oct. 2013

Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

October 25, 2013

Did a delegation of US military personnel really visit another planet back in the 1960? Was this journey the secret inspiration for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind? This week on Dreamland, we explore these questions with UFO researcher Len Kasten, who has found some provocative evidence that this legendary journey might actually have taken place.

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Is vision a quantum experience?

Is vision a quantum experience?

What is consciousness? It is a term which is liberally used in these so-called 'enlightened' times, when we use it to describe developing spiritual awareness. In physical terms, one might describe it as the presence of life, and what our brain perceives, which would be a reasonable assumption. What we may not be aware of, however, are the limitations of our brain, how 'conscious' perception affects what we perceive, and how we perceive it.

On a daily basis, the brain processes a huge amount of information, only a fraction of which we are actually aware of; consequently it is almost impossible to determine what remains stored in our sub-conscious.

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Bright UFO descends over Iceland town

Time lapse footage of a town in Iceland has captured an eerie object descending from the heavens. Bjarki Mikkelsen had recorded the video in the town ...

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Beijing to test giant smog pollution vacuum

A novel new technique for dealing with smog is to be trialled in one of China's largest cities. Pollution has become increasingly problematic in China...

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Extrasolar planet tally reaches 1,000

Since 1992 the number of planets discovered orbiting distant stars has been growing exponentially. The grand total stands at 1,010 confirmed extrasola...

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Wed 23 Oct 2013 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Man dressed as ghost tries to rob off licence, gold grows on trees, dragon flies over Cornwall, plus Jon Pertwee: Secret Agent and Zippy the limpet

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22 oct. 2013

Abnormal 'Fire Cloud' forming over Australian bush fires

Abnormal 'Fire Cloud' forming over Australian bush fires

The fires currently searing through the Australian bush between Lithgow and Bilpin could create an unusual cloud formation known as a 'Fire Cloud' or pyrocumulus, predict fire analysts. The unique weather phenomenon only forms when areas of intense heat, such as bush fires or volcanoes, meet with an unstable atmosphere.

As fires burn, the hot air generated rises in a huge column upwards, with the space underneath being filled by cooler air, a process producing a convection column. The hot-air columns created can be extremely large and can rise high into the atmosphere carrying a large amounts of water vapour - one of the main combustion products of fire.

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Increased sightings force Peruvian Air Force to re-open UFO department

Increased sightings force Peruvian Air Force to re-open UFO department

After its closure in 2006, the Peruvian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea del Perú, or FAP) has taken the decision to resurrect its Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA) due to the increasing number of UFO reports occurring in the country.

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Encuentran un nuevo ejemplar de extraño pez remo que midió 4,3 metros de largo

"Un nuevo ejemplar de un pez remo de 4,3 metros de largo fue encontrado varado en una playa en las costas de California, EEUU, atrayendo a gran cantidad de turistas al lugar.

La criatura marina también conocida como pez sable se suma a la que la semana pasada recuperó del fondo marino un buzo del Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI), aunque ésta medía más de 5 metros.

En esta oportunidad, funcionarios de la Administración Nacional Oceánica y Atmosférica NOAA) recuperaron el cadáver de esta "serpiente marina" para analizarla. El ejemplar encontrado la semana pasada también se fue a un laboratorio para realizarle exámenes.

Esta particular especie tiene un cuerpo largo y un esqueleto compuesto de huesos en vez de cartílago, puede llegar a medir hasta 15 metros y habita a unos 3.000 pies de profundidad, por lo que sus avistamientos son escasos y no se sabe mucho de ellos.

Debido a esta extraña apariencia, la mayoría de las leyendas de monstruos marinos se han originado con sus avistamientos."

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Iranian fighter jet UFO encounters revealed

Iran's combat aircraft pilots have had more than their fair share of close encounters over the years. While the interception of drones by military air...

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Haunted worker hires ghost hunting team

A health employee in Montana was reprimanded after hiring a team to investigate her haunted office. The woman had been so convinced that her office at...

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New methods could halt the dying process

The exact point at which a person is dead and beyond resuscitation is becoming increasingly blurred. As scientists learn more about the point at which...

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Un experimento en una cafetería confirma una reducción de toxinas del 90% tras la ley antitabaco

Investigadores del centro IDAEA (CSIC) han medido en una cafetería de Barcelona la concentración de compuestos nocivos antes y después de la ley antitabaco. Los resultados revelan que las sustancias tóxicas y carcinogénicas se redujeron un 90%, un dato que coincide con el del último informe del Ministerio de Sanidad.

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Se inaugura el radiotelescopio Jorge Juan en Yebes

La instalación permitirá medir distancias de miles de kilómetros con gran precisión, analizar los movimientos de las placas tectónicas y ayudará al estudio de terremotos.

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21 oct. 2013

El caza supersónico español, digo… egipcio

200px-Helwan_H-300.svgLa Europa inmediatamente posterior a la Segunda Guerra Mundial era lugar peligroso y contradictorio. Mientras se juzgaban los crímenes del nazismo en Alemania y en las áreas anteriormente ocupadas por los alemanes, las grandes potencias se repartían un botín muy valioso. Se trataba de los proyectos militares alemanes, tecnología de todo tipo y los científicos e ingenieros germanos que eran reclutados forzosamente para trabajar para Rusia o los Estados Unidos independientemente de la oscuridad de su pasado.

Sin embargo, un genio de la aviación alemana fue a terminar trabajando para España. Se trataba de Willy Messerschmitt . En su juventud, tras la Primera Guerra Mundial y todavía siendo estudiante, creó su primera empresa de construcción de aviones. Eran naves pequeñas, artesanales y deportivas, poca cosa. Pero por algo se empieza y, pronto, sus diseños aeronáuticos comenzaron a llamar la atención. Finalizando los años veinte del siglo pasado Messerschmitt ya contaba con diseños sobresalientes en la aviación de línea. Pero fue la Segunda Guerra Mundial el triste marco que le permitió desarrollar completamente sus ideas. Consiguió contratos millonarios para fabricar los más exitosos cazas alemanes de la guerra y, además, fue impulsor sin par de los comienzos de la aviación a reacción.

Acabada la guerra cayó en desgracia, por así decirlo, aunque lo que sucedió fue que Europa estaba hundia y no había tiempo ni dinero para imaginarios aviones a reacción en un escenario en el que la destrucción lo ocupaba todo. Bien pudo haber acabado como ingeniero en los Estados Unidos o en Rusia, pero su destino fue singular y poco común. Tras un juicio en el que fue encontrado culpable de uso de mano de obra esclava durante la guerra y tras su posterior proceso de “desnazificación” pudo, tras pasar un breve periodo de tiempo en prisión, retomar las riendas de su empresa pero, ay, no se le podía ocurrir fabricar aviones, lo tenía prohibido. Messerschmitt aceptó entonces un encargo del gobierno español, allá por el año 1952. La petición partía de la empresa Hispano Aviación , compañía que, desde Sevilla, se esforzaba por dar vida a arriesgados aviones, avanzados para su tiempo, incluso a pesar de la falta de recursos a su disposición. En la Hispano Aviación trabajó Messerschmitt, de nuevo con su inventiva al máximo de potencia, para dar forma a aviones asombrosos como el HA-200 Saeta , el primer reactor fabricado en España.

Ah pero, no quedaba la cosa ahí. El gobierno quería tener un avión supersónico, ahí es nada. Nació así el proyecto HA-300 , una pequeña fantasía que, de haber llegado a buen puerto, hubiera puesto al Ejército del Aire español en lo más puntero de su tiempo. Messerschmitt y sus colaboradores diseñaron una máquina muy ágil, un caza polivalente de gran simplicidad, relativamente barato en su construcción pero, a la vez, con capacidad de vuelo supersónico sostenido. El objetivo era construir gran número de aparatos totalmente en España, más que nada porque en plena autarquía por el bloqueo internacional, al régimen de Franco no le quedaba otra que tirar con lo que podía encontrar en casa. Pero las cosas cambiaron pronto debido a la Guerra Fría. Los Estados Unidos a finales de los cincuenta ya comenzaban a ofrecer ayuda militar a España y pronto eso se tradujo en la posibilidad de comprar aviones americanos a un coste asumible, cosa que dejaba el desarrollo del HA-300 en pausa.

No habiendo pasado de simple prototipo, el HA-300 se convirtió en el Helwan HA-300, el primer avión supersónico de Egipto (técnicamente habría que decir de la República Árabe Unida, pues por entonces Egipto y Siria formaron una asociación de efímera vida). Vamos, que la Hispano Aviación llegó a un acuerdo con los egipcios para venderles el diseño de Messerschmitt y lograr así que el avión fuera desarrollado en terreno africano. En 1969, el que debió ser el primer avión supersónico construido en España se convirtió en una colección de tres prototipos egipcios que apenas volaron porque, otra vez, el conflicto entre bloques se colocó en medio. Los rusos ofrecieron su ayuda militar a Egipto y, claro, más vale MiG volando que cien diseños de Messerschmitt en el taller. Ahí, a finales de los sesenta, acabó la licencia que compró Egipto a la Hispano Aviación para construir los supersónicos HA-300.

Como cierre de esta historia, quiero traer aquí tres bellas fotografías que ha recopilado Kev´s Military Aviation Pics del planeador de demostración del que iba a ser futuro HA-300 con los colores del Ejército del Aire. Desconozco la procedencia original de las mismas pues, por degracia, no aparecía cita alguna.


El caza supersónico español, digo… egipcio apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 21 octubre 2013.

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INEXPLICATA: UFOs in History: Latin America and Spain.

We are pleased to present the final installment of the INEXPLICATA series of monographs: UFOs in History - Latin America and Spain, which rounds out the information we wanted to make available to the public in a more accessible form than random entries scattered across the Internet. UFOs in History is by no means exhaustive and is simply a quick reference guide, giving the reader an idea of the wealth of cases available to researchers in Spanish-speaking regions of the world, going back to Colonial times in the Americas, and prehistoric times in Spain. While it borrows sections from other works that are no longer in print (i.e. Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico) there is enough new material to make it a worthwhile read. We invite our readers to stop by http://www.scribd.com/doc/176266394/INEXPLICATA-UFOs-in-Latin-America-and-Spain for a look!

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PROGRAMA 175 - Inquietantes humanoides Vol.3 - Mean Men

Vuelven los humanoides, vuelve la casuística que más nos gusta. Primero Dani nos hablará de un "hombre cerdo" que causaba el terror en una escuela primaria. Edgar por su parte nos hablará de la leyenda del "Michigan Dogman" y para terminar Álex nos lleva a Malasia, dónde descubriremos al impresentable Orang Minyak, el "hombre grasiento". Tipos chungos. No os lo perdáis.



Do we now have a date for Doomsday?

Do we now have a date for Doomsday?

Prophets and soothsayers have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years, with possible extinction-level events cited as super-volcanoes or earthquakes, giant solar flares, pollution, plague and pestilence, and the favourite of the 20th century, nuclear war. There is no doubt that planet Earth is currently under-going what Confucius would describe as 'interesting times', with all of these proposed threats simmering away ominously in the background as we continue our ordinary lives. One of the other threats which could end Life as we know it, and one which has been credited with extinguishing the dinosaurs millions of years ago, is if the Earth was to be struck by a sizeable asteroid, and it is this scenario which could occur in the not-too-distant future.

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Nueva metodología 'verde' para medir los metales en la flora

Científicos de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) han desarrollado un nuevo método para la determinación directa del contenido de níquel y hierro en muestras sólidas medioambientales, como plantas y líquenes. La técnica, además de introducir significativas mejoras respecto a otros ya existentes, sigue la filosofía de la química 'verde' o sostenible, al minimizar el uso de compuestos corrosivos y la producción de residuos.

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First complete 'bionic man' unveiled

A robot made entirely out of artificial body parts has been revealed at a museum in Washington. Complete with a human-like face and the ability to tal...

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Museum lab investigates Britain's X-Files

Laboratories at the Natural History Museum in London have been tasked with investigating odd discoveries. The Identification and Advisory Service is t...

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Holy man's dream sparks treasure hunt

A 19th century fort in northern India could be home to more than 1,000 tons of treasure worth billions. The story centers around Hindu swami Shobhan S...

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Payaso mata a Rafael Arellano Félix, líder del cartel de Tijuana

"Familiares de Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix, de 63 años, lo identificaron ayer como la persona que fue ejecutada la noche del viernes en un exclusivo local de fiestas en el corredor turístico de Los Cabos, reveló la Procuraduría General de Justicia en Baja California Sur, México.

En un comunicado oficial, la Procuraduría precisó que familiares de la víctima se presentaron ante el Ministerio Público del fuero común para la identificación de Ley, mientras las labores de investigación para dar con el presunto homicida continúan.

"La persona que perdiera la vida la noche de este viernes en el lugar conocido como "Casa Océano" ubicado en sobre el corredor turístico Cabo San Lucas, en San José del Cabo, fue identificado ante el Ministerio Público del Fuero Común Especializado en Homicidio Doloso Zona Sur por sus familiares como él quien en vida llevara por nombre Francisco Rafael Arellano Félix, de 63 años de edad", precisa el documento.

La dependencia detalló que a las 20:00 horas del pasado viernes 18 recibieron el reporte de que un hombre vestido de payaso disparó contra una persona en el interior del exclusivo local de fiestas "Ocean House", en Cabo San Lucas.

Aunque la Procuraduría no dio detalles sobre los hechos de manera oficial, fuentes cercanas a la dependencia indican que en el lugar se celebraba una fiesta infantil con más de un centenar de invitados, quienes en su mayoría presenciaron cuando un hombre vestido de payaso se acercó a Arellano Félix y le disparó a la cabeza (...)"

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Pescaron una carpa que pesa más de 60 kilos

"El turista británico Keith Williams, pescó una carpa gigante de unos 60.78 kilógramos de peso mientras vacacionaba por su cumpleaños 56 en Tailandia.

Stuart Gillham, propietario del complejo pesquero en Krabi, donde Williams se hospedaba, contó que el turista dijo a su mujer que podía "sentir en los huesos" que ese día pescaría algo especial, y lo logró.

A Keith Williams le llevó unos 25 minutos de forcejeo para lograr sacar el pez del agua con su caña de pescar.

El anterior récord anterior lo tenía Terry Mather, quien atrapó una carpa siamesa de 51 kilos. La presente hazaña todavía debe ser corroborada por los expertos en récords, informa Huffington Post."

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Dormir permite limpieza del cerebro, revela una investigación

"Dormir permite al cerebro limpiarse de los residuos acumulados durante la víspera gracias a un mecanismo descubierto recientemente, y que está sobre todo activo durante el sueño, mostró una investigación publicada este jueves.

Al igual que un portero que barre los pasillos cuando la luz se apaga, en el cerebro se producen mientras dormimos grandes cambios que le permiten expulsar la basura y alejar la enfermedad.

Este descubrimiento podría hacer avanzar la comprensión de las funciones biológicas del sueño, explicaría porqué pasamos un tercio de nuestras vidas durmiendo y podría permitir encontrar tratamientos contra enfermedades neurológicas como el Alzheimer, estiman los investigadores cuyo trabajo aparece publicado esta jueves en la revista estadounidense Science.

“Esta investigación muestra que el cerebro tiene diferentes estados de funcionamiento durante los períodos de vigilia y sueño”, explica el doctor Maiken Nedergaard, de la facultad de medicina de la Universidad de Rochester (Nueva York, noreste), el principal autor del estudio.

“De hecho, la naturaleza recuperadora del sueño resultaría de la eliminación de estos residuos producidos por la actividad neuronal que se acumulan durante el período de vigilia”, añade.

Para este trabajo de limpieza el cerebro utiliza un sistema único llamado “glinfático”, de alta actividad durante el sueño y que permite limpiar la mayor parte de toxinas responsables de enfermedades como el Alzheimer u otras patologías neurológicas. Este sistema se encuentra diez veces más activo durante el sueño que mientras estamos despiertos (...)"

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Académico afirma que Jesús fue un engaño romano

"Un erudito histórico afirma haber encontrado pruebas de que la historia de Jesús, como se describe en el Nuevo Testamento, es una ficción, y que las afirmaciones históricas sobre Jesús fueron realmente creadas por los aristócratas romanos para controlar a los pobres.

Según una noticia en The Independent:

“Joseph Atwill, que es el autor de un libro titulado ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’, afirma que el cristianismo no comenzó como una religión, sino en realidad fue un sofisticado ejercicio de propaganda del gobierno que se utilizó para calmar a los sujetos de la Romana Empire”.

El acercamiento de Atwill a Jesús, por supuesto, no es nuevo. En 1844 el famoso Karl Marx declaró la religión como el opio de las masas. La historia está llena de escépticos, librepensadores, ateos, agnósticos y otros escépticos que han cuestionado la doctrina religiosa y el dogma.

Las afirmaciones de Atwill se basan en lo que describió como paralelos importantes y reveladores entre un relato en primera persona de la Judea del siglo I (una antigua provincia romana ahora parte de Israel y Palestina) y el Nuevo Testamento (...)"

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