30 may. 2019

Átomos contra moléculas para avanzar en el control químico a escala cuántica

En la escala de los átomos y las moléculas rigen las reglas de la mecánica cuántica, un entorno en el que surgen reacciones inesperadas y muy difícil de controlar. Sin embargo, investigadores de la Universidad de Oxford han realizado un experimento, con átomos de argón chocando contra moléculas de óxido nítrico, que puede suponer un gran paso para lograrlo. Científicos españoles han presentado los cálculos computacionales que explican el proceso.
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Miden por primera vez la desintegración de uno de los principales productos de la fisión nuclear

Investigadores del Instituto de Física Corpuscular han publicado el primer estudio de la desintegración beta de isótopos del niobio. Este tipo de desintegración es un proceso fundamental para entender lo que pasa dentro de un reactor nuclear y el niobio es uno de los elementos más desconocidos y difíciles de medir durante su funcionamiento.
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El Padre Himalaya, pionero de la energía solar

29 may. 2019

Einstein tuvo razón (hace 100 años)

Se cumple el centenario del eclipse que permitió confirmar la teoría de la relatividad general. "Cada día, cuando buscamos en el mapa del teléfono móvil una trayectoria desde nuestra posición, estamos beneficiándonos de que Einstein tuviera razón al hacer una teoría tan poderosa y precisa sobre cómo es el espacio y el tiempo", explica el astofísico y divulgador Javier Armentia.
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28 may. 2019

Costa Rica: Anomaly Over the Irazu Volcano?

Source: CIAL Observación Ovni CR (Costa Rica) and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: 05.23.2019

"Good evening. We have noticed a source of illumination over the upper part of the summit, where the Irazú telecommunication towers are located. We ask any of our contacts to please assist us in ascertaining what it is."

[Oddly enough, Costa Rica's "La Nación" newspaper mentioned the possible relocation of these eighty-four telecommunication towers to other parts of the country due to the constant avalanches near the summit of the mountain. The news item goes on to say: "This is the order handed down by the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE - National Emergency Committee) following a diagnosis of cracks in the vicinity of the giant peak, arising from a visit by several experts this month (January 23, 2017). A photo of the towers in question appears below -- SC]

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Argentina: Are UFOs Flying Over Vaca Muerta?

Source: PLANETA UFO and Lmneuquen.com (Argentina)
Date: 05.23.2019

Argentina: Are UFOs Flying Over Vaca Muerta?

Refinery workers caused a photo allegedly showing a formation of unidentified flying objects to go viral. It is similar to a case that became known days ago on San Antonio Oeste beach.

Days ago, two co-workers were getting ready to break for lunch after a hard morning's work at a petroleum facility when they looked up and saw strange, brilliant shapes in the skies over Añelo.

A couple of photos managed to capture the moment and lead to a break room discussion. The image went viral online and unleashed a debate: Were they really UFOs flying over Vaca Muerta?

The photos taken by Miguel Vázquez show a formation similar to the one made viral by LM Neuquén concerning the events in the vicinity of the San Antonio Oeste beach. "It was a formation of objects shining in the sky. Different from anything you can see in the air," said the sighting's protagonist.

He added that this was the first time he had seen an unidentified flying object, although upon showing his photos to co-workers at the oil facility in the heart of the Neuquén Basin, he said many reported seeing similar phenomena late at night or in the morning.

"They made a formation like a triangle," Miguel told LMN. He and his colleague Eduardo managed to see the phenomenon.

He added: "It was shocking to take photos and see them at the same time. We could shake off our astonishment."

[Translation © 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Colombia: The Tatacoa Desert's Enigmatic Spaceport

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and EL TIEMPO (Colombia)
Date: 05.28.2019
An article by Julián Vivas Banguera

Colombia: The Tatacoa Desert's Enigmatic Spaceport

Orfanda Soto opens her arms and spins her body as though wanting to take flight. Her eyes are closed. The stiff March wind that shakes the dust in the Tatacoa does not even cause her to stumble. She is awaiting an unprecedented event: the sighting of an extraterrestrial craft.

The ground remains silent. The rocks of the so called "spaceport" that lie beneath the woman's feet are boiling. The site is a diameter measuring 52 meters in diameter located in the center of the desert, easily visible from the sky. Its total surface area is four times greater than that of a regular heliport and is comparable to half the size of a regulation soccer pitch.

The origin of this mysterious location at the heart of the Tatacoa goes back to 2008. According to Orfanda, it was Alfredo Agudelo Ospina from Antioquia, knowns as "Caminante del Cielo Lunar Rojo” (Red Lunar Moon Skywalker) and founder of the Kaphiro Brotherhood who suggested building the spaceport at that location.

Agudelo says that eleven years ago "cosmic beings of light" asked her to install a symbol in the heart of the Tatacoa Desert 'as a sign that their message had been received'. They told her that a spaceship from another planet would soon land in that location.

But Orfanda states that the sighting of extraterrestrial vehicles is something they have been living with for a very long time, even predating the creation of the "ufoport". "The first spaceship landed 16 years ago. I was in my bathroom and I headed out for the desert the moment I saw it. It was an immense thing. Later, from one minute to the next, a ball of blue flame landed on my shoulder. My husband and children ran out when they heard me screaming, but the spaceship had already gone by then," says the woman as she raises her eyes to the sky.

The mysteries concealed behind the desert mountains are not a source of fear for this Catholic matron, who grew up under the cold nights of the Tatacoa. Her parents, two peasants who farmed the arid soil inherited from their forebears, told her tales of other alleged UFO sightings in the area belonging to the municipality of Villavieja, Huila.

It was a night in 1960 when - according to Orfanda - she saw 'an immense fireball' while in the company of her parents. "They had sent me to cut cane for the horses. When I left the house, I saw the flame and screamed. At that time they admitted that so many things were seen in the Tatacoa Desert that it was best not to pay them any mind." She later adds, with a certain air of stoicism, "It has never scared me to live in this area, because we were taught to be brave, to face things."

This short matron with the pronounced Huilan accent is one of the largest landowners in the entire Tatacoa desert. Her family owns a vast tourist complex that welcomes thousands of visitors who come to the area looking for adventure. Many others arrive interested in learning the mysteries that surround Colombia's only 'ufoport'.

In fact, several tourists remarked that the night they camped in the heart of the alien spacecraft landing platform, they had seen "strange looking humanoids". Others claimed having heard the inconsolable weeping of an entity that has yet to be identified.

Nestor Gutierrez was eleven years old when he saw an alleged UFO for the first time. Orfanda's son says it was around eight o'clock at night, while stargazing, that a light moving in the sky turned into two objects with flashing lights, forming a sort of rainbow. "The lights of the craft began turning on and off for approximately fifteen minutes. I ran to the house, called my mother, and the object's lights began to dim. Everything went dark and a chunk of the sky was left completely black. However, he notes that unlike his brothers, he has never seen a spaceship land in the desert.

According to statements by several members of the Gutierrez Soto family, less than ten years ago "a three-legged spaceship landed at the ufoport and then descended into the ground without leaving any trace whatsoever." The event caused dozens of local residents to show up at the site with shovels, looking for the treasure allegedly left behind by the putative extraterrestrial beings.

"This fact shows that we are on top of another world. There could be a spaceship below us or even more people. There's something there," says Orfanda as she points to the pile of rocks on the ground that trace the circles of Nicholas Roerich's Banner of Peace, for the benefit of the sky.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez)

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22 may. 2019

Mexico: Strange Object Flies Over Volcano Crater

Source: El Heraldo de México and Planeta UFO
Date: 05.21.2019

Mexico: Strange Object Flies Over Volcano Crater

Mysterious object captured near the Popocatepetl Volcano
Luminous object flies over the Popocatépetl crater; some think it could be a UFO.

A video was shared via Twitter showing a luminous object passing over the Popocatépetl Volcano's crater.

The video - 27 seconds long - shows the strange object passing very near the volcano at high speed.

The images were taken on May 14 and have been disseminated via Twitter, causing astonishment and expectation.

Some believe it could be a UFO, and remarks about earlier sightings have been made on social media.

Popocatépetl is active, and the volcanic eruption marker is currently at Phase 2 - Yellow given the outgassing of water and ash.

VIDEO: https://twitter.com/i/status/1128229006489219073

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to the El Heraldo newsroom and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]
via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

21 may. 2019

Nanotubos de carbono para autentificar información y combatir falsificaciones

Investigadores de IMDEA Nanociencia han desarrollado una función físicamente no clonable (PUF, por sus siglas en inglés) basada en nanotubos de carbono para su aplicación en sistemas antifraude incorporados en circuitos electrónicos. Se trata de nanodispositivos con un patrón de conductancia único, extraordinariamente difícil de duplicar, que se puede traducir en bits de información.
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20 may. 2019

Método rápido para detectar micotoxinas en aceites vegetales

Investigadores de la Universidad de Almería han validado un procedimiento rápido, sencillo y de bajo coste para determinar sustancias producidas por hongos en aceites vegetales, detectando su presencia en el 40% de las muestras. La técnica ayuda a mejorar la seguridad alimentaria de estos productos y proporciona las herramientas necesarias para la definición de los límites permitidos en el consumo.
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16 may. 2019

El manto de la Luna asoma por su cara oculta

Las investigaciones que está realizando la misión china Chang’E-4 en la cara oculta lunar han identificado materiales que podrían haberse originado en el manto, cuya estructura llevan años tratando de desentrañar los científicos. El hallazgo se ha realizado en la gigantesca cuenca Aitken del Polo Sur, una de las mayores estructuras de impacto del sistema solar.
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La NASA planea enviar a la primera mujer a la Luna en 2024

El gobierno estadounidense ha anunciado esta semana una aportación adicional de 1.600 millones de dólares al presupuesto de la NASA, un empuje económico para que la agencia espacial estadounidense pueda volver a mandar vuelos tripulados a la Luna en 2024. El nombre de la nueva misión es Artemisa, en honor a la diosa griega hermana de Apolo, y donde se embarcará la primera mujer de la historia que pisará nuestro satélite.
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14 may. 2019

Descubiertos los ‘mamuts’ galácticos del universo joven

Investigadores del Centro de Astrobiología  y la Universidad Complutense de Madrid han descubierto algunas de las galaxias más masivas y antiguas del universo, lo que ayudará a mejorar los modelos de formación galáctica. Las observaciones se han realizado con tres de los telescopios más potentes del mundo: los espaciales Spitzer y Hubble y el terrestre Gran Telescopio Canarias.
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13 may. 2019

Argentina: A New UFO Sighting Along the Tin-Tin "Straight Segment"

Source: PLANETA UFO and InformateSalta.com.ar
Date: 05.13.2019

Argentina: A New UFO Sighting Along the Tin-Tin "Straight Segment"

The photo was taken only days ago by a couple from the Province of Buenos Aires who had decided to visit some locations around Salta and pay a visit to Cachi. When they saw some of their photos, they couldn't believe it.

It is an establish fact that many Argentineans choose to visit the country's northern regions for relaxation. Those who visit Salta often choose to tour the Valles Calchaquíes, particularly Cachi and Cafayate.

And this was precisely what Franco and Lucrecia - a couple from Buenos Aires - decided to do, renting a car and spending the weekend in Cachi, according to what they told us. Obviously, faced with such striking vistas, they took photographs as they drove.

Some of the photos were taken in the famous Recta del Tin Tin (Tin Tin Straight Segment) before reaching Cachi, where the skies, almost always clear, allow for good photography.

As they explained, they unloaded their photos from their cellphone to the computer. Some are uploaded to social media and others are kept as souvenirs. But what they saw that evening in their hotel room was stunning.

According to their testimony, it wasn't there when they looked, but the photograph clearly shows a UFO in the sky. They cannot say what it was, but there was something there.

They began researching immediately and learned that it was an area where other sightings have taken place. They also learned from local residents in Cachi that there are many stories, anecdotes and legends in this regard.

So that's why they decided to share these photos with us. As is customary in these cases, it's a matter of "believe or bust."

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]
via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

Argentina: UFO Tails Mirage Fighter.

Contributing editor Guillermo Giménez has provided us with the following image: "A very good photo of an Argentinean Air Force Mirage fighter being escorted by a UFO. The photo was taken at the Villa Reynolds Airbase, in San Luis, at 1800 hours. The fighter pilot was able to see the strange object. The photo was taken by Captain Sergio Figueroa and subjected to an exhaustive analysis by the military, ascertaining the flying object's veracity and discarding the likelihood of any conventional phenomenon and/or technical error. The reality of UFOs over our skies is undeniable. This photo appears as the cover to the book "Encuentros entre Pilotos y OVNIS en Argentina" by researcher Carlos Ferguson."
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Los datos de las misiones Apolo muestran actividad tectónica en la Luna

Los sismógrafos que colocaron los astronautas del programa Apolo en la Luna entre 1969 y 1977 registraron 28 ‘lunamotos’. Ahora, investigadores estadounidenses han contrastado aquellos datos con las imágenes de fallas captadas en 2010. Los resultados sugieren que nuestro satélite está hoy sísmicamente activo.
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10 may. 2019

Argentina: Workers Allegedly Recorded a UFO on Santiago and Laprida

Source: PLANETA UFO and ContextoTucuman.com
Date: 05.07.2019

Argentina: Workers Allegedly Recorded a UFO on Santiago and Laprida (Video Link)

A group of workers engaged in a downtown project claimed having seen a UFO and not only that, captured it on a cellphone.

"A real-time sighting of a UFO from San Miguel de Tucumán says one of them while attempting to focus on the strange object overhead.

The object was recorded around 1600 hours at the corner of Santiago and Laprida.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/mTX5vzqgHvo
via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

Enzimas y probióticos contra la intolerancia a la lactosa

Investigadores del Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias de la Alimentación han analizado in vitro la capacidad potencial para degradar la lactosa de un preparado comercial a base de probióticos y enzimas digestivas. Los resultados indican que puede ayudar a hidrolizar la lactosa de yogures y otros alimentos lácteos.
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6 may. 2019

Nuevo truco cuántico sin confinamiento de electrones

A la hora de diseñar nanoestructuras el confinamiento cuántico solo permite ciertos niveles de energía para los electrones, pero investigadores de IMDEA Nanociencia y otros centros españoles han observado por primera vez un patrón de energía de electrones en un sistema que no los confina. El avance podría llevar a nuevas vías para modificar las propiedades de la superficie de los materiales.
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LIGO y Virgo detectan la posible fusión de una estrella de neutrones con un agujero negro

El 26 de abril de 2019 los detectores LIGO (EE UU) y Virgo (Italia) registraron la que podría ser la primera señal observada hasta ahora de ondas gravitacionales procedentes de la colisión de un agujero negro y una estrella de neutrones. Si se confirma, sería un acontecimiento largamente esperado por los astrofísicos.
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Nuevo modelo para entender cómo se propagan las epidemias

Investigadores de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili, en Tarragona, han desarrollado un modelo probabilístico que permite identificar cuáles son los enlaces de una red que determinan la propagación de una enfermedad, centrándose más en las relaciones o contactos entre las personas que en los propios individuos. De esta forma se pueden desactivar los enlaces más importantes para contener las epidemias.
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