24 may. 2020

Bigfoot: Fear Grips San Luis Potosí's Huasteca Region (Mexico) Over Alleged Sighting in the Tenek Indigenous Lands

Source: Claudio Mora - La Esfera Azul (Mexico) and El Sol de San Luis
Date: Thursday, 21 May 2020
An article by Jose Luis Martinez - El Sol de San Luis

Bigfoot: Fear Grips San Luis Potosí's Huasteca Region(Mexico)Over Alleged Sighting in the Tenek Indigenous Lands

Local dwellers claim seeing the creature and even photographed it with their cellphones.

"I was with my husband, playing with our child, when we heard a boom, like an explosion. Then we looked toward the hillside, from where we thought the sound originated. We thought it was a landslide," said Mrs. Antonia, who could not believe what her eyes were seeing: a tall, thin man. "Like a giant."

"The time was around five thirty in the afternoon; I was very frightened. My husband mocked me, but when he saw that 'thing' he got scared and said we should get into the house, even though we were far away." This is the account of a young native woman who claims having seen something strange - a large being, immense, looking like a giant. Antonia's story matches the testimony given by other residents of the "Ojo de Agua" ejido and adjacent localities in the municipality of Ciudad Valles in San Luis Potosí's Huasteca Region.

The event caused fear and uncertainty among residents of the Tének indigenous region, frightened by the prospect of the giant in the mountains. The news was disseminated through photographs. Given the amount of interest generated, an investigation into the subject has been requested.

According to the statement issued by Agustín Hernández, a representative of the indigenous area, there has been much talk about the enormous figure appearing in the heights of the mountain range. Elders have said nothing in this regard, and it is unknown whether the following is true, but they associate it with UFO sightings as well as changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the inhabitants of the Tének Mountains, specifically the occupants of the "Ojo de Agua" ejido, have expressed their concern at these events.

The elders are the most given to believe in these subjects, but have remained silent. According to most authorities, there has never been a sighting of this kind before, which has caused a sensation. Other stories suggest an agreement within the tribe to "keep silent."

Allegedly three photos are in circulation, taken with a difference of 1 or 2 minutes. The figure of a giant can be seen in the first and second.

A shadow in the mountains, a vision between the trees, a monstrous man living far from everyone, sought out by hundreds without being found beyond tracks on the ground. This is the legend of Bigfoot throughout the world. The story of the abominable snowman or Yeti prevail in the colder regions of the world. The subject had never come up in San Luis Potosí before, much less in Tének native culture, whose traditions lean more toward nahuales (skinwalkers).

Ejido – state-supported communal farm system
Huasteca – A region spanning the states of Veracruz, Puebla, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, and Querétaro.

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22 may. 2020

Colombia: UFO Clearly Visible in the Skies of Medellín

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and TuBarco.News (Colombia)
Date: 05.20.20

Colombia: UFO Clearly Visible in the Skies of Medellín

A Facebook user published a UFO seen in broad daylight on her social media page. One of the clearest images of the phenomenon to be seen. While videos of this sort have multiplied online in recent days, the difference here is the clarity with which the images can be seen. Not only that, it was recorded in broad daylight, unlike most videos, which are largely recorded at night.

The video has a 31-second duration and an object can be see floating in a deep blue sky. The object is not static - it moves and appears to spin on its own axis.

The anonymous user also took several photographs, which show an oval-shaped obejct, similar to the image of UFOs commonly depicted in many motion pictures.

"The object hovered vertically and then horizontally," wrote the Facebook user. The video was taken from the La América district.

VIDEO at: https://ift.tt/3bUckLf

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18 may. 2020

Argentina: Beam- Firing UFO Startles Residents of Bella Vista

Source: Planeta UFO and Contexto (Argentina)
Date: 05.17.2020

Argentina: UFO Startles Residents of Bella Vista

On the evening of Tuesday, May 12, a resident of Bella Vista recorded a UFO that startled many locals.

"I was in my back yard with my daughter. We saw these strange lights in the sky, and I began recording them immediately," says the video's author.

The man says he submitted the images to the Ampimpa Astronomical Observatory in Tucumán for their perusal.

"They replied that what appears in the video does not seem to be an astronomical event, and does not involve satellites," he explained.

[The video shows an object firing an apparent beam at the ground]

Transcription of the Video:
"Look at that...look at that...that one, it's coming. Look...look...are you watching? What are they going to say now? First there was that one, then this one, and this one was first...watch it move...it turned up now watch it go...the time is seven fifteen in the evening...today is Wednesday (corrects himself) today is Tuesday. Look, look at it quickly! Quickly, this is nuts. Look, Gladys. What are you looking at? No, last night there were two around midnight, but over by the hillside, the north. Now look at this one. (Excitedly) There's goes another! Look, it's going faster. Look at the laser! No, look, look!
(Girl asks: has one come out of the craft?) Look, it's crossed over there. (Girl: There's another!) Yes, another one's appeared. Look, this is nuts, incredible. But that one was slow, and this one's fast. Here we are, with my daughter Bernardita."

VIDEO at: https://youtu.be/5HAyhb1PUsM

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15 may. 2020

Argentina: Something Fell from the Sky in Carhué

Source: ICOU (Argentina)
Date: 05.15.2020
A report by Quique Mario, CEUFO La Pampa and ICOU

Argentina: Something Fell from the Sky in Carhué

The fall or alleged descent of a strange object in the province of Buenos Aires became known thanks to local residents and truck drivers transiting through the area and who contacted the Centro de Estudios UFO (CEUFO). The episode took place in the early hours of last Saturday, May 9, to the north of the locality of Carhué. Witnesses allegedly saw "a shadow descending very quickly, which then made an abrupt turn toward Lake Epecuén."

Vehicles with a police escort were seen arriving shortly after at the edge of the lake and near the place where the "shadow" had purportedly fallen. A truck driver passing through the area said: "I finally made it to Carhué after multiple traffic checkpoints. They had already cautioned me to try to stop as little as possible, so I have everything in the truck with me.

"I stopped in Carhué for a while by the train tracks to have something to eat," he added, stressing that "it was very dark, and I suddenly saw a fleet of vehicles coming with blue lights. Not sure if they were police of Gendarmerie, but they were going fast," he said. After dinner: "I continued my trip, but just 15 kilometers short of Carhué, the road was blocked and they asked me to wait."

Two hours later "they allowed me to continue, and where the road comes near the lake, I could see a lot of movement not only on the shore, but some 2 kilometers into the lake itself. I stopped for a minute to check whether something could be seen, but a guy in uniform appeared out of nowhere and urged me to keep going."

Local police neither confirmed nor denied the episode. Given the lockdown in which the country finds itself, it is impossible to travel to survey the area. But at this state of affairs, and based on the accounts of people who saw the vehicles guarded by police units, we can say that "something did fall" there.

If so, this brings to mind the episode recorded on September 26, 2011 in Monte Grande, where something "fell from the sky" and caused the deaths of two people, leaving behind a large crater and prompting an intervention by police and fire-fighting units, as well as the presence of a convoy of civilian personnel that did not speak Spanish. They loaded "something" into one of the vehicles and left. The official explanation given to the event was that a "pizza oven" had exploded. This explanation convinced no one, much less local residents who witnessed the phenomenon.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, ICOU]

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13 may. 2020

Mexico: UFO Sightings in Coahuila

Source: NOTICIAS del Sol de la Laguna (Torreón, Coahuila - Mexico)
Date: O5.12.2020
An article by Lauro Villegas

Mexico: UFO Sightings in Coahula

Social media users brought the information to light.

SALTILLO, COAHUILA - A Twitter user recorded and uploaded a video showing a series of unidentified flying saucers flying over the air space of the Zapalinamé Mountains of Saltillo this weekend, unleashing debates on social media concerning this event.

The phenomenon was captured on video by Twitter user Ubaldo Saltillo on May 8, almost a month to the day that the U.S. Pentagon released UFO videos, creating a debate regarding visitations by these unknown craft.

The video, with a duration of under 30 seconds, shows a series of lights flying of the skies of Coahuila. The unknown craft remain static in the sky for seconds before continuing their travel.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time such phenomena have been recorded over the Zapalinamé Mountains. There is evidence of similar events in 2018, creating uncertaining among Internet users concerning the possible existence of beings from other planets.

The VIDEO can be seen at: https://ift.tt/2LkzEqH

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11 may. 2020

Spain: Remembering Galicia's 1987 UFO Wave

Source: La Voz de Galicia
Date: 5.09.2020
An article by M.X. Blanco

Spain: Remembering Galicia's 1987 UFO Wave

A triangular UFO may have flown over the town of Muros 33 years ago.

This, at least, is the belief held by those who witnessed a strange object in early May 1987. The witnesses lived in the heart of Vistavós, described as a lovely village on a hillside. The family of Domingo Beiro, his wife Belén, and his children Dora and Tony were the first to witness, near their home, the strange object issuing a potent white light, although also emitting red, blue and yellow flashes. They alerted their neighbors in the awareness that no one would believe them, and they all saw something resembling 'a sort of comet' launched toward the town of Esteiro.

The story from Vistavós was confirmed from Esteiro. Several people in the outdoor seats of the Don Pato café allegedly witnessed a bright flash they first attributed to a fire. As minutes went by, they saw a triangular object suspended before their eyes for 10 to 15 seconds. Some of them event went out the next day looking for traces in Pino de Val, Paxareiras and Abelleira without finding a trace.

A doctor from Esteiro and his two companions also saw a flash of light in the sky over Pando, near Vistavós. The object, measuring 15 meters in diameter, moved away swiftly.

Some residents of Muros ascribed the phenomenon to the "Santa Compaña" or Russian spies.

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Mexico: Alleged UFOs Over Monterrey

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and La Verdad (Mexico)
Date: 05.07.2020

Mexico: Alleged UFOs Over Monterrey

A social media user uploaded photos of alleged UFOs roaming around the streets of Monterrey.

The owner of a music studio in Monterrey's Colonia Terminal shared a series of UFO photos on his Facebook page.

According to the originator, the images were taken outside his studio in December 2019, but had not been made public until today.

The user, identified as "Nitry", said the object moved in a zigzag pattern without separating from each other 'displaying a formidable coordination'.

Another user remarked that he had witnessed a similar event, but from Churubusco Avenue.

Other users made light of the occasion, suggesting the UFOs were time travelers or murder hornets from Asia, whose arrival in the U.S. had only recently been made known.

So far, the only fact is that no one can state, with any certainty, the true nature of the strange objects flying over the state of Nuevo León's capital city.

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8 may. 2020

Nicaragua: Journalist Reports Seeing Black Triangular UFO.

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and La Teja.cr (Costa Rica)
Date: 05.07.2020
A report by Franklin Arroyo

Nicaragua: Journalist Reports Seeing Black Triangular UFO.

Fabrice Le Lous, a journalist for the La Nación newspaper, had a fascinating UFO sighting in 2012. He saw the device at a relative's home in Jugigalpa, Chontales, in neighboring Nicaragua.

The sighting occurred on the evening of Friday, 22 June and Saturday, 23 June of that year. According to Lous, he and a cousin witnessed a black triangular object for at least 20 seconds. It had lights on each of its three tips.

Fabrice's sighting was published in La Nacion this Sunday (3 May 2020) in the Sunday supplement, describing the experience in detail. La Teja got in touch with him over WhatsApp to discuss the experience in greater detail.

Fabrice says that he lived in Managua and in those years, he and his cousin Gerardo would go to Juigalpa, where his relatives lived, to spend the weekend.

"For a few months we had grown accustomed to looking at the sky through a refractor telescope. My cousin was a medical student was was more enthusiastic about scanning the night sky, but I always accompanied him. He would track down the stars we'd be looking at and I was amazed to see them."

"We spent a few minutes in the wide back yard waiting for the skies to clear to use the telescope again, but around 12:40 a.m. we decided to return home.

"My cousin went to put the telescope away. He took a bit longer than usual, and suddenly I heard him calling me, looking at something in the distance. I didn't go immediately, thinking it might be a prank, but then he began shouting, anxiously. I went over and looked in the direction he was pointing to.

"Can you see that?" he asked, excitedly.

At a distance, but relatively low (lower than the clouds) there was a black triangle flying silently over the skies of Juigalpa.

"It was a black triangle with orange lights, dim ones, at its tips. Three lights. The object flew hither and yon at high speed and made sudden stops before changing course in a different direction, very quickly. We could only hear a gentle rustling of trees. The triangle crossed the skies noiselessly. The sighting, which seemed magical to me at the time, lasted 20 to 30 seconds, but it seemed like hours to me.

"After a few seconds of apparently distant, calm flight, the triangle stationed itself more or less directly above us, becoming larger in a matter of seconds. Did it approach us? I don't know, but that was the impression I had. The moment it increased in size, we took off running to the house with quickened pulse rates," says Fabrice, who was 22 at the time.

The experience distressed both youths for some time and prompted them to seek information online, making them realize that the were not the only ones to witness such objects.

When asked if he believed in extraterrestrials, Fabrice, now 29, remarked that there's no way of proving it, but he thinks humans share the universe with other beings. To him, there must be intelligent life on other worlds.

"I would like to have the experience all over again, and as I said, the sighting experience was shocking and filled me with a bit of fear, reading and seeing documents on the Internet. It's not a good memory, but if I could relive something so odd again, I'd like to be able to out of sheer curiosity. I now know more about these phenomena than in 2012.

"It frightened me because the Internet has all manner of reports, FBI and CIA documents in their websites that corroborate these sightings worldwide for years. All of that, joined to the black triangle sighting, was an information overload that caused me insomnia and distressed for at least three years.

Fabrice remarked that they returned to the back yard every week for at least three years, but nothing similar ever happened again.

[Translation (c) 2020 S.Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Franklin Arroyo, La Teja]

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Argentina: "Strange Lights" over Ushuaia Cause a Stir on Social media

Source: Planeta UFO and www.infoguegina.com (Argentina)

Argentina: "Strange Lights" over Ushuaia Cause a Stir on Social media

Astonished local residents recorded the strange objects that flew over Tierra del Fuego for several minutes.

The UFO was recorded by a resident of Ushuaia with a cellphone on Monday around 20:00 hours. Videos uploaded to ovnis.arg on Instagram state that the lights were moving below cloud level.

In recent days there have been numerous sightings around the world, and the world's southernmost city was no exception. Some theories suggest that sightings have redoubled during lockdown.

The videos can be seen at:https://youtu.be/1S0oErcoUfY and https://youtu.be/X-1kZv-QJn4

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Mexico: Cancun Regions 101 and 102 Terrorized by UFO

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and La Verdad (Mexico)
Date: 05.07. 2020

Mexico: Cancun Regions 101 and 102 Terrorized by UFO

Following the dissemination of photos showing flashes of light in various parts of Cancún on social media, local residents have claimed again that these lights were seen in the sky once again, but this time in Regions 101 and 102. They claim they are UFOs.

According to Mrs. Maria, a resident of Region 101, on May 6, at 22:00 hours here 17-year-old daughter saw an object moving quickly and in several directions, but never leaving the region. They paid it little attention.

Minutes went by and the light remained. Locals began to wonder, since after sightings of these strange lights in Cancun, taken by many to be UFOs, mother and daughter subscribed to this belief, as the object remained visible for 3 hours.

The alleged UFO was also seen at the same time but at Region 102. A young man named Ricardo saw this white light moving from one place to another, to the extent that he thought it was the Quintana Roo police patrolling the area with sophisticated drones to fight crime or insure everyone was at home. Seeing that the sighting lasted over two hours, he confirmed it could have been a UFO.

"It was odd, because I thought it was a drone. I went into my house and two hours later, remembering what I'd seen earlier, I went out to check and found, to my surprise, that it was still there, moving quickly from one side to the other, as if trembling. I think UFOs will attack us this time," remarked the fellow.

Up to now, these lights, flashes, or flying objects - whose provenance is unknown, and for which there is no explanation - have been seen in several parts of Cancún and the state of Quintana Roo. Many believe who believe in alien life claim these are UFOs monitoring us in advance of an attack on the planet. Could this be true?

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4 may. 2020

Argentina: 10 Sightings of Alleged Alien Craft per Month

Source: Planeta UFO and Clarin.com
Date: 05.04.2020

Argentina: 10 Sightings of Alleged Alien Craft per Month

The Aerospace Identification Center (CIAE) was created on 4 April 2019 to replace CEFAE, the Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena, with the aim of "organizing, coordinating and executing the investigation and analysis of events, activities or elements present in the airspace or originating from it, identifying their characteristics and reporting conclusions to pertinent agencies that may require them.

Commodore Ruben Lianza is the analyst in charge of CIAE. His background includes being an Air Force pilot, being in charge of the Marambio Base, a fan of astronomy and a student of space apparitions for over 40 years.

"This year we have received 40 cases in barely 4 months, yielding an average of 10 per month. The increase in sightings is due to misidentifications of the recent Starlink launches, the Space X satellite arrays belonging to Elon Musk.

Similarly, CIAE's website receives consultations from private parties who have documented suspicious objects flying over the nation's airspace.

Photo taken in Jáchal (San Juan) in which the object went by so quickly that it resembled a "saucer". When applying an image analysis tool, the blurry object is seen to be a bird crossing the field of vision from right to left (CIAE)

"Due to quarantine restrictions necessitated by coronavirus, people are at home with more time to look to the heavens from their terraces or balconies. We have received at least 4 cases...two of them corresponding to the planet Venus and the remaining ones involving first-magnitude stars, like Sirius and Antares."

Far from bolstering paranormal sensationalism, CIAE's goal is to achieve neutrality. Rather than issuing opinions, the conclusions of these reports point strictly to where the evidence leads.

"CIAE's mission is to determine the provenance of all objects received. If we do not achieve this, until new evidence is obtained, they remain unidentified. This implies a clear factor of pride, because there are thousands of researchers around the world and any mystery that we cannot solve will surely be unraveled by another," Lianza says.

Ever since Lianza took control of CIAE, he availed himself of tools pertinent to aerospace, such as astronomical and satellite tracking programs to identify natural or technological causes. 99% of the photos have a rational explanation.

"When one speaks of UFOs, one means something that was 'not identified' by the witness, and investigation must find the cause that gave rise to it. If an expert believes that making the case unexplained makes it more 'interesting', he or she is committing a serious conceptual error," Lianza notes.

"Many saucer believers, rather than accepting the most basic realities, choose to believe in the strangest hypotheses. Following detailed scrutiny, it will turn out that apparently extraordinary objects will be far more ordinary."

Local ufologists also follow their own techniques and procedures. "Unlike CIAE, which analyzes photographs, we conduct field research. We interview witnesses to see what information they can contribute. If the information is worthless, we dismiss it. Furthermore, we check satellite programs to see if any anomaly was detected and we consult local flight radar systems," cautions Andrea Pérez Simondini, director of CEFORA (the Commission for UFO Study of the Argentinean Republic).

Given the lack of specific evidence, the UFO phenomenon gives rise to doubt and suspicion. However, over 22 countries have declassified their files basing themselves on the Public Information Access Law and have even formed official Air Force commissions to study them.

To visit CIAE's website: https://ift.tt/3daxO7q

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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2 may. 2020

An Interview with Capt. Daniel Perissé Regarding UFOs in the Antarctic

Source: Café Ufológico Rosario and Planeta UFO
Date: 05.01.2020

An Interview with Capt. Daniel Perissé Regarding UFOs in the Antarctic

July 3, 1965 marks the sighting of an unidentified flying object - also seen from Chilean and British facilities. Captain Daniel Perissé discusses the event in detail.

1st Interviewer: We are in the city of Buenos Aires at the home of Captain Daniel Perissé, one of the main eyewitnesses to UFO events in the Antarctic.
2nd Interviewer: A case occurred in Argentina in 1965 that had worldwide significance. Captain Perissé, what was your involvement in the events of July 3, 1965?

Perissé: Well, throughout that year, I was the commander of the Decepción Naval Facility on the island of Decepción, in the Antarctic. I held the rank of frigate lieutenant, and had a crew of 14 men under my command. On the evening of July 3rd, we had a sighting event that started with an observation made by [a crewman] in charge of keeping meteorological records. Then, uh, he went out to the weather station, saw the unusual phenomenon, came back inside and said to me: "There's something unusual going on. You should come and see." I went out - several of us went out - and practically the entire crew, except for one who was manning the radio - plus three members of a Chilean base on the same island, and who were [at our base] for medical reasons - witnessed the maneuvers of this unknown phenomenon.
2nd Interviewer: And what were the characteristics of this unusual phenomenon you witnessed?
Perissé: Specifically, we saw a light. The fact is that the sighting took place at 19:40 hours. Given that nightfall begins at around three in the afternoon in those parts - by which I mean, it's pitch black by three. Four and half hours later, if you will, it's even darker. It was a nocturnal light, and the sun was well behind the horizon. And due to the tension and the location on the horizon, and other elements that can be added to this conversation, allowed us to classify this event in the realm of unknown phenomena. We couldn't associate the light with a satellite which passed by at a very specific time elsewhere on the horizon; we couldn't say it was an airplane on account of its maneuvers; we couldn't say it was an astronomical phenomenon, say a very bright star, a meteorite...
2nd Interviewer: You had knowledge of the sky on account of the duties you were carrying out there, sufficient to avoid such confusion...
Perissé: Yes, in fact, we had two meteorologists who observed the phenomenon, and who had the task of making observation every three hours.
2nd Interviewer: Perissé, this case you're telling us about, was the only one, or did others occur previously?
Perissé: Well, there are precedents to this. There were several cases during the months of June, July and August, if we associate these cases on Decepción Island with the Laurie Island incident in the South Orkneys. Regarding the Decepción cases, the first of them took place on the seventh of June. It was a sighting made by one of the two weather officers at the base, and it took place at eight at night, being one of the three-hourly observations, that is to say, the observations that these people had to make every three hours. The second case, briefly summarized, involved the same person who had made the observations hours earlier, at two in the morning. What he saw had characteristics similar to the previous one...
1st Interviewer: Was a single object always visible, or were there two?
Perissé: It was always a sighting of an isolated object. There was an exception to this, which is a case, precisely the one in late August of that year, which took place at Laurie Island in the Orkneys, and four objects were reported. This is a case which can be summarized.
1st Interviewer: Very good. The bases at this location, belonging to other countries, also have records about this situation?
Perissé: Well, there's a Chilean base, which is the [name], which like the Argentinean one, and the British one I'll be making reference to, had been deactivated because the volcano erupted. This island is, in fact, a volcanic cone whose caldera has been flooded by the sea. Sightings were made at the Chilean base and the British one as well.
2nd Interviewer: Did this sighting prompt the Argentinean government or the navy to issue an official statement is this regard?
Perissé: Yes. Two statements were issued, essentially consisting in a rebroadcasting of the information I was providing from the Antarctic, confirming these facts, in a way, and the eyewitness information provided by other members of the base. But this had to do exclusively with the July 3rd sighting, not in regard to the earlier cases which became known to the public.
1st Interviewer: Were photographs ever secured?
Perissé: On one hand, the wind was blowing at around 80 kilometers per hour; we set up a camera on a tripod, but it wouldn't keep still...
2nd Interviewer: So it was impossible to take...
Perissé: ...we tried taking a photo from within. There was glass, and double glazing, that hindered the taking of photos. Moreover there was a lot of surface wind, kicking dusty snow that made taking the picture even more of a challenge. Lastly, we were using 21 DIN film, that is to say 100 ASA, which is hardly the sensitivity for taking nocturnal photos.
[A pointer picks out a spot on a map of the Antarctic]
Perissé: The Argentinean base is here. This is Primero de Mayo Bay. And this you can see here [pointer indicates another geological feature] is called Bahia Inutil, a name probably owing to the fact that it's an enclosed bay which is practically unusable for navigation. Chile's Pedro Serra base was located in Caleta Pendulo, which is in the place I'm pointing at [moves pointer] and the British base was located at Caleta Balleneros, this location. We made the July 3rd sighting from our outpost in this general direction [moves pointer], covering this arc on the horizon. The sighting had an approximate duration of one hour, and the light or UFOs final maneuver was to rise until it became lost in the sky. [Perissé moves the pointer to another location on the map]. The sighting made by the Chileans in mid-June, June 18, was made practically over their outpost. The object maneuvered over the witnesses' heads. The practically simultaneous operation with the Argentinean facility on July 3rd was made from a northern sector looking southwest, also with various kinds of movement and changes of color. The object was truly unique. The sighting made by the British the day before, July 2nd, was made as the UFO maneuvered practically overhead, with various movements.

1st Interviewer: Were magnetic anomalies reported during the sighting?
Perissé: Well, in regard to that, we lacked the proper equipment, the so-called magneto-variometers. This equipment was on Laurie Island on the [South] Orkney archipelago. The information given to me by Lieutenant Sosa, was that two meteorologists had made a sighting at 17:02 hours, precisely on the same day in July. They saw a light flying across the horizon for 15 seconds, a very brief sighting .But, uh, the technicians - highly experienced people - did not believe it could have been a meteorite. The fact is that they took readings of Earth's magnetic field with their devices. When the readings were completed after several days, they removed the tapes, examined them, and for that day, the 3rd of July, the graph showed that at 17:02 there had been a significant jump in an otherwise normal display. Such was its magnitude that it even went beyond the limits of the tape. The readings later returned to normal. This allows us to associate the presence of the UFO seen by the onlookers with that reading, establishing an apparent cause-and-effect relationship. That is to say, the UFO flew past and disturbed the local magnetic field, recorded at that time on their equipment.
2nd Interviewer: On the local level, has there been an agency devoted to the study of UFOs in Argentina?
Perissé: The Argentinean Navy, to which I belong, created a permanent UFO research commission under the command of Omar Pagani, who held the rank of frigate captain at the time. It operated from the year 1962 or 1963 until practically 1974, at which time Pagani retired from the Navy. I understand that the Air Force carried out - and still carries out - research in this field.
1st Interviewer: Is there currently any ongoing research by an official body?
Perissé: I suppose the only one belongs to the Air Force, and I am not aware of any other agency involved in this sort of research.
2nd Interviewer: Our question is why is there such secrecy around the results of the investigations being conducted?
Perissé: Well...I am a Navy officer, and I am currently devoted to this line of research. I can tell you that there is no concealment of information, at least in matters concerning the Navy. Uh, in other words, there's no aim to hide or cover up any secrets. What happens is that some cases have occurred, and they were followed by a research period under Captain Pagani's purview, and then matters were left as they were, half dead. No further research was carried out.
2nd Interviewer: Before we end, we would like to thank Captain Perissé for his time [unintelligible formalities]

[Translation © 2020 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Café Ufologico Rosario and Planeta UFO]

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Mexico: Anomalous Lights Recorded Over Cancún

Source: Planeta UFO
Date: 05.01.2020

Mexico: Anomalous Lights Recorded Over Cancún

Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO (and Inexpicata contributing editor) has shared a video taken on Saturday, March 27 2020 at 9:50 p.m. in Cancún (Quintana Roo, México).

The article appearing in the AM website and dated 4.30.2020 gives the witness's name as Natalia Coppola, and adds that there had been other sightings in several Mexican states during that time period.

The object appears at 01:37 in the video. Viewers are urged to draw their own conclusions as to its exact nature.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/BDTdCOXlM80
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1 may. 2020

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Photographed over Rosario de Lerma

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and El Tribuno
Date: 04.27.2020

Argentina: UFO Allegedly Photographed over Rosario de Lerma

At least three objects were seen yesterday afternoon heading toward El Carril or Chicoana

Juan, a resident of the Eco Sol district, was driving in his car along provincial route 36 - linking Rosario de Lerma to the locality of Campo Quijano - when he suddenly became aware of a strange object that left "haloes or cones among the clouds as it moved from north to south."

In his account, the man said: "I was already in town after 5 pm and not far from the train station. The object's trajectory struck me - I'd never seen anything similar. They weren't airplanes, because those are know to me, or anything similar. So I looked for a place to pull over and try to take some photos."

In his urge to document the case, he focused on the alleged UFO and took one photo after another with his cellular phone. "It was like descending toward Chicoana or El Carril. From my perspective, one could see it was large and traveling at considerable speed. But when I looked to the left of the object, I saw two more with similar characteristics. The whole situation surprised me; they made no noise whatsoever."

He added that he sent the images to a student of experiences of this sort, a native of Chicoana, who will analyze the impages in detail in an effort to ascertain the origin of these craft.

The eyewitness is a resident of Rosario de Lerma and a worker in the mining sector, currently complying with mandatory quarantine and who happened to transit through that community in Valle de Lerma for justified reasons.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]
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Argentina: "I've Seen a UFO" - The 1965 Zuk Case

Source: PLANETA UFO (Argentina) and www.serargentino.com
Date: 05.01.2020
An article by Marcelo de Lisio for SerArgentino

Argentina: "I've Seen a UFO" - The 1965 Zuk Case

Although it may be hard to believe, UFOs arrived in the province of Misiones a long time ago. This is the Zuk case, one of the first on record in 1965.

UFOs form part of a mythology that covers all corners of the world. One in ten people claim having seen a flying saucer at some point of their lives. The province of Misiones is plagued by extraterrestrial craft sightings with all manner of occupants: green, blue, red, three-eyed, tentacled, etc. However, few cases have been documented. Luckily for ufology in Misiones, "the Zuk case" is one them.

The 1950s and 1960s were the boom of flying saucer sightings, but that was something Casimiro Zuk, a 22 year old bachelor living in lot 171 of the Apóstoles development in Misiones, could have known. "I've seen a flying saucer," he said.

Believe or Bust

It was a night like any other, with neither rain nor fog. The date was 23 August 1965 around 1:00 a.m.. Zuk was pedaling his bicycle along the road joining the Centinela wilderness with the city of Apóstoles. Upon reaching the General Urquiza railroad crossing, he suddenly noticed a luminous object overhead, floating at an altitude of 3500 meters. The scintillating body turned on and off for a number of seconds. Zuk stopped and got off his bike. He suddenly became aware that the object was approaching, descending some 400 meters away from where he stood.

He could not believe his eyes. The object was a sort of elongated aerial vehicle, with an approximate diameter of five meters in its midsection. The total height of the craft 2.5 meters.

Neither Green nor Red

"Suddenly, a hatch began opening slowly, and a normal-sized person emerged. It was dressed in an outfit similar to that of an aviator (coveralls) that covered its body from head to toe. The suit gave off flashes of light. The figure took a few steps, as if wanting to stretch its legs, and then returned to the craft rigidly. After the hatch closed, the object took flight, rising in a spiral, and a sort of roaring sound could be heard," according to Zuk.

The Casimiro Zuk case is one of many sightings that have occurred in the province of Misiones. According to those having knowledge of the subject, the rural areas of Misiones have invited aliens to land. Once a year, someone sees mysterious lights crossing the skies. Are they ancient Guaraní civilizations? Ambassadors from the future? No one knows. The fact is that 55 years later, "the Zuk case" is far from having an explanation.

[Translation © 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO and Marcelo de Lisio, SerArgentino]

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27 abr. 2020

"The Hum" is on the Rise in Argentina's Cities - an Interview with Luis Burgos by Gustavo Schweitzer

Source: Urbanos en la Red (radio broadcast)
Date: April 25, 2020

Argentina: "The Hum" is on the Rise in Argentina's Cities - an Interview with Luis Burgos by Gustavo Schweitzer

Host: "Let's continue our talk on urbanos regarding these strange moments we're living through, what with the pandemic and the lockdown, and if this wasn't enough, there's also another phenomenon taking place, or at least being reported in various cities throughout the country. This concerns a phenomenon which, while not new, seems to have been on the rise lately, known as el zumbido or The Hum. To learn a little more about this phenomenon and understand it better, we have Luis Burgos on the line. He is a researcher of unconventional aerial phenomena, and he's here with us to discuss his perspectives on the situation. Hello Luis, greetings from Gustavo!
Burgos: Hello, Gustavo. Good evening.
Host: How are you doing?
Burgos: Good. All's well.
Host: You were telling us that in recent days or weeks there have been reports of situations in which people describe an intense sound in early hours of the morning, something that's known internationally as el zumbido or The Hum, and which is one of the phenomena you've been researching for some time.
Burgos: Yes indeed, mainly we've been following it since the 24th of March, last month, when the first case occurred coincidentally here in the city of La Plata, and from there it extended to other cities and provinces, bringing it right up to tonight, this very morning, marking 32 consecutive nights of Hum sounds in various locations in Argentina. Sometimes in isolation, sometimes persistently, in the eighteen provinces that make up our nation, where the phenomenon has been reported. The intensity isn't always the same, nor is it the same humming sound or noise; rather, there are variables within this sort of phenomenon, and we are studying them. What at first appeared within a time frame of midnight to four in the morning began extending itself, so we now have The Hum at eight in the evening [all the way] to six, seven in the morning. Practically all evening into morning.
Host: Mm-hm. Could this have anything to do with the lockdown, lessened activity, in a way that it can be better heard in some locations?
Burgos: Yes, this could be the case in some very specific situations. The thing is that this buzzing sound is not new, not restricted to the March 24th. It has been heard for years in the country and worldwide. So we have a record of Hum sounds all the way back to the year 1968 in Argentina, where the first case occurred in the city of Salta on July 20, 1968, and the latest one in late 2019. Throughout that entire period of 52 years our database held only thirty reports, thirty one cases, which is to say it was very sporadic, once every three years a single evening. So now you have it that on March 24th in the city of La Plata up to last night we've recorded 450 reports throughout virtually the entire country. We have a voluminous database completely unrelated to The Hum from years past, and that is what's most disquieting about it. It has prompted us to study it in depth.
Host: A-ha. So we can say that not everyone has heard this, and is it true that it's hard to capture, or are there trustworthy recordings that can be used to study it?
Burgos: Yes, there are many compelling recordings. Many, a wide array of them, and even after debunking, we're left with twenty to thirty per cent that are interesting. But with regard to your last question, I forgot to tell you, Gustavo, that we have spoken with rural people in the heart of the Argentinean provinces - Córdoba, La Pampa, Entre Rios - who have been born, lived and almost surely will die there, having spent 50-60 years of their lives in the countryside, and well, this is the first time they are hearing [these sounds]. In other words, while there may be noise and pollution in the cities, in the countryside, on a quiet night, they tell me, you can hear a feather drop. These people are giving us highly trustworthy reports that it's evidently something strange and new to them having nothing to do with wind, thunder or anything of the sort, as scientists have suggested.
Host: Of course, it's important to stress this, as when it comes to offering an answer, there are those who say it is a meteorological phenomenon, those who find a mystical connotation, and some who may have another answer, so what can the likely answer be based on studies, or the possibility of finding an answer to this phenomenon?
Burgos: Gustavo, we're big fans of statistical analyses. We pour everything into our database because numbers do the talking. This is evident, and we cannot go against the evidence. We have poured our four hundred plus cases in the Republic of Argentina, and the first surprise we had is that The Hum - in 80% of the events have taken place in a specific area, ranging from the Province of Cordoba on the 32nd parallel to the 34th parallel under the Andean region. In this main section of the country, we have recorded 80 per cent of the cases. So then we try to find the reason for why 80 per cent of this case history occurs in the area. So we're examining the causes, but there is something that causes The Hum to operate there, and in very specific areas too. We find The Hum for several nights in a row in a location like Andean Region, the Bahía Blanca Region, and Greater Buenos Aires. In the past days we have found that the epicenter has been around the urban area, whether north, west or south.
Host: A-ha. You know, Luis that we also follow events from Mar del Plata and Rosario, and that Hum events have occurred there too.
Burgos: Yes, from the Buenos Aires coast we have cases from Mar del Plata and the entire Atlantic littoral. It also strikes us that in the Province of Santa Fe, 90 per cent of the Hum cases occurs in southern Santa Fe, from Rosario to the border with the province of Buenos Aires. Venado Tuerto, Casilda, Gregorio...night after night, practically the entire area yields reports. What I'm trying to say with this is that we have set aside any natural explanation, and disagree with any explanation put forth by science. This is a highly selective and specific matter on the artificial level, and we are seeking out the culprit, trying to find out who's causing this so many nights in a row. So we'll know when the events extinguish themselves and no further Hum reports are received.
Host: This is significant, and what you're saying is important, as some have tried to explain it away as something called a 'skyquake', having to do with earth movements. But these would be sporadic instances, while here we're taking about something constant.
Burgos: In this case continuity is absolute. We're talking about sounds heard simultaneously. We're getting reports out of Mendoza at three in the morning while at the same time we're hearing about the sound in Bahia Blanca or Rosario or in Greater Buenos Aires, that is to say, scientific explanations about the clash of air masses, wind, and sounds associated with tectonic plates would evidently have to be widespread throughout the country. This [situation] is concentrated in a very specific area, thus telling us there's something that is guided, something being guided. We have no doubt that it's a low-frequency operation; we do not know the motive force, but we are hazarding theories, and perhaps one of [these theories] is the right one, but it is still too early to venture one of them. This will go on, I don't know if will come to an end at some point, and it stops being interesting to turn into something disquieting.
Host: M-hm. We have seen some recordings in which people and animals were alarmed, as tends to be the case when inexplicable phenomena come about.
Burgos: Yes, yes. The behavior of pets is a constant in these matters, mainly dogs. Sometimes there are cats or even birds, but with dogs, they are seconds in advance of humans [hearing the sounds]. We have reports of people stepping outside because the dogs are howling, and that's when they starting hearing the sound. You understand? This is also a great source of concern for people who start feeling symptoms of the hum getting inside their head, getting earaches, headaches, dizziness...there are symptoms in humans that we are also studying. It's not a child’s game, a matter of "I want to go outside to hear the lovely sounds in the night" - no, this is a source of concern, as it has been going on for over a month, with such an intensity - according to reports - that it becomes unbearable.
Host: This also dismisses other hypotheses that suggest...mmm....people who are prone to hallucinations of this sort. There are many, many explanations.
Burgos: Yes, quite so. It is also striking to find that in a given area where The Hum is being heard, we find people who can hear it and those who don't. Oddly, we even have couples who have gone outside to hear it, and one of the spouses can hear it while the other does not. The sound does not reach the same auditive frequency for everyone - some will say 'you heard it over there, but we didn't get it here'.
Host: And this is also associated with some sightings of lights, and other phenomena complementary to The Hum?
Burgos: At first we didn't want to associate them, as other variables would then come into play. But we were surprised that as The Hum began to emerge from March 24th onward, there was an increase in reports of people seeing lights, dark objects, triangular objects...well, we're now attaching them to the Hum reports, since in recent nights both phenomena appear to be hand in glove. Another of the striking aspects we've noticed over the past two, three weeks has been explosions, explosions in the upper atmosphere. People who heard The Hum would also add hearing explosions in the upper atmosphere, as well as vibrations in house walls and windows. In fact, this occurred last night in La Plata at four in the morning, in a broad area of the city. There was a sort of explosion in the sky right before the storm, after which the storm started, but having nothing to do with thunder. At that time, the hum was also being heard in the vicinity. There are many aspects to this - it's almost like a jigsaw puzzle, we have all the pieces, yet we're finding it hard to put together. Just when we think we have it figured out something else --
Host: -- turns up
Burgos: Exactly. And this is what we find so striking. So we continue with our studies, asking people to keep sending us reports, because evidently, the more reports we receive, the bigger the database gets, and the more case histories we have. Statistically, I believe that numbers will tell us where the truth lies and what can be debunked.
Host: Well, Luis, your views on this subject are highly interesting, and we'll be contacting you again, as the matter is still in the study phase, reports will be coming forward and comparisons will be made at the international level, as the comparative aspect is always interesting, and we'll see how it turns out.
Burgos: Of course, Gustavo. It's a pleasure. My best regards, and may people keep sending us their reports, as we may be able to see when this ends, yield a final report and conclusions, since people ask us for conclusions. We cannot hazard any guesses, but we're more or less on the right track. We may be able to say what's behind all this.
Host: Our thanks, Luis, and our microphones are always open for you. We'll see you then. We have been listening to Luis Burgos, a researcher of unconventional aerial phenomena, who was discussing The Hum phenomenon being heard in many parts of Argentina and around the world at large.

[Special thanks to Mr. Gustavo Schweitzer, host of Urbanos, and Luis Burgos of ICOU. Translation & transcription (c) 2020 S. Corrales, Inexplicata]

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23 abr. 2020

Misterio en el observatorio

Ayer estuve experimentando con hilos de Twitter para referir una historia de forma encadenada. Transcribo aquí el contenido para que no se pierda por ahí. Conocí esta intrigante historia gracias a una crónica publicada en la revista madrileña “Alrededor del mundo”, edición del 10 de abril de 1922.

El monte Säntis, que alcanza más de 2.500 metros sobre el nivel del mar, es un pico en los Alpes suizos al que hoy día se puede llegar en teleférico. Desde allá arriba se puede contemplar un panorama espectacular. Es un lugar que guarda un misterio desde 1922. El 25 de febrero de ese año, en el observatorio meteorológico situado en lo alto, se descubrieron los cadáveres del guarda y de su mujer, que vivían aislados manteniendo el lugar. El observatorio se había levantado en 1887. Se conectaba aquél inhóspito lugar con el valle gracias a una línea telegráfica, posteriormente telefónica. Los guardases del lugar vivían en total aislamiento durante el invierno, sólo en verano recibían la visita de algún alpinista. Era un paraíso solitario, helado, blanco, una plataforma elevada al cielo desde la que se tocaban las nubes. La soledad sólo se rompía cuando, una vez por semana, llegaban provisiones desde el valle.

El Monte Säntis. (B0rder CC-By-Sa).

Diariamente, el guarda enviaba dos partes telefónicos con los datos anotados de los instrumentos meteorológicos. Entre ventiscas y nieblas, el invierno estaba siendo muy duro. El guarda, Heinrich Haas, y su esposa, Lena, vivían allá arriba, en soledad, desde 1919. Nunca había sucedido nada, la vida era sencilla y tranquila. Sólo había que disfrutar del paisaje y mantener los instrumentos.

Heinrich Haas en el observatorio. (Imagen photobibliothek.ch).

Pero el 21 de febrero de 1922 dejaron de recibirse los partes meteorológicos. Las llamadas desde la central en el valle no recibían contestación. Se pensó en una avería en la línea. Finalmente se envió a la patrulla de avituallamiento por adelantado. En el trayecto fueron revisando la línea, pero no había cortes ni otras averías. El 25 llegaron a la cima, encontrando en la mujer de Haas muerta, tendida boca abajo en el cuarto de instrumentos. El lugar aparecía destrozado, como si hubiera habido una lucha violenta. El perro, que llevaba días encerrado, fue rescatado. Fuera del edificio del observatorio encontraron el cadáver del guarda, en medio de un charco de sangre helada. Las autopsias demostraron que habían sido asesinados con disparos de una pistola Browning del 7,65. El libro de registros y el dinero de la estación habían desaparecido. ¿Un robo con asesinato en lo alto de los Alpes?

El observatorio. (Imagen photobibliothek.ch).
Tumba del matrimonio Haas. (Imagen photobibliothek.ch).
Nada cuadraba, no tenia sentido. El descenso de los cuerpos fue penoso, envueltos en sábanas y sobre trineos. ¿Qué había sucedido? Pronto se señaló a un sospechoso: Gregor Anton Kreuzpointner, un zapatero arruinado de St. Gallen. En uno de los partes telefónicos el guarda había comunicado que habían recibido la visita de un montañero, el tal Kreuzpointner. El visitante había intentado hacerse con la plaza de guarda del observatorio tres años antes, pero no lo había logrado. ¿Acaso desde entonces estaba resentido? Al parecer, en la Gran Guerra había estado allí como militar. Haas había mostrado su sorpresa por la visita en su mensaje telefónico, es más, le extrañaba que el personaje quisiera quedarse allá arriba varios días, mucho más de lo habitual en los alpinistas.

Sea como fuere la policía fue a buscar al zapatero, no lo encontraron. Una pista le localizó en St. Gallen, donde intentó vender unas joyas de la mujer de Haas. Parecía claro que era el asesino.
El crimen, sin embargo, sigue sin ser resuelto hoy día. El cuerpo de Kreuzpointner apareció en la ruta de ascenso al observatorio días después, se había suicidado. ¿Qué le llevaba de nuevo a la cima donde supuestamente había cometido el crimen? Nunca lo sabremos.

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22 abr. 2020

Mexico's Cocoyoc UFO

Four photos from the sequence of the Cocoyoc UFO - a tentacled object photographed in Mexico in the mid-1970s, researched by Fernando Tellez and appearing in the 8th issue of Contactos Extraterrestres magazine (Collection of Alfonso Salazar)
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21 abr. 2020

Santiago García: Burned by a UFO – The Incredible Story of a Family from La Laguna

Santiago García: Burned by a UFO – The Incredible Story of a Family from La Laguna
Originally featured in Contactos Extraterrestres Magazine, 1976.

[Santiago García stood out among the writer/researchers of the 1970s Mexican UFO scene. Our friend and colleague Alfonso Salazar has kindly provided his Facebook readers a scan of one of García’s articles about high strangeness in his native northern Mexico, which we have translated for INEXPLICATA’s readers – Scott Corrales]

“…We decided to take a shortcut that lead back to our little town faster. It was then that we began hearing a noise similar to the one made by electric power plants. But we couldn’t see a thing. Around five minutes later we saw a big silver ball flying over our heads, and suddenly felt affected by it…”

I was given the news by my friend, Dr. Luis Maeda Villalobos, and what I heard was disconcerting: at a little ranch near the town of Mapimí in the state of Durango in the Mexican Republic, a UFO had inflicted burns on a 50-year-old man and a 16-year-old youth on the evening of 22 January 1977. The story became public and landed like a bomb at the Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas, Históricas y Geográficas de la Laguna. Many hypotheses were put forth about the case. Skeptics, believers and scoffers issued conjectures that suited their positions; I was interested in what had taken place. There was the possibility of conducting an investigation as well as writing a report for Contactos Extraterrestres magazine. The event appeared to confirm information known to UFO researchers: in certain instances, the maneuvers made by these devices can be hazardous to those witnessing them. Oh the other hand, the phenomenon had occurred, meaning fully, in a scarcely inhabited area. I thought at first that a deeper study of the situation was warranted and set out to do so.

I learned that the news item provided by my friend Doctor Maeda had been given to him by a patient of his who lived in Torreón, Coahuila; I also learned that the burn victims had been interned at the social security hospital of the city in question. Further details revealed that the UFO burn victims had suffered first, second and third degree burns, and that evidence of radiation had also been found. The latter was particularly significant, as the medical report made clear that the burns were not due to contact with any flammable material, but rather, had been the consequence of exposure to strongly radioactive material. I found it hard to picture such a material existing in the area where the phenomenon occurred. My curiosity led me to further research.

Dr. Luis Maeda adduced further information. The man who had suffered the burn lived in Mapimí, Durango, but Maeda had no idea of his address. This was not a hindrance – if one sets one’s mind to it, finding someone in a small town isn’t hard, and especially if the person being sought after was burned by a UFO.

In Search of the Burn Victim

The following day – Saturday, six o’clock in the morning – I headed to Mapimí. I was certain that in a few hours I would be talking to the person I was interested in meeting.
I reached the town and asked around for the domicile of the person who had been burned by a UFO, but no one gave me the information I needed. My search was becoming anxious. I began thinking that I wasn’t framing my question properly, so I changed tack: “Did anyone know where I could find the home of the man who’d been burned by a fireball? Yes, the man who had an accident on 22 January!” Those who listened to my words laughed at them. “UFOs? Fireballs? This man must be crazy. Who the hell knows who he’s looking for?”

I’d reached Mapimí at 7:30 a.m. I was so sure that I would find the UFO victim that I’d even brought along my camera, with spare rolls of film in case I had to take many shots of the victim. By midday I was weighted down by both failure and the camera. I couldn’t find the slightest trace of the character, not even his relatives, or any other witness to the alleged event – my burn victim appeared to be non-existent. Could it be that the UFO story was merely a hoax? That’s what I thought.

I remembered that there’s a village called Hojuela not far from Mapimí. The place had been a prosperous mining community in the past, but it is currently nearly uninhabited. Abandoned mines, ruined buildings, businesses that had seen better times. I was interested in this small town in the state of Durango, as it had often been the location of many UFO sightings. Maybe I would find a clue to the burn victims here; but it was all in vain. The objects of my quest apparently did not exist, or no one knew a thing about them. Gripped by despair, I returned to Torreón with not a single clue to go on.

A Sudden Face-To-Face Encounter

Monday, February 7, early in the morning. The intercom system at the school where I teach crackled – the secretary wanted to see me. I supposed that information one of my students was required. But before reaching the secretary, something caught my eye. Almost right in front of me stood a 16-year-old girl, escorted by a much older woman. The girl had burn marks on her arms and her scalp. I suddenly felt that she was one of the two individuals that I’d unsuccessfully gone looking for.

I supposed correctly. I approached the teenager, asked if she was looking for me, and added if her visit had something to do with a UFO matter, to which she replied in the affirmative. At that moment, her escort interrupted to tell me what had taken place. She gave me many details very quickly, so I begged her to excuse me while I went back for my tape recorder. Her reaction was abrupt: “No, please! We don’t want people to see us as freaks!” She then added: “We don’t want you disclosing our names to anyone.”

When asked for the reason behind this reaction, she said: “Look, we’re tired of having to deal with a person who’s interested as to why my daughter and my husband had those burns. When we talk about what my daughter and my husband saw, they think we’re insane.”

The story was starting to acquire a sensational turn. I wanted to know more about the subject and availed myself of the opportunity to ask about the accident. I asked about what had happened, to which she replied the following: “On 22 January, my husband left home early accompanied by my daughter. They were off to see a ‘comadre’ of ours who lives in a village called Marabunta, not far from Mapimí, to take her some items she’d requested and to invite her to come over to our home, as we were about to christen a child of ours. The hour was getting late and my husband and daughter weren’t back yet. I started to worry, since this was taking them too long.”

In an effort to get some specifics, I asked the woman if she had any idea of the time when she began to worry. “Of course,” she said. “The programming on Radio Ranchito (a Torreón-based station with programs aimed at rural residents) was coming to a close, so it was about six in the evening. I thought by then that my husband’s vehicle had broken down and he’d gone looking for a mechanic. But just as I was thinking that, my husband walked through the door. His face was burned, as well as his arms. The sleeves of his jacket were burned, as if someone had held a blowtorch to them. He was frightened and on the verge of tears. I asked where the girl, our daughter was. He answered that she’d been taken off to Torreón, to the Social Security hospital. When he told me that, I began to weep. He consoled me and told me not to worry, that the girl had only suffered slight burns, and that doctors would almost surely make her well.”

At this point in her story, the woman was visibly nervous. But I insisted on knowing her name and those of her daughter and husband. I told her that if she wanted her story to be believed, it was necessary for her to give me the requested information, as well as their address, as I knew for a fact that they didn’t live in Mapimí, but rather in some other small community or ranch. In spite of my pleas and arguments, I wasn’t able to find out anything more about the subject and her family, except that she and her daughter called each other “Licha” (a diminutive of Alicia or Luisa, perhaps?)

[The article ends abruptly at this point]

[Translation © 2020 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Alfonso Salazar]

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20 abr. 2020

Chile: Black UFO floating over General Carrera Lake

Source: Ovnis Ycuantica and Planeta UFO
Date: 04/20/2020

Chile: Black UFO floating over General Carrera Lake

In a video recorded on June 23, 2019 at 4:48 pm, two black objects can be seen floating at a distance over the surface of General Carrera Lake in Aysén, Chile.

According to witnesses, who were aboard a boat during the observation, the objects appeared to hover over the water, sometimes appearing and disappearing mysteriously.

Another small grey spherical object also appeared out of nowhere beside these dark objects, along with an orb of light that appears to fly over the lake. Some claim the objects are buoys; however, buoys do not fly, disappear and reappear.

Were the witnesses actually in the presence of a UFO? Perhaps so.

According Ysaac Wichmann, a mountaineer with a good knowledge of the area, these phenomena have always been visible in the Aysén region, in the mountain ranges or at sea, on islands, canals or archipelagos, and particularly in unpopulated, isolated, distant and hard-to-reach locations. A member of his family who served years ago in the Chilean navy witnessed this phenomenon while approaching a small island in the Aysén region in a Navy ship. Their mission was to work on a lighthouse to provide orientation and navigation assistance to those transiting along those waters.

What they saw before reaching the lighthouse, an oval metallic object rose vertically and slowly near the lighthouse, until it reached a certain altitude. After a while, the object rose quickly into the air and vanished from sight.

[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Jose Alberto Tunich]

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15 abr. 2020

Mexico: Alleged "Wolfman" Terrorizes Chiapas Residents During Lockdown

Source: Publimetro.com.mx
Date: April 12, 2020

Mexico: Alleged "Wolfman" Terrorizes Chiapas Residents During Lockdown

Allegations that a lycanthrope has been prowling the city streets have emerged in the municipality of Ocozoconuautla. It has been howiling and scratching the ground prompting a search by locals.

During the prevailing state of lockdown, several residents of a Chiapas town have spent sleepless nights due the alleged presence of a wolfman on the streets.

Social media reported that residents of the Municipality of Ocozocoautla (Coita) in Chiapas have reportedly seen an animal resembling a wolfman, and there are those who report having heard the howls of this mythical creature, who has caused concern among certain segments of the population.

On Friday night, residents emerged from their homes in the neighborhoods of Mirador and Juan Sabines wielding machetes and sticks, as they searched for the lycanthrope.

Videos have been uploaded to social media in which a wolf's howl is apparently heard. The authenticity of this material is unknown, although uncertaintly does exist due to the Coita wolfman.

VIDEO: https://ift.tt/34FjNMk (Note: the video consists of footage of people on the street and a girl engaged in a phone conversation)
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31 mar. 2020

La tapa de alcantarilla que se convirtió en el primer objeto humano en entrar en órbita… ¿o no lo fue?

Hay historias que tienen encanto y que, de tanto repetirse, hay quien las toma como ciertas. No deja de tener gracia pensar que una “tapa de alcantarilla” lanzada a gran velocidad por una explosión nuclear se hubiera convertido en el primer objeto humano en orbitar nuestro mundo, solo que es algo que, muy posiblemente, nunca sucedió. He escuchado esta historia varias veces, y pocas veces era puesta en duda, pero ayer por la noche me crucé en televisión con un documental en el que se afirmaba que era algo cierto. Pues no, por mucho que sea una historia divertida, no hay caso.

En octubre de 1957 el Sputnik 1 se convirtió en el primer satélite artificial en entrar en órbita baja terrestre. Ahora bien, la leyenda nos cuenta que en el verano de ese mismo año una tapa de alcantarilla estadounidense se adelantó a los soviéticos. Fue durante la Operación Plumbbob, una serie de pruebas de armamento nuclear en territorio de los Estados Unidos que se llevaron a cabo entre mayo y octubre de 1957. Los científicos del laboratorio de Los Álamos se encontraban probando todo tipo de configuraciones para el armamento nuclear, incluyendo explosiones subterráneas, así como estudios sobre resistencia de materiales y propuestas para el uso de este tipo de ingenios más allá de lo militar.

Imagen de una de las pruebas de la Operación Plumbbob.

Durante una de aquellas pruebas, la conocida como Pascal-A del 26 de julio, se llevó a cabo una explosión nuclear subterránea que superó con creces los efectos calculados inicialmente. La cobertura de tierra y hormigón desapareció casi por completo, por lo que el 27 de agosto se probó de nuevo la misma configuración (prueba Pascal-B) pero multiplicando enormemente el tamaño del “escudo” de superficie (en total fueron unas 300 toneladas de material compactado y un sello de hormigón). Pensaban que la pesada tapa de metal y hormigón que cerraba el sello (de al menos media tonelada) se iba a vaporizar, como casi todo el material de relleno, pero en las tomas de alta velocidad de la cámara de registro se veía cómo salía volando (realmente sólo se veía una traza en uno de los fotogramas, pero asumieron que salió volando a muy alta velocidad).

Tiempo después, la historia de la “tapa de alcantarilla espacial” se convirtió en toda una leyenda. Los cálculos realizados por el diseñador del experimento, el doctor Robert Brownlee, indicaban que podría haber alcanzado hasta seis veces la velocidad de escape de la Tierra ( que es de 11,19 km/s de media a nivel del mar). Ahora bien, el cálculo se había realizado apresuradamente a mano, sin ordenadores ni sofisticadas simulaciones y sin tener en cuenta la atmósfera y lo poco aerodinámica que era la tapa, como bien comentó el propio Brownlee1. De la tapa nunca más se supo, pero se supone que se fragmentó y terminó hecha añicos, pero no en el espacio. Lo que sí voló muy alto fue la leyenda.

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25 mar. 2020

Dorothy Levitt, la chica más rápida del mundo

Fragmentos de uno de mis artículos inéditos (estaba destinado a la revista Historia de España y el mundo, pero la publicación de ese medio finalizó en febrero de este año), inspirado por la lectura de la novela de Celia Santos titulada “Más rápida que la vida” (Penguin Random House, 2020). Las imágenes de este post están tomadas del libro de Dorothy Levitt “The woman and the car”, 1909.

 El espejo de mano debe ser bastante grande para ser realmente útil, y es mejor levantarlo para utilizarlo. (…) No es para uso personal, sino que de vez en cuando se puede utilizar para ver lo que está detrás de ti. A veces escuchas un coche detrás y sientes la necesidad o la inclinación de mirar. Con el espejo puedes ver en un instante lo que está en la parte trasera de tu coche sin perder la vista delantera y sin soltar la mano derecha del volante.

Traducción personal de la mención que hace Dorothy Levitt sobre el retrovisor en su manual de conducción de 1909.


Año 1909, el prometedor siglo XX acaba de nacer y medio mundo de puebla vertiginosamente con máquinas ruidosas llamadas automóviles. Pero es un mundo de hombres, y lo seguirá siendo durante mucho tiempo. ¿Podrá una mujer alcanzar alguna posición elevada en el cerrado mundo de las carreras automovilísticas? Pongámonos en situación, aquello no sólo era inaudito sino inconcebible para la mayor parte de las sociedades de su tiempo. Algo imposible, indeseable y poco menos que un pecado. Pero en la lucha por la igualdad de sexos, junto con muchas otras pioneras, ese año de 1909 brilla con especial relevancia una mujer única y lo hace, de forma inesperada, con un libro que debió hacer que muchos hombres, y también muchas mujeres, se preguntaran si aquello era una broma de mal gusto o iba en serio.

En efecto, ese no tan lejano año vio la luz un manual de conducción muy especial, porque estaba destinado a enseñar a las mujeres cómo conducir, cómo mantener un vehículo mecánicamente y, en definitiva, buscaba revolucionar el mundo del motor haciendo que las mujeres entraran de lleno en aquel cerrado planeta hasta entonces sólo para hombres. El escándalo era inevitable, aunque muchos se lo tomaron como algo anecdótico, poco menos que la excepción que confirmaba la regla de que la conducción no era algo femenino. Se equivocaron, y la llama prendió pronto. El libro, escrito por la inquieta Dorothy Levitt, llevaba un título inequívocamente directo: “The Woman and the Car: A Chatty Little Handbook for all Women Who Motor or Who Want to Motor” o “La mujer y el automóvil: Un pequeño manual práctico para todas las mujeres que conducen o quieren conducir”. Ciertamente, ya había mujeres que conducían, pero la popularización del deseo de conducir, y de reparar automóviles, sólo estaba comenzando a calar entre las mujeres occidentales de entonces. El manual de Levitt enseñaba todos los detalles necesarios para conocer los automóviles de su tiempo, cómo arrancar un coche, cambiar de marchas, las formas de conducción, la mecánica básica y el mantenimiento del coche, e incluso cómo defenderse de posibles agresiones en rutas solitarias (recomendaba llevar un revólver si se iba a conducir sola por caminos) y cómo vestir, por ejemplo con un guardapolvos especial, para realizar reparaciones. El manual incluía fotografías en las que la autora demostraba todo lo que iba enseñando, todo descrito con un lenguaje sencillo y directo pensado, como ella bien comentaba en la introducción del libro, no para aquellas mujeres que ya se han se dedicaban al automovilismo, sino para “aquellas que quisieran hacerlo pero que no se atreven debido al nerviosismo, o bien se imaginan que es demasiado difícil entender los detalles técnicos necesarios”.

El manual de conducción para mujeres de Levitt fue el más difundido de su época, pero no fue el primero. Otras mujeres ya habían lo habían intentado anteriormente, como Eliza Davis en 1906. Entre 1903 y 1908 Levitt había ido publicando una serie de artículos sobre automovilismo en la revista ilustrada The Graphic. Ese material sirvió de base para su manual, un libro que contiene un fragmento muy especial dedicado al espejo retrovisor. A principios del siglo XX gran parte de los accesorios del automóvil que hoy damos por imprescindibles estaban por crear, o al menos por ser estandarizados. Levitt incide en su libro en la gran importancia de contar con un espejo con el que poder conocer la situación del automóvil en medio del tráfico, cosa que no era tan clara para muchos por entonces. Dorothy sabía muy bien que contar con un espejo era una gran ventaja a la hora de conducir, tanto por seguridad como para tener ventaja en las carreras, pues ella misma había comprobado lo útiles que eran los espejos de las polveras en las competiciones. Lo que más tarde sería el espejo retrovisor conocido en todas partes y que montan todos los coches en diversas formas y número, incluyendo los modelos con cámara trasera, nació de la inquietud de Levitt y de su experiencia. En los consejos de su libro, afirma que era muy ventajoso “llevar un pequeño espejo de mano en un lugar conveniente cuando se condice para sostenerlo en alto de vez en cuando para ver el tráfico hacia atrás al conducir”. El capítulo sobre el espejo de aquel manual de conducción hizo que la idea se popularizara y terminara por dar forma a nuestros retrovisores. Ciertamente, ya existían ideas similares patentadas anteriormente, incluso referidas a carruajes a caballo, pero fue la mención de Levitt lo que lo popularizó. La genial idea se materializó ante el gran público por primera vez cuando el piloto estadounidene Ray Harroun montó un primitivo retrovisor en la carrera inaugural de las 500 Millas de Indianápolis en 1911.

La mención al uso del espejo de una polvera habrá sin duda llamado la atención de quien lea estas letras porque, en efecto: ¡lo utilizó en competición! Y es que Dorothy no escribió su libro como algo teórico, en un intento de animar a las mujeres a romper las barreras de la conducción. Nada de eso, porque ella era en el momento de la publicación de su manual toda una estrella de las competiciones automovilísticas, siendo la primera mujer en ganar una carrera de coches en 1903 y logrando marcas de velocidad con automóvil y motocicletas (y no sólo en tierra, sino también con lanchas acuáticas).

Dorothy, británica nacida en 1882, era conocida como “la chica más rápida del mundo” por la prensa. Sus actividades en el mundo del motor y su ímpetu sin fin por la igualdad de las mujeres hacían que su presencia en la prensa escrita fuera una constante a principios del siglo XX. Se convirtió en toda una celebridad, llegando a enseñar a conducir a personalidades como la Reina Alejandra de Dinamarca, esposa del rey Eduardo VII del Reino Unido, entre otras aristócratas. Si bien no fue la primera mujer en competir en carreras automovilísticas (por ejemplo, la intrépida francesa Camille du Gast ya lo había hecho antes, junto a otras pioneras), sí fue la más destacada de su tiempo. La pasión por las máquinas veloces le venía de su afición a la hípica y de su trabajo como secretaria en un taller de coches de la clásica marca Napier & Son. Los caballos eran rápidos, pero esos vehículos que veía a diario en el taller, lo eran más. Y, además, le parecían bellos. En pocos meses aprendió todo lo posible sobre automóviles y pronto pasó a la acción. Aquello no cayó muy bien, era una mujer y, por ello, estaba entrando en un paraíso prohibido y “poco femenino”. A pesar de las críticas de los periódicos Dorothy no se detuvo. En su manual de conducción afirma que no conoce un placer mayor que el de conducir un vehículo de competición. Lo llevaba en la sangre y nada podía parar su pasión por la velocidad, ya fuera en automóvil, moto, lancha motora o, incluso, en su interés por a aviación. Además, era soltera, universitaria e independiente, lo que le hacía estar siempre en el punto de mira de las críticas morales. El piloto y empresario Selwyn Francis Edge reconoció su brillantez y proporcionó patrocinio, entrenamiento en Francia y vehículos. Levitt participó en numerosas carreras desde 1903, convirtiéndose en toda una estrella, aunque en algunas pruebas no se permitió su registro por ser mujer.

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