12 feb. 2016



Las misteriosas fotos halladas el mes pasado, río Dja, Camerún


Para la comparación aquí están los restos de caimanes halladas por nuestro equipo
Derechos de autor 2016 Michel Ballot


Más fotos, según el equipo no podía ser elefantes, no los hay en la zona y son bien distintas.


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11 feb. 2016

Divine Intervention in Daily Life

February 12, 2016

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Einstein Was Right: The Existence of Gravitational Waves has been Confirmed

100 years after Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves through his theory of general relativity, a team of astrophysicists has announced the detection of these distortions made in the fabric of space. "With this new discovery, we humans are embarking on a marvelous new quest: the quest to explore the warped side of the Universe—objects and phenomena that are made from warped spacetime," remarks gravitational physicist Kip Thorne.

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Una nueva ventana a la observación del universo

Entre gran expectación, los responsables del proyecto LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) han anunciado este jueves la primera evidencia directa de la existencia de ondas gravitacionales, una de las predicciones más importantes de la teoría de la Relatividad General de Einstein. También hoy está prevista la publicación de estos resultados en la revista Physical Review Letters. El hallazgo abre una nueva ventana a la observación del universo.
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Detección histórica de ondas gravitacionales

El observatorio LIGO en EE UU ha conseguido detectar por primera vez las ondulaciones en el tejido del espacio-tiempo, llamadas ondas gravitacionales. El descubrimiento confirma una predicción de la teoría de la relatividad de Einstein y abre una nueva vía para investigar el universo. La primera onda gravitacional observada se llama GW150914, y los científicos piensan que es fruto de la fusión de dos agujeros negros.
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The Paranormal and...Martial Arts! (Who are We, Really?)

Thursday February 11, 2016
Last week we met "Jim" and talked about his Visitor and paranormal experiences from an analytical point of view. This week he returns to narrate his time spent studying under a martial arts master from a spiritual point of view. Once again, and as always, we are confronted with the fact that we don't know what we're capable of and the eternal question: Who are we?

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Las ondas gravitacionales explicadas para principiantes

Los dos gigantescos detectores del experimento LIGO, separados 3.000 km en EE UU, han detectado las pequeñísimas vibraciones generadas por ondas gravitacionales procedentes de la fusión de dos agujeros negros. ¿Pero qué son exactamente esas misteriosas ondas y en qué consiste el experimento? Aquí están las claves para entender a los protagonistas del gran descubrimiento científico del año.
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Spain: The “Formigal Yeti” – A Hoax by an Alicante Brand

Spain: The “Formigal Yeti” – A Hoax by an Alicante Brand

*It was a viral merchandising campaign in collusion with the ski resort*

Rivers of ink (of the digital kind, particularly) have flowed both in Spain and many countries all over the world. But the now famous images of the alleged “yeti” of the Formigal Station, as this newspaper said today at noon, are nothing more than a hoax by a well-known brand from Alicante that makes sunglasses, and has an active promotional arrangement with the aforementioned ski resort and one of its models. At 22:00 hours tonight, the company unveiled a video on its website and on YouTube.

The strange sighting of an alleged Yeti at the Formigal Station leaped into social media last week. “This morning, while skiing Formigal with my buddies, we came across this,” said a user in ForoCoches, one of Spain’s largest online forums. “We have notified the station, but they didn’t take us seriously,” they added. A recording published on YouTube barely three seconds later showed the bizarre figure. The referenced video was withdrawn from You Tube by being “in violation of its policy on spam, deceitful practices and fraud.”

The image shows something looking like a white bear walking among the trees. It was nothing more than a skier clothed entirely in white. The fact is that after all the confusion, another video made the rounds of YouTube yesterday; showing several workers at Formigal carrying what appeared to be a cadaver before the eyes of startled skiers.

The enigma is resolved. This is a successful promotional campaign orchestrated by the aforementioned eyewear manufacturer, in collusion with the ski resort in Aragón.

Videos can be seen on the original website: http://ift.tt/1o6FgHq

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Dave Koper and Manuel Carballal]

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Chile: Alleged Humanoids Reported in Southern Chile - a Strange and Disturbing Report

Source: PLANETA UFO and Frentefantasma.org
Date: 02.11.2016

CHILE: Alleged Humanoids Reported in Southern Chile - a Strange and Disturbing Report

Strange entities standing between 2.5 to 3 meters tall have supposedly been seen by locals in recent years.

The "Lo que habita en las sombras" (What Dwells in the Shadows) YouTube broadcast published only days ago a strange case with paranormal overtones involving two siblings in the southern reaches of our country on December 16 [2015]. A young student identified a Miguel, 24, who studies at a college in Concepcion, went back to his home located in a rural sector of the Araucania Region to spend the years ‘end holidays with his family.

Only recently arrived, Miguel joined his brother Patricio, 14, on a bicycle trip through the neighboring woods on a particularly hot afternoon. An hour into the trip, they hid their bicycles in a bush to venture into the woods, looking for one of the many streams in the area to cool off. After finding the watering hole and resting for a few hours in the bucolic location, Miguel suggested that they head back home, as it was growing dark. However, when they retraced their steps down the same path they had taken, the siblings heard a strange sound behind them, similar to that of two stones crashing. When they turned around, they were startled to see two allegedly humanoid creatures staring at them fixedly. According to the description given, the beings stood three meters tall had long arms and a terrifying look to their features, highlighting a disproportionate mouth size. Their bodies, aside from being covered by what appeared to be tight green overalls, gave off a very intense aura of heat, similar to the sensation felt by standing next to an oven or campfire.

Miguel said that the strong impression made him stumble, falling backward to the ground, while his younger brother started sobbing, paralyzed by fear. With a great effort, after Miguel took his brother by the arm, both fled the scene, feeling the two strange beings in pursuit. However, the episode did not end there. After returning home and telling their mother what had happened, the same sound was heard outside. When Miguel looked through the window, he saw the two figures watching the house intently. The entities inspected the area for considerable time before vanishing into the forest.

This unusual account brings to mind a rather similar one recorded on 27 February 2010 (the same date as the devastating earthquake in central and southern Chile) at Cobquecura Beach in the country's 8th Region. As a homeowner identified as Carmen Carmona told the press: "At around 6:45 a.m., when I was opening the gate of my summer home, I decided to look at the ocean. At that same moment, three creatures appeared, heading into the sea. I called my husband and my sister, asking them if they were seeing what I was seeing. They said yes. We found it odd that someone would be on the beach at that time, since the entire town had taken to the hills because the authorities had given evacuation orders due to a possible tsunami. When we saw them, we noticed they were very tall, standing some 2.5 meters, were thin, and had a shiny dark blue color. We were very frightened, but my nephew happened to arrive at that moment and took us to a higher section of the city. What's odd is that a month before this incident, we saw a powerful light amid the mountains which illuminated our cabin almost completely."

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO), Villatri (Guioteca) and Frentefantasma.org]

Video at: https://youtu.be/v6K1Ww8A08c

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10 feb. 2016

NASA Releases 135-Year Video showing Global Temperature Rise

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has released an animation on their website that illustrates how average global surface temperatures have risen since record-keeping started in the late 19th century. The video helps to visually illustrate the rise of Earth's temperatures, spanning a 135-year period from when temperature records were first recorded, in 1880, through 2015, the hottest year on record.

The baseline average used in the video was derived from temperature averages from 1951 through 1980, with blue colors representing below-average trends, and orange representing above average temperatures.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also released a similar video, showing the same warming trend over the past 135 years. 

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Un proyecto para enviar al espacio millones de mensajes desde la Tierra

¿Le gustaría mandar un mensaje al espacio exterior? Ahora puede hacer realidad su deseo gracias al proyecto cultural A Simple Response to an Elemental Message, que desde el próximo otoño se encargará de enviar las opiniones sobre el futuro del planeta propuestas por personas de todo el mundo.
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Un email filtrado alimenta los rumores sobre las ondas gravitacionales

El 11 de febrero los responsables del experimento LIGO, un avanzado sistema de detección de las largamente busquedas ondas gravitacionales, ofrecerán en Washington una rueda de prensa para presentar sus últimos avances. La filtración del correo de un investigador apunta a que por fin se podrían haber descubierto estas ondulaciones del espacio-tiempo, cien años después de que Einstein predijera su existencia.
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Asteroid 2013 TX68 May Make a Close Pass to Earth in March

Astronomers may be in for a treat early next month, as asteroid 2013 TX68 may make a close pass to Earth sometime between March 3–8, 2016, making it possible that it will be visible through telescopes. Despite how close it is expected to come to us, NASA doesn't expect it to hit Earth -- this time.

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9 feb. 2016

El descubrimiento de galaxias tras la Vía Láctea envuelve al Gran Atractor

El radiotelescopio Parkes de Australia ha detectado 883 galaxias más allá de la Vía Láctea, de las que casi un tercio eran desconocidas para los astrónomos. El hallazgo se ha producido en el entorno del enigmático Gran Atractor, por lo que podría aclarar el misterio que rodea a este muro de galaxias que atrae a otras como la nuestra.
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