25 de abr. de 2015

UFO filmed near erupting Chilean volcano

A woman who had been filming the eruption also recorded an object that had appeared in the sky nearby. The Calbuco volcano in Chile erupted unexpected...
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Vast lava reservoir found under Yellowstone

A chamber containing 11,200 cubic miles of molten magma has been found below Yellowstone National Park. Underneath the ideallic lakes, canyons and for...
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Chile: Controversy Over the Calbuco Volcano "UFO"

INEXPLICATA decided not to run this story earlier this week when an eruption of Chile's Calbuco Volcano not only created a spectacle seen around the world thanks to the Internet, but also featured a very strange light or set of lights. Chilean researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida advised other researchers and media that the lights were, in fact, those of a military helicopter surveying the eruption. However, the fact that the light source remained static before suddenly vanishing has caused many to wonder if it could have in fact been an anomaly. The possibility of extraterrestrial or interdimensional visitation have been set forth, but only recently have "time travelers" been invoked as the source of the matter. The presence of strange lights has also been reported during eruptions of Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano.
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Should Nessie be Scotland's national animal?

A Scottish tourism body has launched a new campaign to gain formal recognition for the Loch Ness Monster. Despite there being considerable doubts over...
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Weekender: Going Green

Weekender: Trees are going up in China even as they are coming down along the Amazon and in Indonesia’s Sumatran and Kalimantan provinces. Vegetation is increasing in Russia as abandoned farmlands regrow their forests. And because of increases in rainfall – grasslands have increased in Australia, Africa and South America.

Collectively, the carbon storage capacity of this biomass has increased by 4 billion tons since 2003, according to a recent study published in the journal, Nature Climate Change. And China is leading the way with its Great Green Wall project located in Northern China.

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24 de abr. de 2015

NASA steps up the search for alien life

The space agency has formed a new coalition of scientists from a wide range of different fields. The Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) aims t...
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UFO Over Hotel in

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This object is not acting like a drone, a balloon or any natural object. It could be a simple CGI effect, but if so an additional effort has been made to cue the comments of the witnesses. Unlikely to be a CGI effect. Witness states that this was made over the Westin Hotel in Virginia Beach on April 18 at midnight.

If you know of any other such sightings in the area, please write unknowncountry@unknowncountry.com

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Paranormal investigators encounter burglars

The team had been looking for ghosts at a store in Derby when they ran in to a pair of thieves. A local paranormal investigation group had been spendi...
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Argentina: Alleged UFO Videotaped Over Bahia Blanca

Luis Burgos of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) announced on his Facebook page the recording of a "parallel formation" of alleged UFOs over Bahía Blanca, Argentina (a locale on the Argentinean coast that has become known as a UFO hotspot for many generations). The video was recorded on April 23, 2015 by Alejandro Suarez, who posted it to YouTube. It can be seen at http://ift.tt/1HzOwJA
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Los tesoros del Hubble también se conservan en España

Los astrónomos del Centro Europeo de Astronomía Espacial (ESAC), en Madrid, celebraron el pasado jueves el 25 cumpleaños del telescopio espacial Hubble. Explicaron que más de la mitad de los descubrimientos actuales con este telescopio se basan en las observaciones almacenadas precisamente en la biblioteca astronómica de ESAC. 
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Should chimps be granted human rights ?

A case is set to be brought to the New York State Supreme Court to argue that chimps are 'legal persons'. For years animal rights activists have been ...
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Further Strange Synchronicities: Whitley and Jeremy are Beginning to Wonder...

On  March 27, Whitley Strieber and Jeremy Vaeni discussed some strange synchronicities involving Jeremy's show the Experience and Whitley's life. Bizarrely, the synchronicities continued and became even stranger. Listen in as they discuss some of the high strangeness revolving around the Experience arriving on Unknowncountry.com.

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23 de abr. de 2015

Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained

I have completed Super Natural with my collaborator, Jeff Kripal, the Religion Chair at Rice University. It's going to be published by Tarcher/Penguin in February of 2016.

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Officers recall Vietnam UFO encounters

US military personnel reported several unusual incidents involving UFOs during the war in Vietnam. One such encounter allegedly took place in 1968 whe...
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