18 jun. 2019

Dos planetas potencialmente habitables alrededor de una estrella cercana

Con la ayuda del instrumento CARMENES, en Almería, un equipo internacional ha descubierto dos pequeños planetas terrestres orbitando en torno a Teegarden, una enana roja de la vecindad solar. Los planetas tienen masas similares a la Tierra y sus temperaturas podrían ser lo suficientemente suaves como para albergar agua líquida en sus superficies.
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11 jun. 2019

Cuba: Nocturnal Sighting in Matanzas (CE-1, 2005)

Date: 06.11.2019

Cuba: Nocturnal Sighting in Matanzas (CE-1, 2005)
By Orestes Girbau

Date: 25 January 2005
Time: 10:00 pm
Witnesses: Two passers-by
Duration: Around 15 minutes
Weather conditions: Clear Skies
Progress of the UFO Experience:
The witness, 51, a decorator by profession with a 9th grade education level, saw a UFO twice around the same time for two consecutive weeks, both on a Wednesday.
According to the witness, the object was 5 meters long by 3 meters wide with three sources of light, rotating slowly and noiselessly. It had a rectangular base with a dome resembling glass and of a semi-circular shape. It flew over the house in a straight line from north to south. As it moved away, it accelerated at breakneck speed and vanished without a sound.
The second time she witnessed the object, it was hanging in the air for some 10 minutes at an elevation of 12 meters. It later passed over the house(s), pausing for two or three minutes over each on two separate occasions. Next, it turned toward the main highway, aligned itself with it, and followed the route until it disappeared from view.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Orestes Girbau and Guillermo Giménez]

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Argentina: UFO Photographed from Cable Car in Salta

Source: Planeta UFO and Antonio Zuleta
Date: 06.11.2019

Argentina: A UFO photograph from Salta

Antonio Zuleta writes: This startling daytime UFO photo was taken by Ms. Josefina Ferrari while ascending Cerro San Bernado in a cable car. Josefina was in the company of her mother when she saw something strange near the cable car; she took out her cellphone and took some pictures. When she saw what she'd captured, she was stunned. A UFO, she wondered?
She decided to send me this photograph, and I thanked her for entrusting me with her story and this solid UFO evidence. It would seem that only meters away from the witnesses, at the exact moment that Josefina got ready to take the picture, the UFO did exactly the same, as a flash is clearly evident (they also take photographs of us). An astonishing fact.
If you see this note, dear Josefina, I would like you to write down your own version of the events. I have only written down what you told me. If something does not match the actual events, please correct it. Many thanks for this surprising story."

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Antonio Zuleta and Josefina Ferrari]
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10 jun. 2019

El magnetismo da un impulso inesperado a la economía del hidrógeno

Mediante un imán, investigadores del Instituto Catalán de Investigación Química han logrado por primera vez aumentar la producción de hidrógeno en la reacción de división del agua. La simplicidad del descubrimiento abre nuevas oportunidades para implementar el uso de campos magnéticos durante este proceso.
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7 jun. 2019

Descubren la estrella pulsante más rápida que se conoce hasta la fecha

Un equipo internacional de científicos, con investigadores de la Universidad de Granada y del Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, ha hallado cinco estrellas rápidamente oscilantes, de las que dos son especialmente interesantes: una porque es más fría de lo habitual, y la otra por su velocidad: completa una oscilación cada 4,7 minutos.
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4 jun. 2019

La inteligencia artificial sabe si los actores y actrices ya han tocado techo

Un nuevo algoritmo predice con un 85% de certeza si el año más productivo de un actor ya ha pasado o está por venir. El trabajo confirma lo efímeras que suelen ser las carreras en el cine, además del sesgo de género de la industria del cine. Los resultados han servido de base para la trama de un nuevo guion.
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3 jun. 2019

Costa Rica: Anomalous Object on Video

Another intriguing video of an anomalous object over Costa Rica, courtesy of Cial Observación OVNI CR. The accompanying text reads: "Luminous object at 5:43 pm Costa RIca time, 30 May 2019, looking toward the hills in the Valle Central's southern sector from northern Heredia."

VIDEO AT: http://bit.ly/2HUsZTi
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Argentina: The Santa Catalina UFO Case

Source: El Litoral and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: June 2, 2019
Article by Francisco Villagrán for El Litoral

Argentina: The Santa Catalina UFO Case

During the 1970s, 80s and some of the '90s, Corrientes served as the location for numerous UFO cases ranging from sightings to landings and contact incidents. One of the first cases was the Santa Catalina incident, where a strange luminous object was witnessed by an entire family during a night in 1978.

The cold evening of 22 August 1978 would not be just another night in the lives of the Miño family, protagonists of the incredible UFO sighting in the vicinity of Santa Catalina, which at that time was at the end of Bus Line 6, far from what was the city at the time. There was a military base there, headquarters to the Command and Service Brigade, Sanitary Company 7 and Arsenal Company 8, where the bus would turn and head back to the city. There were few hoses in that area and the streets were made of sand, making it hard to traverse them, especially on a bicycle. One had to make an effort to pedal. The city was just expanding and this area was far from contemporary Santa Catalina.

The cold south wind blowing over the region that evening, while not very strong, was enough to entice people to remain indoors, well-dressed and drinking something warm. Ignacio Esteban Miño, the main witness of the surprising event, was 29 years old at the time and was on his way back from his job in the city, where he worked as a martial arts instructor. The time was around 22:00 hours. As he got ready to enter his home, he was surprised to see a strange luminous object of an intense white color moving slowly in the sky, some 200 meter distant, and over the river, as it was near the dwelling. The vehicle was some 6 or 7 meters in diameter, according to his calculations, and made no noise at all. It moved silent through space, allowing the sighting to last some 15 minutes. Startled by what he was seeing, he entered the house and told his family: "Come out quickly, come see this, it's incredible!" His father and sister, who were still awake, went outside, followed by the mother and an aunt, as a result of the ensuing hubbub. All remained silent, contemplating the strange object. It glowed with a powerful white color, waxing and waning in intensity. Throughout the duration of the event, no noise was heard and nearby animals (dogs) remained quiet.

When Ignacio Miño was consulted about the strange experience, he said: "Nothing like it had ever happened to me. I'd never seen anything like it, but this time I could see the object clearly. It was rather close, I figure some 100 meters away, and at no time was I frightened. The object was oval-shaped and as I said, very luminous. It didn't travel very fast and gave the impression that it was inspecting something, looking at something. You ask whether I'd read up on the UFO subject? No, very little. I was only aware of its existence through friends. I do believe there's life elsewhere. As a result of my experience I intend to find out more, as I'd like to know more in this regard. I was lucky not to be alone when I saw it; otherwise no one would believe me. My father, my sister, my mother and an aunt came out for a look. There were five of us. We all saw it perfectly and were astonished by what we saw. From what I heard, no neighbors saw what we had seen. There was no one outside, as it was rather cold with a stiff wind. Not the kind of night you want to be outdoors. In any event, I won't forget this experience. It was incredible."

It should be noted that a week after the Miño family's sighting, a group of fishermen had camped 500 beyond on the banks of the Paraná River, and described a luminous object with similar characteristics flying over the river at low altitude.

This was one of the '70s cases that followed the Cambá Punta case in 1960, the Torrent Case in 1965, as the most important. Many others would come later in the '80s and '90s. Perhaps the most important was the Catamarán Case of 1978, when a group of artists, musicians and chamameceros (popular musicians from Corrientes) gathered at the catamaran at the end of the year, witnessed a UFO fleet over the Paraná River. The Santa Catalina case is significant because it occurred on a cold night, with a clear, cloudless sky, so it was visible without impediment. Furthermore, there was a group of witnesses - five, not many - yet sufficiently lucid to see the same thing and describe it in detail.

As is customary in these cases, eyewitness accounts were taken separately. Each member of the family was interviewed and their stories all matched. They had witnessed an anomalous event that was being considered worldwide as the sighting of an extraterrestrial device, very luminous, with obviously intelligent movements, flying slowly before shifting speed before vanishing at high speed in the dark of the night. Currently, such cases are commonplace, with the advantages given by present technology in photographing and recording sightings as indisputable proof of their existence.

This also marked the beginning of a series of sightings, descents and contacts that began in the Northeast, particularly in Corrientes Province, which had many cases in the two following decades.

[Translation (c)2019 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Francisco Villagrán of El Litoral and Guillermo Giménez of Planeta UFO]

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Resuelto el misterio de la galaxia sin materia oscura

Investigadores del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias han aclarado uno de los misterios del año 2018 en el mundo de la astrofísica extragaláctica: la supuesta existencia de una galaxia sin materia oscura. La explicación es que se encuentra mucho más cerca de lo que se pensaba, con lo que todas las propiedades derivadas de su distancia han vuelto a ser normales, incluida la presencia de materia oscura.
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30 may. 2019

Átomos contra moléculas para avanzar en el control químico a escala cuántica

En la escala de los átomos y las moléculas rigen las reglas de la mecánica cuántica, un entorno en el que surgen reacciones inesperadas y muy difícil de controlar. Sin embargo, investigadores de la Universidad de Oxford han realizado un experimento, con átomos de argón chocando contra moléculas de óxido nítrico, que puede suponer un gran paso para lograrlo. Científicos españoles han presentado los cálculos computacionales que explican el proceso.
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Miden por primera vez la desintegración de uno de los principales productos de la fisión nuclear

Investigadores del Instituto de Física Corpuscular han publicado el primer estudio de la desintegración beta de isótopos del niobio. Este tipo de desintegración es un proceso fundamental para entender lo que pasa dentro de un reactor nuclear y el niobio es uno de los elementos más desconocidos y difíciles de medir durante su funcionamiento.
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El Padre Himalaya, pionero de la energía solar

29 may. 2019

Einstein tuvo razón (hace 100 años)

Se cumple el centenario del eclipse que permitió confirmar la teoría de la relatividad general. "Cada día, cuando buscamos en el mapa del teléfono móvil una trayectoria desde nuestra posición, estamos beneficiándonos de que Einstein tuviera razón al hacer una teoría tan poderosa y precisa sobre cómo es el espacio y el tiempo", explica el astofísico y divulgador Javier Armentia.
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28 may. 2019

Costa Rica: Anomaly Over the Irazu Volcano?

Source: CIAL Observación Ovni CR (Costa Rica) and Planeta UFO (Argentina)
Date: 05.23.2019

"Good evening. We have noticed a source of illumination over the upper part of the summit, where the Irazú telecommunication towers are located. We ask any of our contacts to please assist us in ascertaining what it is."

[Oddly enough, Costa Rica's "La Nación" newspaper mentioned the possible relocation of these eighty-four telecommunication towers to other parts of the country due to the constant avalanches near the summit of the mountain. The news item goes on to say: "This is the order handed down by the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE - National Emergency Committee) following a diagnosis of cracks in the vicinity of the giant peak, arising from a visit by several experts this month (January 23, 2017). A photo of the towers in question appears below -- SC]

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