29 de mar. de 2015

New species of giant dinosaur discovered

The gargantuan reptile was related to the Titanosaurs and roamed the Earth around 100 million years ago. Discovered on the banks of the Kiya River in ...

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Climate Change and Pope Francis

I have been writing about the dangers of climate change since I published Nature's End with Jim Kunetka in 1985. It was considered overstated. When Art and I published Superstorm, it was considered overstated. It turns out that neither book was overstated. In fact, both were understated. Climate change is happening much faster than we imagined possible. In addition, the Climate Watch section on this website has offered accurate predictions based on the knowledge of climate I have acquired over the years, and the theories that I apply.

We are at present in an exceedingly serious situation. It is far more serious than people realize and are being led to believe. The most significant problems, as far as I can see, are as follows:

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28 de mar. de 2015

Earth-like worlds may exist in nearby system

There could be two potentially habitable planets in a binary star system just 4.3 light years away. In cosmological terms Alpha Centauri is right on o...

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Large, loud UFO sighted over Cannock Chase

Dozens of people reported a huge, slow-moving object passing over their homes on Tuesday night. Cannock Chase has developed something of a reputation ...

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Robot astronaut sets two new world records

A robot named Kirobo kept the astronauts company during its 18-month stay aboard the space station. Developed as part of a joint project between Tokyo...

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27 de mar. de 2015

'Genetic Adam' lived 239,000 years ago

A genome study has pinpointed when mankind's most recent common male ancestor would have lived. The ambitious project sequenced the genomes of 2,636 I...

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Scientists develop night vision eye drops

A group of California researchers has found a way to enhance a person's ability to see in the dark. Independent research group "Science for the Masses...

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Weekender: When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide

by Trish and Rob MacGregor

In the aftermath of an early morning UFO encounter in his back yard that ended with both he and his wife losing consciousness, Charles Fontaine was haunted by a series of strange coincidences and paranormal experiences. Even though he rarely read books outside of his field in aeronautics, he went to a bookstore in a Montreal mall and picked up one book, the French edition of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity.

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Somebody is Hiding Something

April 3, 2015

Part One: Free Dreamland

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? That’s the question we ask George Noory today, as we get into the book he has just published with Richard Belzer and David Wayne. George, Richard and David have gone very deeply into this most mysterious of all airliner disappearances and concluded that almost NOTHING that the general media has told us about this flight is true.

Part Two: Continuation for Subscribers

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Is the universe on the brink of collapse ?

Some scientists believe that the cosmos will eventually collapse in on itself in a 'Big Crunch' event. The stark opposite of the Big Bang, the Big Cru...

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Joe Laudati, 22 años de modelado en arcilla

El presente irresistible tomo es una colección de las obras de prolífico escultor americano Joe Laudati, creador de mundos de fantasía, ciencia ficción, y de horror temático, especialistas en ‘maquetas de garaje’. Fotos a todo color con detalles de más de 200 maquetas.

Lauadti desglosa su obra en piezas de colección centradas en el mundo de Harryhausen, películas de serie B así como todo tipo de personajes de fantasía y como no, monstruos de cines, su verdadera especialidad.

Este reconocido autor ha trabajado para muchos estudios de Hollywood y sus creaciones/trabajos han aparecido en películas como Gremlins o el Retorno del Jedi.


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“Las criaturas y monstruos del mundo de la ciencia ficción y terror cobran vida en esta magnífica crónica bio/escultórica de Joe Laudati. Absolutamente cargado con fantásticas fotografías en color, y repleto de interesantes anécdotas, pensamientos ideas y consejos. Joe Laudati cobra vida a través de este maravilloso libro. Su dedicación a su arte es inconfundible. Y su dedicación al famoso maestro del stop-motion Ray Harryhausen se registra adecuadamente en las páginas de esta historia ilustrada de 22 años de duración en 307 páginas a color”.

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Entre las obras a destacar reseñadas en el libro destacan la serie de King Kong, donde podemos ver la evolución del personaje a lo largo de la historia del cine, así como los personajes ya mencionados de Harryhausen. También destacable son las creaciones propias del autor, algunas inéditas, y la historia de sus comienzos cuando era un estudiante de historia del cine y los efectos especiales. El libro es como una pequeña máquina del tiempo donde podemos observar, como por una minúscula ventana, los primeros pinitos de un joven Laudati, a posteriori todo un gigante de la escultura especializado en la historia del cine y el género fantástico/horror y de ciencia ficción.

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5 Southside Ave. #8C

New Paltz, NY 12561

(845) 419-2390


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26 de mar. de 2015

UK police comment on paranormal call outs

The West Midlands Police have received 152 reports of unexplained phenomena over the last five years. The peculiar statistic was revealed through a Fr...

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Man finds whole potato in his bag of crisps

Richard Bootman got the shock of his life when he opened his packet of Steak and Onion potato chips. The 25-year-old architectural designer from Milde...

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UFOs: Theirs, Ours or Whose?

UFOs: Theirs, Ours or Whose?

By Scott Corrales

In recent years, the news has been filled with stories about drones – unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -designed for a variety of purposes, perhaps most visibly military operations in the Middle East. In recent days, however, the media has been abuzz with stories of Amazon.com receiving authorization to deploy its own drone fleet... could Barnes & Noble be far behind? We may then be able to say, paraphrasing the wisdom of Master Yoda, “begun the drone wars have.”

The presence of these pilotless aircraft in over our heads will no doubt give rise to more reports of unidentified flying objects patrolling the night skies – unless they can be readily identified as the Domino’s drone on a pizza run. New York magazine treated us to a fine feature on the ubiquity of drones in the contemporary world (http://ift.tt/ZltQCL) mindful perhaps that New Yorker magazine had done one in 2012 (http://ift.tt/1zzJefm), citing the use of Predator drones by law enforcement in stalking a dangerous militia from an elevation of 10,000 feet. A quote from the article reads: “If you don’t have unmanned aircraft, or if you don’t have plans to get them, you’re seen as a caveman.”

Much as with the Argentinean case published in INEXPLICATA earlier this month (“Argentina: No UFOs in Rio Cuarto, Just Drones”) a number of recent UFO cases (CE-1s) and photographs may well be disproved as being manmade UAVs. This creates another problem – throwing the bona fide UFO photos and reports out with the electronic bathwater.

Dismissing UFO sightings as incidents involving airplanes is not new, but blaming them on prototype tests, experimental aircraft and the wonders of the military-industrial complex can only be taken so far.

The situation was articulated best by Spanish UFO researcher Marcelino Requejo in his book OVNIS:Alto Secreto (Vigo: Editorial Cydonia, 2009) in a section titled “La estúpida hipótesis del prototipo” (the dumb prototype hypothesis):

“Let us now compare the object sighted by Antolín Medina in Chantada in March 1980 with one of the UFOs photographed in Belgium nine years later, specifically during the 1989 flap. […] It was said at the time that the triangular flying objects seen and photographed in 1989 and 1990 over Belgium were nothing more than U.S. B-2 bombers. This is the last straw – someone had to say something! But the problem is that were facing the same old story. “Someone” took the citizens of the late 20th century to be imbeciles and hicks. See here: These modern bombers, 21 meters long and 52 meters wide, make a deafening noise as they fly, lack any kind of nocturnal illumination to avoid detection. In other words, not in the least similar to the silent and “disco-friendly” triangular objects seen in the skies over Belgium, measuring at least 70 meters from side to side, spinning on their own axis, and able to remain suspended barely 50 meters over the ground on more than one occasion.

“Wait, there’s more. If Northrop Grumman, the airplane’s builder, delivered the “Spirit of Missouri”, the first B-2, to the U.S. Air Force on 17 December 1993, how could this device have flown over Belgium four years earlier? Who can believe that an experimental aircraft with a 2.1 billion dollar price tag could be sent for nocturnal flights over Belgium, when the only operating base for the aircraft at the time was in Whiteman, Missouri?

“The Belgian Air Force itself scrambled several F-16s to intercept it, which is unexplainable when we consider that a bomber belonging “our American pals” or NATO (the same thing) would supposedly have the Belgian authorities’ permission and awareness.

“And what can we say about the artifact seen over Chantada (Galicia, Spain)? Another U.S. B-2 bomber? Well, if that’s the case, the American air force was “on sale” in 1980, because they sent the crème de la crème to Galicia…a lovely bomber measuring nearly 2 kilometers long! This, at a time when the B-2 was still on the drawing board!”

Similar efforts were made in the 1990s to explain away triangular UFOs in Argentina as tests of TR-3B reconnaissance airplane over Patagonia. In later years, triangular craft over South America were explained not as tests, but overflights of less-than-friendly governments such as landlocked Bolivia. The reason? Inspections of an extensive uranium deposit that allegedly exists in the Los Frailes cordillera, with reserves in excess of 100,000 tons, and which have attracted the attention of another less-than-friendly government: Iran. The inevitable question arises – wouldn’t spy satellites be better suited for such a task, and might the true nature of these triangle sightings have little to do with espionage or military hardware tests?

During a spectacular lightning storm in the Bolivian city of San Ignacio de Velasco on 17 January 2012, an amateur cameraman picked up what appeared to be a triangular UFO with lights at each vertex. The video was broadcast on Bolivia's UNITEL network, causing a tidal wave of controversy between those who considered it a fake and those who accepted its authenticity - either as UFO or a U.S. intelligence craft. The video can still be seen at http://ift.tt/1M4REl6.

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