22 de dic. de 2014

Nueva visión de la muerte de estrellas masivas con un estudio de supernovas y estallidos de rayos gamma

Las supernovas o explosiones de estrellas que emiten rayos gamma expulsan más cantidades de niquel que el resto. Es una de las conclusiones del estudio simultaneo de tres fenómenos de este tipo analizados por un equipo internacional de científicos, con participación de la Universidad del País Vasco y el CSIC.

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Nukes could be used to destroy asteroids

The ultimate weapons of mass destruction could one day save us from complete annihilation. For years campaigners have been attempting to encourage wor...

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21 de dic. de 2014

Extreme High Strangeness in Ohio

Ohio MUFON investigator Ron McCone reports that a witness driving near Carmel, Ohio on December 12 "came up over a hill and saw a 7' tall slim, gray creature with muscular legs that walked like its knees were backwards." Nevertheless, it moved rapidly and effectively. What it was is a complete unknown, but the witness, a 60 year old ex-Marine not given to confabulation, seems entirely credible.

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NASA proposes a 'cloud city' above Venus

A future manned mission to Venus could see astronauts piloting blimps around the planet's atmosphere. While most of the recent focus on sending humans...

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6,000-year-old camp unearthed at Stonehenge

An ancient encampment discovered near the prehistoric monument could rewrite British history. The earliest settlement ever found at the site, the Meso...

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Kepler discovers new extrasolar planet

NASA's Kepler space telescope has made its first discovery since being crippled by a technical fault. Located 180 light years away in the constellatio...

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One of the Most Incredible Videos You Will Ever See

No, it's not a CGI effect and yes, this guy has one very hardworking guardian angel.

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20 de dic. de 2014

US Navy deploys underwater robot shark

The impressive five-foot-long aquatic surveillance robot looks and moves like the real thing. The US Navy has experimented with some unusual technolog...

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Former marine spots 'gray creature' in Ohio

The 60-year-old was driving near Carmel when he witnessed a strange entity crossing the road. One of the more unusual cases to have been reported to t...

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Birds can sense a tornado over 900km away

A species of warbler was observed evacuating its nest one day in advance of an approaching tornado. Birds may actually be better at forecasting the we...

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19 de dic. de 2014

Could Eta Carinae explode and wipe us out ?

A massive and volatile star located 7,500 light years away is on the verge of going supernova. Social media has been abuzz lately with the news that a...

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Ghostly fish breaks ocean depth record

Scientists have discovered a strange new species of fish living 8,143 meters below the ocean's surface. The deep-sea snailfish was identified during a...

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Colombia: The UFO Was a Balloon, Says Planetarium

Source: La FM, Peru.com and Planeta UFO

Date: 12.19.2014

Colombia: The UFO Was a Balloon, Says Planetarium

BOGOTA. Dozens of people looked skyward for several minutes watching an object that flew around erratically in the vicinity of Bogotá, Colombia's Zona Rosa.

Those who thought they were seeing an unidentified flying object (UFO), and those who took an endless number of photographs of what they took to be an unusual phenomenon were disappointed after the Bogotá Planetarium reported its findings.

Given that the UFO subject became a trending topic on Twitter, the Planetario de Bogotá explained, through its Facebook account, that the alleged UFO was in fact a balloon. "A photo of the balloon mistaken for a UFO was taken using the 8-inch telescope at the Bogotá Planetarium on Friday afternoon, 12 December [2014]."

To confirm its pronouncement, it presented a photo of the object, credited to Mauricio Giraldo. The matter of the alleged UFO was promptly forgotten.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO. Photo credit Mauricio Giraldo.]

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A CE-2 from 2004? UFO Landing at Puerto Natales, Chile

Our friend and colleague Liliana Núñez, formerly with Archivos Forteanos Latinoamericanos, reminds us of this intriguing video from 2004 allegedly showing a "UFO landing at Puerto Natales" (in the commune of Natales, Province of Ultima Esperanza, Chilean Patagonia). There is no narration beyond random voices: at 00:29 someone asks "Where is Humberto?" and "It has a weird shape" at 00:36. The video is credited to the Centro de Investigacion Ovnilógica de Natales (Patricio Frias, Jose Loalza, Eladio Godoy & Walter Vera).

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