22 jul. 2018

Chispas en el cielo (Festival Aéreo Gijón 2018)

Argentina: UFO Hunters at Work in San Juan

Source: Planeta UFO and www.sanjuan8.com
Date: 18 July 2018

Argentina: UFO Hunters at Work in San Juan

Images were recorded and shared by a group of amateur ufologists in Pocito.

The case involving a UFO in the skies over Pocito keeps racking up hits on Facebook. The images were taken by the amateur UFO group known as Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano (Guardians of the Skies of Cuyo).

According to the publication made on Facebook, the sighitng took place last Sunday, July 15 [2018] over Cerro Plateado. The "witness guardians" were Ramón Lázaro Flores and Jorge Pérez, who received support from the Matakiterani group by radio.

The video shows a flashing light that moves "northward at an elevation of 20-25 degrees more or less."

While it has not been possible to ascertain its origin, it has been a source of curiosity among cybernauts who have seen it.
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Spain: UFO Crash in La Graña (Galicia, 1966)

Source: Planeta UFO and Revista Engimas
Date: 06 November 2017
An article by Josep Guijarro

Spain: UFO Crash in La Graña (Galicia)

In 1966, the Spanish Navy obtained the remains of a saucer-shaped aircraft that had flown over several military facilities in El Ferrol (A Coruña)

If we suppose that UFOs are technological devices created by aliens, it is logical to suppose that some of them may have become damaged, or may have even crashed, during their visits to our planet. In greater or lesser measure, we follow the ups and downs of the Roswell Incident, seemingly one of the first worldwide cases involving crashed UFOS, yet not the only one. However, does Spain have any documents that enshrine an event of this nature?

The answer is yes.

On April 2, 1966, an unidentified flying object fell into Mar de la Graña, across from the Galician locality of El Ferrol. It is the first UFO case recorded on Galician territory and forms part of the official files of the Ejército del Aire (Spanish Air Force), which are accessible through the Ministry of Defense's Virtual Library online.

UFOs had hitherto been a concern, but were not investigated. Between June 1967 and October 1968, Spain experienced a "flap" of sightings that eventually involved aircraft in flight, both military and commercial, having a powerful impact on the media. After a secret meeting attended by only seven generals of the Ejército del Aire, a message was put forth, requesting citizen cooperation in notifying sightings to the authorities.

On December 17, 1968 the UFO subject was concentrated in the Operations Section of the Senior Staff of the Air Force, and finally on 26 December, Circular Letter 9266-CT was issued, setting forth research standards and classifying the matter as confidential.

By then, the first UFO crashed in Spain was already under the waters of Mar de la Graña. It had all begun on 23:30 hours of April 2 at the La Carreira Radio Station. As the declassified report indicates, a corporal on duty, a watchman and two sailors witnessed "a sizeable object in the sky, emitting an opaque light, and changing its shape approximately every five minutes.

The corporal was able to photograph the mysterious object from the Navy communications center located between the towns of Narón and Valdoviño in the district of El Ferrol. The lieutenant commander in charge of the radio-telegraph station instituted an investigation showing that "the object was to the left of Monte Campelo, one of the highest points in the Province of La Coruña, where a major military base was located.

The object flew over the Astano Shipyards where several warships were under construction and then headed toward the opening of the firth without leaving any visible signs in the sky. According to eyewitnesses, it wound up falling into the sea.

Diario Público
reported: "When fishermen arrived at the Port of Ferrol with the UFO, a group of long-faced Navy officers were there to meet them and relieve them of the object, sternly warning them to keep their mouths shut about it. The object was loaded onto an army transport and escorted to La Graña in a convoy. The UFO was hidden in one of the tunnels within the La Graña submarine base.

The Navy reported the find to the U.S. base in Rota. A group of U.S. military men reported to El Ferrol to take custody of the "device" on a military truck. Nothing else was ever known about its whereabouts.

Renowned ufologist Miguel Pedrero, editor of Año Cero magazine, managed to locate some witnesses who took part in the recovery of that yellowish object, whose size was comparable to that of a North American F-86 Saber.

Part of the operations took place aboard a fishing trawler called "Reina María". One of the sailors, Jose Fernández, recalls: "It was like yellowish Polyspan, but weighed some 200 kilos. It was hard getting it aboard and we set it on the bow."

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Josep Guijarro]

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19 jul. 2018

Matemáticas para la metalurgia y la automoción

Investigadores del 139ª European Study Group with Industry, celebrado este mes en Santiago de Compostela, han presentado diversos modelos númericos para celdas electrolíticas, hornos, engranajes y otros dispositivos industriales. Cinco empresas multinacionales se han encargado de plantear los retos.
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18 jul. 2018

Telescopios submarinos de neutrinos para la astronomía multimensajero

Este mes la colaboración IceCube ha anunciado el descubrimiento de una fuente de rayos cósmicos y neutrinos de alta energía en el universo, un hallazgo que los físicos llevaban décadas esperando. Bajo las aguas del Mediterráneo, los telescopios de neutrinos ANTARES y el futuro KM3NeT se suman a la búsqueda de estas esquivas partículas, que incluso podrían ayudar a resolver el misterio de la materia oscura.
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Telescopios submarinos de neutrinos para la nueva astronomía multimensajero

Este mes la colaboración internacional IceCube ha anunciado el descubrimiento de una fuente de rayos cósmicos y neutrinos de alta energía en el universo, un hallazgo que los físicos llevaban décadas esperando. Bajo las aguas del Mediterráneo, el telescopio de neutrinos ANTARES y el futuro KM3NeT se suman a la búsqueda de estas esquivas partículas, que incluso podrían ayudar a resolver el misterio de la materia oscura.
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16 jul. 2018

Argentina: The Cerro Plateado UFO Video

Source: Canal 13 de San Juan (Argentina) & Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano
Date: 07.16.2018

Argentina: The Cerro Plateado UFO Video

The Cerro Plateado UFO. This was the name given to an object recorded on Sunday night to the northwest of Pocito. The UFO was headed north at an elevation of 20-25 degrees, according to Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano. The event was witnessed by Ramón Lázaro Flores and Jorge Pérez with support from the Matakiterani group on radio.

VIDEO AT: https://ift.tt/2NmgRdp
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Nueva forma de identificar sistemas físicos imprevisibles

Investigadores de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos han desarrollado un nuevo método para comprobar la llamada propiedad de Wada en sistemas dinámicos. Esta propiedad matemática tiene importantes consecuencias en la imprevisibilidad de sistemas físicos tan dispares como los plasmas, los modelos ecológicos o sencillos ingenios mecánicos. 
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Una región del universo muy densa pone a prueba una teoría cosmológica

Investigadores del Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía y otros centros internacionales han encontrado un halo de materia oscura en torno a un cúmulo de galaxias seis veces más denso de lo que se esperaba. El hallazgo muestra que debe haber mecanismos muy eficaces, no contemplados hasta ahora, para la acumulación de materia en torno a las grandes estructuras del universo.
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13 jul. 2018

Los plaguicidas afectan a la pérdida de funciones cerebrales en abejas

Investigadores de la Universidad de Almería han comprobado que la exposición a pesticidas de los insectos encargados de la floración y polinización de las plantas, provoca la pérdida de neuropéptidos en su organismo. Estas moléculas regulan los mecanismos nerviosos del aprendizaje y la memoria, el apetito, el comportamiento sexual o el control del dolor y de la presión arterial. 
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12 jul. 2018

1965: "He Saw The Saucers"

Source: Siete Dias Magazine #35 - August 3, 1965
Date: 07.12.2018

Our friend and colleague Marcelo G. Metayer, whose photographic work we have been pleased to feature in Inexplicata, shared the following photograph with us. It appeared in Argentina's Siete Dias magazine (which went on to become Argentina's equivalent of LOOK or Paris Match). "At this point," Marcelo observes, "It was still a supplement in the La Razón newspaper."

The photo caption reads:


This is Captain Gustavo A. Giró, commander of the "Belgrano" Antarctic base. Months ago he was in charge of the installation of the "Sobral" detachment. 7 DIAS spoke to him recently by telephone when the presence of flying saucers over Antarctica became known. Captain Giró stated: "We are in full polar night. Today the temperature stands at 52.7 degrees below zero. We saw 'strange objects' but chose not to disclose it."

It should be noted that the Belgrano I base was abandoned in 1980. Belgrano II survives, along with a dozen other stations.
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Descubrimiento histórico de una fuente de ‘partículas fantasma’ de alta energía

Después de décadas buscando dónde nacen los neutrinos y los rayos cósmicos más energéticos del universo, los científicos han encontrado por fin un objeto que los produce: un blazar, una gigantesca galaxia con un agujero negro y un chorro de partículas apuntando directamente hacia la Tierra. El hallazgo se ha realizado en el observatorio IceCube de la Antártida, en colaboración con telescopios de todo el mundo, como MAGIC en Canarias.
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11 jul. 2018

Argentina: "Trumpet Sounds" Heard Over Mendoza

Source: El Sol (Argentina) / Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 07.11.2018

Argentina: "Trumpet Sounds" Heard Over Mendoza

Social media users claim that in the early hours of Tuesday, disquieting sounds were heard for which no explanation can be found. The phenomenon has occurred in other provinces in the past.

To some it was noise caused by speakers and trumpets. Others speak of noises similar to those generated by a train. The fact is that several residents of Mendoza were shaken from their sleep on Tuesday by noises for which the answer cannot be found.

Messages turned up on social media making reference to the strange phenomenon. "Hello, good morning. Like many other people I heard the sound of speakers and trumpets around 06:15 hrs. Do you know what it's about?" wrote one woman on Facebook. "A strange noise was heard in the sky, like trumpets. It was between 2:30 and 3:30. Do you know anything? People are discussing it but there is no news whatsoever," said a man in the same social network.

These comments came in mainly from Las Heras, Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz. "Last week it was airplanes. Are they testing trains this week? They made noise all night," claimed a Twitter user.

This reference comes from the military airplane flyovers in Mendoza last week. However, on this occasion, the noise had nothing to do with those military exercises.

Without any clear explanation, some residents of Mendoza resorted to web browsers and found precedents in other provinces such as Salta and Neuquén.

For example, in April 2015, noises similar to those of a bass trumpet or the passing of an airplane were heard over Salta. The phenomenon startled residents whose stories promptly went viral on social media and local radio.

Some attributed these noises to a simple effect of nature. Others, on the contrary, wielding firm biblical arguments, posited the likelihood that it another event heralding the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

A similar situation was experienced in Neuquén last July, when a loud blare of "trumpets" was heard during early morning hours in the sky, causing uncertainty.

The phenomenon has repeated in various parts of the world in recent years. Those inclined toward religious beliefs spoke of the "trumpets of the Apocalypse" heralding the end of the world.

According to specialists, the phenomenon could be linked to a weather phenomenon known as "Sky quakes". According to scientist David Hill from the United States Weather Service, "Sky quakes" come about for a variety of reasons, ranging from waves washing against cliffs to meteor impacts.

VIDEO: Strange sounds over Salta (21 seconds) https://youtu.be/S2QxsftViBA

VIDEO: Sounds during the early hours in Neuquén (1:06) https://youtu.be/M_4kMmrYl-s

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales with thanks to Luis Hernández, FAO)

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8 jul. 2018

Argentina: The Spaceships of Lara

Argentina: The Spaceships of Lara
By Luis Burgos (ICOU & FAO)

There are times when those of us who have spent years researching the UFOs, having covered thousands of kilometers in search of the phenomenon, having heard countless stories of all sorts, formulated dozens of hypotheses and evidenced over a thousand imprints of alleged landings in our fields, can still be surprised. Every so often there is a case that shatters the constants of the subject and this is what happened when we were told the story of Lara...

Lara is a small town of the Cumbres Calchaquíes region, belonging to the department of Tafí del Valle in the Province of Tucumán, 3800 meters above sea level. Some 170 kilometers separate it from the capital city of San Miguel. The population is semi-nomadic, a gathering of some forty families whose children attend mountainous State School No. 379. Most of them live at the school from Monday to Friday. It takes several hours to get there in a 4x4, for example, but much longer if the journey is made on foot or horseback. Many visitors experience the infamous “apunamiento” (mountain sickness). Fortunately, a pickup truck was obtained years ago to convey the transfer of staff and students.

Some time ago I got in touch with an attorney from Tucumán, a man in his sixties known as Pascual NN, who made me aware of an event that had caught his attention due to the remarkable circumstances in which it occurred. According to the lawyer, his daughter, an instructor at San Miguel de Tucumán, was chatting with a colleague who had worked at the Lara School. She said that “one peaceful afternoon in 2008, when everyone was eating an afternoon snack when a strange buzzing sound was heard in the air. Some teachers shouted, ‘come, it’s already on its way!’ and the teacher in question could not believe her eyes when she stepped out into the schoolyard. An enormous, solid-looking flying object was flying slowly before stationing itself over the school. Next, the vehicle, moving slowly and buzzing, headed away toward the mountains…”

The teacher, astonished, began asking all manner of questions from her colleagues and local residents. She was told by way of reply: “This isn’t the first time it’s happened. We’re used to seeing the spaceship.” Pascual, interested in the UFO subject, was the first to learn of this from his daughter and made me aware later on. It was not possible, however, to follow up the story with the teacher who had witnessed the event. The story left a number of juicy unanswered questions.

There is no doubt that a recurring phenomenon of such magnitude is far removed from the realm of “distant lights in the night” and fits squarely into the category of “large-sized diurnal objects”. The first thing we can assume is a “near-coexistence” between this intelligence with the dwellers of these inhospitable areas, habitués of strange landscapes.

This leads us to suppose, faced by this behavior and impunity of movement, that the craft have a permanent or at least periodical residency in the region, engaged in activities that are obviously unknown to many, whether the witnesses themselves, journalists, ufologists and armed forces – at least we believe this to be the case with the latter.

The lone question is: What has been prowling this region for such a long time now. For a moment, envision the prevailing situation: Daytime craft instead of lights, considerable sizes instead of small points of light, slower speeds, no supersonic escapes, sightings of these artifacts on repeated occasions, etc. In short, all of this nearly comparable to the passage of aircraft in our skies. Is this possible? Yes. It is not the only area in Argentina where such events take place. The country has not only UFO “hotspots”, but also feature very specific areas in which the Phenomenon acts out. We believe that Lara and its surroundings fall into this category.

We know that ever since the memorable and exceptional Trancas Case (1963) the province was always known to have a significant UFO case history, to the extent that it was among the Argentinean regions with most UFO sightings, despite its reduced size in contrast with far larger provinces. This is what we find in our database of 5500 Argentinean cases. We cannot overlook the fact that the area in which the Lara School is located is rather close to localities with frequent sightings of “mysterious objects” such as San Pedro de Colalao, 27 kilometers distant in a straight line; Choromoro, 40 kilometers away; Vipos and even the Village of Trancas itself, 48 kilometers distant.

Much like the image of the fearsome craft displayed in the “V” television series of the ‘80s or Independence Day (1996), it is hard to find a case of a similar UFO manifestation during daylight areas for purpose of comparison with the Lara School incident. I am reminded of a case told to me by ufologist Quique Mario (CEUFO) involving an immense vessel that appeared abruptly behind a lagoon, only to park itself over a school in the interior of La Pampa. Or the transit of a UFO over a little rural school in Catamarca, where the teacher, Mr. Flores, caused his students to draw the strange objects they had seen flying over the vicinity of their institution. Perhaps the only difference with these cases, which surely caused astonishment among teachers and students, is that the school in Tucumán was already accustomed to the phenomenon’s presence.

When Juan L. of our own FAO La Plata visited the Northwest around 2009, he could never have imagined what took place only a year earlier in the Valles region. Therefore, the unidentified activity will continue around Lara with impunity. Perhaps current and future investigations will lead to more surprises in that area.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]
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