30 sept. 2016

Trump Appoints Climate Change Denier Myron Ebell as Head of his EPA Transition Team

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has appointed long-time climate change denier Myron Ebell as his new head of Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition, provided Trump is elected this fall. Ebell is well known as a global warming denier, with the Financial Times calling him “one of America’s most prominent climate change skeptics”, and would be expected to carry many of out Trump's plans to undo years of ecological protection policy, including the elimination of the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

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How to Search Beyond the Veil

September 30, 2016

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Rosetta cumple su misión tras estrellarse contra el cometa

La sonda Rosetta de la Agencia Espacial Europa ha impactado hoy contra el cometa 67P y hasta el último momento no dejado de recoger datos y fotografías que ayudarán a los científicos a conocer mejor los orígenes de nuestro sistema solar y de la propia vida. La primera misión espacial de la historia en alcanzar un cometa, escoltarlo en su viaje alrededor del Sol y lanzar un módulo de aterrizaje sobre su superficie toca a su fin.
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Rosetta cumple con éxito su misión

La sonda Rosetta de la Agencia Espacial Europa ha impactado hoy contra el cometa 67P y hasta el último momento no dejado de recoger datos y fotografías que ayudarán a los científicos a conocer mejor los orígenes de nuestro sistema solar y de la propia vida. La primera misión espacial de la historia en alcanzar un cometa, escoltarlo en su viaje alrededor del Sol y lanzar un módulo de aterrizaje sobre su superficie toca a su fin.
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29 sept. 2016

NASA Announces Evidence of Water Plumes Erupting from Europa -- Will This Make for Easier Access to the Solar System's Largest Ocean?

NASA has announced that it has found evidence of water plumes erupting from the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, using images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, hinting that the Jovian moon's subsurface oceans -- oceans that scientists consider to be a good candidate as a host for extraterrestrial life -- may be more accessible than what was once thought.

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UK Police Video Tracks 'Hot' UFO

The British National Police Air Service has recorded a video on an infrared system that shows a UFO that is emitting heat but was invisible to air traffic control radars in the area. The video was recorded aboard a National Police Air Service helicopter in South Wales using an FILR camera, which records both normal and infrared light. The object was not visible in the camera in daytime mode, but was visible in infrared mode. It was traveling into the wind, and the pilot does not believe that it was a balloon or a candle lantern.

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Llega el gran final de la misión Rosetta

La misión Rosetta (ESA), que ha acompañado al cometa 67P a lo largo de su trayectoria en torno al Sol y ha completado todos sus objetivos científicos, es ya uno de los hitos destacados de la historia de la exploración espacial. La nave realizará a partir de esta noche un descenso controlado sobre el cometa.
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Un astrónomo aficionado detecta la primera galaxia difusa en el cúmulo Piscis-Perseo

Con la ayuda de un pequeño telescopio, Alessandro Maggi, un astrónomo aficionado, fotografió la galaxia Andrómeda II sin darse de cuenta de que en la instantánea aparecía también uno de los cuerpos más escurridizos del cosmos: una galaxia difusa. Un equipo internacional de científicos que cuenta con la participación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid ha verificado el hallazgo, el primero de este tipo registrado en el gran cúmulo galáctico Piscis-Perseo.
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Demuestran que se puede generar electricidad doblando semiconductores

La redistribución de los átomos y electrones cuando se dobla un material se puede aprovechar para generar una corriente eléctrica. Hasta ahora se pensaba que esta propiedad, denominada flexoelectricidad, era exclusiva de los materiales aislantes, pero investigadores del instituto ICN2 han demostrado que los materiales semiconductores también pueden ser flexoeléctricos e incluso generar mucha más electricidad que los aislantes. El descubrimiento ya se ha patentado por sus posibles aplicaciones.
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Cómo generar electricidad doblando semiconductores

La redistribución de los átomos y electrones cuando se dobla un material se puede aprovechar para generar una corriente eléctrica. Hasta ahora se pensaba que esta propiedad, denominada flexoelectricidad, era exclusiva de los materiales aislantes, pero investigadores del instituto ICN2 han demostrado que los materiales semiconductores también pueden ser flexoeléctricos e incluso generar mucha más electricidad que los aislantes. El descubrimiento ya se ha patentado por sus posibles aplicaciones.
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28 sept. 2016

Antidepressants Stopped Her OBEs...Or is Somebody Knocking on Her Door?

Wednesday September 28, 2016
When last we heard from "Lindsey," she had found that anti-depressants stopped her OBEs and sleep paralysis. Or had they? Because now it seems as though something is pushing through her to be here. Or someone.

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27 sept. 2016

EWG Warns that 218 Million Americans are Exposed to "Potentially Unsafe Concentrations" of Chromium-6

A new report released by the Environmental Working Group reveals that over 218 million people across the United States are being exposed to potentially unsafe concentrations of hexavalent chromium in their drinking water, a chemical compound known to be toxic and carcinogenic in even extremely low concentrations. Nation-wide testing by local water utilities was ordered by the EPA between 2013 and 2016, resulting in over three-quarters of the 62,386 samples taken testing positive for the hexavalent chromium contaminant. An interactive map illustrating EWG's findings can be found here.

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The Castle of Secrets: Conspiracy Over the Ages

The Castle of Secrets: Conspiracy Over the Ages
[A version of this article appeared in PARANOIA Magazine Issue #28 Winter 2002]

"Let us assume, for a moment, the existence of a group
I will dub the "Men In Black". This name came to me upon
seeing, at all conferences I attended on the subject, a
sinister-looking group of men dressed in black, always
the same ones. I believe them to be as old as civilization

-- Jacques Bergier, Les Livres Maudits

A casual perusal of history books shows us that over the course of the centuries, there have been secret societies and groups created with the aim of achieving a specific target or goal, elitist organizations - often secret - who cling to power at all costs. Philosophers and historians have sought for a way to explain events that have transpired in throughout the course of human civilization. While it is sometimes possible to find an answer within the normal ebb and flow of events, the existence of a "hidden hand" is sometimes suggested - the metaphorical hand of secret cabals.

The label "conspiracy theorist" is one which are society slaps onto anyone who dares question the possibility that there might just be something underhanded taking place at the highest levels of government, the military, the world financial institutions and of course, the world's religions. The belief in a global conspiracy, regardless of the amount of evidence accumulated in its favor, must be stifled in order to maintain a perception of a lawful, orderly society in which people can go to work, mow their lawns and pay their taxes without ever questioning the secretive activities of their leaders.

A Conspiracy Primer

Before embarking upon a voyage in quest of the forces that pull the strings from behind the scenes, it would be wise to examine the forces we can actually see and unfortunately, experience in our everyday lives.

In his book La Granja Humana (The Human Farm), Spanish paranormalist Salvador Freixedo plays the role of conspiracy theorist when dealing with "the visible rulers of the world" prior to launching into a disquisition on the world's "invisible" rulers. He cleverly condenses the main points of belief in conspiracy into the following categories:

1. Politicians. According to Freixedo, this category of visible ruler despises physical violence and weaponry, but loves being consulted, loved or even feared. He suggests that many elected officials have psychopathic personalities and feeling the lack of something within themselves, find a suitable replacement by being engulfed in crowds of people.
2. Military. This segment of the power structure varies in importance from country to country (ranging from countries lacking armies, such as Costa Rica and San Marino to military dictatorships such as Iraq). Freixedo theorizes that the military was created to defend countries from external threats, but once said threats have vanished, they soon turn upon their own countries in search of internal enemies. In some countries, it is accepted practice for a civilian government to turn the reins of power over to the military when financial, social and political ruin is imminent.
3. Banks. Freixedo gives us a taste of the "International Bankers" conspiracy which is still prevalent in our times. In his opinion, "money maniacs" have less actual power and contribute indirectly to the prevailing tribulations by a fevered urge to increase the amount of money available to them, whether it bankrupts their countries or not. He observes that many politicians have sought safe haven in the banking world to mend their shattered political careers.
4. Clergy. Nothing has caused more dissension on earth than religions, observes Freixedo. The clergy maintains its power by gathering masses and conditioning them to follow a specific belief, while at the same time telling them that others not sharing this belief are "the enemy."
These four tiers of the power structure rule the visible world. The members of these tiers are able to recognize each other readily, since it is they who wield the largest share of the planet's monetary and legal power. As if their vast power wasn't enough, we now turn to those other powers that also hold sway over our lives.

In the Ancient World

While it is perhaps possible to go farther back into the historic record, the Roman Empire gives us our first best example of the fear generated among the average person and even within certain reaches of the government that conspiracies are afoot.

The historian Suetonius, in his Lives of the Twelve Caesars, gives us a surprising parallel to our contemporary belief that Hitler escaped the bunker to live in South America, JFK is alive and well in Switzerland, and that Elvis never died: A pervasive belief around 70 A.D. was that the emperor Nero, who had allegedly committed suicide, had in fact escaped alive and was a guest of the Parthian monarchy. A clever impostor, indubitably milking the Parthians for all they had, probably led to this particular belief.

Roman emperors feared any kind of dissension within their far-flung empire, and this gave rise to the belief that the nascent religion of Christianity was in fact a conspiracy to destroy the empire. Bloody persecutions over a period of three hundred years killed thousands of alleged "subversives". Adherents of Judaism didn't escape persecution either, since there was the belief that Jewish scholars under the protection of the Parthian king were plotting the overthrow of Rome from a safe distance in retaliation for the destruction of Jerusalem.

Roman authorities were also fearful of individuals with unusual powers and intelligence, such as Apollonius of Tiana, who claimed to have visited a "City of the Gods" in the Himalayas after a long trek from Nineveh in modern Iraq. The story tells that the "Gods", who controlled human activity, lived in a world vastly different from our own, were served by automatons and possessed artificial light generated by "luminous stones". Apollonius learned much in this place before returning to Rome, where he became a trusted advisor to emperors Vespasian and Titus. The latter of these monarchs is supposed to have said: "I conquered Jerusalem, but Apollonius of Tyana has conquered me!"

As Roman power waned, beliefs in hidden forces took a turn for the more magical and sorcerous. It was believed that the Huns -- whose leader Attila exacted tribute from the weakened empire -- were the offspring of demons and the prostitutes in the rearguard of the Visigothic armies.

Cabals of the Dark Ages

The Middle Ages, a period of European history racked by turmoil and disease, held in a mental straightjacket by the Church and prone to invasions by barbarian peoples, held many beliefs which could fall under the heading of conspiracies.

Charlemagne, the most enlightened and energetic monarch of this period, felt that his kingdom was beset by Sylphs -- nonhuman creatures whose magical powers affected the weather and caused the loss of crops. Many reams of paper have been written about the Sylphs and their mythical land of "Magonia" by a number of authors who have linked them to the UFO phenomenon. Most readers of this publication will remember Jacques Vallée's account of St.Agobard rushing to the rescue of three peasants who were about to be lynched by a frightened mob after having been deposited on earth by a "sky-ship" hailing from this eldritch realm. Belief in the Sylphs persisted well into recent times: a Parisian bookseller of the turn of the century claimed to be in contact with a particular Sylph which would find rare volumes for him.

On a more innocent tone, earlier Medieval beliefs held that inanimate objects were also engaged in a little conspiracy of their own. According to Gregory of Tours, church bells could be seen flying off into the sky, concluding that bells were flying off the belfries to go to Rome, "since the Pope was there". So much for early UFO reports.

The Medieval world was a theocratic state ruled by the Papacy. Simplistic maps showed a flat world composed by three continents and centered on Jerusalem. In later centuries, rumor would have it that a great monarch lived beyond the lands of the marauding Saracens -- "Prester John", who lived in a realm of amazing wonders and was the most powerful Christian king in the world. If only he could be contacted, argued the chroniclers of the time, he could attack the infidel from the rearguard while brave European knights led charges against the forces of Islam. Belief in Prester John, rex Armenida et Indae (King of Armenia and India) had a protean quality: when it had been established that there was no such wonderful kingdom in Asia, it was quickly relocated in the popular imagination of the time to Africa, where it would endure well into the Renaissance.

A Cabal of Scientists?

Narciso Genovese, an Italian scientist living in Mexico, was interviewed in the 1970's by Professor Mario Rojas of the CEI with regard to a perplexing conspiracy -- is our world run by a conspiracy of scientists?

According to Genovese, a council of ninety eight scientists from all nations and all branches of scientific knowledge -- physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy and electronics -- have pursued research into hidden avenues of knowledge under the supreme commandment of never revealing a single iota of knowledge to any of the world's governments. The "Council of the 98", to give it a name, has a doctrine based on three main points:

• There is only one religion: the belief in a wise, omnipotent God.
• There is only one country: the planet Earth.
• There is a single purpose: to bring forth peace through science on our world and create an alliance between humans and the inhabitants of other worlds in the universe.

Genovese's startling "scientocracy" was allegedly established in 1938 shortly after the death of Guglielmo Marconi, who refused to turn over his notes and discoveries to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Inspired by this courageous act, the "Council of the 98" has pursued it secretive work in the hopes of establishing a one-world government aided by technological developments. Perhaps this scientific conspiracy is much older than we think...

Realm of the Alchemists

The alchemists, those proto-scientists whose quest for knowledge was coupled with a profound esoteric philosophy, have captured the imagination of writers for the past two centuries. Traditionally, we have been told that alchemists sought to transmute base elements such as lead into noble elements like gold. Many authors contend that this goal merely served the alchemists to receive funding from greedy feudal lords hoping to replenish their cash-starved estates -- some chronicles even tell us that small amounts of lead were turned into gold just to keep impatient patrons happy, but that the real quest of the alchemists was immortality.

This has led many believers in conspiracy theory to suggest that perhaps some of the alchemists were successful in this endeavor, and that human history may perhaps be controlled by a hidden council of alchemists who appear to us at critical moments to change the course of human history.

While the idea is laughable at first blush, our history books are certainly filled with enough strange encounters between important personages and unknown characters to add considerable weight to the argument. The most prevalent of these enigmatic characters is the Count of St. Germain, who has been described as everything from an angel or "ascended master" to a time traveler or even a vampire. The legend of St. Germain has him appearing in the mid-1700's in the Austrian capital, Vienna, at subsequent moments in that century right through Napoleonic times, never looking a day older. During his last recorded apparition, he told an onlooker that he was leaving to prepare the way for an invention that we would come to know as the railroad. While many authors have dismissed this personage as merely another 18th century adventurer like Alessandro Cagliostro, many have been convinced that St.Germain was in fact an immortal alchemist. Other strange characters, like the "Red Man" who persistently appeared to Napoleon Bonaparte at moments in his life, could also be members of this bizarre "Order of Immortals".

The closest evidence we have in our times for this fascinating though improbable belief is yet another controversy -- the one surrounding the legendary alchemist Fulcanelli and his two 20th century disciples, Eugene Canseliet and Jean Julien Champagne.

Fulcanelli is the only alchemist to have books in print right down to our times: The Mystery of the Cathedrals and The Philosopher's Dwellings. The first book was published in 1926 in Paris and the second in 1930. In the preface to the work, Canseliet observes that "it is a thankless and onerous task for a student to write a preface for a book written by a master [...] it is thanks to him that the Gothic cathedrals have yielded their mystery...Al the truth, all philosophy and all religion rests upon this unique, sacred stone. Many, filled with presumption, feel qualified to imitate it, yet how few are the Chosen whose modesty, wisdom and skill enable them to do so!"

The two books were the rage of pre-war French occultist circles, who believed that acquisition of the "Philosophers’ Stone" -- the Holy Grail of alchemy -- was close at hand. Yet many occultists refused to believe that Fulcanelli ever existed, and Canseliet himself declared that Fulcanelli had "ceased to be", suggesting that the alchemist had not only uncovered the Philosophers’ Stone but acquired immortality as a result.

Fulcanelli was allegedly seen in 1954, living in Milan. Others saw him in Spain, where he stayed near the Andalusian city of Seville. Gérard Heym, another alchemist, claims that Fulcanelli's physical appearance as an immortal was entirely androgynous -- one of the side-effects of having ingested the Elixir of Immortality.

The Black Order and Other Secret Societies

The belief in "hidden manipulators" of the reality surrounding us continues unabated and new conspiracies join the ranks of older, established ones every few years.

In 1982, a strange little book appeared in French bookstores. It was entitled "The Book of Secret Companions: The Secret Teachings of General De Gaulle". Authored by one Martin Couderc, it revealed the existence of a secret society known as the "Order of the 45" which was reputedly established by soldier/statesman Charles De Gaulle. A sequel appeared in 1984 (La Boucane contre l'Ordre Noir') dealing with mind-numbing revelations about the author's struggle in Canada against the group of hidden controllers now calling itself the Black Order, Couderc published the final work of his trilogy in 1986: "The Manifesto of the 45 and their Young Companions", in which he said that the order had relocated to remote Tierra del Fuego on the southernmost tip of South America.
While it is tempting to dismiss these tracts as nonsense, Couderc persuades his reader to believe that he draws his "forbidden" knowledge from epistolary sources, namely a series of letters left behind by De Gaulle himself exhorting members of the "Order of the 45" to fight for the restoration of France's greatness.

We began with a quote from that master conspiracist and renegade scientist, Jacques Bergier. His definition of "Men in Black" was apparently unrelated with the hatted, sunglasses-at-night sort that haunted ufology up to not so long ago, but to a longer-lived kind. A sort of priesthood in charge of keeping human progress in check, for want of a better description. To Bergier, a number of historical events could be laid at the well-polished shoes of these agents of secrecy, ranging from the destruction of Babylonian cuneiform tablets, the repeated burnings of the various book repositories in Alexandria over the course of centuries, and most likely the destruction of inventions and processes that could have represented a quantum jump in our development (a concept predating author William Bramley's "Brotherhood" in his book The Gods of Eden).

Could the Bergerian MIB actually be the Black Order? In 1988, Jean Rodin - a comparative religions expert - discussed the existence of a "vast international conspiracy" involving not only human agents, but denizens of subterranean civilizations and even extradimensional ones. The Black Order, according to this researcher, would be organization far beyond the manipulations of the Illuminati and Bilderbergers, with an even greater agenda: to prepare the way for "The One" whose powers and control of the human herd would be absolute. Some have understood this figure to be the scriptural Antichrist.

Other sects, secret societies and lodges have emerged in recent times. Some of them are decidedly religious in nature and involve only the top leaders of certain countries. To wit, the little-known Order of the Holy Sepulchre, created during Crusader times but still active, it is run by Italy's Prince Lanchelotti and Count Senni, occupying the posts of Grand Master and Governor General of the order respectively. The "knights" of the order are financiers, industrialists and political figures from all over Western Europe, sworn to defend Catholicism throughout the world. It is believed that the Order of the Holy Sepulcher has some two thousand members worldwide.

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La NASA encuentra posibles géiseres gigantes en la luna Europa

El telescopio espacial Hubble ha detectado lo que podrían ser chorros de vapor de agua de hasta 200 kilómetros de altura emergiendo de la superficie de Europa, una de las lunas de Júpiter. Si se confirma el hallazgo, las futuras misiones a este satélite podrían tomar muestras del océano que se oculta bajo su gélida corteza de una forma sencilla. Europa es uno de los principales candidatos para encontrar vida fuera de la Tierra en nuestro sistema solar.
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La luna Europa podría tener géiseres gigantes

El telescopio espacial Hubble ha detectado lo que podrían ser chorros de vapor de agua de hasta 200 kilómetros de altura emergiendo de la superficie de Europa, una de las lunas de Júpiter. Si se confirma el hallazgo, las futuras misiones a este satélite podrían tomar muestras del océano que se oculta bajo su gélida corteza de una forma sencilla. Europa es uno de los principales candidatos para encontrar vida fuera de la Tierra en nuestro sistema solar.
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New Measurements Show Greenland's Ice Sheet is Melting 7.6 Percent Faster than Previously Thought

A new study that employs global positioning system measurements has revealed that the Greenland ice sheet is melting much faster than what previous estimates indicated, by roughly 7.6 percent. Previous estimates pegged the amount of ice loss between 2003 and 2013 at 2,500 billion tons, but the new study corrects this to 2,700 billion tons -- a major factor in estimating the rate of future sea level rise.

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Living Mystery Symposium

Living Mystery Symposium

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26 sept. 2016

Arma electromagnética automática (española) de 1957

Hay patentes de invención que te saltan a los ojos en cuanto te cruzas con ellas, literalmente. El ejemplo que hoy me ocupa estaba en un montón para revisión, a lo largo de una investigación que nada tenía que ver con armas ni nada parecido. Uno de los inventores, un tal David Hogan (no he logrado más referencias de este personaje), era a su vez uno de los solicitantes de una patente española (ES0225316, de 1956) para cierto tipo de generador eléctrico que, en este caso sí, era objeto de mi investigación por entonces.

El caso es que ahí estaba, un documento de 1957 (la patente española ES0230847, de la que se había solicitado su gestión un año antes en Madrid), otorgado al estadounidense David Hogan y Luis María de Funes Millán, bajo un título que me llamó la atención desde el primer momento: Un arma electromagnética automática. En su descripción resumida podemos leer lo siguiente:

Arma electromagnética automática caracterizada por estar dotada de un tubo de lanzamiento y dirección, construido en dimensiones variables, de material magnético, al cual rodean varias bobinas eléctricas.


A primera vista, sin ver nada más del documento, me vino a la mente un arma de raíl, o incluso un lanzador espacial de raíl magnético. La primera vez que leí sobre algo así fue cuanto tenía unos quince años, en uno de los libros que componían la serie Venus Prime, de Arthur C. Clarke y Paul Preus. Se describía allí el armamento que se encontraba instalado en un helicóptero de ataque al que llamaban Snark. En principio me pareció poca cosa, aquello no podía ser tan destructivo como se describía, pero con el tiempo comprendí que algo así podría ser realmente temible. Básicamente se trataba de un sistema magnético que lanzaba jabalinas de un metal ligero a gran velocidad. Al impactar esos proyectiles, el resultado era devastador.

Bien, pues la mencionada patente se adelantó muchos años a esa descripción y, sorprendentemente, se parece mucho en cuanto a planteamiento. Cierto es que, desde los años cuarenta se venía hablando de sistemas de raíl magnético, pero tengo la sensación de que nos encontramos ante una patente futurista en la que sus autores quisieron dar vida a algo que, en su tiempo, era ciencia ficción:

La presente memoria se refiere, como su nombre indica, a una arma electromagnética automática, que emplea proyecti­les de materiales diamagnéticos que son, o bien cortados en la misma arma y en su recámara automáticamente, o bien son in­troducidos en la misma recámara, por medio de cinta, exis­tiendo un tubo de dirección y lanzamiento provisto de una se­rie de bobinas que producen el campo magnético impulsor. (…)

Consulta la patente completa en PDF (Fuente: OEPM).

Arma electromagnética automática (española) de 1957 apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 26 septiembre 2016.

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23 sept. 2016

Space Archaeology in Egypt: Uncovering Lost Pyramids and Modern-Day Looters

The increasing use of satellite imagery to analyze the surface of the Earth has opened the benefits of orbital imaging technology to fields of study that previously would not have been imagined. Formerly the purview of spy surveillance and meteorologists, satellite imaging is now helping archaeologists look for new places to explore in the landscape, searching for large-scale or subtle patterns that would otherwise have been invisible to a researcher on the ground.

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Stories from a Life Part 2

Part two of Whitley's series, "Stories from a Life" covers past life memories up to and including his birth memory. In it there is a profoundly enlightening discussion of the meaning of ascension and the journey and fate of souls.

Next week: Early childhood.

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The Internet's Defenses are being Probed by an Unknown Party -- Is Someone Planning on Shutting Down the Internet?

The Internet: a vast, planet-spanning network of fiber optic cable and computer servers, connecting untold billions of computer systems across the globe. One important aspect of the 'Net that tends to remain unseen for the majority of us is that the backbone of this massive network is handled by only a handful of multinational corporations, facilitating upper-tier net access for major providers around the world. If the network of any one of these companies were to fail, it would be disastrous for global communications, blocking access to millions of netizens and businesses. If more than one were to be disrupted at once, for instance in a coordinated cyberattack, the consequences would be catastrophic -- and it appears that someone is learning how to do just that.

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22 sept. 2016

Close Encounter, Past LIves, the Dead and Reality: a New Understanding

September 23, 2016
Lorraine Flaherty is one of the UK's leading past life therapists. She was the therapist who brought Mike Clelland the breakthrough that he told us about last week. This week, we discuss her experiences and therapeutic techniques with her, and come, for the first time, to a new understanding of the meaning of the relationship between close encounter, the dead, and past lives.

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An Ultra High Strangeness Childhood

Wednesday September 21, 2016
Continuing from last week, we continue to explore Brian's incredibly strange childhood. Then, he tells us a secret his father shared with him about the history of aviation and its advancements. A secret that he had the clearance to know and otherwise would have taken to his grave.

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Avance en la determinación del tiempo de vida de las estrellas masivas

El tamaño del núcleo de las estrellas determina cuánto combustible está disponible y, por lo tanto, cómo evolucionarán y cuánto durarán sus vidas. En el caso de las estrellas masivas se produce un fenómeno que modifica sustancialmente el tamaño del núcleo, y cuya intensidad y dependencia de la masa de la estrella acaba de medirse con precisión.
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21 sept. 2016

The Sugar Industry Financed Cardiac Health Research to Influence Public and Scientific Attitudes Toward Sugar

A new study has revealed that in the 1950s and 1960s, the sugar industry funded research that downplayed sugar's role in causing coronary heart disease, and instead shifted the focus onto dietary fat and cholesterol intake as the cause of CHD.

The study, conducted at Harvard University using publicly-available documents, found that, much like the influence that big tobacco had on scientific studies regarding the health effects of cigarettes, the Sugar Research Foundation (today called the Sugar Association) conducted a campaign in 1964 aimed at addressing negative public perception regarding sugar, in response to emerging medical research that implicated sugar's role in promoting coronary heart disease (CHD).

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Facing an 8 Month Journey to Mars? Just Sleep the Trip Away!

Part of the problem of long-distance manned space voyages is that of the amount of consumables that would need to accompany the astronauts on their journey would add a significant amount of mass to the ship spacecraft, requiring more fuel for the trip to haul the extra food, water, etc., with that fuel adding yet even more weight to the craft -- needless to say, sending humans to another planet would be a resource-expensive endeavor. One solution often used in science fiction is to place the space travelers into suspended animation, typically in a state of biological suspension akin to a deep sleep.

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20 sept. 2016

Reutilizando un viejo objetivo fotográfico

Aquí va una nota que se sale un poco de lo habitual por aquí, aunque últimamente tampoco es que haya mucho tiempo para escribir. Uno de los motivos de esa falta de ratos para escribir está, precisamente, en que las letras y palabras destinadas a mis blogs están siendo utilizados para dar vida a un nuevo libro, que aparecerá dentro de no mucho tiempo. Y hasta ahí puedo contar.

Mientras tanto, vaya esta anotación personal sobre una curiosidad fotográfica. Estaba leyendo esta tarde un post en Microsiervos acerca de cómo conseguir un objetivo de 50 mm y f/1.2 por unos pocos euros, cuando recordé cierto experimento que he llevado a cabo hace poco. No es tan espectacular como lo mencionado en ese artículo, pero posiblemente a algún lector le sirva de utilidad.

En el mes de julio me animé a crear una cámara Frankenstein sencilla, esto es, intenté reciclar materiales que, por separado parecían imposibles de combinar, pero que unidos finalmente han resultado en un equipo muy interesante. Por un lado, el cuerpo de una vieja cámara digital Nikon d3000. Por el otro, un objetivo con zoom fabricado por Praktica en la Alemania del Este allá por el año 1989. Siempre me ha encantado ese objetivo, un 55-200 mm, que compró mi padre en el citado año y con el que hice hace mucho tiempo fotografías con una cámara Praktica de carrete fotográfico, en concreto una BMS.

Aquí está el resultado de unir una Nikon d3000 a un añejo objetivo 55-200 de Praktica.

Aquí está el resultado de unir una Nikon d3000 a un añejo objetivo 55-200 de Praktica.

Veamos, tampoco tiene mucho misterio. El objetivo es muy bueno, y no tengo presupuesto para comprar un flamante equivalente actual. La solución consistió en emplear un anillo de conexión para la montura de bayoneta de las Praktica, adaptado a una Nikon. Utilicé un anillo Fotodiox Pro, pero podía haber elegido otros, pues existen diversas alternativas. Naturalmente, con esta “solución” la fotografía debe realizarse en modo manual por completo: tanto el enfoque como la velocidad de exposición deben ajustarse “a mano” en todas las tomas y, el diafragma de la Nikon, pasa al olvido, pero no es problema, pues se puede ajustar el diafragma que el propio objetivo integra. Para quien guste de automatismos puede ser el infierno, pero para mí es algo glorioso, es como volver a los ochenta (o incluso antes, pues ninguna ayuda electrónica sirve en casos así). He ido mejorando la técnica poco a poco, pues los primeros intentos fueron desastrosos. Ahora, creo que ya le he tomado el pulso a la Frankenstein, y estoy encantado. A modo de ejemplo, las imágenes que tomé en el Festival Aéreo de Gijón este verano fueron realizadas con esta cámara y el objetivo de Praktica. Esta galería de imágenes de la refinería de Petronor en Bilbao también ha sido realizada con el “cacharro” reciclado.

Reutilizando un viejo objetivo fotográfico apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 20 septiembre 2016.

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Arctic Ice at 2nd Lowest Level on Record, Allowing Clear Navigation to the North Pole

Despite a cool, cloudy summer, the ice levels in the Arctic have shrunk enough to tie with the second-lowest Arctic sea ice minimum, recorded in 2007. "Historically such weather conditions slow down the summer ice loss, but we still got down to essentially a tie for second lowest on the satellite record," reports US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) director Mark Serreze.

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19 sept. 2016

Teletransporte cuántico en la ciudad

El teletransporte es posible, al menos a escala cuántica. Dos equipos científicos han logrado hacer transferencias remotas de información cuántica codificada en partículas de luz a lo largo de varios kilómetros de redes de fibra óptica en las ciudades de Hefei (China) y Calgary (Canadá). El avance abre el camino hacia las comunicaciones del futuro, como la internet cuántica.
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Bioplásticos y salsas a partir de residuos de guisantes

Científicos de la Universidad de Sevilla aprovechan las proteínas de subproductos del guisante para desarrollar plásticos biodegradables, geles proteicos y emulsiones alimenticias.
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Encuentran el centro de una galaxia activa cercana a la Vía Láctea

Un equipo internacional de astrónomos con participación de la Universitat de València acaba de ubicar la posición de un agujero negro supermasivo y medir el campo magnético en el centro de actividad de una galaxia elíptica gigante a tan solo 60 millones de años luz de la nuestra. 
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17 sept. 2016

That Incredible New Nessie Picture: Out There Thinks It could be Real

A recent photograph of something in Loch Ness that appears to have a head, a hump and a tail has generally dismissed as seals at play. And indeed, the head on the right bears some resemblance to the head of a seal. The problem is that seals are not indigenous to Loch Ness because the waters are too murky for them to navigate. If the photograph was indeed taken at Loch Ness, there is a genuine chance that this is an unknown animal. To read the witness's description of the event, click here. To read an analysis of the Loch Ness fauna, click here.

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An OBE With a Materialization

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16 sept. 2016

FBI Director says Webcam Hackers can be Thwarted with a Simple Piece of Tape

The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, is advising computer users to protect themselves from having potential hackers spy on them using their webcams, by simply putting a piece of tape over the lens.

Comey says that this is standard procedure in government offices, and that it would be prudent for normal citizens to follow the same practice. He began covering the camera on his personal computer after seeing the issue covered in the news. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is also known to cover his webcam up, too.

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Stories from a Life Part 1

Whitley Strieber begins his epic new series, Stories from a Life. The series covers all of his memories, from past lives through to his present relationship with the visitors and all that surround them.

Whitley says this, "My life experience flies in the face of everything modern science and most modern philosophy tell us about ourselves. I have memories of past lives, memories of coming into this life, memories from my earliest babyhood, and a whole lifetime of memories with the visitors and our own dead, memories which are supposed to be confabulations or fantasies. But if that's the case, then what is a verified implant of unknown origin doing in my left ear?"

This first episode covers past life memories up to the late middle ages.

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Authentic Orb Video from England

The image below is from a video available here. The witness states that phenomena was observed for two nights, and on the second night, as he was filming three small orbs below cloud cover, his camera abruptly lost power, and the video does reflect an abrupt power down as it ends. This is not uncommon during real UFO events. The object encountered on the first night, pictured below, could have been a distant plane with its landing lights on, but the witness states that it remained stationary in the sky for 15 minutes before moving slowly off. Rated A.

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15 sept. 2016

Tabby's Star is Not Alone: Another Star with Epic Light Fluctuations has been Found

It turns out that Tabby's Star -- the star that has been hypothesized to have an alien megastructure around it -- is not alone when it comes to wild fluctuations in its light output. Astronomers at Germany's Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics have found yet another star that experiences its own drops in brightness, although this one may offer a clue as to why it appears to periodically flicker out.

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Police Video an Apparent Cylinder UFO in the UK

The UFO pictured here from a frame grab was filmed by two off-duty police officers near Consett in Country Durham in the north of England. Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth told the Sun newspaper that he believes the sighting to be genuine. Your Out There editor agrees. The object is large enough to be a balloon and it never carried out any maneuver that would suggest that it had an ability to do anything except move with the wind, but it is also very long and for a balloon to have been made rigid and still float without the slightest horizontal motion is not easy to understand. This is a probable UFO, and joins  many thousands of cylinder UFO sightings that have taken place over the years.

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Police Video an Apparent Cylinder UFO in the UK

The UFO pictured here from a frame grab was filmed by two off-duty police officers near Consett in Country Durham in the north of England. Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth told the Sun newspaper that he believes the sighting to be genuine. Your Out There editor agrees. The object is large enough to be a balloon and it never carried out any maneuver that would suggest that it had an ability to do anything except move with the wind, but it is also very long and for a balloon to have been made rigid and still float without the slightest horizontal motion is not easy to understand. This is a probable UFO, and joins  many thousands of cylinder UFO sightings that have taken place over the years.

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Police Video an Apparent Cylinder UFO in the UK

The UFO pictured here from a frame grab was filmed by two off-duty police officers near Consett in Country Durham in the north of England. Gary Heseltine, editor of UFO Truth told the Sun newspaper that he believes the sighting to be genuine. Your Out There editor agrees. The object is large enough to be a balloon and it never carried out any maneuver that would suggest that it had an ability to do anything except move with the wind, but it is also very long and for a balloon to have been made rigid and still float without the slightest horizontal motion is not easy to understand. This is a probable UFO, and joins  many thousands of cylinder UFO sightings that have taken place over the years.

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Intense New Close Encounter Breakthrough, Part 1

September 16, 2016
Mike Clelland appeared most recently on Dreamland on December 16 to tell us about the connection between owls, owl symbolism and close encounters.

Mike is among the most articulate of witnesses, and now he returns with the single most profound, powerful and incisive discussion of close encounter that we have ever produced. You will never have heard anything like this unforgettable journey into the truth about the experience, its connection to so many other occult experiences, and its immense power to change not only witnesses, but also people who explore it with an open mind.

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Un agujero negro regresa a la sombra

Mrk1018, un agujero negro supermasivo situado en el corazón de una galaxia lejana, ha cambiado de apariencia por segunda vez en treinta años. Un estudio acaba de demostrar que su último cambio se debe a la escasez de materia en el entorno del agujero negro. Sin gas que absorber, el brillo del agujero negro desciende.
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¿Eres pesimista, optimista, envidioso o confiado?

Un estudio experimental ha sometido a un grupo de 541 voluntarios a cien dilemas sociales para observar su actitud a la hora de cooperar con el compañero, entrar en conflicto o traicionarlo. Después, un algoritmo computacional ha clasificado sus conductas. El 90% de los participantes encajaron en cuatro clases de carácter. El de los envidiosos es el grupo más numeroso, con un 30% frente al 20% de cada uno de los restantes.
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Un experimento revela cuatro tipos de personalidad: pesimista, optimista, envidiosa y confiada

Un estudio sobre el comportamiento humano revela que el 90% de la población encaja en cuatro clases de personalidad. El de los envidiosos es el grupo más numeroso, con un 30% frente al 20% de cada uno de los restantes.
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14 sept. 2016

They Take Us at Nap Time!

Wednesday September 14, 2016
Nap time. Classroom full of kids on carpets sleeping away. Except you wake up and... they're not there. The teacher is not there. The school is empty. This happens over and over. Alone. Until you aren't. Suddenly, you're comforting a friend who finds himself alone with you. And then another... and then another. One day the teacher wakes up. One day there's a disk in the sky hovering over the school. Welcome to kindergarten.

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Mexico: UFOs Appearing During Earthquakes

Source: PLANETA UFO and El Pueblo en Línea
Date: 09.12.2016

Mexico: UFOs Appearing During Earthquakes

MEXICO CITY 09.12.2016 (El Pueblo en Línea) - Mexico is no stranger to UFO sightings before, during or after tremors or earthquakes, an extraordinary fact when considering that the presence of these objects during earth movements has been documented on video not only here, but in various parts of the world.

An earthquake was recorded on 8 February 2010 at 18:47 hours in Mexico City with a magnitude of 5.9 on the Richter scale with an epicenter in the state of Oaxaca.

At 16:00 hours, Alejandro Mandeur, located in the south of the city, photographed a yellow, lentil-shaped object from the rooftop of his workplace. The alleged flying saucer projects a shadow to its left. The image also gives us several points of reference such as buildings, houses and trees, with the Iztaccihuatl Volcano in the background.

Another case that has made news worldwide was recorded on 22 May 2009, involving an earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale. It shook Central Mexico at 17:15 hours. This movement was recorded by the National Seismological Center as having its epicenter in Puebla.

UFO hunter Pedro Hernández videotaped a UFO expelling orbs as it flew over Ciudad Satélite in the State of Mexico. Nearly 100 of these objects scattered all over the city.

In the light of this evidence, we can conclude that there is a direct relationship between earthquakes and UFOs.

[Editor’s note: For a wider perspective on UFOs and earthquakes not only in Mexico, but throughout the continent, please visit http://ift.tt/2d03fX8]

[Translation © 2016 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Gaia dibuja un mapa de más de mil millones de estrellas

Hoy se ha publicado el primer catálogo con más de mil millones de estrellas analizadas por el satélite Gaia de la Agencia Espacial Europea. Se trata de la mayor muestra de objetos celestes hasta la fecha.
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"If the Military Admitted the Existence of UFOs, Their Scam Would Collapse"

Source: PLANETA UFO and La Vanguardia (Spain)
Date: 09.13.2016

"If the Military Admitted the Existence of UFOs, Their Scam Would Collapse"
An interview with Juan Jose Benitez by Andres Guerra

Juan Jose Benitez (Born in Pamplona, Spain, 1946) found it necessary to quit his newspaper job due to the stubbornness of the UFO phenomenon. He has never regretted it, although he went through hard times at first. His success is attested by millions of copies of books sold and his reputation, and for having an important member of the military hand him a dozen files to be declassified. Benitez turns 70 this year and wants to celebrate his anniversary with the publication of Solo Para Tus Ojos (Editorial Planeta), a survey of the 300 cases that impressed him the most.

It's nearly impossible to choose a single case among all those you've researched, but if the phenomenon's credibility depended on a single one, which would you choose?

Indeed, it's very hard because there are thousands and they're very interesting. I remember one in Caracas, Venezuela, experienced by a renowned physician, Dr. Sanchez Vegas. It was in the 1960s and it appeared in the local press as a strange case, about how a person standing a little over one meter tall, with very peculiar physical characteristics (earless, a single lung, heart in the middle of the thorax, etc.) appeared in his office, wearing a metallic suit. His origin was unknown. The truth was stranger than what was featured in the press, and the doctor told me personally years later: he was called to see a patient in a poor neighborhood and was faced with a being displaying serious injuries, fever and a major infection in one leg. It was wearing pants and shirt and was barefoot. It had three toes in front and one in back (sic), six fingers on its hands, arranged like pincers, a disproportionately large head, very large black eyes, dark blood...he ascertained that it had a single lung divided in two. He ministered to the being for weeks in the humble house where it had been taken in. It ate and drank normally. When it began to speak, it told him in poor Spanish that it had to go, as it was being hunted. It only said that it came from "far away" and asked to be taken to a village in the middle of the country, where a native family would take him in. They would know what to do. Before doing so, he took it to his office, where he gave it some medicine. That's when the news hit the press. The doctor chose to make up a story. He took the creature with some friends to the indicated coordinates: the village of San Fernando de Apure. The native family welcomed him and took him to a clearing in the woods. A disk shaped object came down, the being entered the craft, and it rose in the air until it vanished. All this in perfect silence. Before leaving, the being told the doctor that it would return in 2027. I find this case very interesting because it is a first-class witness, a doctor who spent time with the creature and managed to see what happened.

It would take a single x-ray of that creature to convince the most hardened skeptic that the phenomenon is real.

It was the first thing I asked him when I interview him. He said no, that it hadn't occurred to him at the time. His aim was to cure him. His story seems credible to me because there were many more witnesses: the house in which he stayed, the residents of the village to which he was taken, seven hours away by car.

Do you think it was a technology sufficiently advanced to solve the unsurmountable problem of traveling between one star and another?

Of course. This is a technology we cannot even intuit. It's like telling Columbus that the voyage that took him three months can be covered today in 8 hours and by air. These civilizations evidently have a technological development at such a level that scientific arguments are obsolete. They can’t come because it is physically impossible to surpass light speed? 21st century science says so, but we don't know what 300th century science says, from the use of teleportation to visiting unknown dimensions that cannot be technologically accessed.

If there isn't one single type of UFO, it is logical to assume that there is no single type of occupant. They come from everywhere, then?

I have over 2000 types of beings in my files. The morphologies seen are diverse. And I have a minimal part. There isn't a single civilization, but thousands. When explorers go to the jungle, they don't ask who the king of the monkeys is.

If there are countless stars and thousands of galaxies, what attracts all of these intergalactic visitors to earth?

I think we're very primitive. [Gabriel] García Marquez said we're the most provincial planet in the galaxy (laughs). We're violent, constantly involved in wars, but we live on a beautiful planet. I think that makes us interesting for scientific visits, exploration, adventures or even tourism.

There is a classic question that is also essential: it's asked by anyone interested in the phenomenon and not just skeptics. Why are they so elusive?

I suppose there must be some kind of universal standard not to interfere on planets that are inferior from the standpoint of development. When we have done it, through colonization, for example, the result has been disastrous. It always ended badly. I'm betting these entities are aware of it and have forbidden it. You cannot intervene in a world that still wages war.

Human scientists don't talk to lab rats. Are we facing a similar situation?

Something like that. When humans go to the jungle and come across monkeys, they don't ask to meet their king. I further believe that these civilizations are ambivalent: they study, research or monitor, we're not sure what their goal is. Meanwhile, humans try to understand what they're doing here, the military tries to knock them out of the air with missiles and so forth.

I understand that a few decades ago, when current recording systems did not exist and people didn't go around with Smartphones, getting unquestioned proof was hard. Why hasn't a witness or researcher like yourself appeared on television with such evidence? Does it not exist?

Sure it does. By the dozen. But it is in the hands of the military, starting with crashed vehicles, captured creatures, radar evidence, photographs, etc. Researchers also have proof, but even if you bring them to the stage, it will never have the same probative value that it would if it came from the authorities. This they will not do. They aren't interested.

Why? What would fall apart?

Their scam. The military of all countries are supported by taxation. If I'm the Army and I tell the taxpayer that there are some civilizations up there that are 50,000 years ahead of us and that there's nothing we can do against them, the taxpayer can reasonably ask why he's paying me a salary for.

To protect us against an attack from DAESH?

Yes, they're doing that already. It's also a great business for arms manufacturers, isn't that so?

Has there been an effort to control you or discredit you? I'm asking about human forces, of course.

Of course. I've gone through phases in which public opinion has been poisoned about me, calling me everything except pretty, and I suspect there's been a physical attempt against me. It's logical, though. I'm a troublesome person who’s needling them, calling military men liars.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez (Planeta UFO) and Andrés Guerra (La Vanguardia)]
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Descubren dos nuevos alérgenos del tomate en sus semillas

La alergia al tomate puede llegar a afectar hasta al 20% de la población, pero muchos alérgicos lo desconocen, puesto que pueden causarles reacción partes del vegetal que no tocan ni ingieren, como las semillas. Un equipo de científicos dirigidos por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid ha descubierto dos nuevas proteínas presentes en esta zona del fruto como responsables de las reacciones alérgicas.
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SETI is Investigating a New Radio Burst from a Distant Star

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program is currently investigating a high-energy signal burst that originated from a star 95 light years away, in the constellation Hercules. SETI senior astronomer Seth Shostak cautions that this is unlikely to be an artificial signal, as there are a number of natural phenomena that could also have produced the signal.

The signal was recorded by Russian astronomers at the RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya. Unfortunately, the signal was recorded on May 15, 2015, nearly a year and a half ago, a delay that severely hampers verification of the other signal from other telescopes. Nonetheless, SETI will be listening to the star on the off chance that there might be a repeat of the signal.

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13 sept. 2016

Un simulador de vuelo para aerotrastornados (por radio) de 1928

Sientes emoción, algo de ansiedad, estás esperando algo muy especial. Junto a ti, un receptor de radio de madera, de forma semicircular y de gran tamaño, con un gran altavoz cuya rejilla está decorada con intrincadas figuras de marquetería. Ha llegado la hora… ¡de tomar una lección de vuelo a través de tu receptor de radio! Tal cosa pudo hacerse en los Estados Unidos allá por 1928, cuando se emitió uno de los programas radiofónicos más singulares de la historia.

Hay que situarse para entender de qué iba todo aquello. Bien, la siguiente imagen vale más que mil palabras. El receptor de radio no es tan vetusto como el mencionado, cuenta incluso con auriculares, pero la silla, la chimenea, el ambiente casero, y el supuesto mando de vuelo, ya nos darán suficientes pistas para entender la diversión.


Una silla, un “palo” como mando y una radio, no hacía falta nada más para aprender a volar (o soñar que se estaba volando) en los años veinte. Aquellas personas que tuvieran pasión por el vuelo (diríamos hoy “aerotrastornados”), pero que no pudieran acercarse a un aerodromo, podían equiparse con un kit básico de vuelo de lo más curioso. Lo más cercano que se me ocurre, en cuanto a concepto, sería el de los simuladores de vuelo por ordenador, con joystick e incluso pedales. Allá a finales de los años veinte, a falta de ordenador, lo que hacían aquellas gentes era sintonizar la radio los viernes entre las ocho y las ocho y cuarto de la mañana. Se sentaban en una silla, tomaban su mando de vuelo (o un palo de escoba, que para el caso era lo mismo) y escuchaban el increíble programa de radio de la emisora KOA de Denver. La voz del piloto Cloyd P. Clevenger de la Alexander Aircraft Company se mezclaba con todo tipo de sonidos mecánicos y efectos especiales, como si se estuviera volando en un avión de verdad. De esa forma, iba emitiendo lección tras lección, mientras enseñaba pilotaje a un ficticio alumno que, además, solía aportar el toque de humor al programa. A lo largo y ancho de Norteamérica cientos de personas escuchaban apasionadamente aquellos quince minutos semanales que les acercaban un poco más a su sueño de volar.

Más información y un fragmento de uno de los diálogos del programa en: Popular Aviation – Flying Magazine, marzo de 1928.

Relacionados en TecOb:

Vía: Visto hace siglos en Sandglass Patrol. 😉

Un simulador de vuelo para aerotrastornados (por radio) de 1928 apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 13 septiembre 2016.

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Mysterious Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion Mystifies SpaceX Investigators

Renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX is no stranger to experiencing failures with its experimental Falcon-series of reusable launch vehicles, having previously lost one vehicle to an explosion during launch in 2015. But the cause of the catastrophic explosion of a Falcon 9 vehicle during a routine fueling operation on September 1 has investigators stumped, with Musk admitting that the investigation is "turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years." Musk has also stated that they are leaving no stone unturned in this investigation -- including possible sabotage by external entities.

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12 sept. 2016

Mexico: Unidentified Red Light At the Colima Volcano

[With thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]
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Argentina: Woman Claims Finding ET in Gualeguay 48 years Ago

Source: Facebook
Date: 09.12.16
An article by Sebastián Aranguren

Argentina: Woman Claims Finding ET in Gualeguay 48 years Ago

Forty eight years ago, a girl playing with a friend on a property locating the Tiro Federal football club of Gualeguay, Province of Entre Rios, was a direct witness to a case that would be a sort of Roswell-type event, should it be confirmed, as the child spoke to a small humanoid and held it in her arms.

The unusual episode was reported to researchers from the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) by a woman who is now 53 years old, the little girl who lived through the incredible story that she could never erase from her mind, and has now disclosed it to the UFO research team.

Teresa, as she is identified, recounted that one afternoon in 1968, when she was 5 years old and playing on a lot bordering the Gualeguay Tiro Federal, she saw something moving among the weeds.
She approached the location curiously and saw that what moved about was something she would never forget: a tiny being, naked, and with large eyes that regarded her sorrowfully. He appeared to be having a bad time in the puddle in which he lay on his back.

Overcoming her initial shock, the child picked up the "little man", as she still calls him today, and cuddled it in her arms, feeling its cold and "slippery" flesh. It also had a prominent head that was out of proportion with the rest of her body with long and extremely slender arms.

"The woman doesn't recall having seen the little man's nose. He was about some 20 centimeters tall, judging from the space he occupied between her neck and bellybutton as she gathered him in her arms," said Luis Burgos, director of FAO, the UFO organization studying the case.

The case that Burgos uploaded to his website also adds that Teresita's entity "had skin like a chicken and with an orange tinge." He added that it lacked eyelashes and eyebrows, and in her childhood fantasy, the girl thought she was in the presence of a living doll. But the discovery would have a darker ending. "The father of Teresa’s friend was the man in charge of the Tiro Federal football club. Both girls went over to show him about their discovery with an unexpected reaction, according to Burgos. He wrenched the creature Teresa cradled in his arms and admonished her severely, walking off with the entity. The girl never saw it again. Every time she crossed paths with her friend's father, she would say accusingly: "You stole the little man from me."

Teresa's life went on. She came to live in the Buenos Aires area and when she returned to Gualeguay, she found impossible to reconstruct her childhood discovery. However, she saw a similarity between the little man and the humanoids of the movie Cocoon, although much larger, and shed tears of joy upon seeing Steven Spielberg's "E.T.". There is a further detail that could be linked with the 1968 event and upon which the FAO group has focused: Teresa was able to recreate a ceramic figure of the little man, and had a variety of paranormal experiences throughout her adult life.

The Case Occurred during the 1968 Flap

The case narrated by Teresa occurred, according to Luis Burgos, "within the context of the greatest UFO wave on the national and global level." Burgos stressed that the Great UFO Flap of 1968 included "a considerable number of humanoid encounters which totaled no less than 21 reports in 1968 alone." He added that there were UFO sightings in the summer of 1968 in Federacion (16 Feb 68) and Concepcion del Uruguay (15 Mar 68).

[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU]
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11 sept. 2016

Remembering 9/11: A Message from Whitley Strieber

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I awoke to hear a bulletin on the radio that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers. My first thought was that a small commuter or general aviation plane had gone off course. Then Anne called to me, "Whitley, come look at the television."

I knew at once that a large aircraft had hit the building.  Anne immediately went to the computer and began writing for Whitleysworld.com, keeping up both from CNN and from friends living in Manhattan, who gave us a moment-to-moment narrative.

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9 sept. 2016

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations in the Patagones District

Source: VISION OVNI & Comarca Hoy.com.ar
Date: 09.08.2016

Argentina: Cattle Mutilations in the Patagones District

Is the Chupacabras on the loose? Questions arise over the discovery of dead cows and sheep. The discovery of mutilated animals in various fields caused alarm in the rural community, which is unable to explain the reason for these events. A cattleman describes the situation experienced.

The subject gives rise to conflicting opinions, from the most skeptical to the most credulous, each willing to tell their own version of the events: that it is a subject imposed by the government to forestall discussions of any other matter, that they are caused by pumas, and other theories that have been circulated by the media.

In this case, Carlos Dietz is a cattleman in the Patagones District and he told his story on the "Patagones y algo mas" program transmitted on Radio Nacional Viedma.

Dietz is a cattleman in a field located in the region of the 31st. He engages in agriculture and livestock and is one of those who are unable to explain the anomalies that took place on his property.

In an interview with journalist Daniel Etman, Carlos said that animals began appearing with their jaws completely devoured some 15 days ago. "There were a few cases and mine is one of them. It's very strange. You can't say anything or they'll laugh in your face," Dietz remarked on the capital area radio station.

"Strangest of all is that only the animal's jawbone was eaten away. Nothing more. It's the only thing. All that was left were the carretillas. The soft parts were fully intact, and the anus is also intact," Dietz explained, clarifying that he discusses the matter in the hopes that no sensational claims will be raised about it.

Regarding the discovery on his field, he said the animal involved weighed approximately 500 kilos. "Had there been a fight, or a threatening situation, the animal would've left marks on the ground, but this appears to have been a sudden death, gently falling to the ground and staying there. It never managed to let off a few kicks. Very surprising."

As for the animal's decomposition, he said carrion animals will reduce it to bone in little time. "Mice appear and dig holes. Vultures arrive and polish the carcass clean. In this case, it's been over ten days and the animal's intact. Only the upper part of the jaw is missing. No carrion animals have come near, not at all."

The area, he said, consists of small farms ranging from 500 to 800 hectares. These are flat fields without hills. "They are basically all ranches and you can see the animals from your house. You go out to survey the area and you can see the entire property. This cow (the one found without its jaw) is 400 meters from my home. I see it and what surprises me the most is that no mice or vultures have approached. Not one."

Questions arise daily, with each episode that occurs in the area fields. Up to now it is said that there have been three incidents in the Patagones District, one of them on a field on the way to the 7 de Marzo tourist village, better known as La Baliza.

Each event gives rise to questions and uncertainty. Questions that arise with every statement put forth. No one has a logical explanation of the event and absolutely all reject the story of the legendary Chupacabras in the area.

[Translation (c) 2016, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Andrea Pérez Simondini of Visión OVNI

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Ten Thousand Views and Thanks

There was a particular reverence for the ten thousand mark in ancient Greece - the "myriad", the unit employed to designate the largest amount conceivable. A small number by modern reckoning, in an age where a cat video on YouTube can rack up a million views. Nevertheless, INEXPLICATA is pleased to have reached its ten thousandth read on Scribd.com this week, and we would like to extend our thanks to the readers who made it possible. To those who haven't stopped by yet, don't wait another myriad!
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8 sept. 2016

The Massive Crack Running Through Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf is Growing

A fissure that has been steadily growing across the Larson C ice shelf off of the Antarctic Peninsula has been a concern for scientists since it began extending through the ice between 2011 and 2015. The Larsen C ice shelf, described by the British Antarctic Survey as “slightly smaller than Scotland,” is Antarctica's northernmost shelf, and is the sole remaining of the three Larsen shelves: Larsens A and B broke up in 1995 and 2002, respectively.

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Eyewitness to Antarctic Mysteries and Much More--This Dreamland will be an All-Time Classic!

September 9, 2016
A truly shocking and astonishing show on extremely strange events in the Antarctic. A naval officer tells us what he remembers, including seeing a huge opening in the ice in a no-fly area they were crossing with a medical emergency on board. Then he ferried a group of scientists who had disappeared for two weeks, and has specifically been warned not to refer again to this subject. As he put it, "they looked scared." When they returned to McMurdo, their gear was isolated and they were flown back to Christchurch, New Zealand in a special plane.

He discusses what he saw and experienced in detail here.

This is the most provocative story about what is going on in Antarctica ever presented anywhere.

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Project Oculus Update with Jeff Ritzmann AND a Video!

Thursday September 8, 2016
Experiencer/researcher Jeff Ritzmann returns to update us on all that has (and has not) happened since he installed cameras all over his property. Cameras monitored by people like us! Then he goes deeply into the question of the possible source of high strangeness phenomena.

To learn more about and partake in Project Oculus, please visit: http://ift.tt/2cGx7YF

To watch the video discussed in the show, click here. The flash of light against the ceiling is on the left and occurs 22 seconds in.

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Un nuevo método sintetiza láminas ultradelgadas de materiales 2D

Los materiales bidimensionales son buenos candidatos para revolucionar el mundo de la electrónica hacia dispositivos transparentes y flexibles. Científicos de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y el IMDEA han desarrollado un método muy sencillo para sintetizar trióxido de molibdeno, un material 2D flexible y transparente, a escala de centímetros y emplearlo en sensores de radiación ultravioleta y fotodetectores autoalimentados.
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7 sept. 2016

Logran catalizadores metálicos que funcionan en la mitocondria celular

Investigadores de la Universidad de Santiago de Composela han demostrado por primera vez la viabilidad de inducir transformaciones químicas de origen artificial en una estructura subcelular. La  metodología abre la puerta al desarrollo de herramientas que permitan manipular la vida celular de forma programada, con la vista puesta en el desarrollo de nuevas estrategias terapéuticas.
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Desarrollan catalizadores metálicos que funcionan en la mitocondria celular

Investigadores de la Universidad de Santiago de Composela han demostrado por primera vez la viabilidad de inducir transformaciones químicas de origen artificial en una estructura subcelular. La  metodología abre la puerta al desarrollo de herramientas que permitan manipular la vida celular de forma programada, con la vista puesta en el desarrollo de nuevas estrategias terapéuticas.
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Cómo fusionar dos agujeros negros de forma sencilla

Las fusiones de dos agujeros negros, como las que produjeron las ondas gravitacionales descubiertas por el observatorio LIGO, se consideran procesos complejísimos que solo se pueden simular con los superordenadores más potentes del mundo. Sin embargo, dos físicos teóricos de la Universidad de Barcelona han demostrado que con ecuaciones sencillas se puede explicar lo que ocurre en la frontera espacio-temporal de los dos objetos en fusión, al menos cuando se une un agujero negro gigante con otro diminuto.
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Researchers Program DNA Strands to Perform Digital Calculations

Because of the physical limitations of silicon-based circuitry, there is an upper limit to how powerful a modern computer can be made. In response to this, researchers have been looking into other mediums to build faster and more powerful computers from, including using quantum-based processors, and neurological chips based on human brain cells. Another promising idea, based on DNA, plans to utilize the otherwise naturally-occurring computer of genetics.

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6 sept. 2016

Material de carbono facilita la separación de los átomos del agua

La Universiad de Córdoba y la Academia China de las Ciencias han creado el primer compuesto no metálico útil para obtener hidrógeno como fuente alternativa de energía a partir de la descomposición electrocatalítica del agua. 
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Rosetta encuentra a Philae

A menos de un mes de finalizar su misión, la cámara de alta resolución de Rosetta ha descubierto el módulo de aterrizaje Philae, encajado en una oscura grieta del cometa 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.
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50,000-Year-Old Sewing Needle Unearthed in Siberia -- but was Not Made by Humans

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a 50,000-year-old sewing needle, made from bone, that was excavated from a cave in Siberia's Altai Mountains. This well-preserved sewing implement sports a hole for guiding the thread, and is still appears to be sharp enough to be used today. This artifact, however, has an unusual distinction, in that it is suspected that it was not crafted by a human hand.

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2 sept. 2016

World's Smartest Physicist Thinks We Can't Crack Consciousness.

Despite the progress made by modern science over the past few centuries, one of the biggest questions that has been on the mind of man since time immemorial, and yet remaining perhaps the most elusive, is that of the nature of consciousness: we know it exists, but we have no real way to measure, quantify, or even define it. On top of this, science can't even definitively determine where it comes from, or even why it exists to begin with. And now a prominent physicist, renowned for his work in the field of string theory, feels this scientific mystery may remain permanent.

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Fantasías volantes del siglo XVIII

Extracto del artículo que publiqué en la revista Historia de Iberia Vieja, edición de agosto de 2016.

La Nave con los cuatro globos puede subir a una altura excesiva, o no necesaria, o pueden faltar los globos y caer, y con su precipicio perecer las personas. Para evitar esto se le podrán poner alas, que serán de lienzo encerado como toda la Nave, que son movedizas y estarán con sus goznecillos, para levantarlas o bajarlas según la necesidad lo pida.

Fragmento de la obra
Nave admospherica y tentativa sobre la
posibilidad de navegar por el ayre
. (1783)

La era de los globos recreativos

Los años finales del siglo XVIII fueron excitantes en lo que a la idea de volar se refiere. Las posibilidades de los aerostatos, esto es, naves capaces de volar gracias al uso de “bolsas” de gases con menor densidad que aire, estaban cada vez más claras. Experiencias con modelos de globo de aire caliente como las llevadas a cabo por el portugués nacido en el Brasil colonial Bartolomeu Lourenço de Gusmao hacia 1709, hacían pensar que pronto se podría volar en globo.

Pero todo eran pensamientos e ilusiones, poco se hizo para convertir la fantasía en realidad hasta que, a finales de ese siglo, todo cambió. París, 15 de octubre de 1783, una fecha histórica sin duda alguna: el primer globo de aire caliente tripulado por seres humanos ascendió a las alturas. Se trataba de un ingenio ideado por los célebres hermanos Montgolfier. De repente, lo que habían sido meras fantasías, se convirtió en todo un nuevo mundo por explorar. La atmósfera se convirtió en el nuevo océano que esperaba intrépidos aventureros. En apenas unos meses aquellas primeras experiencias de los hermanos franceses fueron emuladas por decenas de soñadores. Había nacido la era de los globos recreativos.

En 1792 se realizaron en España algunas experiencias pioneras para el uso de los aerostatos en el mundo militar. Sucedió en Segovia, bajo de la dirección de Louis Proust. Todo eran posibilidades pero, de nuevo, las dificultades para controlar los novísimos globos, la necesidad de mejorar la sustentación y los intentos de cambiar el aire caliente por gases como el hidrógeno, hicieron que las multitudinarias experiencias con globos cautivos o libres fueran todo un espectáculo, pero poco más.

Carnicero_Fiesta_de_TorosResulta asombroso cómo, de lo fantástico se pasara a lo real en apenas unos meses. Lo que antes era considerado como algo casi imposible, se convirtió en espectáculo de moda, repetido por todas las grandes ciudades europeas. En menos de dos años se vieron decenas de espectáculos con globos aerostáticos. La “fiebre” por los globos se transmitió al arte, se pintaron cuadros acerca de escenas de vuelo en globo, se publicaron todo tipo de opúsculos y ensayos acerca de las posibilidades de los globos y se experimentó con todo tipo de materiales. Aquella pasión por los aerostatos llegó a extremos ridículos en ocasiones. He ahí, por ejemplo, el grabado conservado en la Fundación Lázaro Galdiano de Madrid, realizado en 1784 por Isidro Carnicero, en el que, bajo el título de “Fiesta de toros en el aire” (ver imagen), se planteaba unir a un picador y a un toro a sendos aerostatos para celebrar una corrida de todos singular… ¡flotando en la atmósfera!

Por ese tiempo fueron muy comentadas las ascensiones en globo protagonizadas por el aventurero aeronauta italiano Vincenzo Lunardi. Ya en 1784 había realizado su primera experiencia de vuelo, que a la vista del éxito de público y lo apasionante del reto, pasó a convertirse en su única ocupación. Lunardi recorrió Europa con su espectáculo volante, que llegó a España en 1792. En nuestras tierras realizó varios vuelos memorables e inspiró la imaginación de pintores y escritores. Las multitudes enloquecían ante aquellos espectáculos aéreos, convirtiéndose en los eventos más comentados de su época. La pasión por los globos duró hasta bien entrado el siglo XIX, cuando los dirigibles y los intentos por construir primitivos aviones, substituyeron a los globos aerostáticos en el imaginario público. Pero, mientras duró la fiebre, hubo imaginativos autores que soñaron con un futuro en el que, lejos de ser simple divertimento, las naves aéreas se convertirían en medios de transporte comunes. He aquí uno de esos casos.

Sobre la posibilidad de navegar por el aire de forma práctica

Diario de Madrid, verano de 1792. En plena fiebre de los aerostatos, repasando esas páginas, pueden leerse curiosos anuncios como el que sigue:

Se venden anteojos acromáticos ingleses, propios para distinguirse los globos desde mucha altura…

El negocio relacionado con los aerostatos tocaba muchos ámbitos, desde el buen comer hasta los instrumentos ópticos. Otro de los nichos de mercado era el de las publicaciones que tenían que ver con globos. Un pequeño librillo llevaba circulando con cierta fama desde 1783, ¡el mismo año en que los Montgolfier lograron su gesta aerostática! El éxito de este libro de poco más de cuarenta páginas llevó a que fuera reimpreso en diversas ocasiones, algunas tan lejanas de su punto de partida como el año 1847. Es más, la polémica acerca de su contenido fue tal que, al poco de su publicación, también vio la luz una obrilla impresa destinada a criticar lo que allá se decía.

Se desconoce al autor de este pequeño libro, sólo se sabe que estaba a la venta en ciertas librerías y puestos de diarios de Madrid y Barcelona. Su título, y otros detalles, son intrigantes. La portada es todo un ejercicio de misterio (Acceso a la obra completa):

Nave admospherica y tentativa
sobre la posibilidad de navegar por el ayre,
no solo especulativa, sino prácticamente.

Junto a ese título, una referencia a la imprenta, la licencia y una completa falta de mención al posible autor. Luego, un gráfico singular: un gran barco aéreo, dotado de globos para la sustentación, velas y una especie de alas y cola. El resto del librillo viene a ser un audaz ensayo en el que se pretenden responde diversas cuestiones acerca de la técnica del vuelo, todo en una época en la que apenas si se había realizado alguna experiencia con globos. He ahí lo más asombroso, porque el ejercicio de imaginación viene a ser todo un salto mortal. El autor afirma con rotundidad, a través de varias cuestiones técnicas expresadas a modo de preguntas y respuestas, que no sólo se pueden construir máquinas volantes, sino que sería posible volar controlando las naves y, además, se expresa una confianza increíble en un futuro aéreo para la humanidad. Bien, la osadía es grande, sobre todo porque todo estaba por hacer. El autor menciona el posible uso del vacío, aire caliente u otros gases, para la sustentación, atendiendo a referencias de sabios de su tiempo. Sin embargo, lo que más preocupa al desconocido escritor es la “voluntad de la máquina”. Se daba por hecho que se podían construir máquinas volantes pero, ¿cómo controlarlas para viajar allá donde se deseara? Este es el ingrediente más original de esta obra pionera e imaginativa. ¿Podría decirse que es algo así como una pequeña narración de ciencia ficción? Salvando las distancias, sin duda, lo es.


A la mención sobre alas, timones y otras superficies diversas para controlar el vuelo, se une una explicación acerca de la utilidad de una nave aérea y, ahí, es cuando nuestro ignoto escritor rompe moldes. Nos dice, con total seguridad:

Quan poco gasto y aparato necesitará qualquiera para ir de Madrid a cualquier Ciudad de España, y quan pronto es facil de conocer a qualquiera. Libre de escollos, de tormentas, bajando a tierra, quando, y como guste; divertido con la variedad de objetos, que corren por debajo de él (…) visitando en menos de 24 horas un Mercader de Madrid los Almacenes que tiene en Cadiz. (…) Y que en menos de tres días en la otra parte del Mundo se reciban órdenes de su Soberano. (…) Es con efecto caminar quasi con la velocidad que corre nuestro pensamiento y nuestra voluntad. (…) Lo que ahora parece delirio, puede que vengan tiempos en que los venideros estrañen, que nos maravillásemos de estas cosas, y se lastimen de nuestro ingenios, que encontraban dificultades en cosas para ellos tan obvias como andar a pie, y más dirán: ¿No sabían ya navegar por el agua? ¿De dónde les vino el asombro de navegar por el ayre?

Hacia el final de la obra, se menciona que el autor ya había intentado volar en globo más de dos décadas antes que los hermanos Montgolfier, como fruto de la lectura de cierto libro del Padre Tosca, matemático que planteaba la posibilidad de volar. Supuestamente aquellas experiencias de 1760 no fueron culminadas con éxito. Reconozcamos el ingenio de este olvidado autor, que a finales del siglo XVIII ya soñaba con un mundo aéreo: nuestro mundo de hoy.

Artículo relacionado en TecOb:

Fantasías volantes del siglo XVIII apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 1 septiembre 2016.

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1 sept. 2016

La sonda Dawn detecta un volcán de hielo y agua en el planeta enano Ceres

Científicos de la NASA creen que la montaña Ahuna Mons de Ceres es un criovolcán, un volcán extraterrestre de hielo y agua. El descubrimiento se presenta ahora junto a otros cinco estudios basados en los datos de la sonda espacial Dawn, en órbita en torno a este remoto planeta enano.
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Meet Dragonfly 44: The Milky Way's Dark-Matter Twin

Astronomers have discovered something strange about an ultra-diffuse galaxy in the Coma Cluster called Dragonfly 44. It went largely overlooked by astronomers until recently, due to it only emitting 1 percent of the light that the Milky Way does, hence its "ultra diffuse" status. But Dragonfly 44 has recently been found to be nearly the same mass as our own galaxy, due to being made nearly entirely of dark matter.

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