31 oct. 2014

Pilot dies in Virgin Galactic plane explosion

The company's SpaceShipTwo vehicle exploded over the Mojave desert following an 'in-flight anomaly'. Virgin Galactic's space tourism plans have suffer...

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Whitley Strieber's Story the Pool

As a special Halloween treat, Whitley Strieber reads his story 'the Pool,' written in the dark year of 1986 after he'd had the close encounter experience and he was tremendously worried about the safety of his family, and had experienced the shattering of his entire understanding of the world. This story is profound, deeply moving and, frankly, deeply frightening. Perfect for a Halloween weekend!

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'Creepy clown' attacks prompt ban in France

A town in France has officially banned people from dressing up as clowns following a spate of assaults. What started out as a juvenile prank has since...

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Halloween Special: the World's Most Haunted Insane Asylum

October 31, 2014

Paranormal investigator Sylvia Shults takes us through the notorious Peoria State Hospital, one of the world's most haunted places, and the most haunted known insane asylum on the planet. And the ghosts are...strange.

In keeping with Dreamland's tradition of broadcasting genuinely scary interviews on Halloween, this one is--well, genuinely scary!

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Cassini spies sun glinting on Titan's seas

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has captured images of sunlight glinting on Titan's hydrocarbon oceans. The enigmatic moon, which is shrouded in a thick atm...

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Unknown Country Halloween Week: The Secret of Superstition

Do black cats, bats and witches have you on the run not just at Halloween but year-round? Do you always avoid walking under ladders and stepping on sidewalk cracks?

These behaviors can all be linked to a strong belief that has been embedded in human history -- superstitions, according to a Kansas State University professor.

Don Saucier, associate professor of psychology, said superstitions are behaviors that people perform in an attempt to affect or control their future. Superstitious behaviors are a way people think they can control their fate by performing certain tasks in a certain way to either help alleviate anxiety or to simply better their chances in a certain situation.

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30 oct. 2014

Mi novela, “El viaje de Argos”, disponible en papel

Hoy ha salido a la venta la edición en papel de mi novela “El viaje de Argos”, que vio la luz hace dos años en forma de e-book. Editada por Glyphos Publicaciones, nace en papel con una portada muy especial que ha realizado el gran Alfonso Azpiri. Tiempo habrá más adelante para comentar detalles sobre esta edición. Sirva esta pequeña nota como simple anuncio de la buena noticia.

Más información: http://ift.tt/107gwCc

el_viaje_de_argos_alejandro_polanco_ilustracion_de_azpiri Una gran aventura entre la ciencia ficción y la novela histórica.

Desde antiguo un enigmático astro llamado Argos siembra la atmósfera con una substancia muy especial. Sólo un pequeño grupo de sabios sabe cómo recolectar y emplear esa esencia de los cielos que permite la vida eterna.

Pero en pleno auge de la Roma imperial, un desastre sacude a la hermandad de sabios. Desperdigados por el mundo y sin los conocimientos necesarios para mantener la inmortalidad, vagarán sin rumbo, condenados al olvido.

Hasta que en el siglo XXI una inquieta historiadora, Irene Abad, descubre un antiguo mapa que, sin saberlo, conduce hasta el peligroso secreto que los Hijos de Argos han perseguido durante dos milenios.

Mi novela, “El viaje de Argos”, disponible en papel apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 31 octubre 2014.

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Amelia Earhart plane fragment identified

Researchers believe that they have conclusively identified a piece of the aviation pioneer's aircraft. The disappearance of Amelia Earhart while flyin...

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The Ecuadoran "War of the Worlds" Transmission Remembered

The Ecuadoran "War of the Worlds" Transmission Remembered

By Scott Corrales

Every October 30th, UFO and science fiction enthusiasts alike remember Orson Welles' history-making broadcast of H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds on the Mercury Theater of the Air and the resulting confusion caused by the alleged Martian invasion - a panic that has been called into question recently by skeptics, but whose legacy will forever loom large. Large enough, a decade after its transmission, to have caused true panic and death in South America.

"We are interrupting our transmission to make you aware of the latest news: our reporters and colleagues tell us the city of Latacunga - two and a half hours distant from Quito - is being invaded by strange lights in the sky and the city is being destroyed...people are running through the streets and fire can be seen everywhere, infantry brigades have been destroyed...the lights are headed for Quito, there are many dead and there is devastation everywhere. It looks like an atomic war."

Thus began the broadcast of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds in Spanish - "La Guerra de los Mundos" - broadcast on 12 February 1949 at 7 pm on Radio Quito, one of the Ecuadoran capital's most popular stations, interrupting a live transmission of a popular music show. Directed by Leonardo Páez, the transmission caused a true sensation in the South American country.

The musical show - a duet by singers Potolo Valencia and Gonzalo Benítez - was interrupted after only one song. An announcer stated that a "flying object" had been seen over the Galapagos Islands, interrupting the show yet again to advise listeners that a flying saucer had landed in the Cotocollao district on the outskirts of the nation's capital.

"We are again interrupting our programing to inform our listeners that we are at war. Strange lights are arriving and attacking northern Quito at Cotocollao. Spinning discs can be seen along with strange hostile beams who are destroying it all. There is fire everywhere, as well casualties. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war!"

Páez's skilled team of voice actors managed to imitate the voices of government ministers and even the city's mayor. Sound effects added to the realism and the sense of impending doom that Welles had conveyed so well in 1938. Four years into the nuclear age, mankind was losing its first encounter with extraterrestrial invaders. As if this wasn't enough, alleged phone calls from radio stations in cities like Cuenca and Guayaquil were coming in, describing the perils faced by the country from "a cloud of toxic fumes" slowly spreading over the Andean foothills.

The La Guerra de los Mundos broadcast was so successful that it caused a mobilization of the city police and local military barracks. However, these same forces - upon learning of the "hoax" - retreated to quarters without hesitation, irritated at the notion of having succumbed to a radio stunt that was tantamount to a prank.

The sudden and hopeless news resulted in churches being filled. It wasn't long before the terrified citizenry learned that this false alarm was nothing more that radio show, and decided to take revenge on the broadcasting facility. According to sources from the time, busloads of enraged locals began arriving at Radio Quito building in the city's downtown area. A shower of bricks and debris rained against the building's facade, but mere vandalism would not assuage the hate welling in the hearts of the Quiteños. The building's lobby and first floor were set on fire, and being that the building was shared by El Comercio newspaper, tons of newsprint served to stoke the blaze. Flames devoured the structure, prompting Leopoldo Páez and his actors to make an improvised escape from their studio, jumping to the roof of a neighboring structure. Not all of them survived. Damage to the radio station, the building and the newspaper were estimated at 2 million old Sucres ($350,000 dollars at the current exchange) with a total of twenty dead, although figures vary from one report to another. The fact remains that El Comercio did not publish an issue on February 13, 1949 due to the total loss of its facilities. In August 2010, Radio Quito celebrated its 70th year on the air with a remembrance of all the highlights of its existence,including the sad events of 1949.

Four years earlier, a radio station in Santiago de Chile had broadcast its own adaptation of "La Guerra de los Mundos" with similar reports. Rumor has it that a regional governor had even tried to mobilize his forces to fight the "alien menace".

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Former Area 51 scientist claims UFOs are real

Boyd Bushman revealed information on UFOs and ET visitation during an interview shortly before his death. Bushman, who died on August 7th, worked at L...

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Halloween Week on Unknown Country: Why We Should Still Be Creatures of the Night

Halloween, the time when we lure strangely-clad strangers to our homes by lighting lanterns in our windows, and offering them food and welcome at our doors.

This tradition is firmly associated with the celebration of ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, but does it also fulfil some deep-rooted need in us to just go forth into the darkness of a night lit only by lanterns?

Fire is fast becoming an elusive element in our lives, yet for our ancestors it was a vital part of their existence. After human ancestors controlled fire 400,000 to 1 million years ago, flames not only let them cook food and fend off predators, but also extended their day.

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Determinada con precisión una propiedad de la materia que existió tras el Big Bang

La colaboración científica JET, donde participan físicos de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, ha medido de forma precisa la microestructura del plasma de quarks y gluones, el estado de la materia que dominó el universo instantes después del Big Bang. El resultado revela a escala microscópica cómo es este fluido, cuyo comportamiento lo hace ser un 'líquido perfecto'.

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Time travel could happen within 100 years

Physicists have predicted that time travel and teleportation could become a reality this century. Scientists from Imperial College London and the Univ...

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Honduras: Alleged UFOs Unleash Controversy Among Readers of Diario Tiempo

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario TIEMPO (Honduras)

Date: 28 October 2014

Honduras: Alleged UFOs Unleash Controversy Among Readers of Diario TIEMPO

SAN PEDRO SULA - A considerable number of readers of www.tiempo.hn who looked at photographs of seemingly mysterious objects flying over San Pedro Sula claim having been witnesses to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) along various parts of the northern and western coasts of Honduras.

Their stories emerged yesterday on Facebook and DIARIO TIEMPO's website, following publication of two photographs taken by a journalist of this communication media, using a cell phone from the 12th floor of the Altia Smart City Building 1.

On July 30, prior to attending a conference in this building, the journalist photographed the cityscape, and on October 27, nearly three months later, finally looking at the images, he was startled to see disk-shaped objects against the slopes of El Merendón.

Along with the images in question, www.tiempo.hn published a brief newspaper item with the title "UFOs in San Pedro Sula?". Shortly after, readers left over 150 comments - some serious, others slightly humorous - on the Facebook page and the website.

One of the readers, identified as Enrique, remarked that he had seen "those very same artifacts" in the sky at 9:25 on the night of October 20, as they headed toward El Merendón.

"They headed toward El Merendón. I thought it was my imagination, but it wasn't, and I didn't record anything. But I'm certain that I looked at them (...) I don't believe in such things, but upon seeing them with my own eyes, I was bewildered."

Wilmer Rosales Murillo, another reader, believes "evidence suggests that we are truly being visited" by beings from other worlds.

"Those of us who watch the skies constantly know that these sightings occur periodically. The drawback is that governments won't mention the truth about these visits, but the fact is that we are indeed visited and I will go as far as saying that they live among us," said Murillo.

Other readers, less fearful of criticism, claimed not only seeing flying objects, but also humanoid entities flying in the skies.

"I have seen extraordinary things. I don't believe in extraterrestrials. What I saw was the shape of an angel heading for the sky, truly surprising. It was made of pure fire and wings - I shall never forget that experience," said Marvin Alexis Bobadilla Junior.

As is the case in the international scientific community, there are also discrepancies among Hondurans regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life and visits by "flying saucers" - as they are commonly known - to planet Earth.

A group of more skeptical readers, with no apparent interest in the subject, used the occasion to amuse themselves and make jokes, posting "memes" about alien beings, despite the fact that cameras installed on the International Space Station have captured strange objects in the universe.

The two photos published yesterday by www.tiempo.hn were taken by a journalist with a cell phone at 11:06:37 in the morning, and the second at 11:06:41 (4 seconds difference). They show grey-colored disks in alignment.

One reader believes that the figures appearing in the photos are reflections of the office lights from where the journalist captured the images.

"While taking the pictures through a window, the lights in the room they were taken from formed reflections on the window, which go [unnoticed] until they are seen in the final image and not while being taken. A good photographer should know these things," said a reader identified as Uno+

To Oscar Aguilar, a psychologist with the Prosecutor's Office in San Pedro Sula, the existence of aliens beings is a subject that can be neither confirmed nor rejected up to now.

"No certain verdict can be rendered. I cannot say that they exist or don't exist. If they exist, and we have not seen them, we can say they have not done humanity any harm," he said.

From this psychological perspective, according to Aguilar, a sizeable number of humans believe in aliens because "they feel the need to think that they are not alone, and this is a way of gaining security."

Moreover, he believes "the subject of the existence of extraterrestrials can be used to manipulate people."

[Translation (c) 2014 Scott Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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29 oct. 2014

Unknown Country Halloween Week: Myths and Monsters - Is There Any Truth Behind The Legends?

We all love a good monster movie, don't we, even if it's viewed with just one eye open from behind the safety of our sofas?

Year after year, Hollywood favourites such as Count Dracula and the Wolfman, and other classic fiendish figures continue to draw crowds of eager horror-movie-lovers. But when and where did our preoccupation with the "bogeyman" arise? Is there any basis in truth to the stories of mythical monsters?

Greg McDonald, director of forensic medicine at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, says that like many myths and scary stories, both Dracula and the Wolfman stemmed from a poor understanding of medical maladies.

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Giant tortoises make 'miraculous' recovery

Where once there were just 15 Espanola giant tortoises left there are now more than 1,000. Two years ago the last of the Pinta Island tortoises, Lones...

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UK favors belief in ghosts and ET over God

A new survey has revealed that more people in Britain believe in aliens and the paranormal than in God. Interest in the unexplained has been on the ri...

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UK favors belief in UFOs and ghosts over God

A new survey has revealed that more people in Britain believe in aliens and the paranormal than in God. Interest in the unexplained has been on the ri...

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Nuevo material superconductor con propiedades excepcionales

Investigadores de los institutos de Nanociencia (INA) y Ciencia de Materiales (ICMA) de Aragón, junto a físicos de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, han desarrollado un nuevo material superconductor. Sus propiedades extraordinarias abren la vía a su aplicación en nuevas tecnologías como la computación cuántica.

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The Experience Sample Post

Wednesday October 29, 2014

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

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Peru: Unreleased Recordings of Strange Lights over Arequipa

Source: Planeta UFO and Nuevo Mundo OVNI

Date: October 28, 2014

Peru: Unnreleased Recordings of Strange Lights over Arequipa

According to Peruvian ufologist Anthony Choy, Peru is among the world's top five countries when it comes to the most UFO sightings recorded in the past decade.

To Rafael Mercado, a ufologist from Arequipa, who visited the location and was able to access videos, take photos and hold conversations with the area's inhabitants, the sighting would have gone unnoticed had it not been for some locals who claimed seeing strange objects flying over great Mount Ubinas, leading to the subsequent follow-up and capture of imagery.

What are these lights? Several experts explain the subject in the following reports.

VIDEO (in Spanish) at: http://ift.tt/13bCzK0

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Karina Paola Armas, Nuevo Mundo OVNI]

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Wed 29 Oct - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

London museum planned to shoot and steal Nessie, Iceland offers Minge Pies for Christmas, plus a ghost in the bathtub

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ISS supply rocket explodes after liftoff

A US rocket bound for the International Space Station has exploded just seconds after launching. Built by Orbital Sciences Corp, the 14-story Antares ...

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Confirmada la existencia de una población de cuásares ‘tranquilos’

Los cuásares lejanos suelen ser muy energéticos, de rápida evolución y asociados a las grandes fusiones de galaxias, pero existe otra población de cuásares que evoluciona lentamente. Investigadores del Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC) han logrado por primera vez datos espectroscópicos de estos cuásares distantes y poco luminosos con la calidad necesaria para determinar sus parámetros esenciales.

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28 oct. 2014

Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Good News For Vampires? Bespoke Blood May Soon Be Possible

We are all programmed to have strong reactions to the vivid color of the life-giving fluid that runs through our veins. For some, it is a morbid fascination that causes them to watch horror movies, but for others it evokes terror and can often have a deeply profound effect when witnessed; phobia of blood is very common and can cause fainting in those who are particularly sensitive.

Researchers believe that, in fact, this is a deep-rooted reaction that may once have saved our lives in primitive times:

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'Black-eyed child' reports hit the Tube

Reports of strange figures with black eyes have now started to emerge from the London Underground. The dark subterranean passages of London's undergro...

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Was the Turin Shroud a medieval Easter prop?

A British scholar and author has claimed that the controversial relic is not from the time of Jesus. The famous shroud, which many believe to be the b...

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WW3 wouldn't affect world's population

A new study has revealed that our planet's population is even more out of control than we realize. Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Austra...

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27 oct. 2014

Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Let's Take A Walk On Our Shadowside...

We are counting down the week to Halloween here at Unknown Country! Whatever your personal beliefs about this archaic and arcane tradition, this is a good time to examine the shadow-sides of our personality and the importance of recognising the purpose of the dark side in each and every one of us.

The term “shadow” was first used by the psychologist Carl G. Jung to describe the denied or repressed aspects of the self. We are conditioned to believe that we should exist only in Light, but without the darkness light would not be thrown into focus. Life is an endless struggle to bring light and dark into balance, to learn from this battle and in the process grow and expand our consciousness.

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1930s Loch Ness Monster theft plot revealed

A prominent London museum once appealed to bounty hunters to help secure the body of the creature. When sightings of the enigmatic Loch Ness Monster w...

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Space may make astronauts infertile

A new study has shown that spending time in space can affect both male and female reproductive organs. The research, which has been conducted by NASA,...

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Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed at Rosario del Tala

Source: UNO - Entre Rios (Argentina) and Planeta UFO

Date: 10.27.2014

Argentina: Alleged UFO Photographed at Rosario del Tala

Amateur photographer captures a strange object in the skies over Plaza Libertad in this community of Entre Rios Province

A strange object can be seen in an image captured this afternoon (Monday, Oct. 21) at Plaza Libertad in Rosario del Tala. Some believe it may be a UFO.

Journalist Ivan Rodríguez, a native of Rosario del Tala and a fan of photography for some years, took some photos of the Libertad gardens in the locality, but he was truly surprised when he downloaded the images to his computer.

Rodríguez told Radio Mediterránea about his surprise when one of his daughters - who was watching the images on the computer - noticed a spot on one of them asked him about it.

"I thought it might be debris or a bug on the camera lens. I took it apart and there was nothing," he said.

The images were sent to the Museo Ovni in Victoria to be analyzed with better technology, and to find out if this could truly be an unidentified flying object.

[Translation (c) 2014 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Argentina: Bizarre "Crop Imprints" Befuddle Local Residents

Source: Diario Registrado (Argentina)

Date: 24 October 2014

Argentina: Bizarre "Crop Imprints" Befuddle Local Residents

There are no traces, dogs did not bark, there was no noise - but marks have appeared in a Cordoba field that have left local residents disconcerted. Are we witnessing a paranormal phenomenon?

There is no explanation. The fact is that in the middle of a field located in Villa María, a locality in Cordoba province, large marks appeared which left local growers astonished.

According to comments by local residents, no strange noises were heard, no dogs barked, no alarms were tripped, but the strange marks were suddenly found in the fields.

In fact, they stated: "We have meter-tall wheat, green, ready to be harvested in December. It was very healthy, but then this happened on Saturday morning."

According to this local (Susana Montero), "There are no traces that something got there by land," to which she added: "We can't find an explanation for it."

Persons living in the area called several agronomers, but remarked that no one was able to find an answer to this strange event.

(Translation (c) 2014 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO)

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Entrevistamos a Max Hawthorne: Kronos Rising

Este domingo ofrecemos un programa muy especial dedicado a unos de los temas más atractivos dentro del campo de la Criptozoología, nos referimos a los relacionados con la posibilidad de que haya todavía animales grandes (más de 2 m.) aún por descubrir en nuestros vastos océanos. Cabe destacar que tanto el ecólogo marino Dr. Charles Paxton, de la Universidad de Escocia, como el bioquímico francés y criptozoólogo Dr. Michel Raynal, han desarrollado modelos matemáticos (basados en lo grandes descubrimientos animales en el campo de la biología marina desde el inicio del S. XVIII) donde ciertas funciones y gráficas han estimado que aún quedan unos 40-50 especies nuevas de grandes animales acuáticos (mamíferos, peces, tiburones y otros grupos) todavía por ser descritas científicas. Esa estimación ha sido avalada por un gran número de científicos e investigadores y se apuntala de manera clara por espectaculares descubrimientos como el del novedoso tiburón Megaboca (Megaschama pelagios, descrito en 1976) o la nueva colonia de peces celacanto ubicada en 1997 en Sulawesi, Indonesia, Latimeria menadoensis (y distinta genéticamente a la de Comoros/Madagascar, Latimeria chalumnae).


Kronos acecha un grupo de plesiosaurios


Los mares al final del Cretácico, reino de reptiles marinos

Dicho esto surcaremos los mares del planeta en compañía del autor americano Max Hawthorne para sumergirnos de lleno en un mundo donde algunas de estas quimeras zoológicas siguen vivas, y están hambrientas. La documentadísima novela de Hawthorne aborda cuestiones sobre la posible supervivencia de reptiles prehistóricos como los pliosaurios Liopleurodon, Kronosaurus etc. y otras especies como Mosasaurio e ictiosauros. Max responde cuestiones cruciales al respecto, algunas como:

o ¿Por qué escribió un libro sobre monstruos marinos prehistóricos?

o ¿Es posible que esas criaturas existan actualmente? Si es así, ¿cómo lograron llegar hasta nuestra era moderna?

o Si estos antiguos, y muy grandes, animales, están presenten aun hoy día en los océanos de la Tierra ¿Por qué no hayamos sus cadáveres?

o Existen algunos casos históricos que conectan la identidad de reptiles extintos oceánicos con algunos bien conocidos casos de serpientes marinas ¿Cuál es la clásica descripción de estos animales?

o ¿Hay registrados más casos modernos/recientes?

o Cuéntenos un poco sobre el extraño varamiento Británico del año 2012 y las mordidas asociadas a la ballena moribunda.


Enlace descarga (26-10-2014):


Web oficial:


Archivado en: Actualidad General

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12-year-old unable to feel thirst or hunger

A young boy's inability to know when to eat or drink could be the first case of its kind in the world. For much of his life 12-year-old Landon had the...

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Mon 27 Oct - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Literary argument ends in death, tiger sex spoof video nightmare, man calls suicide hotline and is shot dead by SWAT team

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Arranca el proyecto para construir el mayor observatorio de axiones del mundo

Cerca de 90 científicos de 14 países, entre ellos investigadores de la Universidad de Zaragoza, han presentado al Laboratorio Europeo de Física de Partículas (CERN) la propuesta para construir ahí el detector IAXO, que buscaría materia oscura mediante la detección del axión, una extensión del modelo estándard de la física. El comite científico del CERN ha recomendado elaborar su diseño técnico, un documento que podría estar listo en tres años.

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Diodos orgánicos emisores de luz con nuevos compuestos

Investigadores de la Universidad Jaume I han desarrollado y patentado compuestos orgánicos más modulables y eficaces para fabricar diodos orgánicos emisores de luz (OLED). Estos dispositivos forman parte de componentes electrónicos y de iluminación en la industria de los semiconductores.

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Demuestran los beneficios del caqui en la dieta

La ingesta de calcio, hierro y magnesio al comer un caqui es la adecuada según la recomendación diaria de alimentos. Así lo confirman investigadores de la Universidad de Valencia tras analizar el perfil mineral de más de 150 muestras de esta fruta recogidas en diferentes regiones de España. Los resultados también destacan la calidad de los caquis con denominación de origen protegida Kaki Ribera del Xúquer.

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Nuevos compuestos para fabricar diodos orgánicos emisores de luz

Investigadores de la Universidad Jaume I han desarrollado y patentado compuestos orgánicos más modulables y eficaces para fabricar diodos orgánicos emisores de luz (OLED). Estos dispositivos forman parte de componentes electrónicos y de iluminación en la industria de los semiconductores.

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26 oct. 2014

Volcano could wipe out Japan within 100 years

A new study has warned that Japan's whole population may be at risk from a huge volcanic eruption. The startling revelation is based on the work of sc...

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100-year-old notebook found in Antarctica

A notebook belonging to a member of Robert Scott's Antarctic expedition team has been found in the ice. The book, which dates back to the ill-fated ex...

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Do spiders possess 'super powers' ?

Compared to humans, spiders are capable of some impressive feats of speed, strength and endurance. Spiders might not be the most popular members of th...

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25 oct. 2014

El Frankenstein de Zehnder

Hoy nos visita una fotografía muy especial, una imagen que tiene reservado un espacio singular en la historia de la ciencia y la tecnología. He aquí al Frankenstein de Zehnder…


Lo de Frankenstein es una licencia que me he tomado porque, a fin de cuentas, la imagen fue realizada con exposiciones de cinco a quince minutos a rayos X sobre diversas partes del cuerpo de varias personas. En concreto, lo que ahí se ve es la primera imagen de un cuerpo humano completo visto a través de rayos X o, mejor dicho, un mosaico de nueve tomas.

Fue realizada en agosto de 1896 por Ludwig Zehnder , ayudante de Röntgen, que el año anterior había descubierto los rayos X. Al principio pocos científicos creyeron que aquellos rayos misteriosos fueran algo real, a fin de cuentas las primeras noticias que llegaban de periódicos eran poco menos que increíbles y muchos todavía no habían leído el artículo de Röntgen titulado “Sobre un nuevo tipo de rayos, comunicación preliminar”, una obra maestra de la literatura científica, ejemplo sencillo y directo de comunicación acerca de una investigación.

El 5 de enero de 1896 apareció una primera mención en prensa en un periódico de Viena. El tema era tan asombroso que a mediados de ese mismo mes ya había aparecido en el New York Times. El caso de los rayos que penetraban la materia e impresionaban las placas fotográficas había dado la vuelta al mundo, para pesabumbre del propio Röntgen. Los periódicos no hacían más que publicar imágenes obtenidas con la todavía innominada radiación, pero no iban mucho más allá del divertimento. Para el científico alemán aquello no tenía gracia, le preocupaba descubrir la naturaleza de lo descubierto, no convertirlo en un espectáculo circense.

En pocos meses proliferaron las máquinas de rayos X, sobre todo las construidas por fotógrafos. Los artículos científicos pronto despejaron las dudas, aquello era real. Una fiebre se despertó por todo el planeta, se pensó en utilizar la novísima radiación para todo y, claro está, el pobre Röntgen, amante de la tranquilidad y de un estilo de vida metódico y alejado de la algarabía no hacían más que darle la lata. Pese a todo, no se apartó de su rutina diaria y continuó con sus investigaciones como si nada hubiera sucedido. Rechazó las ofertas para dar conferencias, salvo en algún caso puntual, y apenas si respondía a alguna de las cartas que le llegaban. No pudo librarse, sin embargo, de dar cierto discurso. En 1901 le fue concedido el primer Premio Nobel de física de la historia. Cabe decir que el dinero del premio fue donado por Röntgen al departamento de física de la Universidad de Würzburg , para que fuera utilizado en investigación y becas. En ese lugar han administrado tan admirablemente esos dineros que, a día de hoy, todavía se utilizan los intereses con los mismos fines1.

Imagen: History of Photography / Deutsches Museum, Munich.


1 Al menos hasta el 96 era así y supongo que lo seguirá siendo. Véase: El descubrimiento de los rayos X, por Graham Farmelo. Investigación y Ciencia, enero 1996.

El Frankenstein de Zehnder apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 25 octubre 2014.

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4,000-year-old 'CD-ROM' mystery solved

The images that adorn the enigmatic Phaistos Disc have been puzzling archaeologists for decades. Discovered by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in ...

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Google exec breaks space jump record

Felix Baumgartner's record breaking jump has been beaten in secret by Google executive Alan Eustace. The 57-year-old climbed to a staggering height of...

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Sphinx head found in mystery Greek tomb

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of artefacts during excavations of the enigmatic burial site. The tomb, which is thought to date back to betwee...

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"The Andreasson Affair," One of the Great Stories of Alien Abduction by Sean Casteel

One of the perks of being a UFO journalist is that publishers are sometimes eager to send me free review copies of their latest releases. Recently, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an unsolicited – but much appreciated – copy of the recent reissue of Raymond Fowler’s classic work on alien abduction, “The Andreasson Affair.”

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24 oct. 2014

Richard Dawkins proposes 'cosmic tombstone'

The evolutionary biologist has suggested sending a record of our civilization out in to space. While Dawkins' prediction of our inevitable demise seem...

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Weekender: The Science of Awe

Our inner emotions are very powerful, and it is becoming more widely accepted by science that they can have profound and measurable physiological effects.

Stress is known to have negative effects on the body, but what about more positive emotions, such as happiness, joy and awe?

Can feeling deeply moving sentiments change our bodies, our minds, maybe even our souls?

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Radiation could thwart future space travel

Sending humans in to space is set to become more difficult due to cosmic radiation exposure. One of the more understated dangers of manned space trave...

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Megalodon extinction gave whales a boost

The disappearance of the world's biggest shark may have enabled whales to grow to huge sizes. A shark of monstrous proportions that once dominated the...

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The Coronado Incident: the President, the Secret Service and Alien Abductions

October 24, 2014

One of the very rare instances of mass abduction known took place at a UFO conference at the Coronado Hotel. Researcher Yvonne Smith has spent 19 years putting together the details of this amazing story. The corresponding details of multiple-witness memories are startling. As startling--at least--is the fact that the President of the United States was present on Coronado Island while the abductions were taking place.

Yvonne Smith's website is CeroInternational.com You can get the Coronado Incident wherever books are sold.

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23 oct. 2014

Infrared Nessie photograph to be revealed

Loch Ness Monster hunter Jonathan Bright will present the image at Scotland's first paranormal festival. Bright is set to travel to Stirling in time f...

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Drinking Soda Can Cause Premature Aging

It is well-documented that, due to their high sugar content, regular consumption of soft drinks has been linked to the development of various health problems including diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

A new study has suggested that their negative physiological effects may be even more far-reaching, however, concluding that even consuming just one soda per day can cause premature aging.

The study identified that sodas affect telomeres, the protective caps found on the ends of our chromosomes, by increasing the rate at which they decrease in size. This happens naturally as we get older, but drinking sugary sodas hastens the process significantly.

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Sun Unleashes X-Class Flare, And More Could Be On The Way

The sun's solar flare activity appears to be hotting up: a massive X-Class solar flare erupted early on Sunday (Oct. 19) from a huge sunspot, and astronomers fear that this could just be the beginning of a spate of sizeable flares.

Solar flares are explosions of energetic radiation that can have potentially devastating effects on our communication systems, causing radio blackouts and affecting satellite measurements. Flares are categorised into three types, with grade C being the least powerful, grade M a medium-level flare, and grade X being the most powerful of all. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft captured images of the latest huge flare which was classified as a formidable X1.1.

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Would you drink milk grown in a lab ?

The world's first in vitro hamburger could soon be accompanied by a nice glass of lab grown milk. In an effort to further advance the field of artific...

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Dos cráteres suecos son la primera prueba del doble choque de un asteroide contra la Tierra

Hace unos 470 millones de años ocurrió una gran catástrofe cósmica en el sistema solar: un asteroide de unos 200 km de longitud se rompió en fragmentos, dos de los cuales viajaron juntos 12 millones de años hasta impactar en la Tierra los dos a la vez. Lo hicieron en lo que hoy es Suecia, creando los cráteres Lockne y Målingen. Ahora un geólogo del Centro de Astrobiología ha encontrado las evidencias, en lo que constituye el primer caso confirmado de impacto de asteroide binario en nuestro planeta.

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Thur 23 Oct - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Sex toy clown attack, Hitler coffee creamer PR disaster, man fights off bear with old computer, return of the Swedish mystery subs

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Nueva aproximación al cero absoluto con moléculas magnéticas

Investigadores del Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón (ICMA) y otros centros internacionales han desarrollado un método para enfriar por debajo de -272,15 grados Celsius usando una molécula-imán: Gd7. Esta podría sustituir al escaso y carísimo helio-3, empleado hasta ahora para alcanzar esas bajísimas temperaturas.

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45,000-year-old human genome reconstructed

Scientists have revealed new details about our prehistoric ancestors thanks to a fossil thighbone. The bone, which was discovered along Siberia's Irty...

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Viaje tridimensional al interior de los invertebrados

mqdefaultAcabo de cruzarme con una colección de vídeos realmente apasionante. Se trata del canal en YouTube de Javier Alba-Tercedor , del Departamento de zoología de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Granada. Anoté la referencia en una nota que leí en un número de Investigación y Ciencia, pero hasta ahora no había echado un vistazo.

Lo novedoso aquí es la técnica empleada, un tipo de aplicación de la tomografía de rayos X que permite crear reconstrucciones tridimensionales navegables de gran detalle del interior de invertebrados. Así, utilizando técnicas de micro y nanotomografía (con resoluciones de 1 y 0,1 micras por pixel respectivamente), se puede explorar el mundo interno de todo tipo de pequeños organismos sin que valiosos ejemplares sean troceados ni diseccionados en el sentido clásico de la palabra. La potencialidad de esta tecnología va más allá de la didáctica, que ya de por sí es impresionante, porque su uso se extiende a la investigación morfológica y fisiológica más allá de lo imaginado hasta ahora.

Viaje tridimensional al interior de los invertebrados apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 23 octubre 2014.

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22 oct. 2014

Earth's magnetic field is preparing to flip

The next reversal of the Earth's magnetic field could happen within the next couple of thousand years. For some time now there have been signs that ou...

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Las salemas pueden ser alucinógenas

La Salema (Sarpa salpa), una especie de dorada conocida en el mundo árabe como “el pez que te hace soñar” se ha consumido desde siempre, aunque podría contener DMT.


Pero, ¿cómo podría un organismo contener esas serias toxinas alucinógenas? Lo más probable es que tenga que ver con la dieta de los peces, que consta de Caulerpa prolifera, una macroalga verde y Posidonia oceanica, una variedad de sebadal. El Antropólogo alemán Christian Rätsch cree que las algas epifitas (plantas que crecen no parasitariamente sobre los demás) y dinoflagelados tóxicos (plancton unicelular con apéndices a modo de cola, y que también pueden contener la toxina ciguatera) que comen los peces son la portadores de la toxina alucinógena DMT (un compuesto psicodélico de la familia de las triptaminas).

Caulerpa_prolifera Caulerpa

Los consumidores de Salemas no suelen experimentar efectos alucinógenos, pero en 2006, dos hombres fueron hospitalizados en el sur de Francia después de consumirlos, uno de los cuales tenía 90 años. Ambos dijeron sentirse mareados y experimentar alucinaciones auditivas junto con pesadillas lúcidas durante varias noches, hasta que los “síntomas” finalmente y misteriosamente disminuyeron. Dos estudios sobre estos incidentes, publicados ese mismo año en el Journal de Literatura y del Mediterráneo Occidental, sugieren que puede haber cierta confusión científica en la distinción entre la intoxicación por ciguatera y la intoxicación por pescados alucinógenos (Ictiotoxicosis, y que bien puede ser lo mismo):

“Un hombre de 40 años de edad, experimentó problemas digestivos leves y alucinaciones visuales y auditivas aterradoras después de comer una Sarpa salpa un restaurante. Como tenía problemas graves de conducta, fue hospitalizado y se recuperó 36 horas después de la comida. Era incapaz de recordar el período alucinatorio. Otro hombre, de 90 años de edad y previamente sano, tenía alucinaciones auditivas 2 horas después de comer una Sarpa salpa. Las dos noches siguientes, tuvo numerosas pesadillas y se recuperó espontáneamente después de un período de 3 días”. No parece ser la droga más convencional o las mas calmante que alguien podría ingerir – y ciertamente si se hace por error – pero los romanos seguro la disfrutaron.

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What Poses The Greatest Threat To Humanity In The 21st Century?

A poll led by the Pew Global Attitudes Project has canvassed more than 48,000 people from all different cultures, religions and nationalities to discover what they believe to be the greatest current threats facing humanity in the 21st century.

People from 44 different countries were given a list of potential threats and asked to name which of these constituted their greatest fears for the human race, answering the question:

"Which one of these poses the greatest threat to the world?"

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Usan la luz para hacer más digestiva la proteína más alergénica de la leche

Un equipo de investigadores de la Universidad de Granada y el centro tecnológico Azti-Tecnalia han manipulado mediante luz pulsada la β-lactoglobulina, responsable del 10% de las alergias a los lácteos, de tal forma que resulta mucho más digestiva. La técnica no influye en las propiedades de la leche.

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Cómo transformar el glicerol en polímeros de interés comercial

Investigadores de la Universidad de Salamanca y un centro chileno han diseñado un proceso para transformar el glicerol en polímeros de alto valor añadido para la industria. El avance se enmarca dentro de un proyecto de evaluación tecnico-económica de producción de este alcohol.

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Can your birth season affect your mood ?

The time of the year in which you were born may play a role in determining your temperament as an adult. There has long been a connection between the ...

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21 oct. 2014

San Francisco: Next Big Quake Could Be Imminent

As San Francisco commemorates the 25th anniversary of its last serious quake this week, a new report has warned that the city could once again be sitting on top of a ticking seismic time bomb.

Scientists tracking the movements of four highly stressed seismic faults that form part of the Bay Area’s densely populated San Andreas system have discovered worrying surface mobility which suggests that they could burst forth in a major quake at any time.

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Man seen flying past plane window at 3,500ft

The pilots of an Airbus 320 were left perplexed after they saw a man flying past their plane. The peculiar incident saw the figure approach to within ...

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Doctors cure man's paralysis in world first

Darek Fidyka has become the first person to walk again after having his spinal nerves completely severed. The 38-year-old had been paralyzed from the ...

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Inventor develops hi-tech 'Air Umbrella'

Inventor Chuan Wang from Nanjing has created a futuristic new version of the humble umbrella. The device, which produces a 'force field of air', works...

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Tue 21 Oct - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Cannabis-eating sheep munch £4,000 worth of drugs, mystery clowns in Portsmouth and France, flying man baffles plane passengers

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Un nuevo nanofluido mejora un 30% la conductividad del calor

Investigadores de la Universidad Jaume I han generado y patentado el primer nanofluido que puede trabajar a temperaturas de hasta 400º C, además de mejorar hasta un 30% la conductividad térmica de los fluidos de transferencia de calor actuales. El avance no supone un coste adicional para las industrias en los que se puede aplicar, como la petroquímica o las centrales energéticas.

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La extraña "epidemia" de incendios caseros en un pueblo siciliano

Incendios espontáneos se dan desde el 2004 en las viviendas de esta población italiana. Estudios científicos, encargados por el gobierno, no consiguen aún determinar las causas. Hace pocos días volvieron a sonar las alarmas.

"En febrero de 2004, un mes después de las primeras conflagraciones, el padre Gabriel Amorth, presidente honorario de la Asociación Internacional de Exorcistas, declaró: “Hay que llamar a un sacerdote para que bendiga las casas”. Y aunque aseveró que el diablo era capaz de originar fenómenos como los que estaban sucediendo en aquel piccolo paese de Sicilia, también reconoció que nunca los había visto proliferar tanto y con tanta intensidad. Quizá se debiese a que sus habitantes habían provocado al demonio, debió pensar, a juzgar por sus declaraciones de entonces: “Satanás es capaz de golpear donde quiere si se le abren las puertas con prácticas espiritistas o magias negras” (...)"

Ver aquí.

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20 oct. 2014

'Celtic cross' discovered in Mars photograph

A strange cross-shaped pattern with a circle around it has been spotted on the surface of Mars. There have been a lot of reports lately of anomalous o...

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The "War On Consciousness:" Ethical Measures or Suppression of Free Speech?

There can be no doubt that the variety of information available on the internet is incredibly wide and varied, and limited only by the imagination of its users. As with all aspects of life, this diversity of subject matter encompasses all extremes, from the lightest and most positive to the darkest and most vile of pursuits, and all shades of grey in between.

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Mary Rose dog turns out to be male

The ship's dog aboard the doomed vessel that sank 500 years ago has undergone DNA testing. The famous Mary Rose warship fought in several wars for Eng...

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Analizado el comportamiento del ozono superficial en Andalucía occidental

Investigadores de la Universidad de Huelva han examinado por primera vez el comportamiento del ozono superficial de áreas urbanas, rurales e industriales de una zona tan amplia como Andalucía occidental. Los resultados revelan que este contaminante atmosférico se puede detectar lejos de su zona de emisión, y que presenta picos máximos en primavera y verano, entre otros datos recogidos sobre su dinámica y variación.

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Physicists develop working tractor beam

The remarkable new technology is capable of pushing or pulling solid objects using nothing but lasers. Tractor beams have been a staple of science fic...

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Hablamos de Spinosaurus


Suchomimus (“imitador de cocodrilo”) es un género representado por una única especie de dinosaurio terópodo espinosáurido

En el programa de esta semana tratamos los nuevos descubriemientos asociados al gran dinosaurio carnívoro Spinosaurus. En el abordamos temas relacionados con su anatomía, modo de vida y ecología.

Enlace descarga:


Spinosauridae es una familia de especializados dinosaurios terópodos. Los miembros de esta familia eran grandes depredadores bípedos con alargados cráneos algo parecidos a los de los cocodrilos, que poseían dientes cónicos con poco o ningún borde aserrado. El hueso dentario frontal estaba desplegado, dándole al animal una apariencia característica. El nombre de la familia alude a la típicamente conspicua estructura en forma de vela que se extiende desde la espalda de especies en el género tipo, Spinosaurus. El propósito de la vela es controversial, siendo las explicaciones más populares que esta pudo haber servido como regulador de temperatura, para intimidar adversarios, o como parte del despliegue sexual durante el cortejo, e incluso algunos paleontólogos interpretan a esta alargada espina neural en Spinosaurus como un apoyo para una joroba de músculo o grasa. Fósiles de espinosáuridos han sido recuperados en África, Europa, Sudamérica, Asia, Australia y posiblemente Norteamérica.


Spinosaurus pesca un gran pez sierra (Onchopristis) de 6 m. de largo

Spinosauridscale Retrato de familia y tamaños


Las presas gigantes de un un gran carnívoro. Onchopristis (Pez sierra) Mawsonia (pez del grupo del Celacanto)

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Los campos magnéticos ‘rejuvenecen’ a las enanas blancas

Las enanas blancas, una etapa final de las estrellas, pueden parecer más frías y supuestamente más viejas de lo que realmente son debido a la presencia de campos magnéticos intensos. Es lo que señala un estudio, en el que participa el Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, que aclara la debatida relación entre la temperatura y la edad de las enanas blancas magnéticas.

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Three Huge Triangle Stun West Virginia Coal Miners

The ten miners who report seeing three enormous black triangles pass overhead a low altitude may well be describing a genuine unknown. There have been a very large number of black triangles sighted recently. They are always silent, often at low altitude, and moving slowly. These three objects are no exception to this rule.

The UFO phenomenon has been lingering in the background for over sixty years. What would happen if it suddenly came into focus? There is really a great deal of activity lately, and mankind is approaching the environmental crisis the visitors have been warning about virtually from the beginning of the modern emergence of the phenomenon.

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19 oct. 2014

Northern white rhinos on brink of extinction

One of the last remaining northern white rhinos has died leaving only six left alive in the whole world. The 34-year-old rhino, the first of its speci...

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Police apprehend 'crocodile' in Plymouth

Officers were called out this week after a panicked resident reported seeing a crocodile in their garden. Cundy Close in Plympton became the scene of ...

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Twin of Uranus found in distant solar system

Astronomers have identified the first ever ice giant planet beyond our own solar system. The distant and enigmatic worlds of Uranus and Neptune, unlik...

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A Story too Bizarre to Ignore: Pilots Surprised by Flying Man

Your Out There editor can't find any reason to believe or debunk this story, so here it is:pilots landing an Airbus A320 at Manchester in the UK were surprised to see a man fly past at an altitude of 3,800 feet as they passed over Macclesfield. He wasn't picked up on radar, and neither pilot saw a canopy above him. If there was no canopy, then he wasn't in a powered hang-glider or ultralight. There are no mountains nearby from which a wingsuiter could have taken off and reached an altitude of nearly 4,000 feet.

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Nuevos virus están diezmando a población anfibia en el norte de España


Hasta la fecha, los virus del género ‘ranavirus’ sólo habían atacado a la rana común pero ahora, este patógeno está reduciendo drásticamente las poblaciones de varias especies de anfibios del norte de España.

El virus, que por primera vez es capaz de infectar a distintos hospedadores (especies), ha sido analizado por un equipo internacional de investigadores liderado por Jaime Bosch, del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, con la intención de entender cómo los virus, cada vez más resistentes, cruzan las barreras entre especies y provocan enfermedades emergentes que afectan a varios grupos de animales, incluido el hombre.

De hecho, las enfermedades zoonóticas (trasmitidas de animales a humanos) como la gripe A, el sida o el ébola están causadas por virus que, como el estudiado, tienen la capacidad de superar las barreras inmunológicas de los nuevos hospedadores. Según Bosch, esta clase de virus son “una de las mayores amenazas para la biodiversidad”. “Estamos trabajando con virus que, además de tener consecuencias catastróficas, nos ofrecen la oportunidad de entender por qué estos patógenos son tan efectivos y sus repercusiones tan severas en un amplio rango de especies”, señala.

A su juicio, es una ocasión “para entender más sobre la ecología y la epidemiología de los virus con múltiples hospedadores”. El estudio, realizado en colaboración con investigadores de la Universidad Queen Mary de Londres, de la University College London y la Real Sociedad Zoológica de Londres, ha sido publicado en la revista Current Biology.

El patógeno analizado causa ranavirosis, una infección que en los últimos años ha mermado las poblaciones de rana común de Inglaterra y que ahora está reduciendo “drásticamente” las poblaciones de seis tipos de anfibios del norte de España, con especial saña en tres de ellos: el sapo partero (Alytes obstetricans), el sapo común (Bufo bufo) y el tritón alpino (Mesotriton alpestris). “Los datos muestran la situación catastrófica en la que se encuentran las comunidades de anfibios y sus ecosistemas”, lamenta Bosch, quien lleva estudiando a estos animales desde 1999.


La primera vez que los investigadores se toparon con este virus fue en 2005, en el Parque Nacional de Picos de Europa (Asturias), donde aparecieron los primeros casos de anfibios muertos o gravemente afectados por ranavirosis en España. En 2010, el equipo halló un nuevo brote en la presa del Pontillón (Galicia), a 200 kilómetros del parque asturiano.

Los análisis genéticos demostraron que los virus de Asturias y Galicia eran “casi idénticos”, es decir, que el virus llegó casi a la vez a ambas zonas, lo que indica que es un brote causado por la acción del hombre, según los investigadores. Durante estos años los científicos han detectado un amplio rango de especies afectadas por este mismo virus, incluso una serpiente que se alimentó con anfibios infectados. “El estudio muestra lo fácilmente que los virus se propagan por la acción del hombre y el enorme impacto que pueden tener en las comunidades locales”, explica Bosch.

Los datos indican que grupos de virus muy relacionados entre sí “están emergiendo en Europa” y que “es importante entender el origen y movimiento de esos virus para intentar frenar, o al menos limitar, su impacto sobre los anfibios”, concluye el investigador.

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18 oct. 2014

Dark matter may be streaming from the sun

British scientists believe that they may have finally found the first direct evidence of dark matter. Dark matter, the mysterious substance believed t...

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Has Earth entered the Anthropocene epoch ?

Scientists have been debating whether the Holocene epoch should now give way to the Anthropocene. The Holocene epoch, which began 11,700 years ago, is...

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Prehistoric kangaroo walked like a human

The extinct sthenurine kangaroo weighed a quarter of a ton and looked a bit like a giant bipedal rabbit. Today's kangaroos are a common site across Au...

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Un loro británico se escapa y regresa hablando español perfecto

"El británico Darren Chick siempre había presumido de tener un loro que parloteaba un inglés tan perfecto y con un acento tan impecable, que bien podía imitar a los presentadores de la BBC. Como era lógico, a pesar de vivir en California, las largas horas que había pasado con su dueño le habían servido no sólo para compartir hazañas, sino para pulir la lengua de Shakespeare. Hace cuatro años, su querida mascota alzó el vuelo y nunca más volvió a saber nada de ella. La semana pasada reapareció, para alegría de Chick. Eso sí, no habla ni papa de inglés. Sólo español. “Soy de Panamá, ¿qué ha pasado?”, repite una y otra vez (...)"

Ver en ABC.

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Recibían sms de su abuela muerta 3 años antes. O no.

"Leslie Emerson, una mujer de 58 años que acostumbraba a usar las nuevas tecnologías, falleció de un cáncer de intestino. Su familia la enterró junto a su móvil, y se acostumbraron a enviar mensajes a su abuela fallecida. Para su sorpresa, un día recibieron contestación, aunque no era la difunta. La compañía O2 había dado el número de la fallecida a un usuario que se creía que era una broma de sus amigos, según el Mirror.

Leslie Emerson falleció con 58 años por un cáncer de intestino, y su familia decidió enterrarla junto a las cosas que ella más apreciaba, incluido su teléfono móvil. "Le mandaba mensajes a mi abuela contándole cómo me iba, algo que siempre hacía. Cuando recibí una contestación un día, me sentí fatal. Se me empezaban a pasar ideas por la cabeza como "¿Seguirá viva'", asegura Sheri, la nieta de la fallecida (...)"

Ver en El Archivo del Crimen.

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17 oct. 2014

Weekender: The Case For "Safe" Nuclear Energy - Is it Really Possible?

Research into alternative energy resources could be on the verge of a major breakthrough that could change the world forever.

The military contracts company, Lockheed Martin, has been working on a safer version of nuclear energy known as "compact fusion." The research is being conducted by Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs (ADP), nicknamed Skunk Works by the company due to its focus on advanced or secret projects.

If the technology proves to be a viable success, then there is the potential to create portable compact fusion energy sources small enough to provide limitless power for aeroplanes, spacecraft and naval vessels. Project leader Dr Thomas McGuire said if the project vision is realised, the “true atomic age can start."

read more

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Spain: UFO Over a Woodland Area (1978)

Spain: UFO Over a Woodland Area (1978)

Researched by Joaquin Mateos and Antonio Moya

The mountainous area located between the communities of Aznalcollar - El Alamo - El Castillo de las Guardas, amid the Sierra Morena, corresponds to a vast woodland area that extends some 6000 hectares (14000 acres) belonging to the Provincial Deputation of Seville. The site is some 40 kilometers distant from this city, between 6 degrees longitude west and 37'40 degrees latitude west, approximately. The landscape there is beautiful and wild, filled with pine and eucalyptus trees, streams, hills and fords. This marvel of nature is monitored by forest rangers who look after it with great care, as it is our common heritage.

It was precisely one of these forest rangers who witnessed the phenomenon described below and came across the probable ground imprints left behind by the UFO.

The researchers were warmly welcomed, despite certain hesitation on the part of the lead ranger, which quickly vanished in the light of the seriousness of our investigation and arguments. He made available to us a Land Rover to survey the site of the alleged landing, which was in the wilderness. We would like to extend our thanks to the forestal authorities for their assistance in our task and for their services to ufology.

The Witness: Luis Luque Nacarino, 40, married and with children. Profession: Forest ranger for the Provincial Deputation. Domicile: Aznalcollar, Province of Seville.

The witness is a serious person who seemed very well balanced to us and who knows the entire area like the palm of his hand. He told us that while working

nights, he was able to find the distance to the nearest road, or if there was a spring, an abandoned house or a pine of certain characteristics in pitch

darkness -- all of this in a 6000 hectare region. His seriousness was proven because when he made a sighting, he did not disclose to anyone - except his wife.

His co-workers and friends were startled when he spoke of the event in our presence. There is no question that the witness preferred to avoid the pranks he

would have been subjected to after making such a statement, and chose to keep silent until our arrival. Thus, he rejects notoriety, and it was necessary to assure him that his statements would not become a source of trouble to him and he would not be subject to reprisals. Quite the contrary, he was performing a great service for research.

The Sighting: The event took place between February 18-20, 1978.

Mr. Luque was attending to some bees he keeps in the middle of the woodland area are around 8 o'clock at night. As he explained, these insects do not leave their honeycombs during bad weather, and he makes sure to provide them with sustenance, consisting of little cups of honey.

The temperature was low. There were some clouds in the sky and the Moon was not yet out.

As it had become dark, the witness decided to abandon the task, unable to see how he could continue in the darkness. He went looking for his motorcycle to return home, and when he was about to start it, became aware of a very bright star moving from left to right in an arc toward the north. He thought it might be a meteorite and paid it no further attention. As he started his motorcycle, he looked at the "star" and saw that it was descending vertically, touching the top of a nearby hill, approximately 1 kilometer distant.

The "star" then began to rise - also vertically - until it placed itself some 200-300 meters over the hill. Mr. Luque corrected his initial impression and realized it couldn't be a meteorite. The "star" repeated its up-and-down motion once again, slowly. No sound could be heard and Mr. Luque supposes that if there had been one, it would have reached him, as silence reigns over that location.

According to the witness's description, the phenomenon was round and with the colors of the rainbow. At its center was a dark - but not black - mass, enveloped by three rings around it - dark orange, blue and dark green in color. When it "landed" on the hilltop, known to the Guards as "Alto del Cortafuegos" (Firebreak Heights), the rings faded slowly until they vanished. As this was the only source of light in the darkness, the witness lost sight of the phenomenon when it turned off, and did not see it again. The sighting had a total duration of 4 minutes and the object’s apparent diameter was smaller than that of the full moon.

Landing Traces: As we have noted above, Mr. Luque knows the land perfectly and thought that if something had landed, it could have only done so atop Alto del Cortafuegos, which was somewhat free of vegetation. Three days later, when his duties allowed it, he decided to visit the site in question to see if any traces could be found. It hadn't rained for three days and he was certain to find some traces that would confirm his sighting.

The area is located approximately east of Km 11 of the Aznalcollar-El Alamo road, accessible only on foot or in the all-terrain vehicle owned by the forest rangers.

Upon reaching Alto del Cortafuegos, the witness conducted a thorough search of the entire heights. Given his profession and knowledge of the field, trees and terrain, he was able to see something he found unnatural only scant meters from a pine tree: a crushed cork oak shoot. An animal could not have crushed it entirely and in such a way, thought Mr. Luque. It would have taken a greater weight and a size larger than an animal's paw. Impossible for it to have be a car,and the forest rangers had not been there since the previous summer.

Looking closely at the plant, he saw it was wilted, as though singed, which was illogical given the rains of recent weeks. The witness could only think that the tree shoot had been exposed to a high amount of heat, and told us as much.

He saw something else unusual in the terrain surrounding the cork oak shoot: rocks appeared to have been swept into a 2 meter diameter circle. Within this

circle, the ground appeared more leveled, flatter and thicker stones had been thrown to the edges of the circle. This was inconsistent, as stones were piled all in front and behind the circle, and the central and side-ridges left behind by the tires of the Land Rovers were still evident. However, there was nothing like it inside the circle. This, perhaps, was not proof positive of a landing, but it did not jibe with the rest of the surrounding terrain.

During our visit - 20 days after the event - we noticed some of the above, bearing in mind that the rains of recent days must have altered the physiognomy of the circle in question. We collected some samples of the cork oak shoot and the terrain, which we submitted for analysis. Should any noteworthy results emerge, we will make it immediately known.

Conclusion: At the end of a lengthy conversation with the witness, he told us that a few months earlier, around 12 midnight, he saw a reddish ball similar to the full moon traveling from south to northwest and vanishing in the distance. Given the nature of his job and the area he works in, often at night, we begged Mr. Luque to please make us aware of any strange sightings so we could look into them immediately. We took our leave from him, having recruited another collaborator for this thrilling and disconcerting endeavor that is ufology.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Grupo Gerena and J. Manuel García Bautista]

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'Pyramid' photographed on comet's surface

The Rosetta probe has captured images of a pyramid-shaped rock that has been nicknamed 'Cheops'. Since arriving at comet 67P back in August, the Europ...

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Spain: Five Children and a UFO (1979)

Spain: Five Children and a UFO (1979)

Researched by Joaquín Mateos, Manuel Filpo, J. Ignacio Alonso and Antonio Moya

The Witnesses: The case involves five (5) children, four of them of school age, whose names and addresses are as follows:

Paquita Castillo Álvarez, 7, of Gerena

Antonio Castillo Parra, 7 1/2, of Gerena

José Jiménez Martínez, 7, of Gerena

Soledad Valderas Gutierrez, 7, of Gerena

And one final witness, a four-year-old girl, whose name we do not have, but who was also playing with the rest of the group. All of these children attend the local school.

Location: The sighting took place some 300 meters from the Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación district, which is in the western end of Gerena and was only recently built. Therefore, the residents have lived there only for a short while. Roads toward Aznalcollar - a mining town where a mineral treatment center is being built - begin at this location. There is a road southward toward Olivares.

The exact location is an olive grove, crossed by unused railroad tracks and by some 15 kV high-voltage lines running from northeast to southwest. Gerena is located 23 kilometers to the northwest of Seville between 37'30 degrees latitude north and 6 degrees latitude west, approximately. Aznalcollar is 11 kilometers from Gerena and Olivares is 14 km distant.

Date: The incident occurred on Thursday, March 15, 1979 around 14:00 hours.

The Event: The five young witnesses were playing among the olive trees near the neighborhood in which they live. They had left school an hour earlier and were engaged in their favorite pastime when they noticed the phenomenon.

According to the description given by the children, the object was oval and bright red, shaped like a "mesa camilla" (stretcher table) surrounded by yellow lights. According to the witnesses, the phenomenon moved by dragging itself along the ground (by this we suppose they meant that it was very close to the surface from where they could see it), advancing and receding. It made a strange sound similar to rain.

The children noticed a strange phenomenon: when the birds flying around the olive grove came close to the object or in front of it, they would become illuminated with the object's intense red glow, all this in broad daylight and at two o'clock in the afternoon.

The children looked at the "thing" for some 2 minutes and then took off running in fear until they reached their homes, telling the whole story to their parents. According to the parents, the youngsters initial version of the story is identical to the one given to us, the researchers.

We do not know how the object vanished, since the young witnesses did not stick around to see it.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Grupo Gerena and J. Manuel García Bautista]

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Family flee home as spiders 'bleed from walls'

A couple were forced to leave home after their house became infested with thousands of spiders. At first Brian and Susan Trost couldn't be happier wit...

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'Death Star' moon hides mystery interior

There is now believed to be something mysterious lurking below the surface of Saturn's moon Mimas. A rocky and seemingly barren world, Mimas had up un...

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Fri 17 Oct - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Grandma texts from beyond the grave, smugglers stuff 25 cows into oil tanker, man admits to having sex with 700 cars

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16 oct. 2014

The 1971 Aznalcollar Incident Revisited

The 1971 Aznalcollar Incident Revisited

By Scott Corrales © 2014

There are cases in the long, winding saga of ufology that demand suspension of disbelief on the part of the researcher and the subsequent reader. Events involving “pie-pan-faced aliens”, space pancakes and Lycra-sheathed cosmic beauties fall under this classification, but so do others that for some reason or another have not reached a wider readership, such as the Spain’s Aznalcollar Incident of the 1970s.

Aside from an article by Gordon Creighton in Flying Saucer Review, there is little information in English on the case, and it has been largely overlooked – a situation that isn’t likely to change under the revisionist model of UFO research prevalent today. Nevertheless, we have original documents in our possession courtesy of researcher and radio/TV personality José Manuel García Bautista nearly ten years ago, and perhaps now is the time to make readers of Inexplicata aware of this bemusing affair.

A Journey into High Strangeness

[Note: The following report was written by Ignacio Darnaude and was included in the files of the Gerena UFO Group]

The Scene of the Events: “Los Lunarejos” farm, a rustic property devoted to cereal crops, owned by lieutenant general Gabriel Tassara Buiza, located some two kilometers from the locality of Aznalcollar, some 40 kilometers from the city of Seville. It is a vast expanse of agricultural land of the highest quality, with many artesian wells and crossed by the Pilar Viejo stream. The subsoil lacks minerals despite the proximity of the rich veins of Aznalcollar (the world’s largest deposit of pyrite), according to Juan Manuel Turmo, an engineer with Andaluza de Piritas, S.A., a company that works the nearby Banco Central fields. At the time, this property was cultivated with melons in a sharehold with the Pérez Miranda brothers, known by their nickname “Los Chícharos” (the Peas), well known in Aznalcollar for their seriousness and moral character.

Date of the Event: It has not been precisely determined. It took place in September 1971, probably somewhere between the 11th, 12th and 13th, as the town appeared to be celebrating its holidays, which and these are the three days of the local Romería.

The Protagonist: Juan Rodríguez Domínguez, 82, better known in Aznalcollar as “Juan el de la Palmareña”, lives with his only married son on Martín Ruiz street, next to the Guardia Civil barracks. A former miner and quarryman, he has been living from many years “as best he can” as a farm worker. We know him well because he worked for us as a shepherd some fifteen years ago. He is a good worker, serious and diligent, not overly fond of trouble. He tends to croon Flamenco tunes, and is exceedingly devoted to hunting. His lover isn’t his guitar, as his admired Manolo Caracol used to sing, but his shotgun certainly is. He is an illiterate operator with few intellectual skills: his contemporaries tell others that he is “as dumb as a bag of rocks”. A standoffish and lonely man, with few social contacts and a bad temper, he “is liable to smack God in the chops” when he’s angry. We are willing to bet our right arm that he absolutely unable to make up as creative a story as the one he has told, being so far beyond the coordinates of his everyday experiences.

In September 1971 he was providing auxiliary services in the melon field planted by los Chícharos, and would remain as a night watchman in a shack at “Los Palmarejos”. Although he’s not overly fond of the town, he would sleep nights in Aznalcollar when he chose to.

I. The First Report: Around ten o’clock that evening, Juan Palmareña’s fellow sharecroppers and work companions – Antonio El Chícharo (who lives at No.3 Lepanto Street) and his brother Felipe were enjoying the night air outside the “El Letra” bar on the way into town, having arrived from “Los Lunarejos”. They were stunned to see Juan approaching them, looking “all torn up, sweating like a little duck, with a bandana around his neck and a truncheon in his hand” in a state of nervous excitement. The conversation between the men took place in roughly the following terms:

“What the hell’s a-matter, Juan? Did someone steal the melons?”

“No, I’ve come to get you. Something as big as a Pegaso (the bus serving the Seville-Aznalcollar route) has landed, and people are getting out of it. They’ve gestured at me with a flashlight and I’ve had to come running here, stumbling over the hills.”

“Oh, come on, what are you talking about? You’re just scared witless. You fell asleep, you woke up and you’ve seen the lights of Don Juan’s tractor (Don Juan Tassara, a neighboring owner) or burning mattocks on Cerro el Be (a hill that can be seen in the distance from “Los Lunarejos”).”

“Hell no! It was as big as the viajero (The Pegaso bus). It landed hard and they blinded my eyes with a light. I saw the men on the ground”

The two brothers reaction was utter disbelief. They thought the man had suffered a nightmare or hallucination, was going senile or had gone insane. They were not the least bit curious, or afraid that someone could be stealing their melon harvest, and we unwilling to go to the plantation to ascertain the “foolishness” that Juan was going on about. Subsequently, when the news spread all over the town, people “paid no mind” to Juan, and no one took the time to verify his strange story.

Juan had been singing to himself when he suddenly saw a large machine land near one of the artesian wells on the “Los Lunarejos” farm. An unspecified number of people – a large number of them – descended from it, possibly more than 50 individuals, by Juan’s reckoning. Their height and appearance was normal, with nothing special to distinguish them. The wore blue uniforms without helmets or hats, walking single file in formation and did not speak or exchange gestures among themselves. Perhaps on account of this uniform, and his own military service, the witness has always referred to them as the “soldiers”, dubbing them “the troops”. The “soldiers” headed for the artesian well, and Palmareña lost sight of them shortly after, suggesting they descended to a pool of water known as La Alberca, whose bottom could not be seen from Juan’s guard shack. Five or six “bosses” (literally) remained outside on an edge, looking toward Juan. The “bosses” took out something resembling a flashlight, whose light they shone at the watchman’s eyes. Juan hid behind the shack to avoid the bothersome beam, but whenever he looked out, the “bosses” pointed the “flashlight” at him.

It was nighttime, and Juan realized in fright that he had to get back to Aznalcollar in view of the situation. Tripping and falling in the darkness, he made his way back to the town. Two of the “bosses” followed him with the flashlight to the outskirts of town, where he arrived “in disarray”, talking about the “regiment”, and was dismissed as insane. Palmareña knows nothing about aliens, and has privately admitted to believing that this was some secret military operation: “they were plotting something, a raid or a political conspiracy against the Regime.”

The Following Days: During the following days, Juan el de La Palmareña walked around the landing area, coming back to say: “Anyone can go there and see the traces they left behind.” Incredible though it may seem, neither Los Chícharos nor anyone else bothered to walk the scant meters that separated the melon field from the artesian well to see the marks on the ground that their co-woker was referring to. They did not take him seriously, and quite the contrary, began joking and contradicting everything he said. They had to change their attitude, given Palmareña’s irritability, as he even pulled a knife on them after they contradicted him, laughing and saying he hadn’t seen anything at all. The man was frightened and would not let go of his shotgun, to the extent that Los Chícharos, fearing that “he might blow someone away”, chose to relieve him of his shotgun shells.

Juan retold his story informally and unofficially to the Guardia Civil on duty in the neighboring barracks. Once more, the security forces shrugged, thinking he was deranged, and refused to file an official report.

Investigating the Case: A few days later, during the olive harvest in September 1971, we would see Los Chícharos on a daily basis, but they never told us anything, nor did the word spread among the squad of workers – proof that no importance had been given to Palmareña’s “yarn”. The first news of what happened reached us two years later, in the spring of 1974, during a wake held in Aznalcollar. The first interview with the sole witness was carried out by Manuel Osuna and Felipe Laffite, and the latter still has the audiotape in his possession. On April 19, 1974, Manuel Osuna and this author visited the scene of the events with Juan el de La Palmareña and his grandson. A few days later, we toured “Los Lunarejos” with Antonio el Chícharo, taking down his statement. Subsequently, Pedro del Prado, Justice of the Peace of Aznalcollar, questioned Felipe el Chícharo, whose statements fully coincided with those of his brother Antonio, in Seville on July 23, 1974.

Aftermath at Aznalcollar

The case went on to become a perennial entry in books on UFOs, which stressed the fact that “fifty humanoids” had been seen emerging from a craft as long as a bus, or perhaps larger. Juan José Benítez, the journalist turned ufologist whose books dominated the Spanish market of the ‘70s and ‘80s, managed to interview Juan el de La Palmereña (Benítez refers to him as Juan el Palmareño) years later for a newspaper article that later appear in La Gaceta del Norte in July 20, 1975. During this subsequent interview, the aged peasant noted that he described the figures descending from the object he identified as a bus as “little men” due to their short stature. He contradicted Darnaude’s report above, saying that he never described them as “soldiers” – having seen many in his lifetime – and that they didn’t wear any caps, weapons or backpacks that would identify them as such. When asked by Benítez why he didn’t avail himself of the shotgun to open fire against the intruders, the witness replied: “Do you take me for a fool? If I’d fired at them, they would’ve surrounded me, and I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.” He stressed that the object’s shape had been elongated like that of a bus and with lights, and could not have been a helicopter as some had suggested.

Benítez wrote the following opinion as a result of his interview with the lone witness of the events at Aznalcollar: “In my opinion, this case involving the watchman at the Aznalcollar melon field has been one of the most important and meaningful ones involving landings by extraterrestrials. The description given by Juan el Palmareño, who never held a UFO book in his hands, was perfect and consonant with hundreds of other eyewitness accounts regarding the presence of humanoid entities standing between one meter and one meter twenty in height in various locations across the planet.”

Ecological Disaster

It is likely that Aznalcollar would have never been remembered had it not been for one of the most devastating ecological disasters in Europe. In April 1998, a containment wall at the Boliden-Apirsa company gave way, unleashing a tidal wave of hazardous waste that washed throughout the area, stopping at the Doñana State Park. The oozing mass of mercury, led and iron derived from iron pyrite washing operations also contained chemical and toxical residue from other industrial parks. According to Jose Manuel García Bautista, who wrote a lengthy article about the subject ("Avistamientos OVNI en Aznalcollar Tras la Reapertura de la Explotación Minera de la Empresa Boliden-Apirsa"), a witness driving along the N-433 highway had seen a UFO directly over this containment pond on the night of the disaster, with additional sightings of craft on April 30th.

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/