30 abr. 2014

Rotating UFO photographed over London

A London resident managed to take several photographs of a strange dark-colored object over the capital. The images were taken in the early afternoon ...

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Primera medición de la duración del día en un exoplaneta

Astrónomos holandeses han descubierto que el día del exoplaneta Beta Pictoris b dura tan solo ocho horas, una velocidad mayor a la de cualquier planeta del sistema solar. Se trata de la primera determinación de la velocidad de rotación de un exoplaneta.

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El nacimiento de un agujero negro deja su firma en una explosión estelar

Un equipo internacional de investigadores, con algunos españoles, ha detectado por primera vez la huella del nacimiento de un agujero negro en una explosión estelar, la de rayos gamma GRB121024A. Aunque se conocía que estos fenómenos eran precursores del nacimiento de los agujeros negros, hasta ahora no se había observado polarización circular en su luz, la firma inequívoca de su formación.

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Deadly Virus Spreads Throughout Middle East

It seems that the world is being assaulted by an almost biblical torrent of floods, plagues and pestilence.Our crops are being annihilated by pests and diseases, severe weather is affecting all corners of the globe, and now mysterious viruses are taking their toll on human life.

The latest virus to hit the headlines is Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS, a close relative of the Asian flu SARS, the lethal virus that spread through the East ten years ago leaving 800 people dead.

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50 mummies unearthed in Egyptian tomb

The discovery was made by Swiss archaeologists during an excavation in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. The finding this week of a tomb containing the rem...

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Has Global Warming Caused a State of Emergency in Florida?

A state of emergency has been declared in the state of Florida after a monster storm caused the worst floods in decades.

In some areas over 2 feet of water accumulated in 26 hours, flooding homes and leaving motorists stranded, and the death toll has risen to 35 people across seven states.Tornado warnings have also been posted for Florida, Alabama and North Carolina, with the worst of the weather forecast for Wednesday.

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Wed 30 Apr 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

100 fall ill at food safety conference, Popadick arrested for exposure in Mooney's Park and Nessie is a water deity says British Lama

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Cheetah loses title as fastest land animal

The famous cat might be fast but there's one creature that puts even the cheetah's run speed to shame. A team of researchers has discovered that it is...

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29 abr. 2014

Is Climate Change Encouraging the Spread of Dangerous Diseases?

Unprecedented plagues and diseases are threatening crops across the globe, and the results could be disastrous according to scientists.

Bananas are one such crop that has fallen victim to a variety of bugs and fungal infections, which are spreading so rapidly that the government in Costa Rica, one of the biggest suppliers of the fruit, has already declared a “national emergency”, amidst serious concerns that the country would not be able to meet its export obligations.

Plagues of mealybugs and scale insects have decimated over 20% of the crop yield; the insects weaken plants and cause blemishes on fruit, rendering them useless for the retailer and consequently causing huge batches to be written off.

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Mystery figure sighted in remote mountains

Two men climbing in the mountains of British Columbia spotted an unusual figure in the distance. The footage was uploaded to YouTube by user 'M. Lamon...

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Mexico: Alleged UFO Recorded Before an Earthquake

Source: Nuevo Diario Web (Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

Date: 04.29.14

Mexico: Alleged UFO Recorded Before an Earthquake

*** Video is making the rounds of social media, creating a heated debate among Internet users ***

MEXICO - The alleged presence of a UFO moments before an earthquake has given rise to suspicion and debates online. The video, recorded on April 18, has created two antagonistic lines of thought.

On one hand there are those who believe in the authenticity of the images and who seek explanations that cause a relationship between both facts; on the other, there are skeptics who claim it is some sort of fraud or seek another kind of explanation.

According to YouTuber jmhz71, the video was recorded in San Juan Ixtacala, Mexico City.

VIDEO AT:http://ift.tt/1kaoRIe

0:00 - 0:12 Music plays in background and indistinct conversation]

Woman: What is that thing?

Man: Hold on, I've got it.

Woman: It turned on a light, did you see?

2nd Woman:No, it was the sun.

Woman: Look, it's turning on a bulb now.

2nd Woman: Look, look, look...

[dog whines in background]

Woman: What is that?

2nd Woman: Golly...

[0:39 - doorbell rings, dog barks]

Woman: Open the door.

Man: [indistinct remark]

(Translation (c)2014 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

[Video transcription by Scott Corrales

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Man grows gigantic 27.5kg cauliflower

The enormous record-breaking vegetable was grown by veteran gardener Peter Glazebrook. Glazebrook is no stranger to growing giant vegetables having al...

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NASA awards service medal to Captain Kirk

Star Trek's William Shatner has been honored with the space agency's Distinguished Public Service medal. Having spent almost 50 years boldly going whe...

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28 abr. 2014

Treinta años con un "parásito" en su cuello

"Como no podía ser de otra forma, China nos vuelve a sorprender. En este caso, el protagonista de la historia es Li Zhibing, un hombre de 62 años que tiene una extraña anomalía en su cuello. Sin un motivo aparente, a principio de los años 80, comenzó a crecerle en el cogote una ‘especie de cuerno’ que ha llegado a medir hasta 15 centímetros. En los momentos que el ‘asta’ aumenta de tamaño, a Zhibing le sube la fiebre inexplicablemente.

En la ciudad de Shiyan, el señor Li es una notoriedad y su anomalía ha sido objeto de estudio por varios investigadores. Uno de ellos indica en un medio local que podría tratarse de un “cuerno cutáneo“. Además añade que “a consecuencia de los remedios caseros (ungüentos de hierbas) usados por un curandero, la protuberancia pudo crecer mucho más rápido” (una explicación sin una base científica clara) (...)"

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On The Trail of the Men in Black

On The Trail of the Men in Black

By Scott Corrales

INEXPLICATA Contributing Editor Guillermo Giménez has reminded us of a case that can be described as a “doubleheader” of high strangeness – a UFO sighting involving humanoid occupant with a bubble helmet (straight out of the contactee tradition) and follow-up visit by the nefarious MIB.

In his article “Los Hombres de Negro en la Argentina” Giménez brings up the Dique La Florida CE-3 (4 February 1978) which occurred in the province of San Luis, involving a staggering total of six eyewitnesses: Manuel M. Alvarez, Regino S. Perroni, Pedro R. Sosa, Ramón A. Sosa, Genaro Sosa and Jacinto E. Lucero, employees of the Provincial Bank of San Luis, the Department of the Interior, the San José Ceramic Factory and Aerolíneas Argentinas, respectively.

Their statement, as it appears in the article, runs as follows: “At approximately 4:45 hours on 4 February 1978, some 100 meters from where the facilities of the La Florida Club Yacht and Fishing Club are located, they saw a UFO surrounded by a phosphorescent halo of light, a vessel suspended in the air at an approximate elevation of 4 meters over the ground, from which a small ladder emerged, allowing the descent of a being of human appearance, dressed in a scaly, shiny and form-fitting silver outfit. On its head it wore a transparent helmet that allowed for its face and blond hair to be seen; it smiled and gestured with its hand. Immediately after, the vessel in question took off in a northward heading, leaving behind a flash of light in the shape of a semi-circle.” This, Giménez notes, represents the third point in the official report prepared by the provincial police and signed by Lt.Col. Raúl Benjamin López, who represented not only the provincial police force, but the Argentinean army as well.

The Dique La Florida case was also the subject of painstaking research by Fabio Zerpa and his ONIFE group. Their report adds further details on the humanoid. “The smiling stranger placed his hands (gloved in some sort of mittens) palms outstretched and upturned in a characteristic gesture of friendship and a lotus position (lotus flower). We considered it to a universal gesture of giving. After making this gesture, he turned around, ascended the ladder and re-entered the device. The ladder was lifted into the craft, and the hole that had opened to let it out was shut.”

Another interesting detail has come to light about this CE-3. The UFO occupant had held a container in his hands, described as “a thermos”, which was later found during an investigation of the site. In a recent podcast (“Testimonio ovni en Dique La Florida, San Luis en 1978 - http://ift.tt/1ixcv0z) researchers Jorge Marrón and Daniel Valverdi described the tube as being “completely transparent like acrylic, some five centimeters thick, with a handle, and containing a liquid.”

Officers at the police station tried to pry it open, hoping to ascertain the nature of the fluid, and succeeded in opening it. The liquid, however, evaporated upon making contact with the air, thwarting any hopes of an analysis. The empty container was forwarded to the University of Córdoba for further study, but its subsequent whereabouts are unknown (although NASA is jokingly suggested as a possibility by the researchers).

Any CE-3 event is noteworthy on its own merits (being rare as hens’ teeth nowadays) but this one brought the added bonus of the disturbing presence of the Men in Black.

“Researchers, former police officers like Mr. Hugo Quiroga,” writes Giménez, “and city residents observed and were alarmed by the “movements” of these strange characters (male and female) who headed to the sighting area to examine the impressions left on the ground and collect information on the witnesses themselves. Even the owner of the Hotel El Volcán was surprised by the antics of these characters. The [Dique La Florida] incident was of worldwide importance due to the investigations made and the quality of the witnesses, including the physical evidence on the ground and the presence of military and police forces in the investigation, making known the first official report on the steps taken by a UFOnaut on our planet.

What attracted me to the article was the mention of a somewhat forgotten author who was, at the time, one of the great saucer writers of Spanish-speaking world: Luis Anglada Font, whose books included information which, while anecdotal, was nonetheless disturbing. His research has formed part of my own articles. But this is what Guillermo has to say:

“I have found in my files more [MIB] cases occurring in Argentina. Perhaps one of the first deaths was the mysterious passing of Luis Anglada Font, author of “La Realidad OVNI a traves de los siglos” (UFO reality over the centuries) who was visited in Buenos Aires by a man wearing dark clothing, asking him to abandon research and, of course, to refrain from writing or publishing further books on the subject.

“The author, a former military pilot and passionate UFO researcher in Europe, was among the witnesses to the infamous Foo Fighters that were so common during the Second World War. Anglada believed UFOs were “a critical issue for humanity.”

“Shortly after the visit, Font experienced a physical breakdown that caused his death in Argentina, his adopted country, in the late 1970s. I looked into these events in person, interviewed fellow researchers, contacted his publisher, and all the information confirmed the tragic facts…and “their” visits to his home.”

Anglada Font’s death (the exact condition is not mentioned) can be added to the roster of other researchers who found it necessary to put the brakes on their involvement in ufology, either out of physical fear of these suspicious characters or that they might make good on their threats, causing harm to loved ones. Though the cases and sources are disputed by some nowadays, the visceral chill evoked by books such as Brad Steiger’s New UFO Breakthrough, Albert Bender’s The Three Men in Black and the passages devoted to MIB in John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies is undeniable.

But more on Guillermo Giménez’s article:

“Another of event involved a young professional researcher in the Province of Buenos Aires. It was around 1983-1984 when some mysterious letters arrived in his mailbox “inviting” him to leave UFO research. He was also advised of future UFO sightings in the Argentine Republic which would later come to pass, much to this researcher’s astonishment. When an effort was made to find the source of the letters, it proved impossible, given that the sender’s address in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe) did not exist.

“After that, he was plagued by strange and incessant telephone calls, strange noises, and open or misdirected correspondence, mainly from important ufologists and research centers (GEPAN in France, Spain, Mexico, the U.S.A. and Russia). Technicians from the ENTEL phone company reported to the scene and found everything was in order.

“One fine day, this colleague (who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons) suffered a car accident shortly after seeing “a man dressed in black” on the corner of the street on which he lived. The figure was average in height, sinister-looking and its gaze caused the ufologist to feel “a tingling sensation all over his body.”

“When he stepped out of his car, he realized there was no longer anyone standing there. The date was Tuesday, 19 June 1984. For many years, our colleague stepped away from research, realizing these threats could easily become real.”

Other episodes involving threats by MIB to Argentinean researchers are mentioned: The 1976 incident involving Oscar Akerman of Buenos Aires, who was also “invited” to cease his research endeavors by strange characters; threats leveled against member of the ONIFE organization in 1978, the theft of UFO documentation in 1973 which even attracted the attention of the Argentinean Federal police; visits to author Hector Antonio Picco in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal and Cordoba in 1978, 1989 and 1994, respectively.

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UFO flies over football stadium in Argentina

A television camera filming a football match captured the moment a strange white object flew overhead. The incident took place at el Nuevo Gasometro i...

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Risk from Major Asteroid Strike Higher Than Previously Thought

The risk of a sizeable asteroid colliding with the earth has always been purported to be extremely low, with scientists reporting that such an event was only likely to occur every twenty million years or so.

Unfortunately, our collective sigh of relief could be a little premature, as recent evidence suggests that, not only is the risk much higher than previously thought, but that such events are occurring regularly in our atmosphere. The new information has been released by an organisation known as the B612 foundation, a private collective whose mission is to detect and deflect dangerous asteroids.

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La velocidad de los electrones en los conductores no es la de la luz… ¡ni se acerca!

alpoma_electricidad_25951276Una reciente conversación me ha llevado a rescatar este texto que, desde que lo conocí, me pareció una de las explicaciones didácticas más interesantes que sobre este asunto había leído. En dicha conversación surgió el tema de la “velocidad de la electricidad en un conductor” o, para ser más precisos, la “velocidad de los electrones libres en un conductor eléctrico”. Vaya cosa, ¡es la velocidad de la luz! Y tan tranquilo se queda el “saber común” sin pensar, por ejemplo, lo divertido que sería ver una corriente de electrones viajar a la velocidad de la luz o, más bien, cerca de esa velocidad porque la relatividad no nos permite llegar ese valor (una partícula como el electrón tendería en esa condición a tener una masa infinita).

Digo divertido porque, para empezar, si la velocidad de arrastre de los electrones libres en un conductor eléctrico fuera cercano al de la luz, no funcionaría ninguna instalación eléctrica de las que disponemos hoy día y, además, aparecerían efectos de lo más asombroso. Imaginemos igualmente un conductor acodado 90º en el que circulen electrones libres a la velocidad de la luz. Creo que no hay que imaginar mucho para pensar qué sucedería. Todas estas situaciones imaginarias, pero asumidas por tantas personas como ciertas, son descritas con maestría en el documento que aparece mencionado al pie de este post y que pertenece a una muy recomendable colección de saberes relativos a la electricidad publicados en la web del departamento de ingeniería eléctrica de la ETSII de la Universidad de Salamanca . Ahí puede leerse, por ejemplo:

Que la velocidad de arrastre de los electrones libres en los conductores es la velocidad de la luz es un error muy extendido. (…) Si fuera esa su velocidad, la densidad de corriente en los conductores sería enorme y constante, que las fuerzas por choques en los ángulos y la fuerza centrífuga en las curvas también serían enormes, y que la energía que los electrones cederían al conductor lo volatilizaría. Realmente las consecuencias de esa velocidad harían imposible la existencia de instalaciones eléctricas. Por el contrario, para las densidades de corriente ordinarias, la velocidad de los electrones pocas veces supera el milímetro por segundo. Para esas mismas densidades en corriente alterna, los electrones solo oscilan imperceptiblemente, pues apenas se alejan alternativamente muy pocas micras del punto central de la oscilación.

Ni que decir tiene que recomiendo la lectura de ese artículo y el repaso a los cálculos que ahí aparecen para quien todavía piense en “corrientes de electrones” surcando los conductores a la velocidad de la luz:

F. R. Quintela, R. C. Redondo, N. R. Melchor, J. M. G. Arévalo y M. M. Redondo. Velocidad de los electrones en los conductores de las instalaciones eléctricas . Montajes e Instalaciones. Abril de 2006. (PDF).

La velocidad de los electrones en los conductores no es la de la luz… ¡ni se acerca! apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 28 abril 2014.

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Buddhists claim Loch Ness Monster is a 'naga'

The UK's first Buddhist Lama believes that the creature is more of a spiritual than physical entity. Most attempts to capture evidence of Scotland's f...

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Mon 28 Apr 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Vader donates blood, time travel murder, monster cauliflower, drones on a leash and UFOs over Jo'burg

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Should animals be able to sue their owners ?

The number of legal experts specialising in defending the rights of animals has been on the increase. In one notable recent case, a team of lawyers in...

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La sangre del rey Luis XVI no estaba en la calabaza

"Científicos españoles ponen fin al enigma de la sangre del rey Luis XVI supuestamente contenida en el interior de una calabaza y recogida tras su decapitación durante la Revolución Francesa. El análisis del genoma completo a partir de las muestras de sangre indica que el propietario no era el Borbónsino un individuo con rasgos muy diferentes.

La historia de la calabaza y la sangre de Luis XVI daría para una novela de ambiente histórico. A mediados de 2009, un colega italiano contacta con el científico español Carles Lalueza-Fox, del Instituto de Biología Evolutiva, en Barcelona, con un extraño encargo. Dos hermanos italianos, miembros de la alta sociedad de Bolonia, se han puesto en contacto con él para comprobar si la reliquia de la que son poseedores - custodiada en secreto en la cámara acorazada de un banco - es auténtica.

La reliquia es una calabaza ricamente adornada mediante técnica pirográfica, que lleva en posesión de una familia de Bolonia desde hace más de un siglo. Sus propietarios estiman que vale más de dos millones de euros y su verdadero valor está en su contenido: un pañuelo supuestamente impregnado con la sangre del rey Luis XVI, recogida a los pies de la guillotina donde fue ejecutado el 21 de enero de 1793. En el exterior de la calabaza aparecen retratados varios protagonistas de la revolución francesa, como Danton o Robespierre, y en una inscripción se explica que Maximilien Bourdaloue, testigo de la ejecución, mojó su pañuelo en la sangre del rey, lo metió en la calabaza y ordenó a un artista parisino su decoración (...)"

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No, no hemos encontrado al monstruo del Lago Ness con Apple Maps

"Ha pasado un largo tiempo desde que no teníamos un buen post descreditando un avistamiento aleatorio de monstruos. La disponibilidad de las bases de datos de imágenes satelitales globales es una poderosa herramienta para la exploración y el seguimiento, pero también ha conducido a un auge en los “descubrimientos” pseudocientíficos por personas que no están familiarizados en cómo se producen estas imágenes o simplemente dispuestos a suspender la incredulidad de su mascota fantasmagórica.

Esta mañana mi bandeja de entrada explotó con artículos sobre el avistamiento definitivo del monstruo del Lago Ness. La imagen que acompaña es una imagen de baja resolución por satélite de una estela de barco, disponible, al parecer, sólo en el Apple Maps. En realidad no se necesita deconstrucción, es una estela de barco: (...)"

Seguir leyendo en Marcianitos Verdes.

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Cae (o no) la novena gota del experimento más largo de la Historia

"Por fin ha ocurrido. Una gota de brea, la novena después de una espera de más de 13 años, se ha desplomado en el experimento más largo de la Historia, mención incluida en el libro Guinnes de los récords, que se desarrolla desde hace 87 años en la Universidad de Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). Al parecer, es la primera vez que la lenta caída de estas lágrimas negras ha sido grabada en directo por las cámaras, aunque hasta ahora los investigadores solo han proporcionado imágenes del inminente choque en time-lapse y no de la ruptura.

El experimento comenzó en la universidad australiana en 1927 cuando el profesor de Física Thomas Parnell intentó demostrar a sus alumnos que los materiales comunes y vulgares pueden poseer propiedades sorprendentes. Con este objetivo y con una envidiable paciencia, vertió una muestra de brea muy caliente en un embudo con el cuello sellado. Así lo dejó durante tres años, cuando cortó el cuello del embudo para que la brea fluyera hacia abajo. Hay que tener en cuenta que la brea es un líquido 100.000 millones de veces más viscoso que el agua, hasta el punto de que parece sólido. A temperatura ambiente, fluye lentamente y tarda años en formar una única gota (...)"

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Joven británico murió en Colombia tras participar en ceremonia ritual chamánica

"El joven británico Henry Miller [!!], de 19 años, murió en Colombia tras participar en una ceremonia ritual chamánica con ayahuasca o yagé.

Miller falleció en la selva tras lo que se cree fue una reacción negativa a la infusión de ayahuasca que le fue suministrada durante el ritual.

Los padres de Miller, David y Elizabeth, dijeron que el joven se había dirigido a una parte remota de la selva para participar de una ceremonia chamánica.

David Miller dijo que el cuerpo de su hijo fue hallado el miércoles en la región de Putumayo.

En esa zona son populares los rituales con ayahuasca, especialmente, por sus efectos alucinógenos.

Un agente de policía local dijo, según la agencia de noticias AP, que, una vez era evidente el deterioro de salud del joven Miller, el chamán lo envió a un hospital en motocicleta, acompañado de dos jóvenes.

El policía dijo que cree que Miller murió en el trayecto y los jóvenes que lo acompañaban entraron en pánico y abandonaron su cuerpo en la carretera (...)"

Ver en BBC.

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27 abr. 2014

Couple engulfed by massive swarm of midges

The pair got more than they bargained for when they took to the waters of Iceland's Lake Myvatn. The couple had been taking advantage of the good weat...

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Infamous ET Atari cartridges landfill dug up

A documentary film crew has successfully located and excavated the spot where the cartridges were buried. The Atari 2600 video game adaption of the po...

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Dogs really do love their owners, study shows

New research suggests that the love of a pet towards its owner is more than just a way to elicit food. While domesticated pets can often appear to be ...

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26 abr. 2014

Mystery radio burst picked up by observatory

A distant, enigmatic burst of radio waves has been detected by Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory. Only a small handful of such bursts have ever been d...

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Man tries to obtain every VHS copy of 'Speed'

Ryan Beitz has set himself what has to be one of the most impossibly pointless goals ever conceived. It's not uncommon to hear of people who collect m...

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Putin refers to Internet as a 'CIA project'

The Russian leader has criticized the nature of the Internet, fueling fears of a possible web breakup. Putin's remarks echo those of several other cou...

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25 abr. 2014

Abductee support group set up in the UK

The group aims to provide help to those who believe that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. Known as "The Anomalous Mind Management, Abduct...

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Weekender: Could the Chilling Fate of Flight MH370 Soon Be Revealed?

The search for the missing plane, Malaysia flight MH370, goes on, with not a single shred of evidence being uncovered to date.

The aircraft went missing on March 8, as it travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Any morsel of new information regarding its whereabouts is being seized upon by the world's media, hungry for any news that might shed light on the plane's incomprehensible disappearance, in the hope of bringing some relief to the hundreds of confused and grieving relatives waiting to learn the fate of the 239 missing passengers.

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El mago japonés de las matemáticas exhibe sus trucos en Madrid

La última vez que vino a España le retuvieron su sospechoso equipaje en Barajas, pero esta vez ha pasado con sus seis maletas llenas de cachivaches. El mátemático Jin Akiyama, toda una estrella de la televisión en Japón, ha presentado esta semana sus números más sorprendentes en la Residencia de Estudiantes.

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Huge Antarctic iceberg heads for open ocean

A chunk of ice six times the size of Manhatten broke away from the Pine Island Glacier last year. The huge 500m thick iceberg, which measures 33km lon...

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Fri 25 April 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Support group for ET abductees, Runaway portaloo in Utah, man crushed by Papal erection, corn dog rage and SWAT team 'swatted'

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Lab-grown skin to replace testing on animals

Human skin grown from stem cells in the lab could put an end to drug and cosmetics testing on animals. The breakthrough was made by a team of scientis...

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24 abr. 2014

Resuelto el misterio de la supernova superluminosa

El año pasado se informó del descubrimiento de una supernova tan brillante que dejó perplejos a los científicos, porque nunca se había visto nada igual. Investigadores de la Universidad de Tokio (Japón) aclaran esta semana en Science que en realidad se vio tan luminosa por la presencia de una galaxia delante que actuó como ‘lupa’ o lente gravitacional.

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Earthquakes Rock America - Could Fracking Bring The "Big One" Closer?

It's been a shaky 2014 so far across America, with a series of fairly major earthquakes rocking several regions of the continent from North to South.

As Californians were gently shaken from their slumber this morning by a 2.7 magnitude earthquake just after 5:21 AM PST today, we ask whether the "Big One" is looming.

This tremor follows the previous shake-ups that Californians suffered last month, when a chain of seismic events and aftershocks registering up to 5.1 magnitude reminded residents that they live atop some of the world's most volatile faults, and caused many to stock up on supplies in preparation for the massive earthquakes that geologists have been predicting for some years.

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'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game

A video showing a strange shadow running through crowds of spectators at a stadium has gone viral. The dark 'figure' can be seen moving from left to r...

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Ocean 'bio-duck' quacking mystery solved

Scientists report that they have finally figured out what is causing a strange quacking sound in the sea. The phenomenon, nicknamed "bio-duck" because...

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Elephant herd gets drunk on fermented fruit

Field guide Ross Couper snapped several pictures as the intoxicated elephants hilariously rolled around. The peculiar scene unraveled at Singita Kruge...

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Argentina: UFO Flies Over the San Lorenzo Stadium

Source: DiarioVeloz.com 24/7 (Argentina)

Date: 04.22.2014

Argentina: UFO Flies Over the San Lorenzo Stadium

Video shows the moment in which a strange light appears over the stadium during the game against Botafogo.

The strange episode took place at el Nuevo Gasometro during the last game against Botafogo for the Libertadores de America Cup, ending in a 3-0 victory by San Lorenzo.

The video shows a strange light making unusual maneuvers in the sky of Bajo Flores. The recording with the unidentified flying obejct was published on YouTube.

Could it be a UFO?

WATCH THE VIDEO AT: http://ift.tt/1nro8sH

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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23 abr. 2014

Mis próximos libros

El viaje de ArgosCon eso de que hoy es el día del libro, me he animado a comentar algo sobre mis próximos librillos y, de paso, aprovecho para pedir algún consejo a mis lectores presentes y futuros. Tengo muchos proyectos casi cerrados, sólo me falta algo de tiempo, siemrpe escaso, para poder completarlos y, cómo no, tener el ánimo de llevarlo todo a buen puerto. He aquí el panorama:

En 2012 fue editada por Planeta, en su sello Scyla, mi primera novela, que mezclaba la ciencia ficción y la historia. Se trata de El viaje de Argos . La buena noticia es que habrá próximamente edición en papel, no puedo dar más detalles todavía pero es algo prácticamente confirmado. La otra buena noticia es que es la primera novela de una trilogía, que continúa con Los hijos de Argos y se cierra con El destino de Argos . Tiempo al tiempo, esperemos que todo salga bien.

Tengo otro proyecto, también a punto de caramelo. Se trata de Made in Spain , un ensayo en el que quiero recopilar más cincuenta pequeñas biografías sobre inventores y científicos españoles, sobre todo de finales del siglo XIX y principios del XX, que son genios olvidados. Ahí estarán, por ejemplo, Manuel García, Sánchez Arjona, Julio Cervera, Isidoro Cabanyes, César Comas, Ángela Ruiz Robles o Juan García Castillejo, entre muchos otros. Creo que va a ser un libro muy interesante, del que sólo resta completar la parte visual, pues quiero añadir gran cantidad de láminas sobre patentes y similares. Ahora bien, me ronda la cabeza lanzarlo a través de una campaña de crowdfunding , pero tengo mis dudas acerca de si será conveniente. Por es pido consejo sobre el asunto. ;-)

Para acabar, hay dos libros más, que están casi cerrados pero que deben esperar un poco. Son los dos libros del décimo aniversario de TecOb y La Cartoteca. Naturalmente, el libro de Tecnología Obsoleta, que todavía no tiene título, es algo así como una miscelánea sorprendente con centenares de pequeñas curiosidades. El libro de La Cartoteca no será un libro de mapas como tantos otros, la idea es reunir curiosidades y rarezas cartográficas y geográficas en un libro que sea divertido y asombroso. Los dos blogs cumplen diez años a principios de 2015 (realmente ya los han cumplido, pero no con el dominio actual), así que posiblemente esos libros vean la luz a finales de este año.

Un apunte final, hay otra novela por el camino, es una cosa rara y un tanto experimental, no daré más detalles ahora mismo pero sí me gustaría que apareciera pronto, si el ánimo y el tiempo me lo permiten. En esa novela Nikola Tesla tiene cierto importante papel… y hasta ahí puedo contar.

Mis próximos libros apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 23 abril 2014.

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Pilot Photographs High Strangeness UFO

An Australian pilot photographed this object from the ground. It is too brightly and evenly lit to be a radio controlled device such as a homebuilt drone. The sighting took place last night in Caloundra along Australia's Sunshine Coast. The pilot told the Sunshine Coast Daily, "I have heard of and seen many, many things over the course of my career...but nothing like this."

We agree. This strangely lit object looks somewhat like a plane, but the intensity of the lighting qualifies it as presently unknown. The pilot wishes to remain anonymous. For more, visit the Sunshine Coast Daily.

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Hitachi is building world's fastest elevators

Two of the new super-speed lifts will be installed inside China's Guangzhou Finance Centre by 2016. Reaching speeds of up to 45mph, the high-speed ele...

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The Secret World of Dreams

The mysterious realm of the dream world has intrigued the human mind for millennia, but what is the secret behind these enigmatic and sometimes very powerful experiences of the psyche?

Science views dreams merely as the result of activity in certain areas of the brain during sleep, but the more esoterically-minded view them as a gateway between the physical and spiritual world.

As far back as 4000BC, there is evidence that Man was attempting to interpret dreams as records of these have been found documented on clay tablets. Dreams were regarded as vital aspects of life; in fact, in some primeval communities, the dream world and the conscious world appeared to blur into one existence, with the dream world having the greatest significance.

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Pilot reports UFO sighting over Caloundra

A commercial pilot with more than 30 years of experience believes he witnessed something unusual. The self-confessed skeptic had been looking up at th...

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Tue 23 Apr 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

Slain wife haunts killer husband's dreams, Nessie found in satellite pic (or not), Shakespeare's dictionary claim and amazing stowaway survivor

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Inventor builds real Spider-Man webshooter

German hobbyist Patrick Priebe has developed his own version of the superhero's web-slinging device. To celebrate the release of "The Amazing Spider-M...

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Dos compuestos del aliento se relacionan con el cáncer de laringe

Investigadores de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos y el Hospital de Alcorcón (Madrid) han comparado las sustancias volátiles que expulsan once personas con cáncer de laringe al respirar, con las de otras veinte sanas. Los resultados muestran que las concentraciones de ciertas moléculas, sobre todo etanol y 2-butanona, son superiores en los individuos con carcinoma, por lo que actúan de marcadores potenciales de la enfermedad.

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22 abr. 2014

US and Russian military dolphins to face off?

Specially trained dolphins could soon clash in an underwater sea battle according to recent reports. Both the US and Ukraine are known to have trained...

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Researchers tackle 'SLIders' phenomenon

Some people seem to have the ability to turn off streetlights simply by walking underneath them. This well established phenomenon has been reported fo...

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"Fingerprint Twins" Could Undermine Forensics

Criminals convicted primarily on the basis of fingerprint evidence could soon have grounds for appeal based on the comments of a leading forensic scientist.Fingerprint evidence has been employed to establish criminal involvement since forensic science was first used by the UK's Scotland Yard back in 1901, but now Mike Silverman, who introduced the first automated fingerprint detection system to the Metropolitan Police, believes that this method of establishing guilt is not as reliable as previously thought.

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Argentina: Wedding Drone Mistaken for UFO

Source: Planeta UFO

Date: 04.19.2014

Argentina: Wedding Drone Mistaken for UFO


By Viviana Pastor

Drone mistaken for UFO – recorded, uploaded to social media and even published in some newspapers, but what witnesses took for a flying saucer flying over 25 de Mayo Square was in fact a modern device transmitting images from a wedding.

All it took was a momentary glance at the darkened skies over 25 de Mayo Square and capturing a luminous object moving unusually on a cellphone. It was easy to believe it was a UFO, and once uploaded to social media, the communications media did not hesitate to echo the “extraterrestrial visit” to the center of San Juan (Argentina).

But the strange flying object was indeed identified: It was one of the drones – a small unmanned aerial vehicle – flown by Gustavo Salgado’s company, used to take aerial shots of a wedding held at the Gran Hotel Provincial.

“It was quite a novelty. People froze when they saw the images, because they thought it was a pre-recorded video. They went from viewing the panoramic shot of the cathedral and the square to see the couple dancing. The drone did not vanish, [as seen] by the people who mistook it for a UFO. Rather, it landed on the hotel terrace,” explained Salgado.

What Salgado did on Saturday the 12th was a controlled flight involving a camera-equipped drone and a special GPS system that directs it where to go, what altitude to maintain, where to turn and all other maneuvers. The device did a panoramic shot of 25 de Mayo Square and then landed at a hotel while the images were broadcast live.

GLS Productions – www.glspro.com.ar – specializes in bringing peak technology to social events. “I’m always looking for what’s new. I got started 4 years ago in aerial imagery. I received consulting in Buenos Aires and in San Juan, and for a long time I learned from those who were my pilots. I bought my “gadgets”, created a fleet and learned how to fly them,” Salgado notes. Today, the company has two drones with six engines, hexacopters and one quadracopter, all of them with multiple rotors and remotely controlled. They are outfitted with the latest GPS technology, including gimbals that stabilize the vehicle, with GoPro or Sony cameras attached to them to transmit images.

The smallest of these flying gadgets costs around $40,000. Add to this the insurance to be taken out, since a risk factor exists. But the results are startling, since they manage to obtain images from completely unfamiliar angles and in HD (High Definition).


[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and Viviana Pastor]

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Spain: Space Junk or UFO? Anomaly in the Skies Over Ibiza

Source: Diario de Coahuila (Mexico)

Date: 04.21.2014

Spain: Space Junk or UFO? Anomaly in the Skies Over Ibiza

A flaming object falling to earth, seen in the skies over Ibiza, has mystified local residents with an assortment of hypotheses ranging from meteorites to space junk.

According to Diario de Ibiza, whose website (www.diariodeibiza.es) presents a video of the phenomenon seen last Wednesday, also includes a missile launch among the possible alternatives.

The amateur recording shows a white, luminous body crossing the skies before vanishing behind a mountain without any signs of an explosion. A spokesman for the Ministry of the Defense, after watching the video, dismissed the likelihood of a military device, suggesting that it might be a fragment of a space vehicle or section broken off a launcher as it re-entered the atmosphere.

Members of the Agrupación Astronómica de Eivissa, quoted by the source, discarded the meteorite hypothesis, due to the object's vertex, leaning toward the possibility of a manmade device.

Ignacio de la Cueva, a member of this organization, reported that the telescope at Cala d'Hort had also captured the phenomenon and detected an odd trajectory, as the object changed course, which could only be explained if it was self-propelled.

Experts are confident that other Spanish observatories detected the unidentified flying object to triangulate it and learn more about its size, altitude and possible crash site.

VIDEO: http://ift.tt/1fjT5ar

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

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Argentina: Resident of 8 de Abril Videotapes an Alleged UFO

Source: Diario Panorama (Argentina)

Date: 04.22.2014

Argentina: Resident of 8 de Abril Records an Alleged UFO

The youth claims having recorded it on Monday afternoon from a home in 8 de Abril.

Luis Gómez, a resident of the 8 de Abril neighborhood, was home in the afternoon when he suddenly "lifed his eyes skyward and saw a black circle suspended in the air, resembling the outline of a craft, moving slowly for two minutes before disappearing."

Without hesitation, he went indoors to fetch his camcorder and managed to video sequences of the alleged UFO.

"It's clearly a flying saucer. Despite having given the camera a lot of zoom (sic) you can tell it's a UFO. I recorded it around 18:15 hours toward the southeast. I enjoyed it. It was a lovely image," said Luis Gomez to Diario Panorama.

[Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Nuevo sistema de verificación para tratamientos de radioterapia

Antes de tratar a un enfermo de cáncer con radioterapia hay que confirmar que las dosis que va a recibir son las correctas. Investigadores de la Universidad de Sevilla, el Centro Nacional de Aceleradores y algunas empresas han desarrollado un prototipo para efectuar con mayor eficacia esta tarea.

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Are your fingerprints truly unique ?

Fingerprints are often used to identify criminals, but does everyone really have a unique fingerprint ? According to Home Office expert Mike Silverman...

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21 abr. 2014

Italia subasta una isla abandonada y sobre la que circulan todo tipo de leyendas

"La isla de Poveglia, en la laguna de Venecia junto a la costa oeste de la isla de Lido, está a la venta dentro de una oferta de edificios y terrenos públicos lanzada por el Gobierno de Italia. La venta de la isla se va a realizar por subasta pública a través de Internet a partir del 7 de mayo y su compra da derecho a la propiedad de una concesión de la isla y sus edificios durante los próximos 99 años. La iniciativa ha tenido una amplia repercusión en Internet, en donde su misteriosa historia, unida al hecho de que se encuentre en la actualidad abandonada, ha hecho surgir multitud de historias sobre ella.

Se cuenta, por ejemplo, que en el hospital abandonado que hay en la isla vivió un doctor a principios del siglo pasado que practicó 'experimentos' con enfermos mentales, como lobotomías, y que terminó sus días sucidándose, arrepentido por sus prácticas. El hecho de que a finales del siglo XVIII el lugar se convirtiera en lugar para aislar a personas con enfermedades infecciosas, como la peste, ha contribuido a incrementar el halo de misterio en torno a la isla. La mayoría son leyendas difícilmente documentables que mezclan la historia del lugar como estación en la que los marineros de los barcos que llegaban a Venecia enfermos permanecían en cuarentena con la mitología que rodea estos lugares. Al margen de estas historias, la venta no está exenta de polémica. A raíz de la noticia, un grupo de vecinos de Venecia ha organizado un grupo en Facebook, con el nombre Poveglia per tutti, que cuenta ya con más de 7.000 'fans' y que han organizado un colecta para evitar que el lugar se convierta en "otro hotel de lujo más" (...)"

Ver aquí.

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Ley Lines, Desire Lines--and Easter Eggs

For thousands of years in the Celtic world, people understood ley lines. They have a different meaning now, but in those days that these energy lines were the routes that faery folk took in their trooping journeys.

Interestingly enough, there is an odd modern equivalent marketing experts call desire lines. They have nothing obvious to do with Earth energies, but a lot to do with human movement. Desire lines are lines of debris tossed away along routes that people use but that have no transportation systems on then.

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Cosmetics firm in bid to lighten the Moon

The company wants to make the Moon brighter for the purpose of lowering global energy usage. The bizarre concept has been put forward by the Foreo Ins...

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What do bunnies have to do with Easter ?

If Easter is all about celebrating the resurrection of Christ then where does the Easter Bunny fit in ? Easter eggs, yellow chicks and the Easter Bunn...

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Man becomes maths genius after head injury

Jason Padgett became a mathematical genius overnight after an attacker punched him in the head. The 31-year-old father-of-one was a college dropout wh...

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Identifican nanoconexiones para avanzar en la nueva electrónica del carbono

Un equipo de investigadores europeos, con la participación de la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) y el Donostia International Physics Center, ha analizado qué átomos metálicos inyectan mejor la corriente eléctrica en moléculas de carbono. Según los autores, esto supone un paso decisivo en la comprensión de contactos eléctricos fundamentales en la nanoelectrónica del futuro basada en el carbono.

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Identifican conexiones con implicaciones en la nueva electrónica del carbono

Un equipo de investigadores europeos, con la participación de la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) y el Donostia International Physics Center, han analizado qué átomos metálicos inyectan mejor la corriente eléctrica en moléculas de carbono. Según los autores, esto supone un paso decisivo en la comprensión de contactos eléctricos fundamentales en la nanoelectrónica del futuro basada en el carbono.

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20 abr. 2014

Earth struck by big asteroids 'all the time'

Three former NASA astronauts are set to reveal some unsettling data on how vulnerable our planet is. The claim is based on data recorded by a nuclear ...

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Ancient wrestling match was fixed

Wrestling events in the ancient world appear to have been plagued by bribes and match fixing. A recently deciphered Greek document dating back to AD 2...

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Family's car catches fire in lion enclosure

A day out at the safari park for Helen Clements and her family turned in to something of a nightmare. Clements and her two children had been driving t...

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Illegal Computer Entries

On the night of Thursday, April 17, an entry from an outside source was recorded on this computer. I observed it as they explored recently updated files. Despite the fact that the most advanced monitoring software available to the public is installed on my computers, I was unable to track this intrusion to its source.

I have been keeping a record of these intrusions for over a year, and have consulted with an attorney about them. There is absolutely no legal reason that any governmental agency would have to invade my privacy and violate my rights in this manner, or to commit any other act of sabotage or intimidation of any person connected with me or working for me.

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19 abr. 2014

'Loch Ness Monster' found on mobile map app

The form of what looks like a huge creature in Loch Ness has been spotted on Apple's satellite maps app. It's been a while since there have been any r...

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Can dreams solve other people's problems ?

A new study has suggested that it may be possible to learn about someone else's problems while asleep. The claim is based on research by distinguished...

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Un satélite de Apple revela una extraña imagen en el Lago Ness

"El nuevo servicio mapas de Apple ha vuelto a desatar la polémica después de haber captado unas imágenes aéreas del Lago Ness. La aplicación más utilizada por los usuarios de iOS ha mostrado varias fotos en las que Andrew Dixon –uno de los observadores que ha sacado a la luz las capturas– afirma ver en ellas al famoso monstruo que habita estas oscuras aguas escocesas. «Encontrarlo fue un golpe de suerte total. Estaba mirando las imágenes de satélite de mi ciudad y luego decidí echar un vistazo al Lago Ness», afirma el joven de 26 años, originario de Darlington (Inglaterra).

Peter Thain, otro de los observadores que han descubierto las imágenes, afirma que en la foto puede verse al fantástico «Nessie», puesto que la forma que se observa bajo el agua parece tener un par de aletas con las que el «monstruo» se desplazaría. Sin embargo, testimonios más científicos podrían indicar que se trata de un tronco, una onda acuática, una estela de algún barco o un efecto óptico que habría devuelto la vida a la leyenda escocesa.

Este avistamiento pone fin a un periodo de «sequía» en el que el monstruo del Lago Ness había quedado relegado al olvido. 2013 fue el primero en 79 años en que no hubo ningún aviso de avistamiento de «Nessie». Gary Campbell, presidente del Club de Fans Oficial del Mounstro del Lago Ness, afirmó que nadie había dicho haber visto a la criatura en los últimos 18 meses –algo que no sucedía desde 1925–. Campbell, de 49 años, se ha mostrado contento con las imágenes captadas por Apple Maps: «Ahora que tenemos espías en el cielo sobre el Lago Ness, tal vez tengamos más visitas de "cazadores de Nessie"» en Inverness».

Ver en ABC.

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INEXPLICATA: Chronicles of the Paranormal at Scribd.com

We would like to take this opportunity to thank INEXPLICATA readers for sending "INEXPLICATA: Chronicles of the Paranormal" over the 1000+ reads mark on Scribd.com! Your support is greatly appreciated, and for those of you who haven't had the chance to check it out yet, please visit: http://ift.tt/1rEAr5r

-- Scott Corrales

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Un misterioso anillo negro aparece sobre Gran Bretaña

"Una joven británica de 16 años, Georgina Heap, estaba jugando al tenis con su madre el pasado viernes en Lemington Spa, en el condado británico de Warwick, cuando, al alzar la vista al cielo, vio un extraño anillo negro justo sobre el castillo que corona la ciudad. Sorprendida, cogió su iPhone y lo fotografió. Otras diez personas que estaban cerca de ella también dejaron lo que estaban haciendo para observar el extraño fenómeno. El anillo apenas duró tres minutos antes de evaporarse sin dejar rastro. Desde que ocurrió, el suceso ha sido ya recogido por varios periódicos y numerosas páginas de internet.

"Es lo más extraño que he visto en mi vida", dijo la joven al diario Daily Mail, que publica la noticia en su página web. "Sencillamente, estaba allí, flotando como una nube y luego desapareció". El círculo parecía un enorme anillo de humo, pero los servicios de Bomberos y de Emergencias de la localidad británica no tuvieron aviso alguno de incendio ese día. Expertos de la Oficina Metereológica local, por su parte, no creen que el fenómeno esté relacionado con la climatología.

Algunos piensan que el círculo podría ser de origen orgánico, y estar formado por miles (quizá millones) de abejas u otros insectos, aunque hasta la fecha nunca se había observado un comportamiento parecido en un enjambre. Otra posibilidad apuntaría hacia algún tipo de fenómeno meteorológico desconocido."

Visto en ABC.

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Polonia acepta al "pastafarismo" como religión

"Polonia acepta que la Iglesia del Monstruo de Espagueti Volador sea registrada como religión oficial.

El jueves un tribunal de Varsovia abolió una decisión anterior de la Corte Regional Administrativa que en el año 2013 impidió que la Iglesia del Monstruo de Espagueti Volador, también conocida como 'pastafarismo', fuera registrada como religión oficial, según informa el diario en línea 'Huffington Post'.

Según la nueva resolución judicial, la decisión del año pasado fue injusta porque anteriormente el Ministerio de Administración polaco se negó a conceder una prórroga de dos meses a la Iglesia del Monstruo de Espagueti Volador para que presentara los documentos pendientes para poder ser registrada.

El pastafarismo, una parodia de religión tradicional, surgió hace una década en EU como protesta contra el 'creacionismo' y el 'diseño inteligente', unas corrientes que se oponen a la teoría de la evolución, según publica el sitio ansa.it.

Desde entonces la Iglesia del Monstruo de Espagueti Volador ha adquirido popularidad en varias partes del mundo.

Uno de los atributos necesarios para ser 'pastafariano' es un colador para espagueti que se lleva sobre la cabeza. Llevar el colador es un derecho que los adeptos a esta religión defienden firmemente.

Este enero el pastor pastafariano Christopher Schaeffer fue elegido como miembro del Consejo municipal de Pomfret, en Nueva York (EU).

Durante la ceremonia oficial de asunción del cargo Schaeffer llevaba el colador en la cabeza."

Visto aquí.

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New killer sea sponges discovered

Four new species of carnivorous sponge have been identified in the depths off the coast of California. There are several thousand known species of sea...

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18 abr. 2014

Possible Genuine UFO Image

If the witness description of this object is accurate, then it must be a genuine unknown. The witness offers a careful description of the movements of the object that would be impossible for a balloon, and adds a detail familiar from many sightings and close encounters: extreme agitation from nearby animals. Our photo experts feel that this is a genuine mystery.

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Kepler discovers most Earth-like exoplanet

Astronomers have located an Earth-sized world within the 'Goldilocks zone' of a distant solar system. One of the main goals of planet hunting has been...

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Did Monroe plan to reveal JFK UFO visit ?

New evidence seems to support the authenticity of a particularly controversial declassified CIA document. Originally leaked in 1992 before being made ...

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How did T. rex hunt with such tiny arms ?

The huge carnivore might have had a ferocious set of teeth but its arms were less than impressive. The spindly little arms of the tyrant lizard are as...

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17 abr. 2014

Prophecy surrounds 'blood moon' events

This week's lunar eclipse has been seen as a sign that an ancient prophecy will soon be fulfilled. A 'blood moon' occurs during a lunar eclipse, an ev...

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Robert Moss on Dreams as the Gateway into Other Worlds

April 18, 2014

Robert Moss is one of the great dream teachers. He tells us about his discoveries going through the gateway of dreams into other universes and levels of existence that are very real, and very, very important. This is because the whole next level of human existence is going to center around what Robert is experiencing and teaching right now: that communication between this and other world, including parallel universes, other times and what we call the world of the dead can be normalized, and the human experience can become much larger, much richer and much more empowering.

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Lab loses 2,000 vials of deadly SARS virus

France's Pasteur Institute revealed the blunder after it discovered that the vials had gone missing. Authorities are now conducting a thorough investi...

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Burning orange light baffles Rudloe residents

Several witnesses observed the phenomenon in the sky over a rural part of England. The North Wiltshire village became the center of an aerial mystery ...

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EASTER SPECIAL: Is Mass Extinction the Opportunity for Global Rebirth?

Easter is historically a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His crucifixion, when, on the third day after His death, He was alleged to have risen again and lived on. Some say that the festival itself predates Christianity and actually has its roots in the worship of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality, though there is little evidence to support this theory. It is also said to be linked to a pagan festival dedicated to the worship of Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, though solid verification of this fact is also as elusive as the Easter Bunny.

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Last May, just before my tumor was discovered, we had a wonderful experience that has let Whitley and I to a new understanding of God--as Dog. Whitley was meditating and suddenly saw a dog from his childhood called Quagmire. Quag was always joyous even though he lived under very harsh conditions and was often struck by the father of the family, who had what we now know of as PTSD. But Quag just didn't have a hating bone or an angry bone in his body. He was made of unconditional love, immediate forgiveness and pure joy.

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16 abr. 2014

Se reescriben las leyes que determinan cómo el polvo modifica la luz que nos llega de las estrellas

Las limitaciones de las leyes empleadas desde 1989 para corregir este efecto, que inducen a errores en la caracterización de las estrellas, hacían necesario un relevo.

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World's most haunted island goes on sale

The Venetian island of Poveglia is considered to be one of the most haunted locations on the planet. In the 18th century the island was used as a quar...

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More New Planets Discovered - NASA Could Reveal New Twin Earth

Information regarding a new "Twin Earth" could be revealed at a press conference hosted by NASA at 11 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. EDT) Thursday, April 17.

The Kepler Space Telescope has made another important new discovery, details of which will be published in the journal Science, though publication is being delayed until after the press release.

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Why do animals sometimes rain from the sky ?

Stories of frogs, fish and other creatures falling from the sky like rain have been told for centuries. One of the earliest recorded examples of this ...

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Wed 16 Apr 2014 - Daily round-up of the world's weird news

The mysterious black ring of Leamington Spa, ghost-hunters raise Richard III, conjoined twins worshipped, God denied car loan

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Does Pluto have a subterranean ocean ?

A new theory suggests that Pluto, like Europa and Enceladus, may be home to a liquid water ocean. Its small, its distant and we don't know a whole lot...

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15 abr. 2014

El aeronauta temerario y una escena de amor a bordo de un globo (1785)

En un mundo que acababa de descubrir cómo volar en globos de aire caliente o, también, de hidrógeno, la pasión por el vuelo no tardó en llegar a todas partes. Por doquier aparecían los imitadores de los hermanos Montgolfier 1, queriendo emular los célebres vuelos con aerostatos en Francia, aunque pocos lograban separarse del suelo. Uno de aquellos émulos logró tanto éxito que tuvo hasta club de admiradores y fue conocido en Inglaterra como the daredevil aeronaut, el aeronauta temerario . Se trataba del aristócrata y diplomático italiano Vincenzo Lunardi , quien en su estancia en Londres dedicó tiempo a pensar cómo volar en globo más que en tareas propias de su cometido político. Vamos, que se obsesionó con la fama que le podría dar aquello de volar por los aires. Lo logró, y además lo hizo apenas unos meses después del triunfo de los Montgolfier.


El vuelo de Biggin y Letitia en el globo de Lunardi, Londres 1785.

Después de sus vuelos británicos, el aventurero italiano decidió probar suerte en otras tierras. Más que nada, lo que hizo fue escapar porque había armado un gran lío en Escocia con un vuelo en el que falleció una persona. Voló sobre el monte Vesubio en 1789, y realizó otros vuelos por Italia, así como en España y Portugal. Cada una de sus aventuras se convertía en un espectáculo y, por supuesto, en un negocio por el que se cobraba entrada o bien se ingresaba un nada despreciable capital por parte de patrocinadores. Lunardi ofreció dos vuelos en Madrid. El primero de ellos tuvo lugar en el parque del Retiro en agosto de 1792, acabando el viaje cerca de Alcalá de Henares. El Diario de Madrid se había encargado de caldear el ambiente anunciando la aventura. Carlos IV había ordenado que la recaudación del evento, o al menos una parte de ella, fuera destinada a fines benéficos. Para acceder al recinto del globo había que pagar 4 reales si se quería estar de pie al fondo, 24 para contar con una silla en las primeras filas o entre 20 y 16 por las más alejadas. Aquel 12 de agosto de 1792 se vendieron más 12.000 entradas para ver en el Retiro el flamante globo y al intrépido aeronauta, recaudándose la pasmosa cifra de 104.372 reales2.

Todo el que pintaba algo en Madrid y alrededores se acercó a ver el espectáculo, eso de figurar no es cosa de nuestro tiempo, uno no podía perderse el evento más sonado del año. Las damas estrenaron llamativos vestidos, se veían flamantes uniformes, se reunieron tres bandas de música y todo tipo de vendedores de aperitivos. Hacia las cuatro de la tarde se destapó el globo, repleto su interior de aire mezclado con hidrógeno hasta dos terceras partes de su capacidad. Sonaron marchas, apareció por allí un pequeño al que todos miraban, alguien que andando el tiempo se convertiría en Fernando VII, junto con otros miembros de la familia real. Las gentes que habían pagado por las sillas no hicieron uso de ellas, todo el mundo permaneció de pie intentando alargar sus cuellos para no perder detalle de la fiesta. Hacia las seis se hizo el silencio, Lunardi ascendió a su nave y fueron liberadas las cuerdas de amarre, el globo ascendió mientras sonaba una marcha compuesta en Londres para el evento por Samuel Westley, llamado por algunos “el Mozart inglés”.

El aparato ascendió con lentitud mientras miles de ojos observaban con asombro el vuelo del intrépido aeronauta, que se convirtió pronto en un lejano punto en el cielo. Entonces el silencio se convirtió en delirio, la gente gritaba y reía, el asombro fue general. Lunardi comentó más tarde que subió hasta una altitud en la que el frío era muy molesto. Escribió a duras penas unas frases sobre un papel que envió al viento por medio de una paloma mensajera. El destinatario era el duque de la Roca, supervisor oficial del evento, pero la paloma cayó casi a plomo por el frío acabando finalmente merendada por los cerdos de una granja. El globo descendió cerca de Alcalá, donde las gentes ayudaron al aeronauta a vaciar el gas y plegar el globo, mientras se le ofrecía una espectacular cena.


Vuelo sobre Aranzjuez, obra de Antonio Carnicero.

El segundo vuelo partió de Aranjuez el 8 de enero de 1793. Una auténtica fiesta, con la familia real, aristócratas y personas de toda condición asombrados de nuevo. Volar en invierno en Madrid tiene sus peligros, el globo debió de ser protegido contra la helada de la noche y hubo retrasos porque se había formado hielo sobre la cubierta pese a tanta precaución. Carlos IV y familia aparecieron en uno de los balcones que daba al patio de palacio, el globo ascendió y, de repente, el viento comenzó a jugar con el aparato y… con los nobles. Aquello parecía más un partido de tenis que otra cosa, pues tan pronto el globo aparecía a un lado del palacio como en la otra, en bandazos rápidos. Tuvo que ser gracioso porque la familia real y sus acompañantes corrieron entre pasillos para mirar por las ventanas de una fachada del palacio y, al poco, debían ir a la contraria para poder seguir el vuelo del globo de Lunardi.

Volvamos a Inglaterra para dar cuenta de la razón del título de este artículo. Recordemos que Lunardi se había convertido allí en toda una estrella. En su primer vuelo británico, un tanto accidentado, tuvo por compañía a un perro, un gato y una paloma enjaulada. Pronto cambió esas compañías por otras más “publicitarias”. Las multitudes le seguían e incluso la moda femenina comenzó a crear nuevas prendas y estilos siguiendo los estilos del diseño de los globos del italiano.

Lunardi tenía un socio en tierras inglesas llamado George Biggin, que iba a ser su compañero de vuelo el 29 de junio de 1785. Junto a ellos volaría un amigo, el coronel Hastings, y una mujer muy especial. Se trataba de Letitia Ann Sage, una modelo y actriz con cierta fama y una apasionada seguidora de Lunardi. La siguiente imagen nos muestra una pintura de aquel mismo año en el que se idealiza la escena. Aparecen Vincenzo Lunardi, George Biggin y la señorita Letitia Anne Sage.


Pensemos en el globo, no es que fuera una maravilla de la tecnología, a duras penas podía volar y era prácticamente incontrolable, marcharía allá donde el viento deseara. Comento esto porque había un factor clave: el peso de los ocupantes. Resultó que, al subir los cuatro a la barquilla, el globo no se movió. Los espectadores que se habían congregado en la orilla sur del Támesis se impacientaban, el espectáculo debía llevarse a cabo como fuera. Volvamos a la imagen anterior porque tiene su importancia y lo de “idealización” tiene su aquel. Lunardi y Hastings decidieron que sólo volarían Biggin y Letitia porque resultó que la actriz era, cuando menos, voluminosa, algo muy apreciado por entonces. Lo malo es que ese aprecio no tenía nada que ver con la física, así que el exceso de peso impedía al globo ascender, cosa que sólo pudo ser posible cuando se redujo a dos el número de ocupantes. He aquí un retrato de Letitia Ann Sage realizado aquel mismo año.


La ascensión fue problemática. Las gentes quedaron impresionadas, ¡una mujer y un hombre volando en globo! ¿Qué podría suceder allá arriba? Los cotilleos fueron instantáneos, Letitia quedó arrodillada al poco de comenzar la aventura, intentando cerrar la barquilla, mientras Biggin quedaba justo a su espalda creando una escena que se prestaba mucho al doble sentido. Aunque se hicieron chistes acerca del peso de la actriz, realmente era imposible que aquello volara con cuatro personas, ni siquiera con tres y además estaba el problema del espacio en la barquilla, Lunardi no había calculado bien.

Letitia y Biggin surcaron los cielos de Londres durante casi dos horas, merendaron allá arriba y, a decir de algunos cronistas muy imaginativos, hicieron mucho más que disfrutar de la comida. Finalmente aterrizaron sobre unos campos cerca de Harrow, donde les esperaba un cabreado labriego que a punto estuvo de ensartarlos con una horca de no haber sido porque fueron salvados por unos chiquillos . Así pues, tras los cotilleos que aparecieron en la prensa días después, siempre quedará la duda de si Letitia y Biggin fueron los primeros en experimentar las delicias del sexo en vuelo de toda la historia.


1 Bartolomeu Lourenço de Gusmão ya había logrado un vuelo aerostático en 1706, pero la aventura del portugués apenas fue conocida en Europa y, por ello, no entró en mayúsculas en la historia.

2 Véase La Ilustración artística del 10 de agosto de 1896.

El aeronauta temerario y una escena de amor a bordo de un globo (1785) apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 15 abril 2014.

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Spain: The F.A. Case (Mérida, Badajoz) 25 December 1976

Spain: The F.A. Case (Mérida, Badajoz) 25 December 1976

By Pedro María Fernández

The case I am going to discuss below has had to wait over twenty years before coming to light. Its protagonist, F.A. (we can only provide his initials at his own request) is a professor of Beaux Arts in the city of Mérida and at no time agreed to have anything published until the day he died.

F.A., who was 46 years old at the time, was in the company of two young students – 16 and 17 respectively – at ten o’clock in the morning of Saturday, 25 December 1976 only a few kilometers away from the city of Mérida near the Madrid-Cáceres railroad tracks. It was then that they became aware of a “strange patch of fog.”

The area consisted of a rectangle measuring some one hundred meters long by two meters tall at its center, although less high along its edges. It was located between some olive trees. The witnesses were engaged in illegal bird hunting using compressed air rifles. Upon seeing it, they were startled to see the “fog bank” moving toward them. Before they knew it, they were enveloped in it. It was so dense that they grew frightened, because they were almost unable to see each other despite their close proximity. They tried to move out of it, and moments later the “fog” abandoned them, the day becoming sunny once more. They continued hunting, remarking on the strangeness of the unusual phenomenon until noon, when the main witness asked the two young men to return home, as he was going to stay behind a little more.

He continued to walk until he sat on the ground beside a tree, feeling tired, rifle in hand. Moments later, he fell into a deep slumber.

At a given moment he half-opened his eyes, finding himself surrounded by a great darkness. He felt so tired, however, that he kept sleeping. This situation was abruptly interrupted when he felt a sharp pain on his left shoulder. He opened his eyes suddenly, seeing that it was nearly nighttime. He didn’t even have a chance to find out what the time was, since as a consequence of the pain he glanced to his left arm and was horrified to find a sort of “tentacle” holding him down. He tried to react, wondering if it was all a nightmare, making sure that he was resting against the same tree and unable to understand how night had fallen so quickly. He was then able to ascertain that something was in fact fastened around his arm. In self-defense, he tried to reach a nearby wire fence to hold on to and free himself from the “tentacle”. He let go of the rifle and touched the “thing” with his right hand, noting that it had a spongy feel to it. He had barely moved a few meters when he noticed a source of light to his right. When he looked, he saw it emanated from a dark, egg-shaped form resting on its side. The light revealed the outline of a slender “person”. Thoughts raced through his head; fear caused him to feel the hammering of blood at his temples and a sharp pain in his chest which caused him to black out.

When he came to, everything was confusion. He was in a broad room or apartment, lying on a stretcher or something similar. The first thing he saw was a lamp or something similar measuring two meters in diameter that issued a powerful white light. He rose slightly to have a better look, thinking it was a hospital room. He found himself surrounded by devices and lights with an ideal temperature and in absolute silence. A sort of compass attracted his attention, but it wasn’t a compass exactly, with numbers and signs unknown to him. The sound of voices with intervals of noise issued from the device, speaking in an unknown language. It seemed to give and receive orders at the same time. When it grew silent, a series of colored lights began turning on and off, some of the colors so unusual that they were hard to define, despite his command of artistic drawing.

He remained on the stretcher until he decided to get someone’s attention, which he repeated on several occasions. Moments later he heard a rather confused voice in Spanish saying: “…very easy now, we’ll look in on you shortly, don’t be frightened, easy now…” Silence reigned in the room for another eight to ten minutes, when a sliding door opened, allowing the entry of three individuals the witness took to be physicians. When they approached, he was stunned. Their appearance was so strange that he immediately realized the situation was abnormal and he was not in a hospital. Although he had never believed in it, laughing at those who told such stories, he was only able to think that he was aboard some sort of craft, and grew nervous thinking about what the ultimate outcome would be. The three beings were identical and approached him kindly. Only one of them, in fact, the nearest one, did the talking. They touched his forehead, face and part of his chest, took his pulse, applied a device connected to one of the walls on his chest. It was a very heavy object with a tiny screen looking toward him.

Following the examination, there was a mutual exchange of questions between the witness and the three beings. The questions ranged from the cause of their behavior toward Mr. F.A. to his behavior toward this captors, their possible origin, etc.

Some of these questions were not answered due to the intervention of the compass-like machine. At no time did the other two beings play a part in the conversation, acting as mere witnesses. They told him that from this moment onward, they would be able to contact him at any time, as they had placed “something” in his body to facilitate this task. Then something strange happened.

All of the lights went out, leaving the scene in darkness. Everything returned to normal shortly after. He was told that something had flown over them and it was necessary to “silence” their presence. He was then told that since he had recovered from the cause of his blackout (a heart attack), he could return outside once more. They accompanied him outside, and he was once again startled by the darkness of the surrounding countryside. As he moved away from the object, it began rising slightly from its horizontal position, like an egg resting on its side, to immediately become diagonal within four meters, taking off until it could only be seen as a dark spot that suddenly became bright, vanishing from view.

During this process, he only heard a sound similar to the buzzing of honeybees.

When he started to become aware of where he was, he found it was not far from where he’d fallen asleep. He tried to check the time, but the wristwatch had stopped, so he stumbled his way toward Mérida. Daylight was dawning by the time he reached his home. Relatives, alarmed by his disappearance, chided him for not advising them of his intention to return so late. When told the time, he deduced that he must have left the object around seven in the morning. Stunned and not listening to his relatives, and without eating breakfast, he said he was very tired and decided to lie down. He slept deeply and was awakened for lunch around two o’clock. Upon standing up, he screamed and fell to the ground. Seeing his condition, his family took him to the hospital, where it was believed he’d had an attack of gout. Subsequent examinations revealed a cardiac weakness and he was rushed to the city of Badajoz. After this stay, it was necessary to send him to the Puerta de Hierro Clinic in Madrid, where he was admitted with an abnormal clinical picture, falling into a coma and regaining sudden normality three days later. During the five subsequent years, and after having been placed on total disability, the source of his frequent and strange ailments was never determined.


During one of F.A.’s various stays in the Puerta de Hierro Clinic, it occurred that an x-ray of his right shoulder revealed the presence of a spherical shape that was classified as a “foreign body”.

“Dr. Y told me that they were going to extirpate it. The next morning, upon repeating the x-ray before the operation, the object had gone. The doctor ordered another x-ray, which he did himself, confirming the negative result of the preceding one. The object had mysteriously vanished. They had better luck with the big toe on my right foot, from which they extracted a small object like a pellet. They ask me if I knew where it came from. I said I didn’t. Then two gentlemen showed up and took it away, very surprised.”


F.A. also showed signs of radioactive contamination. Despite its low level, the witness was never able to explain its origin. During repeated examinations performed at the clinic, he was asked on several occasions about the possible cause of his maladies. F.A. never mentioned a thing about his incident.

“Today I’ve received three whistling sounds,” F.A. went on, “and that’s why I phoned you. During the first appointment, whenever I tried to tell you something I got a whistle. I know you left feeling disappointed, and probably thought ill of me. Now you know why. They told me that their craft was only to come here. They hailed from a bigger one, whose size and volume would blank out the sun. It was endowed with great speed. They are run by what we call computers and operate by thought. These machines make corrections and give advice. According to those beings, it would take us 50 years to reach their world. It would only take them a few hours. Inside the object they showed me a series of plants they had obtained through mixtures with other to promote their vitamin potential.”

“What looked like a compass – they said – had full control over the ship, to the point that it could self-destruct the vessel if a warlike decision was made. Before taking off, when the blackout occurred, they explained to me that there were objects in their path. When they took off, they turned on their lights and got in motion. What they knew of our language had been gleaned from radio stations.”

Logically, I asked them: “Why don’t you teach Earth people what you know?”

Then the machine told me: “Earth people are still not ready to receive us. If we do, we would unleash a warlike reaction, prompting us to retaliate and kill many innocents. We are finding the way to access your planet peacefully. You will act as a messenger, transmitting what we have told you.”


F.A. would undergo a true ordeal as from 27 December. For several years, before being declared disabled, he would be subjected to multiple procedures whose outcome was no clear source for his illnesses, some of which have been brought about by the treatment given to remedy initial symptoms.

As a summary of the bulging medical file, we shall remark upon the anecdotal account of the “phantom” encephalogram.

This was an encephalogram performed upon him, displaying utterly abnormal readings, giving the impression that there was no activity in F.A.’s brain at all. This was impossible, as his signs were the exact opposite. We would like to believe that its disappearance had little more significance than some specialist taking [the scan] away as a curiosity or else to prepare a report for a medical journal. The witness went from being a normal adult with some vision problems and signs of non-insulin dependent diabetes to suffering several heart attacks, and a palindromic syndrome of unknown etiology, contaminated by an unknown virus that affected his defenses, migratory rheumatism that caused him serious pain, states of shock causing his vital signs to flat line before being restored to full normalcy within forty-eight and seventy-six hours, as well as aberrant organic abnormalities such as a 45-day-old intestinal obstruction, putrid-looking, with a weight of ten kilograms.

The place on his arm where he complained about the pressure of the alleged tentacle left him a bilabial mark shaped like two half-beans. Whenever they turned from pink to purple, F.A. would phone the doctors to advise them that he would require hospitalization within a couple of days. Inexorably, all of his vital signs would drop during that time period.

It is necessary to stress a detail of a case that draws significant parallels to other abduction cases. In a personal letter from one of the doctors at Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro Hospital in Badajoz, the witness is told: “If you could assist us by telling us what really happened to you, perhaps we could assist you more effectively, given that others have had symptoms similar to your own.”


The two people who collected the object extracted from his foot turned out to be an American doctor and a gentleman in civilian clothing, who the witness later learned was a military man. Both ordered his transfer to Arganda for further study. To date, and despite numerous requests by the witness and the researchers, the etiology of the small object was never made available to them.

What mechanism or mechanism caused the presence of these two persons during the surgical removal of the object and its subsequent analysis? Perhaps it was due to the fact of having been determined as contaminated by radiation, or to the story the witness told in his nightmares.

The witness claims that he never told the story to any of the doctors. These, however, in one instance, advised him not to publicize the strangeness of his maladies, as doing so might affect his pension.

F.A. was declared incurable four years after the event. In spite of this, his ordeal through the hospitals went on until he died. Due to his refusal to be hypnotized, many of the details that he himself was unable to remember have gone with him to the grave.


Initial contact with the witness was completely negative. During the encounter, F.A. did his best to test the interviewer, who considered him a hypochondriac suffering from an array of illnesses which had not been correctly diagnosed. At no time was there any discussion of anything related to strange phenomena.

Several months went before a second interview was held, in a rather unusual manner due to the time and urgency.

The time was ten o’clock at night and the witness was in a state of severe physical deterioration, to the evident alarm of his wife and adopted son. F.A. asked not to be disturbed, shutting the living room door. He then gave the interviewer, without a word, a group of typewritten pages and a binder filled with medical documents, asking him to photocopy these and return them, and urging him to read the pages, which the interviewer did with equal measures of duty and amazement. In these pages, he found an unusual story whose summary has been stated herein.

Next, and with allowing any time for surprise, the witness said: “I’m available to you know. I’m not feeling well. Tomorrow I shall be hospitalized again. Use your tape recorder and ask me anything you deem convenient.”

Over the course of a lengthy conversation, F.A. related all the details of his extraordinary adventure. The interview can be read in my book Los Visitantes Desconocidos (The Unknown Visitors)

Source: Misterios del Hombre y del Universo


[Translation © 2014, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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