26 sept. 2017

‘Remolinos’ de luz para manipular nanopartículas

Un profesor de la Universidad de Córdoba, junto a colegas europeos, ha desarrollado un método que simplifica y abarata el proceso para controlar materia a escala nanométrica. En concreto, ha producido vórtices de luz vectoriales que generan diferentes patrones de polarización, cada uno con diferentes aplicaciones tecnológicas.
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25 sept. 2017

The Sun's Sudden Burst of Activity Puzzles Scientists

The past month has seen a startling increase in activity by the Sun with four powerful X-class solar flares recorded; including one that measured as a X9.3, the strongest since 2005. Coronal mass ejections (CME) – huge arcs of plasma that erupt from the Sun's surface – interfered with GPS, and high-frequency radio transmissions, and generated spectacular aurora displays. But, in addition to the sudden intensity of these events, this recent burst of activity has left scientists scratching their heads.

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Mexico: More on the Acayucan "Lights"

Mexico: More on the Acayucan "Lights"
By Scott Corrales

The following is a brief transcription of a presentation by Roberto Montalvo of the Diario Vanguardia newspaper on the Expediente Punto Cero radio show hosted by Yohanan Díaz Vargas.

Roberto Montalvo says the following: "Between 8;30 and 9:30 pm the 911 line received phone calls requesting help from the manager of Rancho "El Sinaí" - a ranch occupied by at least three or four families. To be more specific, the ranch is located on the Acayucan Highway and is halfway along, so to speak. In this regard there is a video in which this gentleman describes a little of what was experienced by these families. He says they witnessed the descent of a light, a yellowish-white light, and at that moment, the entire household went outside to see what was going on. They stepped outside with flashlights and shone their lights on it. They said the unidentified flying object was behind a mango tree, and that's what prompted them to call the police. They state that the light was visible, but it practically vanished - the object vanished behind a mango tree. The property is quite extensive, and when the naval police arrived, they conducted a search that yielded no results. However, there must have been something to account for the secrecy. When the naval police conducted their search, they were afraid. A lone policeman was sent ahead with his rifle and shouted back, "Hey! come with me!" and they set off as if to ambush someone. But that's exactly what happened, what was said by the owner - I mean the manager, sorry - of Rancho "El Sinaí" located in Congregación Hidalgo."

Acayucan is located at 17.9492° N, 94.9146° W in the state of Veracruz, which has an extensive history of UFO sightings and encounters with non-human entities.

The following cases are abstracted from INEXPLICATA: UFOs IN LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN:

On October 2, 1965, a fourteen year old girl in the city of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, ran away screaming in fright when a flying disk some twenty feet in diameter dropped out the heavens to hover directly over while issuing a soft, whistling sound. The object was surrounded by multicolored lights that appeared to dangle from it. After this daytime apparition, the object was seen over the same city again at night.

Between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m. on May 7, 1967, the Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Veracruz were visited by a veritable celestial armada of UFOs: at least twenty individual blue, yellow and red lights flew in formation over the heads of thousands of bewildered onlookers. The formation was spearheaded by a colossal red saucer and leisurely appeared to be following a northwesterly course. Newspapers in these four states carried the story but no photographs of the formation. A similar occurrence took place on August 6, 1967, when the citizens of Poza Rica, Veracruz, were treated to the sight of several "waves" of unidentified flying objects -- each wave having its own color -- as they flew overhead to become lost over the Gulf of Mexico.

A year later, on September 18, 1968, Antonio Nieto-- a cab driver plowing the main avenue of the city of Coatepec -- thought that an otherwise slow night was coming to an end when he pulled over to pick up a fare, or so he thought: his would-be passenger turned out to be a black-clad figure with glowing hands and enormous cat-like eyes that glowed eerily in the taxi's lights as it stood on the curb. The terrified cab driver stepped on the gas and put as much distance as he could between himself and the frightful apparition.

As chance would have it, he ran into a fellow cabdriver who had also been hailed by the nightmarish apparition. Leaving one cab behind, both men set off in the other vehicle and went in search of a local journalist, who accompanied them to the spot where the improbable creature had last been seen. Their effort was rewarded by a third encounter with the entity, which now held in its glowing hands a crystal wand that emanated a radiance that hurt the eyes. A staff writer for Mexico City's Excelsior noted that in spite of the ufonauts' vaunted ability to cross space, they encountered the same difficulty as Earthlings when it came to hailing a cab.

High Strangeness could also be found in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. On February 17, 1969, an unknown animal washed up on Veracruzan shores at a location known locally as "El Palmar de Susana" between the fishing communities of Tecolutla and Hautla. The authorities were dumbfounded by their find: the creature's head weighed approximately a ton, measuring 6 feet across and 4 feet from top to bottom. A 9- foot long “beak” that projected from the skull startled scientists who at first thought they were dealing with a decomposing whale carcass. The creature's hide was described as "wooly" and resistant to all manner of knives, machetes, axes and saws. Biologists Sergio García, Martín Contreras and Daniel Yutch were entrusted with studying the cryptid without reaching any conclusive results. According to Dr. Rafael Lara Palmeros, the University of California purchased the mystery remains, and their final whereabouts are equally enigmatic.

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Mexico: An Alleged UFO Landing and a Night of Lights

Source: PLANETA UFO and Diario Eyipantla
Date: Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mexico: UFO Supposedly Lands in Acayucan

***The alleged UFO landed near Congregación Hidalgo in the Municipality of Acayucan***

Newsroom/ San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz - The sighting of an alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) gained traction on social media last night. The information was published on several groups and social networks within a matter of hours. Some news sites also shared the information.

Residents of Congregación Hidalgo reportedly saw a UFO descending in the vicinity of the Monte Sinaí ranch before approaching the community. The citizenry and Marcelo Arias, owner of the premises, alerted elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSP) and the Naval Police.

Randulfo Urbano noted that his niece Maribel Trichi remarked about having seen "a light on the moon" which later descended.

Municipal agent Elulalio Trichi Morales told him it was quite possible that the sighting had taken place next to a pond at Monte Sinaí.

The manager of the "Sinaí" ranch informed the authorities and the media that an unidentified flying object had fallen in the area. He saw it as a large light that came out of the sky, being unable to identify it for what it was. Elements of the naval police reported to the scene along with reporters who testified to the story given by residents of the ranch, claiming to have seen something "fall" out of the sky.

An effort was made to light up the object with a flashlight as it lost itself among the trees, yet others preferred to remain in their homes, frightened by the situation.

Reports were also received of lights seen in other municipalities in the State's southern area. Images were shared on Facebook, allegedly taken by users of that social network, in the municipalities of Catemaco, San Andrés, San Juan Evangelista y Sayula, where lights were also visible.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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22 sept. 2017

Anne and Whitley have a Great Discussion about Their New Book

Anne Strieber has conclusively proved her continued presence in a double-blind study conducted by a major researcher in the area of afterlife studies. In this discussion, she and Whitley explain what she did and why. This is a delightful conversation between two people who are now sharing one body. It is pure joy and you can hear it in Whitley's voice. Prepare for some serious fun!

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The Enigmatic "Devil's Letter", Translated

On August 11, 1676, sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, a Benedictine nun with the Palma di Montechiaro convent in Italy, was found unconscious in her room, her face smeared with ink, with an undecipherable letter written in an unknown script clutched in her hand. Although she did not remember the origin of the letter, nor could she and her sisters decode the cryptic writing on it, they concluded that Sister Maria had survived a battle with Satan, having refused to sign a letter written by the demon denouncing her faith.

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El baile retrasa a los electrones más rápidos

Físicos del centro donostiarra DIPC y la Universidad del País Vasco, junto con investigadores alemanes, han conseguido cronometrar con extrema precisión la emisión de electrones y explicar por qué los más rápidos terminan llegando los últimos. El motivo es que en el reino del attosegundo encuentran barreras de energía más altas y se quedan un tiempo ‘bailando’ alrededor de los núcleos atómicos.
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21 sept. 2017

NASA Reports the Flow Rate of Glaciers in West Antarctic has Increased

A recently-published study from NASA has revealed that glaciers in West Antarctica's Marguerite Bay have increased their flow rate, speeding up by up to 25 percent, an event that has accelerated ice loss in the region from 2 to 3 meters (7 to 10 feet) per year to 10 meters (33 feet). Prior to 2008, the flow rates of the four affected glaciers had been stable for two decades, but a major calving event in 1989 left the bay with little to no ice shelf, leaving them with only grounded ice on dry land -- a precarious position for its potential to affect sea level rise.

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Los rayos cósmicos de muy alta energía vienen de fuera de la Vía Láctea

La colaboración científica internacional del Observatorio Pierre Auger, en Argentina, ha detectado que los rayos cósmicos de muy alta energía que llegan a la Tierra proceden de fuera de nuestra galaxia. El descubrimiento resuelve un misterio astronómico de hace más de medio siglo, pero no desvela las fuentes que originan estas energéticas partículas.
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HOAX: The Corrientes Humanoid

Source: Orbita Cero Mendoza (Argentina)
Date: 09.21.2017

HOAX: The Corrientes Humanoid

As could well be expected, the photo of the humanoid entity supposedly photographed by police before it took a plunge into the Paraná River has turned out to be less than meets the eye.

Argentina's Orbita Cero Mendoza reported in its blog that the CIFAD center of the province of Corrientes had "uncovered the fraudulent nature of the video" from which the image was taken.

The image had a viral effect on social media and the Internet at large. It turns out to be a clip from the horror movie "O.V.N.I."

Orbita Cero Mendoza gives us the following information, which is translated below:

"Production company Decar Films reports that the Spanish independent film "O.V.N.I." is the story of an incredible experience recorded by four people who went to a forest in Robledo de Chavela to shoot a documentary on the UFO phenomenon. Their cameras picked up something unusual. The screenplay was written and directed by Diego Carballo & Daniel Carlón, starring Peio Arzak, Sergio Torres, Diego Carballo and Daniel Carlón. The CIFAD report not only highlights the spurious nature of the Parque Mitre alien, but also the viral effect it exerted [on the Internet]

Finding the party responsible for the hoax, says the blog, will be up to CIFAD. They also suggest the possibility that this might be part of some sort of "psychosocial experiment" which could be even more disquieting.

This brings to an end the story of the Corrientes Humanoid.

The CIFAD video is available at: https://youtu.be/yzFgr1X34_w
The Spanish production (1hr 26min) can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/SUbo77Q0vVU

Our thanks to Luis Emilio Annino.

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Plutonio de un satélite accidentado en los años 60 permanece en Madagascar

En 1964 el satélite estadounidense SNAP-9A tuvo un accidente durante su puesta en órbita y se desintegró sobre Madagascar, liberando un kilo de plutonio-238 que usaba como combustible. La huella de este isótopo radiactivo todavía se detecta en una turba del país africano, según han confirmado investigadores del Centro Nacional de Aceleradores.del  Madagascar.
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2 Strong Quakes in the Pacific as Catastrophes Unfold in Puerto Rico and Mexico

Two 6.1 earthquakes struck in the Pacific, one near the island of Vanuatu and the other off the coast of Japan uncomfortably near the damaged Fukushima power plant. At the same time, frantic rescue efforts have brought out a citizen army in Mexico city who are helping overstressed emergency services. Meanwhile, Hurricane Maria is causing a catastrophe on the island of Puerto Rico, where all electric power has failed and 155 MPH sustained winds are destroying infrastructure and gigantic flash floods are roaring down the mountainsides.

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20 sept. 2017

We may have a Larger Carbon Budget Available to deal with Global Warming than Originally Anticipated

A new study published in the journal Nature Geoscience has found that the goal of the Paris climate accord of keeping global warming levels below 2ºC (3.6ºF) may be easier to achieve than originally anticipated, allowing humanity a much larger carbon budget to work with. One of the major reasons certain parties have rejected the Paris Accord was the perceived difficulty in attaining that goal, but this new finding, if correct, should help encourage more action in regards to what we need to do to curtail global warming.

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UFO Disclosure in the Trump Era

September 20, 2017
Famed UFO researcher and scholar Richard Dolan joins Whitley for a wide ranging discussion about things like the Roswell materials, UFO disclosure, and the breakaway civilization that utilizes advanced technologies and is held secret from the rest of us.

Where is it, for example? Might you know somebody involved in it without even realizing this? And do they have any sort of a presence off-planet, for example on the moon or Mars? Given his deep and detailed research into these questions, Richard offers unique and authoritative opinions.

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The Psychic Experience

Wednesday September 20, 2017
What sort of a world do psychically awakened people see? Is there consensus reality there?How do they maneuver in it? This week we will be talking to Matt, a man with an ability to heal using psychic means. How does he do it? What is he experiencing?
StreamGuys MP3 Stream URL: 

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U.S. Might Close Cuban Embassy over Mysterious Sonic Weapon Attacks

More information has come to light regarding the mysterious attacks perpetrated against American diplomats working at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba: 21 individuals have now been affected by what appears to be a series of attacks employing a covert sonic weapon. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that they are considering closing the embassy in response to the incidents, a move that could severely damage recently renewed diplomatic ties between Cuba and the U.S.

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19 sept. 2017

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Mexico City on Anniversary of '85 Quake

A 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City today causing terrified people to run from swaying buildings. Damage and casualties are not yet known. The 19 September 1985 event measured 8.0 on the Richter Scale, significantly more powerful than the quake that struck today, just two weeks after a powerful quake struck southern Mexico. Damage to buildings is being described by on-the-scene witnesses as "extensive."

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As 'Extremely Dangerous' Maria Heads for Caribbean, China Evacuates Millions Ahead of 2 Typhoons

Hurricane Maria is aiming at Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm that is still strengthening and could reach Category 5. Maria is presently displaying sustained winds of 120MPH and is developing a so-called "pinhole" eye, which suggests that the storm is evolving rapidly and could strengthen significantly. If the storm passes over Puerto Rico and the Lesser Antilles intact, it could threaten the US mainland, but it's too early to tell where.

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18 sept. 2017

Steampunk Space Probes: Inspiration for NASA's Next Venus Probe came from 2,300-Year-Old Antikythera Computer

To say the environment on the surface of Venus is extreme might be viewed as an understatement by some: the hottest planet in the Solar System's air cooks at a scorching 462ºC (864ºF), under crushing atmospheric pressure that is 92 times greater than Earth's -- and that's not counting the corrosive effects of the sulphuric acid lacing the clouds. The result is an environment that severely limits the lifespan of manmade probes sent there, that are typically measured in timescales of mere hours, as opposed to the years-long missions enjoyed by Mars rovers.

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Argentina: Further Detials on the Parque Mitre "Alien"

Source: Planeta UFO and Misterio TV
Date: 09.18.17

Argentina: Further Details on The Parque Mitre "Alien"

[Editor's note: News items of this sort are titillating and often disappointing. Approach the subject matter with caution. Updates will be published as they appear.]

On Tuesday, September 13, the Argentinean media published the story of an event occurring in Parque Mitre, where a group of police officers attached to the 4th sheriff's office reported to the area where a group of teenagers reported the strange behavior of an "individual" prowling the surroundings.

When police cruiser 612 arrived on the scene to make contact with this alleged person, they were able to see a strange being that was immediately photographed with a cellphone camera. When police officers tried to approach the 'extraterrestrial being', they said it escaped, jumping into the water and vanishing from sight immediately.

This isn't the first time that beings of extraterrestrial origin have been photographed in Argentina, a country that appears to be a 'hotspot' for alien encounters and contact.

What is striking about the police report concerning the being's behavior is that it leaped into the water, leading us to believe that could be perfectly deployed under the sea, from which many people have seen UFOs emerging.

The photograph is of very high quality. We can perfectly make out the humanoid details - it is a bipedal being, without any apparent clothing, with eyes characteristic of the 'tall Greys' and with good musculature, possibly developed in our gravity. One could suppose this being has lived on our planet for many years to develop such muscles.

We are sharing this image so you can draw your own conclusions from what appears to be seemingly irrefutable evidence.

Source: http://ift.tt/2wpyULK

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez]

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Argentina: An ALLEGED Alien in Parque Mitras (Corrientes)

Source: Planeta UFO, Diario Primera Linea, Radio LTAM900
Date: 09.18.17

Argentina: An ALLEGED Alien in Parque Mitras (Corrientes)

[Editor's note: News items of this sort are titillating and often disappointing. Approach the subject matter with caution. Updates will be published as they appear.]

Radio station LT7AM 900 in the neighboring city of Corrientes published an event on its Facebook page that took place on Tuesday night in Corrientes's capital city. Close to where the abandoned ships can be found, personnel belong to the 4th sheriff's office reported to the location after having been tipped off to the presence of a 'strange person' in the area, behaving oddly. Reporting to the scene, officers aboard police cruiser 612 managed to "see the subject and when trying to identify it, saw a strange creature that was photographed with a cellphone camera." It subsequently dived into the water.

The photo atatched is the same one that appears on the radio station's social media page. We have no way of telling whether it is true or falke. What we do notice is that the being was captured perfectly in the midde of the night.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]
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Una llamarada solar captada desde España en 1886

Los satélites han detectado este mes potentes llamaradas del Sol, pero este fenómeno se viene registrando desde hace más de un siglo. El 10 de septiembre de 1886 un joven astrónomo aficionado, con tan solo 17 años, observó desde Madrid con su modesto telescopio uno de estos súbitos destellos en una mancha solar. Escribió lo que veía, lo dibujó y envió los datos a una revista científica francesa, donde fueron publicados según cuentan ahora científicos del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias y la Universidad de Extremadura.
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17 sept. 2017

Maria Aims at Caribbean while Lee forms Behind it and Jose Heads out to Sea

Tropical storm Maria is likely to become a powerful hurricane and appears headed along the same path into the Caribbean that Irma took. Meanwhile, Lee appears to be organizing off Cape Verde while Jose,a category 1 hurricane with 80MPH winds seems likely to stay out at sea. If Maria becomes a hurricane, it could form into an extremely dangerous storm, and until south central Atlantic and Caribbean waters cool in November, similar storms could continue to form.

However, normal seasonal air flow southward across the United States is more and more likely to prevent these systems from affecting the US mainland. Not so the Caribbean, which will remain vulnerable throughout hurricane season.

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16 sept. 2017

La aventura del “Pájaro amarillo” y el primer polizón aéreo

En plena época de grandes gestas aeronáuticas, tres aviadores franceses deciden volar en su “Pájaro amarillo” desde Estados Unidos hasta Francia. Tras muchas aventuras, se convertirán en la cuarta tripulación que logre cruzar el “charco” del Atlántico, además de ser los primeros europeos en hacerlo (y, también, fueron los primeros en volar desde América a España, aunque por accidente). En esta ocasión las cosas no salieron como se había planificado. Aterrizaron en un lugar y un país que no estaban previstos y, además, voló con ellos un invitado inesperado. Esta es su historia…

Tripulación del Pájaro amarillo. Fuente: Aérea, agosto de 1929.

La regata aérea y un cocodrilo para Musolini

En algunos periódicos llamaron “regata aérea transatlántica” a la reunión de dos aviones aventureros 1, destinados a volar sobre las aguas del Atlántico desde Norteamérica a Europa. El lugar de partida, la playa de Old Orchard, en Maine (Estados Unidos), un lugar turístico en el que se dieron cita dos aviones singulares.

Bien, nos situamos el día de San Antonio de 1929, esto es, el 13 de junio. Después de muchos preparativos, el avión Green Flash (rayo o destello verde, un aparato derivado del Bellanca J), se enfrenta al L´Oiseau Canari (el Pájaro amarillo, un monoplano francés adaptado del Bernard-Hubert 190T).

No era un enfrentamiento real, más bien una competición amistosa. El avión estadounidense Green Flash, tripulado por Roger Q. Williams y Lewis Alonzo Yancey pretendía volar desde la playa americana hasta Roma. Por otro lado, el avión francés tripulado por Jean Assolant, Rene Lefèvre y Armando Lotti, tenía como destino París. Todos ellos seguían manteniendo viva la llama del reto Atlántico, a pesar de que, ni mucho menos, eran los primeros en hacerlo. Sin embargo, desde que Lindbergh había volado entre Estados Unidos y Francia en 1927 (otros volaron sobre el Atlántico antes, pero él fue el más mediático y fue el primero en conseguirlo sin escalas de oeste a este entre extremos continentales), muchos otros se animaron a continuar con el reto.

El Pájaro amarillo a su salida de los Estados Unidos. Fuente: Heraldo deportivo, 5 de julio de 1929.

Volvamos a aquel 13 de junio del 29, con numeroso público en la playa. No era la primera vez que el Green Flash lo intentaba y, en esa ocasión… tampoco lo logró. Ni siquiera despegó, pues las irregularidades de la pista hicieron que volcara y se dañara seriamente. Este vídeo de British Pathé nos muestra cómo terminó su aventura.

Aunque el viaje del Green Flash terminó ahí, no tardaron mucho Williams y Yancey en volver a intentarlo. Fue en julio de 1929, cuando partiendo desde el mismo lugar, volaron en el Pathfinder hasta Roma, donde fueron recibidos como héroes. Eso sí, tuvieron que hacer escala de emergencia en Santander2.

Como dato curioso, cabe mencionar que, además de los dos pilotos, el Green Flash llevaba un pasajero singular, del que desconozco su destino. En su intento de vuelo anterior, de finales del mes de mayo, el avión acogió a una cría de cocodrilo, que viajaba a Roma como regalo para Benito Mussolini (hay que recordar que, por entonces, tanto Mussolini, como más tarde Hitler, tenían bastante buena prensa y eran vistos con fascinación por muchas personas en Estados Unidos). El cocodrilo iba a volar “empaquetado entre algodones y dentro de una caja de cartón”3.

El pasajero que nadie esperaba y un aterrizaje en España

Vamos con la historia del Pájaro amarillo, que fue llamado así porque, cómo no, estaba pintado de amarillo (y no al revés). Diseñado por el ingeniero Jean Hubert, de la Société des Avions Bernard, partió de la mencionada playa americana aquel 13 de junio del 29 a las 10 hora local, con destino París. Todo estaba pensado con sumo cuidado: la carga de combustible, el peso de los equipajes, raciones y elementos de emergencia… ¡todo estaba calculado con esmero para poder llegar al destino pensado sin problemas! Vale, todo eso hubiera sido ideal si no fuera porque al poco de estar volando sufrieron un susto de cuidado. Mientras el avión estaba en la playa, muchos lugareños habían ayudado a colocar el aparato en su posición adecuada para despegar. Lo que nadie sabía era que un chaval aventurero y alocado, un tal Arthur Schreiber, había aprovechado el lío en tierra para colarse en el Pájaro amarillo. Mientras estaban volando, no mucho tiempo después de partir, el ingenuo de Schreiber emergió del área trasera de carga del avión, entre las coberturas de tela que cubrían los pertrechos y se acercó a cabina gritando… ¡estoy aquí! (Here I am!).

Imaginemos la situación, porque no tiene precio. El tipo aparece por detrás y les pega un susto de muerte. Se convierte así en el primer polizón aéreo documentado y, cómo no, la cosa se pone fea. Tras los primeros instantes de enfado y tensión (seguro que pensaron seriamente lanzar al mar al tal Arthur), descubrieron que la broma era muy peligrosa. El peso adicional del nuevo pasajero (sesenta y pico kilos) hizo que la tripulación tuviera que volver a calcular las cargas: tiraron al mar algunas bolsas de correo, parte del equipaje y hasta el champán que llevaban para celebrar su aventura. Todo para compensar el peso adicional, además, se obligó a firmar en vuelo una declaración al polízón en la que renunciaba a cualquier derecho de las posibles publicaciones derivadas de aquella aventura.

Por fortuna, no pensaron en deshacerse de la mascota del vuelo4, que también era un pequeño cocodrilo, o caimán, según la fuente que se consulte (desconozco que dónde venía la manía de usar crías de cocodrilo o caimán de aquella manera). El Pájaro amarillo voló toda la noche en dirección este, lamentablemente encontraron mal tiempo sobre el océano, por lo que tuvieron que modificar el rumbo hacia el sudeste con relación a su ruta original. Pensaron aterrizar en las Azores, pero una súbita mejora del tiempo les hizo cambiar de nuevo su ruta, pensando que ya no había más problemas hasta llegar a Francia. Finalmente, entre los problemas derivados de la presencia del polizón y los propios de la meteorología, terminaron por aterrizar hacia las ocho de la tarde del día 14 de junio en un lugar que no esperaban: la playa española de Oyambre, en Cantabria, cerca de Comillas.

El Pájaro amarillo en la playa de Oyambre. Fuente: Mundo Gráfico, 19 de junio de 1929.

Otra imagen del Pájaro amarillo en la playa de Oyambre. Fuente: Mundo Gráfico, 19 de junio de 1929.

De izquierda a derecha: Lefèvre, Lotti y el polizón en la playa de Oyambre. Fuente: Mundo Gráfico, 19 de junio de 1929.

Pronto la playa se llenó de curiosos. Assolant, Lefèvre, Lotti y el polizón, después de casi treinta horas de vuelo y unos 6.000 kilómetros recorridos, se encontraron con una acogida que no esperaban. El vuelo se había torcido, la tripulación había encontrado una fuerte tormenta cerca ya de tierra continental que había desviado el aparato hasta el norte de España. Intentaron no romper con su ruta inicial, pero al ascender para tratar de sortear la tormenta, se habían encontrado con temperaturas gélidas. Total, ante algo así no les quedó más remedio que buscar con prisas un lugar adecuado para descender sin peligro antes de quedarse sin combustible5. Vale, no era lo ideal, pero no estaba nada mal, porque las cosas podían haber terminado mucho peor. Tal y como narraba El Heraldo de Madrid en su edición del sábado 15 de junio de 1929:

A las ocho de la noche aterrizó en la playa de Oyambre el avión “Pájaro amarillo”. (…) El vecindario de Comillas acudió presuroso a prestar auxilio a los aviadores. Estos descendieron del aparato y manifestaron que se habían visto obligados a aterrizar por falta de gasolina. Acompañados de las autoridades y el vecindario, que aclamó a los aviadores, se dirigieron en un automóvil a la fonda La Montañesa, donde se hospedaron. El aparato quedó custodiado por fuerzas de Carabineros y de la Guardia Civil de la villa, que prestan servicio en la playa. Con los dos pilotos venía un mecánico y un chico que al despegar el aparato se había colado en la cabina, haciendo el viaje con los aviadores, que se manifestaron muy sorprendidos por la presencia de aquel inesperado compañero de viaje. Un grupo de señoritas comillanas obsequió a los aviadores con ramos de flores, y éstos correspondieron dedicando autógrafos. Los aviadores son muy atendidos y agasajados por las autoridades y el vecindario. (…) También ha sufrido el avión la rotura de una pieza. Los aviadores se dirigieron a la Administración de Correos, donde depositaron varios paquetes de cartas que llevaban a París, con el fin de que sigan su destino. Como mascota llevan un pequeño caimán vivo.

Desde Comillas hablaron con el gobernador civil y con el general Saliquet, a los que pidieron que les faciliten gasolina y una pieza para sustituir la averiada en el motor. El gobernador civil ha hablado extensamente con ellos y se dispone a facilitarles cuando necesiten. En este momento los aviadores están cenando en la fonda, acompañados de las autoridades y el numeroso público estacionado antes la fonda aclamando a los tripulantes. Tienen el propósito de reanudar el vuelo mañana al mediodía si no se lo impide la pequeña avería del avión.

Arthur Schreiber, el alocado polizón

Mientras eso sucedía en Cantabria, estaban ya preparando un gran espectáculo para recibir a los nuevos héroes franceses en el aeropuerto parisino de Le Bourget. La fiesta estaba preparada ya para la hora prevista de llegada, pero el aviso del contratiempo y de la escala en España hizo que la celebración se retrasara unos días. Entre tanto, en Comillas se lucía un nuevo héroe: el polizón. Todo el mundo estaba fascinado con el chaval norteamericano de unos veinte años que se había colado en el avión. Siguiendo con la mencionada crónica, los periodistas tuvieron la oportunidad de entrevistarlo. Al parecer, su obsesión por volar venía de sus lecturas sobre héroes del cielo que aparecían en los periódicos americanos…

—¿Tanto deseo tenía usted de hacer un vuelo como este?
—Estaba loco porque se me presentase una ocasión de poder realizarlo; pero ya comprenderá usted que al mismo tiempo me daba cuenta de la imposibilidad de llevarlo a cabo quien, como yo, no es aviador.
—Sí; no hubiese cabido más que comprar un aparato y pagar a un piloto…
—Exacto, pero yo no tenía, no tengo dinero para semejante cosa, y en calidad de simple ciudadano americano ya me daba cuenta de que era irrealizable la aventura…
—No desistí por ello de poder volar como quería, descontando que ningún aviador me iga a conceder la gracia de aceptarme como pasajero.
—¿Esto también lo suponía usted?
—No, no —nos ha respondido don vehemencia—; lo sabía seguro; se lo he pedido a todos los que han intentado la travesía… Por eso me he escondido en el “Pájaro amarillo”. ¡Y he dado el salto a Europa!

Y al decir esto, el simpático polizón se exalta, la cara radiante, gesticula y se mueve nervioso de contento. Caso estamos a punto de decir que apenas le falta para romper un zapateado de júbilo. Preguntamos al polizón si no se había dado cuenta del peligro en que había puesto a los aviadores, y nos contesta que él no pensaba más que en la gloria. Estaba obsesionado por la proeza de Lindbergh, y como él no era piloto y por sus propios medios no podía conseguir su anhelo, había optado por este procedimiento. Añade que es la primera vez que ha volado en su vida. Nos dice que es actor de profesión y que ha trabajado en varios teatros de América.

Por su parte, el aviador Lotti nos dice que este polizón es un muchacho de gran imaginación, pues a ellos les ha dicho que era empleado de una oficina. Agrega que no ha sido nada valiente durante el vuelo. Preguntamos a Lotti si piensa continuar con el polizón el viaje y nos contesta que llegarán con él a París, porque dejarle aquí sin dinero y sin conocer el idioma sería tanto como si le hubieran arrojado al Atlántico…

Estoy seguro que se les pasó por la cabeza tirarlo al mar, de eso no hay duda, y no era para menos. El chico había puesto en peligro no sólo la aventura como tal, sino sus vidas. Los aviadores aseguraron que, con gran seguridad, si no hubiera sido por la presencia del polizón, hubieran podido realizar la ruta original como habían pensado. Ah, por cierto, según recogen las crónicas, lo que el extraño polizón, vestido con un chaquetón de cuero al modo de un “aviador”, hizo nada más llegar a Comillas, tras ser llevado en hombros por algunos vecinos, fue pillarse una “castaña monumental”.

El polizón, Arthur Schreiber. Fuente: Mundo Gráfico, 19 de junio de 1929.

El monoplano amarillo, que mostraba en su fuselaje una bandera francesa pintada diagonalmente en la cabina y varias siluetas de cigüeñas en vuelo, fue reparado al día siguiente, cargado con el combustible necesario para llegar a territorio francés y puesto a prueba. El motor Hispano Suiza se portó con extrema fiabilidad, era una máquina maravillosa. El 16 de junio el avión, su tripulación y el polizón, volaron hacia Francia, con escala en Mimizan, donde recargó combustible. Finalmente llegaron como hérores a Le Bourget al día siguiente.

Fotografía de la ceremonia en la que aparece el tripulante Lotti, invitado a la inauguración del monumento levantado en la playa de Oyambre en recuerdo de la llegada del “Pájaro amarillo”. Fuente: España y América. Octubre de 1929.

Arthur Schreiber regresó a Estados Unidos en barco desde Francia, con pasaje pagado por el propio Lotti (previa reprimenda para el chaval por parte del embajador de Estados Unidos), donde se convirtió en efímera celebridad, aunque nunca sacó provecho económico de su aventura. En septiembre de aquel mismo año fue atropellado por un automóvil, que lo dejó en estado muy grave6. Logró sobrevivir al accidente y, cinco décadas más tarde, regresó a Francia, invitado a las celebraciones en recuerdo de la aventura aérea.

A finales de 1929 los tripulantes del Pájaro amarillo regresaron a España, de paso hacia Portugal, y de nuevo de vuelta, para pasar unos días en medio de su gira triunfal por Europa. Las siguientes fotografías fueron tomadas en Cuatro Vientos durante su paso por Madrid.

Fuente: La Esfera. Agosto de 1929.

Fuente: La Esfera. Agosto de 1929.

“Los aviadores Assolant, Lefèvre y Lotti, acompañados del ingeniero M. Saint Fierre y el mecánico M. Lewy, momentos antes de emprender el vuelo, en el aeródromo de Cuatro Vientos, con rumbo a Lisboa” Fuente: Mundo Gráfico, 14 de agosto de 1929.

Ver también:


  • 1 El Heraldo de Madrid. 30 de mayo de 1929.
  • 2 The New York Times. 4 de marzo de 1940.
  • 3 El Imparcial. 30 de mayo de 1929 y La Voz. 29 de mayo de 1929.
  • 4 El Heraldo de Madrid. 15 de junio de 1929.
  • 5 Aérea. 1929, número 71.
  • 6 Época, 25 de septiembre de 1929.

La aventura del “Pájaro amarillo” y el primer polizón aéreo apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 16 septiembre 2017.

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15 sept. 2017

Excess Atmospheric CO2 is Slowly Turning Healthy Crops into Junk Food

A slowly growing field of biological research is uncovering evidence that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is steadily decreasing the concentration of nutrients in our food supply. Plants metabolize CO2 in the same way we metabolize oxygen, and increases in CO2 levels have proven to boost plant growth, but that increased growth causes the affected plants to pack on more carbohydrates at the cost of taking on nutrients such as vitamins and minerals -- effectively turning crops we consider to be healthy dietary choices into junk food.

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Incredible, Forgotten UFO Event

September 15, 2017
In July Grant Cameron provided us with one of the most fascinating Dreamlands ever recorded. It started out as a discussion of an incredible UFO event, but morphed almost immediately into one about the cutting edge of what is happening among UFO insiders, what the disclosure process really is and where it is going.

Now Grant is back, and in the first half of the show he and Whitley talk about Charlie Red Star, one of the most documented UFO events in history, and why it took place just north of the Dakotas at a time when the region's Minuteman missile bases were undergoing a dramatic expansion.

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Incredible, Forgotten UFO Event

September 15, 2017
In July Grant Cameron provided us with one of the most fascinating Dreamlands ever recorded. It started out as a discussion of an incredible UFO event, but morphed almost immediately into one about the cutting edge of what is happening among UFO insiders, what the disclosure process really is and where it is going.

Now Grant is back, and in the first half of the show he and Whitley talk about Charlie Red Star, one of the most documented UFO events in history, and why it took place just north of the Dakotas at a time when the region's Minuteman missile bases were undergoing a dramatic expansion.

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Peru: Pilot Offers Further Details on 1980 Sighting

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and www.OJO.pe (Peru)
Date: 09.15.17

Peru: Pilot Offers Further Details on 1980 Sighting

Oscar Santa María recalled his experience, which has been officially recorded by NASA

Commander Santa María of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) was a guest on the "Tengo Algo Que Decirte" television program and disclosed further details about his UFO experience on 11 April 1980.

The Peruvian pilot disclosed that what he experienced in the skies over the department of Arequipa was incredible, as he pursued a UFO and opened fire against it for twenty-two minutes.

"No, they didn't attack me. They were eluding my fire. They seemed to know the range I was able to fire," said Cmdr. Santa María during the broadcast.

He said that some time later, in 2007, he learned that the case had been officially recorded by NASA.

"They reported it. I had no idea that it had been recorded, but I learned in 2007 that the United States had a record of the case."

It is known that the Peruvian pilot fired sixty-four rounds, but these had no effect whatsoever against the unidentified flying object. After his experience, Santa María has granted countless interviews and taken part in renowned television programs such as UFO HUNTERS, produced by The History Channel.

Cmdr. Santa María added that he saw another unidentified flying object flying high above the La Joya Base in Arequipa on December 25th, three years after his original experience.

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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Follow-Up: A Photo from the Esquiú Case (Argentina)

Date: 09.15.17

Follow-Up: Photo from the Esquiú Case

Thursday, 14 September 2017: Professor Alberto Rufino Calderón, a resident of the department of Fray Mamerto Esquiú, claimed having witnessed and photographed a UFO in Pomancillo Este last Sunday (09.10). He stated that he had recently purchased two hectares of property in this location and was surveying the area when he saw an object in the sky, automatically taking a photo of it. As he said, this object had a special glow and a rounded shape. It bordered the slopes of the hill before making an unexpected southward turn, vanishing into the sky.

[Readers will remember the story from a few days ago, appearing in www.elencasti.com.ar. Our thanks as always to Guillermo Giménez and PLANETA UFO]
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¿Hasta dónde llega el aprendizaje automático cuántico?

Las técnicas de aprendizaje automático, que usan las matemáticas para identificar patrones en conjuntos de datos, son una herramienta poderosa en campos como la biomedicina y la física aplicada, pero existen áreas de aplicación a los que no llegan debido a su complejidad o a las limitaciones de los algoritmos utilizados. Un estudio internacional, en el que ha participado el Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (ICFO), revisa las aportaciones que puede hacer el aprendizaje automático cuántico, respecto al clásico, para resolver el problema.
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Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were Back-to-Back Record-Breakers

The one-two punch delivered by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma has left the southern United States and many islands in the northern Caribbean reeling, collectively resulting in more than 130 deaths, massive long-term flooding, and property damage totaling to a minimum of $132 billion -- a number expected to climb dramatically as the aftermath of Irma's rampage is assessed.

The first major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. in 12 years, Harvey was also the wettest tropical hurricane on record in the contiguous United States., dumping 51.88 inches (1,31.8 centimeters) -- four and one-third feet -- of rainfall. The resulting flooding inundated hundreds of thousands of homes, displacing more than 30,000 people.

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14 sept. 2017

Argentina: An Alleged UFO over Carlos Paz

Source: El Diario de Carlos Paz (http://ift.tt/1f88hwm) Argentina and Planeta UFO
Date: September 14, 2017

Argentina: An Alleged UFO over Carlos Paz

Following the appearance of a strange object in the skies over Carlos Paz, creating concern among city residents, a reader of El Diario submitted a photograph claiming to have captured the image of a UFO in the vicinity of Cerro de la Cruz.

The image taken by Sergio Soria can be added to the eyewitness testimony provided by Gonzalo Cufré to this media source. He spoke of the presence of an unidentified flying object in the vicinity of the mountain range surrounding the city.

The newsroom received a considerable number of messages discussing the hitherto unexplained phenomenon. "I was standing outside, in my back yard, when I saw a very bright light that wasn't shaped like a kite and fell vertically. I moved over by a few meters and saw it fall behind Cerro de la Cruz. The truth is that I can't imagine what it might have been," Cufré said.

Stories about sightings and close encounters with otherworldly beings go far back, and perhaps one of the best remembered cases involves "the visitor of the La Cuesta motel" on July 14, 1968, researched by Fabio Zerpa.

The protagonist of this episode was Maria Elodia Pretzel, who said she was at the location on San Martín avenue when she was visited by a strange being. She was 18, was known back then as "Paty" and worked with her father in the motel. She said that around one o'clock in the morning, her father was returning from having had supper with friends and was driving along Route 20 when he saw two red sources of light that caught his attention.

Upon reaching the hotel, he was startled to find the doors wide open and his daughter unconscious in bed. When asked what had happened, the young woman said that she had said farewell to two guests, gone back to the hotel kitchen and saw a blue light in the hallway. Approaching it, she was faced by a two meter tall human figure with blonde hair, blue eyes and cropped hair, wearing a one-piece suit made of a shiny, sparkling material.

[Editor's note: The Maria Elodia Pretzel case remains among the most controversial in South American UFO studies, with many voices in favor and against. For more information on this event, please consult: http://ift.tt/2wsuoHC and http://ift.tt/2x40ixI]

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]
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Argentina: UFO Reported Over Fray Mamerto Esquiu

Source: Elesquiu.com and Planeta UFO
Date: September 13, 2017

Argentina: UFO Reported Over Fray Mamerto Esquiu

A resident of the locality of Pomancillo, department of Fray Mamerto Esquiú, told Valle Viejo Radio that he had seen an unidentified flying object (UFO).

According to the statement made by Rufino [no surname given], he was with his family and friends, stepped outside for a moment and was able to see the UFO. The unknown object remained visible for 30 seconds and the vanished heading southward.

As for the UFOs shape, Rufino said that it was rounded and had a "special glow". The man added that the object was seen over the road running along the edge of the summit leading to the locality of Las Piriquitas.

[Translation (c) 2017 IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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13 sept. 2017

Super Natural Stew

Wednesday September 13, 2017
Private conversations, listener comments, and Jeremy Vaeni's latest personal experience are the ingredients to this week's super natural stew. The taste is out of this world!
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Cassini to give Saturn a "Goodbye Kiss" during its Grand Finale

After a 4.9 billion mile journey spanning more than two decades and countless major discoveries, the Cassini probe will complete its long voyage by plunging into the clouds of Saturn on September 15th, in what NASA's mission engineers are calling the probe's "goodbye kiss". The intentional destruction of the probe is to avoid potentially contaminating the environments of Saturn's moons -- Enceladus in particular -- in case extraterrestrial life might be found there.

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Primera detección de óxido de titanio en la atmósfera de un exoplaneta

Astrónomos del Observatorio Europeo Austral, en Chile, han detectado por primera vez la presencia de óxido de titanio en la atmósfera de un exoplaneta. Para ello, el equipo ha utilizado un instrumento del Very Large Telescope que ha proporcionado información sobre la composición química, la temperatura y la presión atmosférica de este mundo insólito y muy caliente.
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Final espectacular de la misión Cassini

Tras 13 años de exploración de Saturno, sus anillos y satélites, este viernes la sonda Cassini se adentra en la atmósfera de Saturno, donde se desintegrará y desaparecerá para siempre. Entre los logros de esta misión de la NASA, la ESA y la agencia espacial italiana ASI figura el lanzamiento de la sonda Huygens sobre Titán y el descubrimiento de un océano subterráneo con géiseres en otra sus lunas, Encélado. 
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12 sept. 2017

Synthetic DNA Could Be Used to Hack Computer Systems

Researchers studying potential security issues surrounding open-source computer programs used to analyze DNA have found that most common sequencing software is the subject of poor security practices, leaving such systems open to cyberattacks and exploits. While the researchers haven't found any evidence of attacks made against DNA synthesizing, sequencing and processing services, they did find that it is possible to encode a computer virus into synthetic DNA that could conceivably infect the computer that is analyzing this altered genetic code.

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Cómo acelerar la búsqueda de vida en Marte antes de que lleguen los humanos

Los tratados de protección planetaria impiden que vehículos como el Curiosity se acerquen a regiones especiales de Marte donde se podrían reproducir microorganismos ‘polizones’ terrestres o incluso existir vida marciana. Científicos del Centro de Astrobiología plantean la necesidad de buscarla  antes de que los seres humanos puedan llegar a contaminar el planeta rojo.
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Un físico español al frente del Observatorio Europeo Austral

Desde este mes de septiembre el Observatorio Europeo Austral (ESO), uno de los más prestigiosos del mundo en astronomía, cuenta con un nuevo director general: el español Xavier Barcons, que repasa en un vídeo sus futuros proyectos. En los próximos años seguirá de cerca la construcción del revolucionario Telescopio Extremadamente Grande o ELT, sin olvidar los descubrimientos que se puedan hacer con otros instrumentos ya operativos, como los supertelescopios VLT y ALMA. 
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The Saudi Government is Accused of Financing a "Dry Run" Rehearsal for 9/11

New evidence that the Saudi Arabian government had supported the 9/11 hijackings has been revealed in a lawsuit being brought against the Saudi government, including allegations that they financed a "dry run" rehearsal for a future hijacking that was carried out by two undercover operatives in November of 1999. The filing illustrates "a pattern of both financial and operational support" by Saudi sources, and if the allegations are true, would mean indicate a deeper conspiracy involving Saudi officials.

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11 sept. 2017

La energía oscura cambia con el tiempo

La relación entre la densidad y la presión que ejerce la energía oscura, esa misteriosa fuerza que acelera la expansión del universo, se ha visto modificada durante la historia del universo. Así lo recoge un estudio internacional basado en datos cosmológicos y en el que ha participado un investigador de la Universidad de Córdoba.
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10 sept. 2017

Climate Change Reality Blows Away Denial

The past few weeks have shown that world weather conditions are becoming more and more chaotic. This is happening because temperatures are rising in specific ways and specific areas that are consistent with global warming. It will continue to happen, and in the process powerful storms, changes in ocean and air circulation and extensive fires will also continue.

Unfortunately, the United States, which should be leading the world, is now managed by an administration that pretends that the problem doesn’t exist at all. Amazingly, the US president has even claimed that it is some sort of Chinese conspiracy. The latest internet meme is that it is caused by some sort of  weather control by a fictional “deep state.”

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8 sept. 2017

Atlantic Storm Wave Train Continues as Irma Takes Aim

Each hurricane season brings a what is known as a wave train of tropical depressions generally forming in the south Atlantic off the African coast. This season south Atlantic waters are exceptionally warm, with the result that the wave train is unusually active. Right now, Irma and Jose are active and a tropical storm behind Jose is expected to become Hurricane Lee next week.

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Argentina: Tandil - Surrounded by Humanoids?

Source: El Editor Noticias en Línea
Date: 8 September 2017
An article by Juan Perone

Argentina: Tandil - Surrounded by Humanoids?

According to Luis Burgos, renowned expert and director of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia, the city of Olavarría and its environs are frequented by humanoids. These entities have taken a liking to the area and visit it every so often, for reasons that remain unknown, but providing endless fuel for Burgos's research.

One thing that cannot be questioned, and it substantiated by statistics, is that the city of the Fortabat has the disconcerting privilege of being the chosen Argentinean soil for those strange figures described as tall and willowy, while described by others as diminutive elves standing no taller than 20 centimeters.

The fascination inspired by "beings with transparent legs" or "metallic suits" in the area extends to Hinojo, Sierras Bayas and Sierra Chica. It also reaches the borders of Tapalqué and Azul. But for the moment, Tandil has not merited this rare interstellar privilege.

And here is the first caveat. Burgos displays his knowledge and reverses the contempt shown by the common man who associates the term "humanoid" with extraterrestrial. As he explained to Elias El Hage on Radio Tandil's El Cómplice program, these beings could just as well hail from the unconceivable outer world as easily as "parallel universes." And that's not all. Don't be surprised that they may be 'time travelers' engaged in activities at a time and date that is not their own.

"We are very cautious," Burgos explained to El Hage. "We use the term humanoids to describe all entities similar to a human being that pilots a ship and lands." Point taken.

Olavarría's primacy is determined by statistics. A significant portion of 5500 cases are recorded in the neighboring area. Researchers have no need to trek to Mount Uritoco or to the mountains of Salta. They have everything they need in the province of Buenos Aires. And what's even better: dozens of residents who tell their stories of sightings, encounters, paralyzing beams of light, visits to spacecraft and 40 to 60 watt lamps that glow incandescently like fog lights in the presence of these beings. According to their stories, these elongated albino shadows parade across the countryside or the city's slums with stunning indifference.

"Olavarría is number one in the country," says Burgos without any hesitation. Research has been conducted on-site and the results appear startling. The story began even before the 1960s, reaching a peak in the 1990s. Alien visitation became commonplace in the area known for cement.

For the moment, Tandil doesn't have a place in this arrangement of sightings, landings and interstellar or inter-temporal contacts. Due to a still-unnamed law, humanoid visitors avoid this land of abundant grey granite where self-sufficiency and incredulity are in ample supply.

"It's a mystery that's yet to be solved," Burgos said, regarding this geographical predilection. Why is there so much for some and so little for others remains a hidden variable. Although in this land of beating stones, caves that shift location in Las Animas and ancient slayings of a mystical bent, no humanoid visits are needed to plant the seed of confusion and bewilderment.

Burgos's blog (http://ift.tt/2wOuSvf) can be visited to glean detailed knowledge of cases and their disquieting details. The expert wonders once and again about the reason for the predilection, which adds up to "60 occupants seen in 12 events". "The reason for this? Perhaps nobody knows, although it would be necessary to delve into social considerations, political context, geographic resources, etcetera," he argues.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU]

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://ift.tt/GCRz8J

Strongest Quake in a Hundred Years Strikes Mexico

At 9:22 local time last night, an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scale struck southern Mexico and northern Guatemala. At least 30 people have been killed and many structures leveled. The quake was felt as far north as Mexico City where skyscrapers swayed. The quake was centered off Mexico's southern coast. The epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, some 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) southeast of the capital and 74 miles (120 kilometers) from the Pacific coast. 23 people have been killed in the state of Oaxaca, 2 in Chiapas and one in Tabasco.

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Meet Your Ancestors: a New Vision of the Afterlife

September 8, 2017
Daniel Foor joins Whitley Strieber on Dreamland for the first time in one of the most moving, beautiful and inspiring shows we have ever aired. He talks about what he calls Ancestral Medicine, which is about the healing one oneself and one's troubled relationships with ancestors through the use of powerful insight and respect for ancient ritual methods of interacting with the souls of the dead.

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Are Experiencers Fantasy Prone--or is It Much, Much Stranger?

Thursday September 7, 2017
Using his latest high strangeness experience as a leaping off point, Jeremy Vaeni takes us into the question of whether or not experiencers are fantasy prone. He concludes that, in large part, they are. But then comes a swerve that turns this conclusion on its ear... and then an insight that shatters them both--and you'll never see it coming!

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7 sept. 2017

Elon Musk Warns that the Race for AI Might Trigger WWIII

Automotive and spaceflight entrepreneur Elon Musk issued a series of tweets on September 4th that downplayed the threat posed by the nuclear ambitions of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying that the race to develop more powerful artificial intelligence is more likely to trigger World War III instead.

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¿Cómo afectará a la Tierra la mayor llamarada solar de la década?

Este miércoles el Sol ha emitido una de las llamaradas más potentes de los últimos años, catalogada dentro de la clase X9, una de las mayores en la escala que mide la intensidad de estas fulguraciones. Los científicos siguen de cerca la radiación y posibles emisiones de masa coronal asociadas al fenómeno, ya que podrían afectar en los próximos días a las comunicaciones, además de producir auroras boreales en latitudes más bajas de lo habitual.
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Biggest X-Class Solar Flare in 10 Years Explodes from Sun

An X-9.3 solar flare exploded from sunspot AR 2673 at 1202 UT today, blacking out shortwave over Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean as X-rays and UV radiation ionized Earth's upper atmosphere. The explosion also generated a coronal mass ejection. It is still being modeled by NOAA to determine whether or not it is Earth-directed. According to SpaceWeather.com, this flare ranks as the #14th strongest since 1976.

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Irma Aims at Florida as 3rd Storm Katia Strengthens in Gulf and Atlantic Storm Jose Forms

As winds in Hurricane Irma reached and exceeded 185 MPH, the storm left the island of Barbuda 90% destroyed and has caused severe destruction in the Virgin Islands. The storm is expected to strike Puerto Rico as the strongest hurricane to hit the island in a century. Florida governor Rick Scott has warned residents to evacuate the Keys and the southern part of the state. Winds are sustained at 185 MPH and are gusting to 225 MPH. Right now, the storm appears to be ready to make landfall over south Florida, but if it turns more sharply it will cross the Bahamas and make landfall in Georgia. Because of abnormally high ocean temperatures, storms could continue forming into late fall.

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6 sept. 2017

3-Mile Asteroid Florence Graced Astronomers with a Close Pass to Earth

Asteroid 3122 Florence, a 4.5 kilometer (2.8 mile) wide near-Earth object, made a close pass to Earth on September 01, 2017, treating researchers with the closest known approach to Earth of an asteroid of this size. Thankfully, unlike recent close brushes with substantially smaller rocks, Florence's orbit brought it no closer to us than 7 million kilometers (4,350,000 miles), more than eighteen times farther out than the Moon's orbit.

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Las auroras de Júpiter no son como las de la Tierra

Los científicos pensaban que las poderosas auroras de Jupiter se parecerían a las auroras más potentes que se observan en las regiones polares de la Tierra, pero los datos de la sonda Juno de la NASA revelan que no es así. Los electrones acelerados que intervienen en este fenómeno se mueven de forma inesperada en el gigante gaseoso y los procesos implicados tampoco están nada claros.
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5 sept. 2017

Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded Outside Caribbean Aims for S. Florida

Hurricane Irma, an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 storm, is now moving toward the northern Lesser Antilles and Southern Florida. It’s already the strongest hurricane ever recorded outside the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s current track suggests landfall somewhere in Florida over the weekend. Right now, the track looks as if it will hit southern Florida. Depending on whether or not it weakens as it moves through the Lesser Antilles, it could be one of the most powerful hurricane strikes in the history of the state.

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Investigadores de Campo Unidos (ICOU)

Investigadores de Campo Unidos (ICOU - United Field Researchers) announces its new "Videos" section on their web page located at http://ift.tt/2iXZLs3
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4 sept. 2017

Así surfea el magnetismo

Investigadores europeos han utilizado la luz del sincrotrón ALBA (Barcelona) para ver ondas de deformación acústica en cristales y medir su efecto en elementos nanomagnéticos, que actúan como 'surferos' sobre la superficie cristalina. Este sistema podría emplearse para manipular nanopartículas y células, o en el control de reacciones químicas.
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Agua oxigenada y hierro para eliminar fármacos en aguas residuales

La creciente presencia de fármacos en las aguas residuales supone un riesgo para la salud y el medio ambiente. Ahora investigadores de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid han diseñado un sistema, basado en la descomposición de peróxido de hidrógeno en presencia de catalizadores de hierro magnéticos, que permite degradar estos contaminantes de forma efectiva, económica y ecológica.
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3 sept. 2017

Unknown Biological Activity: Olavarría, Land of the Humanoids

Unknown Biological Activity: Olavarría - Land of the Humanoids
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU) 20 July 2017
Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU


Olavarría is a prosperous cement producing town located in the central region of the Province of Buenos Aires, having a population of over 115,000. This community has been linked with UFOS since the brith of the phenomenon. It just so happened that only a few days after the first ever UFO sighting in Argentina - an event that took palce on 10 July 1947 in La Plata, there was already a new saucer report udnerway at Estación ROcha. Years later, in the midst of the 1954 flap, the fourth case involving a UFO landing occurred on its fields.

Setting aside the value judgements of what we may catalogue as a UFO in each case, whether the incidents are realiable, questionable or negative (in this case being mistaken perceptions, outright hoaxes or unconfirmed rumors, the true axis of the situation remains focused on that section of urban and rural areas in the Province of Buenos Aires that has reported incredible cases involving flying saucers and their occupants, namely:

24 July 1962 (Azul)

The first case involving humanoids in the region goes back half a century when local resident Ramón Farinelli witnesses the transit of a strange aerial device with two strange occupants inside it. The story became widely known through local radio broadcasts.

1963 (Pueblo Nuevo)

According to Local researcher Dante Rivera, two area residents saw a UFO at 0330 hours. They engaged in a sort of dialogue with two normal-looking entities manning the craft.

2 July 1968 (Sierra Chica)

Oscar H. Triart, 14 at the time, made contact with two characters who descended from a 'flying saucer' as he rode on horseback around 11:30 hours. According to Oscar, the strange individuals invited him to board the craft and left him a message written on paper. What was most striking about these visitors was that their legs were **transparent**. Three impressions were left on the ground where the object came to rest, forming a triangular shape. Lastly, at 23:15 hours, Sgt. Romero of the town's police station, and four others, witnessed the zig-zagging flight of a mysterious luminous object over the area where that morning's encounter had occurred.

11 July 1968 (Between the towns of Croatto and General Alvear)

At 0550, Agustín D'Onofrio, 68, and young Sixto Romero were traveling by car along Route 51 when two silver-clad entities paralyzed them with a beam of light at the same time the vehicle came to a halt and the car radio stopped working. According to the story provided by El Popular, a regional newspaper, the witnesses regained mobility once a flying luminous object sped away.

19 July 1968 (Arroyo Tapalque)

Only days after the previous events and within the framework of the unbeatable "1968 flap", a story circulated by El Popular caused a commotion in the media. At 0200 hours, three military men had opened fire on three tall humanoids in silvery outfits as they moved around a landed craft. According to what was reported, the intruders 'paralyzed' the soldiers with beams of light that issued from hand-held devices. Obviously, an 'official' denial did not take long to come about.

17 November 1969 (Croatto)

In the early hours of that morning, Aquilino Ramón Acosta, 44, in charge of the 'Mi Recuerdo' ranch, awoke abruptly when he became aware of strange movements on the property. What he saw was beyond his wildest imaginings: in the darkness he was able count the movement of **seventeen** outlines among the trees. These shapes lit up the property 'as if looking for something' with what appeared to be flashlights with luminous beams. But what struck the witness most were the intruders’ red-colored legs. They were transparent (a similarity with the Iriart Case) and they appeared to 'levitate' at times. Acosta was hospitalized and put under observation, subsequently suffering eye trouble.

14 May 1976 (Olavarría)

At 06:45, Nestor Urruti, 47, had an incredible experience involving his 1955 Mercedes Benz truck. When he reached the bridge on Route 226 and Av. Pringues, the streetlights went out, followed by those of his vehicle. According to Urruti, a sort of 'giant luminous oyster' abducted him as well as his truck. Forty-five minutes later, he 'appeared' at his place of employment, wobbling and blurting out a shocking story. While he did not see any occupants, he heard voices and messages transmitted telepathically within an unknown craft. The image of a sea horse was also present.

February 1985 (Azul)

A resident of Azul told the FAO about her friend's unusual experience. During daylight hours, right in the middle of the city's center, she saw two tiny people, normal looking, wearing clothing similar to that of the military, but whose height did not surpass 20 centimeters (7 inches). The two figures promptly went into a drain along the side of the street. When she told a local businessman about it, he told her that something similar had occurred before (?).

During the Eighties

Ms. Josefina L. told FAO about an unusual sighting along Route 51 around 0400 as her mother was taken in an ambulance from Bahia Blanca to La Plata. Unexpectedly, she and the driver saw a strange character, albeit normal looking and of average height, standing at the side of the road with his hands by his side. The figure glowed and projected considerable light. The ambulance driver did not stop to look.

29 April 1994 (Olavarría)

Mario Trevisán, 40, managed to record the passing of **twenty** silhouettes along a dirt road outside the city. The bodies, all having different shapes, were backlit by a neighboring house. They filed past at an astonishing speed that can only be seen in 'slow motion. Striking lights also form part of the video, which was edited down to twenty minutes by Trevisán, whose original recording is over two hours long. The incident became widely known after it was disseminated by FAO 15 years following the original events, when Mrs. Mabel, Trevisán's widow, provided the material to us.

13 August 1994 (Azul)

According to the story provided by a UFO study group in Buenos Aires, residents near Route 51 in the jurisdiction of Azul detected the presence of seven tall, mysterious beings prowling in the night.

21st Century Cases

Year 2000 (Olavarría)

In the aftermath of newspaper reports on "Humanoids in Olavarría" written in 2017, we have been contacted by many locals, thus allowing us to glean CE-3 reports from the past, such as a remarkable 'bedroom visitor' incident, the first known in the area, involving a mother and daughter whose identities are concealed to protect their privacy. These entities have apparently visited these witnesses for years, following a pattern of behavior that is identical to other events in Argentina and other countries around the world. Case under investigation.

December 2006 (Olavarría)

In a local farm, a woodsman woke up in the early hours of the morning for a drink of water and saw a light in the stables. Concerned, he reached for his shotgun and went to take a look. He saw two entities whose height did not exceed 1.50 meters (4'9"). Both were white-skinned and dressed exactly the same, in purplish metallic outfits. They suddenly 'vanished' in his presence.

January 2007 (Olavarría)

The caretakers of a recreational house witnessed the presence of mysterious black figures "running around the swimming pool at a remarkable speed". This was during summer nights and on more than one occasion.

Year 2012 (Between the towns of Las Flores and Azul)

Around 22:30 hours, Daniel and three friends drove from Las Flores to Azul in a Valiant III automobile along Route 51, which links both communities. When they passed a white truck on the opposite lane, they noticed to their astonishment that the vehicle was being chased by an entity that was 2.40 meters (7 feet) tall. It was human-looking, but also white and luminous.

Why Olavarría?

These then are all the records by space and time. It is very likely that other incidents transpired, but these have not yet become known. In fact, we have to close a case from 1955 in the area, which would have been the 'first in the series'. From now on it shall be necessary to wait for more cases from this enigmatic area. Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions. From the merely hypothetical perspective, is being located at the center of the [Province of Buenos Aires] a reason? Or should we look for matters pertaining to the intelligence governing the phenomenon? Are there indeed subterranean connections between the Sierras Bayas mountains and those of the Ventana range, or others that can provide the answer to this activity? This remains, in short, a true mystery to be solved. The most striking detail is that Olavarría has featured a higher number of entity cases that all of Uritorco, Victoria and Cachi, only to mention a few areas designated as 'active'. Perhaps the most similar case history would be that of La Pampa, but taking its geography as a whole, since this key province in the UFO phenomenon does not present any fixed location for bizarre entity sightings.

Comparative Ufology

Breaking down and comparing these Olavarrían cases with others of our exclusive databank, which contains 5500 Argentinean cases from 1947 to the present, is delightful. We can restate that every case has its corresponding background, and more so if these have taken place in the area under investigation.

Morphology. There is no common pattern to be found when going deeper into the creatures sighted, although there is a 'considerable strangeness' factor in that no cases involving Type 1 entities are on hand, that is to say, those involving tiny beings between 80 centimeters and one meter tall, with the exception of 1985's Azul case, in which witnesses described 'Lilliputian' entities that also form part of the phenomenon's humanoid case histories.

Transparent legs. Two cases involve entities with this morphological anomaly. 1968's Oscar Iriart case in Sierra Chica and the Aquilino Acosta sighting in Croatto, 1969. Events involving transparent limbs are very few on a global level.

Entity speed. This is not featured in Argentinean witness accounts, but it just so happens that out of the cases occurring in Olavarría, three of them involve "entities with unusual speed", such as the Mario Trevisán sighting (1994), the January 2007 event, and the sighting on Route 51 in 2012.

Sea horse. This striking sea creature seen by many witnesses in close encounters worldwide also reappears in the case of trucker Néstor Urruti in 1976, the only abduction episode in the region.

Beams of light. In the Croatto incident (1969), Aquilino saw the creatures "carrying something like flashlights in their hands" to scan the ground, and during the attack on the military detachment at Arroyo Tapalqué (1968), the Ufonauts also fired paralyzing beams at the soldiers. Identical beams are also fired at drivers traveling along Route 51 five days before the startling encounter with the military.

Unrelated entities on the road. The Hinojos case (1994) which occurred along Route 51 is identified with similar events that took place in other parts of our country, with the roads themselves bearing silent witness to the episodes.

Multiple landings
. Another interesting fact is the existence of three sightings with a fascinating number of entities, such as the seventeen figures described by Aquilino Acosta, the twenty-one silhouettes recorded by Mario Trevisán and the seven prowling around Azul in 1995. Argentina gives us remarkable accounts describing considerable numbers of UFO occupants on the ground - a fact to be kept in mind. Unknown biological activity remains afoot.


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Editing: Lucía López

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