2 feb. 2018

Truth Proof 2: UFO Metaresearch

February 2, 2018
UK UFO researcher Paul Sinclair returns to Dreamland with a group of truly remarkable stories, most notably a recent incident in the small community of Wiltsthorpe. This extraordinary incident started just last May and is continuing. You will not often have heard a story like this, covering a complex new incident so thoroughly. Paul concentrates on just a small part of the UK, primarily part of Yorkshire. What is so interesting about Paul's work and this show is that there appears to be a connection between his interest and the fact that the events keep developing.

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  1. Tengo una semana enganchado con el programa en ivoox, pero no van a continuar? :(, vi que tienen como 9 meses sin postear hacerlo. Escucho como 3 o 4 programas por día xD! Bueno saludos!!