5 oct. 2015

Legendary Tomb of Nefertiti May Have Been Found

Queen Nefertiti: wife to the pharaoh Akhenaten, co-founder of a revolution in Ancient Egypt's religion, suspected stepmother to Tutankhamun, and also had possibly reigned as the pharaohness Neferneferuaten herself. Despite being such an influential and well-documented figure in ancient Egypt, the nature of the death of Queen Nefertiti, and the location of her tomb, has remained a mystery.

However, that mystery may soon be solved, if the suspicions of Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves prove to be correct. Recently, utilizing high-resolution 3D scans made by Madrid-based conservation group Factum Arte, Reeves discovered inconsistencies in the walls of Tutankhamun's tomb that suggested that there may be hidden passages beyond the famous king's mausoleum.

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