25 abr. 2019

Argentina: Video Confirms UFO Presence in Northern Salta? (VIDEO)

Source: PLANETA UFO and InformateSalta (Argentina)
Date: Thursday 25 April 2019

Argentina: Video Confirms UFO Presence in Northern Salta? (VIDEO)

Following the dissemination of a photograph taken at Parque Bicentenario showing an object with lights in the sky, InformateSalta has received a video that will leave you stunned. Watch it.

Speechless. For those who enjoy or believe in the presence of unidentified flying objects, and for those who don't, this video will surely leave you impressed after you've seen it.

It was recorded not by an amateur, but by an expert, last week as he drove along Avenida Bolivia near Parque Bicentenario, where a photo of 'something in the sky' was also taken.

Upon seeing the video, you might think at first that it could be a drone, for example, but the speed at which this UFO disappears casts doubt on this possibility.

It was recorded in broad daylight around 14:30 hours while cameraman Teto Rosas and editor Marcelo Ruiz of Salta's Canal 11 were aboard a vehicle.

Don't forget to watch it. You'll be surprised.

VIDEO at: https://youtu.be/IRJ6XaId_IQ Salta UFO
via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology http://bit.ly/GCRz8J

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