20 oct. 2016

The German U-boat Fabled to have Fought Off a Sea Monster May have been Found

During it's patrol of the Belfast Lough in Ireland on April 30, 1918, the HMS Coreopsis encountered a strange sight: a German U-Boat, surfaced in broad daylight, manned by a crew that seemed all too willing to surrender to the British sloop. Stranger still was the tale told by UB-85's Kapitänleutnant, Günther Krech, when questioned by the Coreopsis' crew as to why he and his ship were caught so easily, while their respective nations were still at war.

The tale told by Krech was a tall one, as if pulled from the pages of a Jules Verne yarn: the previous night, while surfaced to recharge the submarine's batteries, the ship was attacked by a large creature, that latched itself onto the ship, causing it to list heavily to starboard:

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