10 sept. 2015

"Superstorm" Scenario Comes Closer as Ocean Currents Weaken

Two new climatological studies are warning about the potential for a scenario similar to what was depicted in Whitley Strieber and Art Bell's book 'The Coming Global Superstorm'. Both studies investigate the potential impact of freshwater from melting ice from the Arctic and Greenland: one focusing on the potential future impacts, and the other, how the deep past was affected by the same conditions.

The first study, from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany, used computer modeling to determine the effect that a rapid thaw of Greenland's glaciers, of which would dump massive amounts of fresh water into the North Atlantic, would affect the Atlantic's currents.

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  1. Y si esta tormenta fue lo que hace 10.000 aňos consideraron diluvio universal ? Como se indican en algunos restos arqueológicos - no reconocidos por su escasez- de múltiples partes del mundo?