26 dic. 2016

Spoons on Mars? One is a Joke, but Two are an Anomaly

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Ok, I'm going to buy into some probable lunacy. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and dotty, but the truth is that now that two of these things have been recorded by Curiosity, your Out There editor is--well--curious.

A could of years ago I was tempted to post the "floating spoon on Mars" story as a joke, but I didn't because it was just too funny and I didn't have time to confirm the image in the NASA original footage. But a couple of days ago, another of these objects was recorded. So, whatever these things are, they do qualify as a genuine mystery. They are pretty large, so if there are any aliens looming about who make use of them, there is going to be a rover photo eventually, perhaps of a huge hand?

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