24 nov. 2015

The Path of the Tarot, Part 4

Last week, Whitley explained the descending branch of the Tarot cross, ruled by the High Priestess and ending in the card of Judgment. This week, he discusses the left hand path, ruled by the Emperor and dominated by chance and chaos. It is the past that the entire living world is on, which leads along its directionless way to destruction. But the Tarot, uniquely, also offers a clear vision of how to escape from the left hand path, which is outlined in the ascending branch of the Tarot cross and the right hand path. But do we really want to leave the left hand path, to find out way beyond material life and the randomness that governs it? Truthfully, very few of us are attracted to this higher direction. But it's there, and next week we will begin to explore it.
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