22 may. 2015

The hate mail comes rolling in. (Click the link to see what I'm saying before sending some):

I am getting lots of emails from rush to judgement types. Inevitably, they haven't listened to the show and chose to believe instead the first thing they read about Jaime's presentation, which was the business about the deblurred placard. They are blind to the subtleties and ambiguities that are inevitable with something like this. These nincompoops always assume that I'm unaware of things like the Deblur Program and the contents of the placard. It never occurs to them that somebody with 30 years at the cutting edge of research in this field might be well informed, and, in fact, far better informed than they are.

The worst are the passive UFO researchers, of whom there are far too many, who sit on their duffs and read what others say but do no original work of their own.

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